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Stay With Me

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@thats-heavy said: hey do some namjoon aesthetic shit like y'all like up in the mountains or somethin in a lil cabin.

Thank you for the inspiration lovely, this was supposed to be a short drabble, now it’s 2.1K words. Enjoy!

Characters: Namjoon x Reader, Lumberjack!Namjoon AU (YAS I KNOW ITS GR8)
Genre: much suggestive smut.

“Great, just fucking perfect.” I said slamming my hands against the steering wheel in frustration only to be greeting by a long and loud honk. It didn’t matter though because no one could hear it, no one for miles. Maybe a couple of bears but they wouldn’t come searching for the loud disruptive noise. Shaking my head to clear the thoughts of bears on the hunt, I attempted to start up my precious baby. It wasn’t built for the mountain I was stranded on.

I let out a loud sigh of frustration and closed my eyes leaning my head against the steering wheel. I can practically hear the headlines in a couple months, 21-year-old Girl found dead on route to a Mountain Lodge. Who even goes to a damn Mountain Lodge for spring break? We should’ve gone to a beach house and soaked in the sun after the harsh Canadian winter. But nope, my friends were… unique, they wanted to spend their week of in an even colder environment and go skiing. 

I slumped back against the car seat searching for my phone, praying for at least a single bar so I could send a text message pleading for help. The bright line shone against the darkness of the car illuminating the time, 7:00PM, but what almost made me throw the device out the window was the ‘no service’, that had replaced the connection bars.

“I’m so screwed.” I groaned, collapsing back against the steering wheel. This is how I was going to die, in the middle of the damn woods. Suddenly as if God was punishing me, it started to rain. It wasn’t just your romantic drizzle. It was the beginning of a storm.

Just fucking perfect.

I watched the rain fall, pounding angrily against the glass window. I could survive the night in this car right? In the morning I’ll walk up the mountain, the last sign said the nearest town was a few kilometers away but I didn’t want to take a chance in the dark. From previous experiences in horror movies, as soon as the girl leaves the car she dies.

Suddenly a flash of brightness reflected off the rear-view mirror momentarily blinding me. I gasped in surprise and flung over the car door. Chasing after the 4x4 pick-up truck that was currently driving past my own car up the mountain road.

“Hello! Wait! HELP! STOP!” I yelled chasing after the truck. As the driver abruptly stopped the vehicle, I froze in my place, there was a good chance that person that stepped out of that car was a psychopath and I had just invited my own death.

The car door flew open and a tall man stepped out of the truck. He had blonde hair and was dressed in dark jeans paired with a red plaid flannel shirt. The man looked back at me and grabbed what looked like a towel or a blanket from his car and raced towards me. I glanced down towards my body to see that my clothes were now completely soaked, my white shirt was now see-through giving him a clear display of my black lacey bra. I crossed my arms over my chest in an attempt to cover my revealing state, which only ended up backfiring as it caused chest to look even fuller.

As the man approached me, I noticed how handsome he was. His eyes were dark hued perfect half crescents, his lips plump, his cheeks displays hints of what appeared to be dimples. As the distance between us decreased I noticed how tall he really was, I barely reached his shoulders. The man wasted no time in wrapping the blanket around my shoulders, it seemed he hadn’t even noticed my barely clothed state.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his voice was deep and pleasant to hear after confined in the silence of my car. I nodded, suddenly overwhelmed by my situation, my knees give up and I slump against him in shock, my vision blurring with tears.

“Whoa…” he breathed, wrapping his arms tightly around my figure. He easily lifted me into his arms, carrying me to his truck. I felt the man’s muscles strain underneath my weight.

“I’m sorry,” I said softly, shivering in his arms, I felt guilty for being an inconvenience to him. He simply shook his head once and ran towards the passenger side of his truck. As he placed me on the seat, his arm reached across my body to snap the seatbelt into place. I closed my eyes and leaned back absorbing the warmth of the car.

The man quickly ran to the driver’s side and closed the door. A deep sigh escaped my lips as I felt his large hands press against my forehead and then my neck. I looked towards him and gasped. I was not expecting his face to be so close to mine. His eyes were wide staring into mine with deep concern.  His blonde hair was now wet, and plastered against his forehead. 

I watched as the droplet of water cascaded down his face, brushing against his cheeks, and kissing his lips. He was stunning. What on earth was he doing on a mountain? He deserved to be on the front page of an erotic magazine.

“I’m fine,” I said wincing at how horse my voice sounded, I cleared my throat and sat up. He looked at me dubiously.

“I’m fine,” I repeated, “It’s just shock, I thought I was going to die tonight.” The man looked at me through furrowed brows, still doubting my stability.

“Seriously, I was on my way to the mountain lodge and then my car broke down, and I had no food and it wouldn’t start so I had no heat and-“

“You’re okay now,” he said, in finality, his large hand reached and enveloped mine. I shouldn’t have found comfort in his actions. However, it was as if our bodies were familiar with one another, our hands fit together like puzzle pieces. His actions seem to surprise himself and he pulled his hand away. I stared at my hand immediately craving the warmth of his.

“My cabin is a few minutes, it’s late, the storm will only be getting worse until early hours of the morning. I’ll drive you to the mountain lodge tomorrow, you can stay with me tonight.” he said clearing his throat. He didn’t wait for my response as he drove away.

“Sure,” I replied quietly, “thank you.” He nodded once in response refusing to look in my direction. I furrowed my brows as I stared at his side profile. He noticed my gaze and turned his head towards me. As our eyes met, I quickly glanced away staring out the window.  I felt the heat rush to my cheeks, all the courage I had to look at him suddenly drained from me as I realized I was alone in a car with a stranger.

I jolted awake as the truck came to a stop. I blinked away the haziness of sleep as I stared at the cabin in front of me. It was of average size and looked extremely cozy. I wonder if it’s as cozy on the inside? I smiled at it fondly. I glanced over to see that the man was gazing at me, watching my reaction to his home. As we gazed at each other, I realized we hadn’t even exchanged names.

“I’m [Y/N] by the way,” I replied, extending my hand forward. As my hand reached forward the blanket fell from my chest. His eyes glanced down swiftly, smoothly raking over my still soaked shirt. I reached down and pulled the blanket back up covering my chest. As quickly as his eyes had moved away from mine they returned. He reached forward and shook my hand as well. 

“Namjoon,” he said, his voice deep causing a shiver to rush down my spine.

“Namjoon,” I repeated, testing his name on my tongue, I gazed at his features, his face was expressionless but as I uttered his name I watched one fleeing across his features, lust.

“Let’s go,” he spoke gruffly, nodded towards the cabin. We I opened the door, the first thing I noticed was that the rain had gotten heavier. I hugged the blanket tighter over my body and ran towards the front door with Namjoon in front of me.

As we entered the cabin, I noticed I was right. It was as cozy on the inside. The cabin was well furnished, with shades of browns and white contrasting all around. Namjoon walked past me, shrugging out of his jacket and draping it over a chair. His inner shirt was soaked; it clung to his back, displaying the ripple of his muscles with every movement he made.

I watched him as he disappeared into another room and returned with some spare clothes in his hands. He walked over to me and gestured for me to take them.

“You’ll get sick if you keep wearing those clothes,” he said as I took the clothes from him.

“Would you mind if I used your shower? I feel kind of cold,” I ask nervously, holding the clothes at arms length to make sure they wouldn’t get wet.

“Sure,” he said, turning around and walking back to the direction of the room he had just gotten the clothes from. As I entered the room I noticed it was his bedroom, my cheeks tinted red as I quickly glanced away from the large bed.

“That’s the washroom, there’s towels in there and extra towels in the cupboards.” Namjoon said, standing at the threshold of the room, his eyes never meeting mine, as he turned his head I noticed the tips of his ears turning red. It was then that I realized that he was nervous. He was just as nervous as I was about spending the night with a stranger. 

“Okay, thank you,” I said, looking at him smiling widely.

“Uh, you’re welcome.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck, he met my eyes briefly and then turned back around quietly.

I walked into the washroom and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked like I had just walked out of a horror movie. My make-up was running, my hair was plastered around my face giving me an over all drenched cat appearance.

“Wow, of course, the one time I meet a hot guy that I’m remotely interested in, I look like shit,” I scolded myself in the mirror throwing the blanket that was covering my body on the ground. I peeled off my shirt and bra with ease however my tight jeans were a struggle.

“Cmon [y/n]” I grunted, “You can do this!”

As I finally peeled them down and off me, I heard a loud noise coming from outside the washroom. Every horrible scene from every horror movie flashed in my head as I gulped and opened the door. My eyes met with Namjoon’s bare back as he worked to stack wood into the fireplace. His back muscles tightened with every movement; abruptly he turned around giving me a full view of his firm chest. As he leaned down to pick up more firewood, his biceps flexed under the weight. I sighed, making his eyes looked around for the origin of the noise.

Shock ran through my veins as I quickly closed the door leaning against it. I closed my eyes shut tightly, holding a hand against my chest to calm my hammering heartbeat. Was he starting up a fire because I said I was cold? I smiled opening my eyes, only to be greeted by a large spider that was currently descending down the wall towards me.

I screamed.

I ran out of the washroom completely forgetting my stark-naked state. As I ran out of the washroom my body collided with someone else’s hard body. The impact was so forceful; it landed me on the ground with the second body on top of my own. My eyes flew open only to be met by Namjoon’s dark ones. My bare body was currently flushed against his very shirtless form. His bare skin felt like fire against mine, our breathing rapid and in sync as we both assessed the current situation. His hand reached upward to drag a stray piece of hair and tuck it behind my ear.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice quiet, making it sound even deeper.

I am definitely not okay.

A/N: I can’t write smut but if any of the readers wants to continue this please do and tag me in it. Note: I wanted this to be DomJoon

Signs on Virgo (mine) Perspective
  • Aries: you are cool and awkward haha still like ya
  • Taurus: hi?
  • Gemini: you're really cool but in a weird way but you're gr8
  • Cancer: you're a crab don't pinch me.
  • Leo: yo you need to calm down
  • Virgo: yooooo it me
  • Libra: don't know any of your kind
  • Scorpio: aye ur coolio
  • Sagittarius: YOOOOOOOOO MY BRO
  • Capricorn: man you cool
  • Aquarius: you're my best friend and you need to calm yourself but actually I need to calm my self oops
  • Pisces: my home slice dog ily

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Civil War's ticket sales dropped by over 70% but I don't see anyone trying to use that to prove Civil War sucks like they used those numbers against BVS, despite it being perfectly common for ticket sales to drop astronomically after its opening weekend. Civil War failed to outsell Batman v Superman's opening day. And they're not far behind BVS's ticket sale decay and still behind BVS in overall grossing. But ya know, clearly there's no media bias at ALL against anything DC does. *sips tea*

They will make literally excuse in the book for CW not outselling BvS:

“Well Batman and superman are the biggest comic book heroes ever!! it makes sense that they made more money MCU is better anyways” you had 12 movies so far. if you couldnt establish your dominance with 12 movies Im not sure you ever will.

“Its because of BvS they dropped!!” nah broski its because your movie sucks.

“Well CW did well critically anyways” gr8 go jerk them off more leave me alone

“Well CW will beat BvS in money anyways!” BvS broke records. it was the biggest superhero movie opener ever. It opened in friggin march in the middle of school, while CW was a summer movie. It also had great word of mouth andddd. nothing.

Someone needs to write an article on the BO drop bc I will share the fuck out of it.