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The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

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Can I ask why you ship kamisero? This is not to be mean, I just can't remember a lot of their interactions in the manga or anime and would love to be reminded of why they work well as a couple

!!!!! Ooookay this is kind of a weird question for me and I don’t really know how to properly answer because… uhm… they’re kind of always together?? Actually??? I mean they haven’t really been the protagonists in any arc so it’s mostly background stuff but when they appear they’re more often than not together - here, have some panels I’ve found skimming real fast through the parts I remembered them being there

(+Mina!!! squad moment heck yes!!)

(+Kiri!!! more squad moments!!!!!!!)

(real talk more often than not if Kami and Mineta are in the same place Sero is right there with them, I try to pretend that’s not true but alas)

(+Baku!!! Even more squad moments!!!! This one’s from an extra, I can’t find the translated version anymore - rip - but they’re trying to get Baku to play the thumb game I’m gonna cry this squad will kill me)

also on the cover of Vol 4 👌👌👌

The thing about me shipping them is that as I said I do prefer them as friends, which they are and it’s adorable, but I’m always up for entertaining the idea of good friends in romantic relationships so I’m 👍👍👍 about KamiSero too haha

Listen…. it’s captain swan. No matter in which episode they get married. What matters is that THEY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED. LIKE FOR REAL. BECOMING HUSBAND AND WIFE. THE LOST GIRL AND THE LOST BOY WHO FOUND THEIR HOME IN EACH OTHER ARE GETTING MARRIED. It’s gonna be beautiful and so so emotional and I’m probably gonna die because too many feels. I repeat, no matter what they planned for the wedding, no matter if it’s in a musical episode, it’s gonna be amazing either way.

I’m so glad there are still people in the fandom to share this stuff with😭💖💦 (and such kind feedback too, wow😭💦)
Heck, I had no idea this movie even existed until my friend told me about it (it never got here on dvd, cinema, or netflix, which is a shame!!) Most of all I’m super grateful for a character like Bog, a refreshingly unconventional love interest🙏😭 (and super handsome imo)
So here I am.. two years late.. but having a blast👐✨☺️

Don’t think about the fact that the Garrison were absolutely going to keep Shiro a prisoner in their base. bc they already told the world the Kerberos craft crashed because of a piloting error and no one survived. They can absolutely not just announce the pilot is alive and back on Earth. 

Don’t think about the fact that Shiro would have escaped the prison and gladiator ring of the Galra. Escaped being their toy and experiment only to be imprisoned and undoubtedly tested on, to be treated just as alien as the tech fused to his body, by his own people and home planet. 

Don’t think about the fact that Shiro fled to earth hoping to be free, to see his family and friends again and to forget the horrors he faced. Only to hear that they all thought he was dead and had probably mourned and moved on. To hear that he can’t see them ever again. 

Do not think about what little hope Shiro have being crushed by the people he once trusted and served. Because when their ship was attacked and their crew abducted, the Garrison threw him under the bus and covered everything up. Because the Garrison is a shady organization and Shiro is coming to realize they treat their people no better than the Galra did. 
Don’t think of Shiro wasting away in a tiny room, a hollowed out version of what he used to be and withering away. Not receiving the emotional support or care he’d need for a healthy recovery and dealing with his conflicting emotions and thoughts about himself and his arm and everything he has to slowly remember on his own.

Do not think about what would have happened if Shiro had not of been rescued by Keith and the others. 

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What is it about wushu/martial art/anime culture that marries so well with hip hop/black culture? It's so great and im so grateful they do work so well, but I wonder if you could articulate in your opinion why they mesh so beautifully, and each genre can borrow from the other so effectively.

Kung fu cinema and hip hop essentially grew up together. During the era of early hip hop, black theaters were the ones to originally show kung fu movies; often double bills or back to back with Blacksploitation films.
Put simply, black people made kung fu cinema popular at the same time hip hop was beginning to thrive. The two went hand in hand.
It was only a matter of time before hip hop combined with kung fu cinema. Wu Tang did it first but other artists followed (Jeru the Damaja for example).
In all honesty, if it wasn’t for black theaters in Harlem and other black areas, kung fu wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is. Hip hop just partnered with martial arts in a very natural way.

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If we were dating.... there would be lot of lively and excited debates on the meaningless things, but always compromise on the most important things.

((OOC: That sounds pretty par for the course. I yell a lot, you guys. I yell about socks and the right order to wash dishes in and that sort of nonsense. But I always yell with a silly accent, so you know I’m never actually mad.))

LFP Interview Write - Up

Scott: You want me to give you the summary or do you…oh its good!! Life’s grand.

Tessa: Actually we’ve never been so…(noise takes over what she says)

Did you guys take a break after Worlds?

Tessa: (Scott: Oh yeah) We did take a two week after Worlds and then we had another week at some point this summer and its been great. We’re so grateful to have had last year to sort of set us up, schedule wise, especially ummm…just optimize our training this season…solidify our choreography, sort of give our off ice team a bit of a chance to go in at our mechanics once again. It’s been great yeah…things sort of just been rolling along as planned and I think in an Olympic season, you have to be adaptable but part of that is just giving yourselves a buffer. In case anything comes up throughout the year and we’ve done that. We’re really excited about our material, healthy and…

Scott: yeah and kind of coming in from the fall with some momentum which is really important. And we’ve kind of looked back at our past experiences. We know how important it is, how much energy it’s gonna take the next 6 months so..I think we’re in a good spot to handle anything that comes at us.

What’s the story of your programs, was it really hard to come up with?

Tessa: No.

Scott: No. They came together pretty naturally. For the free dance we are doing Moulin Rouge and it’s actually one of the…only not the only. There’s only a handful of times in our career that we’ve brought music to our coaches and almost insisted that we skated to it. I think we can say that about Moulin Rouge, it comes from within us, uh we really love it. Uh…skating to it…it feels special, I don’t know what it’ll look like. Might be a complete mess! But I can tell you it’s a blast when we do it. We feel a pure, kinda special connection to it so hopefully that will show through.

And then the short, it’s a Latin obviously you have to do a Latin for the short this year. We always joked that we’ve probably done Latin a couple of times in our career…but we would have done any rhythm any time. A couple of times because we’ve been around a few moons. We wanted to do something a little bit different, we love the program that Marie France has put together for us. Kinda mixes The Stones and The Eagles and a little Santana even at the end so…umm it’s a bit of a party and we’ll get a chance to dance which is what we love to do.

Was it Hotel California or?

Tessa: Yeah it  starts with “Sympathy for the Devil” so…

Scott: We don’t want to give away “Hotel California” because it kinda plays with it a little bit, it’s not like it breaking into chorus right away. You won’t hear that very many voices but it’s there.

Tessa: Kind of a neat way for us to do Latin differently this season as Scott mentioned.

You talked about the energy with this season you’ll need and all the extra hype and stuff because it’s an Olympic season and…?

Tessa: I think it’s just…I mean we’re in a pressure filled sport for sure but anything in an Olympic year is heightened. The highs are higher and the lows are lower and umm….everything just takes on grander proportion and so we have to be ready for that but I think experience will serve us well. But just sort of managing that energy and managing expectations. Both outside and even more so like what we want to ourselves.

Scott: Absolutely, and that’s where it mostly comes from. As Tessa talked about the expectations that you have on yourself in an Olympic year. I think that’s great, the highs are so high and the lows are…the end of the world. But navigating through that is what we’ve found helps us…and sorry I went off just wanted to bring up how great that point is.

Tessa: No, that’s okay, umm we talked to you guys about B2Ten our off ice support team and I think last year we really learned how to utilize the members of our team better so we know that we can rely on them, we can reach out for support, we can set a plan in place and kind of approach things in a more, even scientific way.

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can I just say I'm so grateful for this blog? it's great being able to voice my customer-related pain here in an ask instead of annoying everyone I know

Oh trust me I know. But sometimes I think I’m annoying you guys when I try to vent because, sometimes, I need to do it nightly. Mentally I need to deflate. Especially now that I’m working in a very stressful job. It can be rewarding but it can also tear you to shreds. I really want to talk about some of the good stuff but I’m afraid I’ll be revealing too much about the diagnosis of each resident. -Abby

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Can I ask you to list me every movie Kyungsoo has watched or recommended,pls? I'm sorry if it's too much but if you do, I'll be grateful! If you don't it's okay,too <3 great blog btw! <3

thank you and i’m sorry for the late reply! there was a recent ask which might be useful to you. 

because this has become a faq, a running list has been added to the fy!dk listography here. it is still incomplete and will be updated with sources, hopefully by the weekend.

not to be dramatic…..but bangtan saved 2016

Aaa i finally drafted out my new style and im v happy with it so i doodled a lil Eliza in it for @terror-in-the-dream!! You’re very inspiring and nice and i love your art so much so here you go!! 

holidays are for steeping my brain in music

sometimes there are headlines so incredible you just start laughing and can’t stop

i miss these kids a lot already

Remember how Star Trek Beyond is an actual Star Trek movie about the Enterprise crew and how all of them matter and all of them are important and it’s no longer the Kirk show but an actual movie about a CREW? Like, this movie is actually about the voyages of the starship Enterprise, not One White Action Hero, and the biggest most significant show of that point is the very last scene during which THE ENTIRE CREW speaks the words we’re all so familiar with.

Space. The final frontier.

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Hi! I found on the internet an interview from 2000 with Rumiko Takahashi and the japanese voice actors of Inuyasha, Kagome and Kikyou. In this interview Rumiko said: "Inuyasha always likes the girl he is with the best". What does this phrase means? If you could answer me that, I'd be most grateful. It's always great to read your analyses. I love your blog!

Also a rather difficult question. 

I still stand by the idea that, romantically speaking, Inuyasha’s bond with Kagome was far stronger than it ever was with Kikyo. However, this situation was not merely about love, it was about several forces and factors that would really confuse a poor socially-inept hanyou.

On one hand, there’s Kikyo, who was the first woman since his mother to not reject him outright, and who died in Naraku’s first attack while Inuyasha still survived, feeling as though it is “partly his fault” because he couldn’t trust her properly, and therefore that he owes her his life in return. Despite his flaws, Inuyasha is an honest and mostly honorable man; while I don’t deny that he harbored a form of even romantic affection for Kikyo, that was not the primary emotion that prevailed after her death/resurrection; duty was: he wanted to resolve his mistakes.

On the other, there’s Kagome, who befriended him and accepted him for who he was far more genuinely and throughly than Kikyo had. Kagome is the girl who healed his heart, and he cares for her immensely. 

Inuyasha and Kikyo vs. Kagome is not a battle between rival lovers. It’s a battle between duty to Kikyo and love for Kagome.

Both this duty and this love where very strong emotions on Inuyasha’s mind and both would be difficult to let go of. This dichotomy would be difficult for anyone to process–especially a 15-year-old like Inuyasha. 

So when Takahashi says “he likes whichever one he’s with”, here’s what I think it could mean:

These two conflicting desires are constantly at war inside the poor hanyou’s head, and he’s not really sure which direction to take.

When he’s with Kikyo, he’s reminded of the debt he feels he owes her, and is more strongly influenced to choose what he views as his duty.

When he’s with Kagome, he’s reminded of the affection and happiness he feels with her, and is more strongly influenced to choose his love.

And when he’s with neither of them, he’s just confused.