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@alynna5 since I’m suffering on mobile and can’t post a picture to your ask, here is a picture of your ask and a picture of some written stuff from this evening. Since it was taken on mobile I have no idea how that is going to look, so I am sorry in advance if it’s really squished and small.

The chapter is 10k as of now and I’m in a weird position because I’ve written the beginning, stopped because I got stuck, and then skipped to the start of the ending scene (which has proved up be a lot longer than anticipated but is looking like it’s about to wrap up soon). I’ll have to go back and write the middle afterward. I’m anticipating 20k but I don’t know if that’s a good estimate or not. I’m being very slow with this and it’s frustrating, but I’m still progressing bit by bit, and I’ve written a lot that I’m proud of, so I think that will make up for it.

This chapter will also earn its M rating. :)