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It's Time To Go (part two)

Warnings: no warnings really, talk about scars (very minimal) fluff (I think this counts sometimes I just don’t know.

The gif doesn’t match the story but the other one I wanted to use is going to be for the third part because it makes the most sense

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~Two months earlier, the day Y/N left~

Eli placed a hand on your shoulder as you finished telling him what little you had wanted to disclose, you hated the cops but knew happy would come to them at some point.

“I wish you would tell me more, I would be able to help.” You shook your head.

“All I need is some time to get away and figure everything out.” Eli sighed heavily knowing only what he had heard about happy, but then again all of it was true.

“I’m just glad you’re getting away from that psycho.” You growled at the insult but kept your composure as Nero grabbed your arm.

“Eli, while I appreciate your help, keep your opinions to yourself. You are to tell him that I haven’t used my cards anywhere not even any ATMs and there is nothing for you to go off of, so he should just drop it.” You sighed as Nero pulled you closer to the door as the sound of Harley’s filled your ears. “I’ll be back eventually.” You smiled lightly as Nero rushed you out the back door as happy yelled for Eli.

“Wait mamma, wait.” You had rushed in front of him, hoping to get into the car before anyone noticed, but he grabbed your arm just in time. Jax and your father Chibs had spotted Neros truck and had come over to investigate. Before they were to close Nero pushed you into a bush, yes a bush, luckily there were enough around that they covered you nicely.

“Hey man,” jax and Nero did that bro hug thing men always do before pulling back.

“What’s going on?” Nero asked trying his best to play it cool.

“Y/N’s missing,” Jax sighed, your father not saying a word as he stared almost knowingly at the bush you were hiding behind. “Happy went to check on her at lunch time and all her stuff was gone.”

“What?” Nero faked shock. “What can I do?”

“She hasn’t contacted you?” He sounded dumbfounded.

“No I haven’t heard from her sense last night after diner.” Jax nodded lighting a cigarette and walking away while your father stood his ground.

“Is there something you aren’t telling me.” They stared at each other for a few minutes before you decided not to put your father through the madness of all of this and pulled yourself up and out of the bushes.

“Y/N! Oh god Ja-”

“Dad no!” You covered his mouth before he could yell for the guys. “Please you can’t tell them I was here. Please” You pleaded with him.

“What’s wrong love” the concern in his voice was thick and overwhelming.

“I can’t tell you, not right now, I just need time to process things daddy. Please don’t tell happy you saw me, I can’t. I can’t do this right now, but I promise in time I’ll tell you what happened. Just please trust me daddy” he pulled you into a tight hug before kissing your cheek.

“I will always trust you, now get out of here before they see you.” You kissed his cheek this time as you whispered “I love you” before hoping into Neros truck as he sped off.

~nine months later~

You wattled around Nero’s farm house picking up various items the best you could with a stomach the size of Pluto. Having twins was not on your agenda, but here you were nine months pregnant, due any day and a dad who was none the wiser because of your stupid pride. Nero was supposed to be being happy and your father up here today to finally see you, you had written to your dad multiple times back and forth as well as happy but left no address for him to reply to.

You grew nervous at the sound of neros truck followed by Harley’s, and you looked out the front window to see the whole club was with him, including Gemma and Tara. Gemma, Nero and Tara were the only people who knew you were pregnant and exactly where you were at all times. You watched as everyone followed Nero up to the porch, where they sat down as he came inside.

“Hey mamma.” He smiled brightly and kissed your cheek.

“Hey.” You sighed lightly feeling more relaxed than usual now that you were back so close to the club. “They all came huh?”

“Yeah, every single one of them.” He smiled “you got a great family here girl.” You rolled your eyes playfully as you watched silently from the window (they couldn’t see you but you could see them) as some of the prospects rough housed.

“So, you want me to bring them in?” You shook your head.

“Grab Gemma and Tara for me first, I want them here to kind of soften the blow if happy doesn’t take this,” you pointed to your belly “well.” and wattled back into the living room as Nero chuckled at you but waited until you were out of view to open the door and call for gem and Tara.

“There’s our mamma to be.” Gemma smiled and hugged you before kissing your cheek.

“I’m glad you guys came too. I hope you don’t mind, but I want you guys in here when happy finds out.” You sat down slowly on the couch, with the help of Nero, with your pillow propped behind you for extra support like normal.

“Of course.” Gemma and Tara said in unison.

“I told you, you should have told him sooner.” Gemma scolded

“Yeah yeah yeah” you jokingly waved her off gaining an eye roll and a chuckle from her. You hadn’t noticed that Nero had gone to the door until he called for happy and your father. Your nerves grew and your anxiety caused you to shake slightly, but Tara and Gemma blocked you from view as happy and chibs entered the living room.

“Where is she?” Happys voice was gruff and hard like normal.

“There’s something that you two don’t know,” Gemma sighed lightly. “And I want you to not to freak out or I’ll have to beat your ass.” They both nodded in agreement and Gemma and Tara stepped aside to reveal you. Both of them looked like deer caught in headlights and you could feel the waterworks starting.

“You’re pregnant?” Your father was by your side in an instant, tears of joy streaming down his face as he smiled at you.

“Yeah.” You smiled with a small chuckle. “I know I should have told you, both of you,” you looked at happy who was still stuck in his spot. “But I was afraid.” Tears were running down your cheeks as happy made his way over to you in a few strides, cupping your face in his hands and pulled your lips to his. You melted into him like it was the first time he had ever kissed you, he broke off the kiss too soon for your liking but he sat down next to you holding your small hand in his.

“Can we have a moment?” He asked not even bothering to take his eyes off you. Everyone nodded and started to walk out of the room.

“Wait” you called out and they all stopped and turned back to you. “Don’t tell anyone else yet, I want to see there reaction, especially clays.” Tara and Gemmas smiles matched yours and they all agreed and continued out of the room and out onto the porch.

“Baby.” You held up your hand and cut happy off.

“I know I should have told you, I know that, and I’m sorry, I am so so so sorry.” You began to cry, your hormones were everywhere and you couldn’t help it. “But I didn’t know what else to do, I stopped at the hospital before I left to make sure I was okay and that’s when I found out about the boys. I was going to come back sooner but I-.”

“Boys?” Happy was the one to cut you off this time, a smile as wide as the sun plastered on his face.

“Yes” you nodded still crying. “The boys.”

“What are their names?” Happy was taking this a lot better than expected considering he had flat out told you he didn’t want kids 3 years ago on your two years anniversary.

“Well I wanted your opinion, but I do have one name. Maddox” (or insert whatever baby names you want but I like these so *sticks tongue out and crosses eyes*)

“Zander.” He smiled wiping your tears away. It was needless to say you were in shock at the way happy was acting in this moment, he was never one for showing to much affection or love, even though you knew he did in fact love you.

“What has gotten into you.” You couldn’t stop yourself from asking, but you wanted to know.

“I’ve missed you baby, these past nine months have shown me just how much you mean to me and I can’t be away from you, nor my boys,” he chuckled. “Any longer.” He slowly and lightly pulled you into his lap. “I know I’m not good with emotions and shit, but im gonna try my best baby” he whispered in your ear and you turned to face him.

“Don’t change yourself for me hap,” you kissed his cheek. “I fell in love with you and I don’t need you to change.” He kissed your forehead.

“I love you baby” you smiled contently at him as it was the first time you had heard him say that in a year.

“I love you too.” You kissed him one last time before slowly getting up and grabbing his hand.

“I have some good news first.” You looked up at him.

“And what’s that.” He wrapped his arm around you.

“The night terrors aren’t bad anymore, I still have them,” he shrugged. “But not as bad as when” he pulled your shirt up to reveal the scar from the wound he created nine months before. “That happened.” You could tell he resented himself for it. Even hated himself for ever hurting you. You turned to him and cupped his face in your hands making him look at you.

“It’s okay, that’s in the past baby,” you kissed him hard and he returned it before pulling back.

“I really am sorry baby.” He kissed your forehead.

“It’s a conversation for another time.” You grabbed his hand again before pulling him to the door. “Now let’s tell the rest of the family.” Happy pointed for you to stay inside for a moment leaving the front door open but you were out of view from anyone.

“Now I know all of you are excited to see Y/N again” Gemma started. “But we have a surprise for you, I’m going to need everyone to be careful with her, because if you break my god baby,”

“You’ll kick our ass’s, we know mom.” Jax said and you could hear his eye roll from where you stood. Nero and happy came back into view and held one of your arms as they helped you outside.

“I can walk on my own you know.” They both chuckled at your stubbornness, once again Gemma kept you shielded from the front and happy and Nero from the sides.

“Would you all get out of the way!” Clay was growing impatient which gained a giggle from you. “I want to see my niece already.”

As if it were rehearsed everyone stepped away and revealed you to the rest of the club, for a moment it was silent, everyone shocked and trying to process seeing you with such a big belly.

“Oh my god!” Jax was the first to actually speak as he came over and hugged you, congratulating both you and happy. Everyone else soon followed as they yelled and cheered for the new additions to the club family.


Everyone had made there way inside once the excitement died down some, you all somehow managed to fit into the living room as happy felt his sons kick for the first time.

“They’ve been very feisty today.” You sighed another pain coming on, this one worse than all the others you had been having through out the day. “Oh god.” You cried out as it coursed through you. “Oh no.” Your water had broke and once again your nerves were in overdrive. What if you couldn’t do this, what if happy didn’t want to do this? Your mind was running a million miles an hours.

“What’s wrong.” Tara and your father were next to you instantly, Tara checking your vitals and chibs holding your hand.

“They’re coming!” Everyone jumped into a blind panic, rushing around as you and happy made it out to Neros truck while you breathed through the contraction.

“I’ve got your bag.” Happy hopped in the back as Nero got into the driver seat and pulled out of the lane like a bat out of hell with the club following close behind you.

~3 days later~

You took your time packing up what little you had taken out of your bag as happy trained with one of the nurses on how to change a diaper. You couldn’t help but giggle when he cursed or groaned from making a mistake.

“This is impossible you know.” He called out to you making you smile.

“It’s not, you can do it. I’ve seen you do a lot of things you said were impossible, but you eventually did them right?”

“Yeah” he groaned, he hated when you were right.

“Gemma said the boys room is all set up so we don’t have to worry about anything once we get there.” You grumbled out, you had nested at neros farm home and not your own due to obvious reasons. But you were uneasy about how the room would be, you knew the second you were able to move things and lift things again, you would be changing the room around.

“I’m sure it will be up to your standards baby, they did use everything you bought from the farm house.” Happy snuck up behind you and hugged you, kissing your cheek. “Lets take our boys home.” He grabbed the bag from you and you sat down in the wheelchair as happy led the way. Zander and Maddox were sound asleep in the carriers and you watched them like a hawk the whole way to your car.


Happy carried the boys and your bag into the house as you slowly followed, something was askew but you couldn’t place it. As you closed the front door you looked up and saw the club.

“Surprise!” They whisper yelled and you couldn’t help the smile on your face.

“Come here las.” Your father hugged you tightly actually able to give you a proper one now that you weren’t the size of Texas.

The night was filled with laughs and smiles as everyone welcomed home their newest members and for the first time in a long time you knew that this was exactly how you were supposed to end up. Your old man by your side with the little bundles in your arms. As everyone was gathering to leave and the boys had just gone down for the night, happy pulled you outside where everyone was still waiting.

“Now I know this is strange, it’s strange for me too, but I love you more than anything on this entire earth. Well besides our sons” he smirked at you. “But I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Who are you and what have you done with happy.” You joked gaining a laugh from everyone else.

“Marry me.” His words to your breath away, you knew your answer but you were so in shock that he had even asked you, you couldn’t speak. This wasn’t the happy you had fell in love with, he was never the man to share his feelings, thoughts nor show any affection when others were around and it was very seldom at home. You had accepted that, but this man that stood before you today was changed.

“Yes.” You breathed after what felt like years to the both of you. He engulfed you in a hug as everyone cheered for the both of you.

“It just keeps getting better and better.” Gemma exclaimed and after another 20 minutes outside with the extended family, happy carried you inside and into your bedroom for the night.

—– Should I make a third part? Hmmmm…..
Deku/Ochako Family Headcanons part 2

So last night we got kinda skype-happy with Deku/Ochako headcanons (including their son Tohru who’s a ray of sunshine) and now there is a  l o t more. Lengthy headcanoning under the cut

Chrissy  also im trash but i really want Ochako and Deku to also have a healing-quirk child.

Deku’s worried that he and Ochako have a 50% chance of having a quirkless child because he’s technically quirkless, and he’s afraid of raising a kid in a superhero household who just realistically can’t be super… Turns out that gap in quirkiness is exactly what allowed a variety of new and different quirks to develop back when quirks were new. Deku’s afraid his daughter is quirkless until one day he and Ochako are in the hospital getting bandaged, and Deku like slams both his hands down on the bed and whips his head to Ochako “IVE NEVER EVER HAD TO KISS KAIYO’S BOOBOOS”

And Ochako’s just “????” so Deku starts spinning his hands “Okay so yeah Tohru was more banged up as a child with his quirk so he always had bandaids somewhere but have you EVER had to put a bandaid on Kaiyo!?”

And Ochako thinks about this just “……. !!!!! !!!!! ”

So they get home, pay the babysitter (with whatever arm isn’t in a sling) go nudge Kaiyo awake like “Honey….have you ever gotten a booboo?” Bleary eyed, this four year old little girl wakes up “Huh…Mommy? ………Yeah I get booboos but I don’t like them so I make them go away.”

She’s just extremely confused while both Deku and Ochako are crouched there in the dark room going “ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” at each other

Fast forward a few years and Kaiyo takes up the responsibility of being her parents’ first aid kit. (First aid kid haaaaaaaaaaah anyway). Like Deku comes home after going way too far with One fo All and his arm is smashed to pieces. Ochako’s telling him to go to the damn hospital but he’s “wait a minute honey I wanna give Kaiyo a chance to shine.” She looks at him, with all her 6 year old sass she rolls her eyes and goes “Daddy you’re such a dumbhead.” And touches his arm. Does it heal all the way? No. Does it get a hell of a lot better? Yeah.

Recovery girl is still alive and kicking cuz she’s Recovery Girl, and years down the line she takes Kaiyo as an apprentice
Chrissy  AAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY so thats what i had to say
Becca  good name picking btw
Chrissy  i looked it up this time

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