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sorry to be shady but jikook is honestly.. an overrated ship.. dont u have any other ships? it's not ur fault but i have seen people call themselves army but all they reblog is jikook like its all they care about and its gotten to the point where they bash tae cuz they think he's getting in the way like that one vlive where jungkook and jimin only stared at eachother (like oh they have eyes and they can stare at things? wow) and people called tae annoying and other shitty things cuz he barged in

This is me reading this message RN^

Well thanks for “excluding me” but this is an insult to all the other Jikook blogs to which I feel the need to protect right now. First of all, Jikook used to be this tiny ass ship that was overlooked because it was ‘incest’ or “Jungkook hated Jimin.” Now its finally flourishing and ya gotta shit on it??? 

Another thing, since this fandom is growing I’ve seen plenty of other ships growing with it that I, in fact, stan along side with jikook. 

Yeah some people only reblog jikook for the purpose of being a JIKOOK blog. That’s like going and shitting on @ fypjm for posting only Jimin. People are allowed to have specified blogs. It’s a thing.

Now let me say this, in NO way do I condone the toxic behavior of bashing a member for “getting in the way” of a ship. That’s just ugly. But don’t group those people and jikook stans together. They are their own group of people that shouldn’t be associated with others who aren’t doing anything wrong. People like you have this problem of taking some bad nuts of the bunch and blaming it on the entire group. Cut that crap out.

Now please kindly get this hatefulness out of my askbox 👋. All other asks like this will be deleted.


Hi, this really isn’t meant to be a witch hunt post but i dont know how else to get this out there. Basically, there have been a lot of racially charged posts by some students at Pompano Beach High School in Florida and its gotten to the point of people making throw away account to call people, including my friends and I, the N word and putting our pictures up with a backdrop of slaves. I’ve emailed the principal but it’s pretty much known that he doesn’t care as long as the school’s public image isn’t affected. I really dont know what to do from here so i just wanted to spread the word

Dissociation tiers

Disclaimer: These are based on my own experiences and what I’ve read of other people’s experiences. I am not a doctor, nor do I represent anyone but myself who experiences dissociation/depersonalization/derealization. Some of these points may assume an abled body, as that is the type of body I have and am familiar with. Tier 0 also assumes no other mental/neurological disorders, which is untrue to my own brain but used for simplicity’s sake. Very simplistic list in general, mainly due to it being a list.

Tier 0

  • No brain fog.
  • No visual fog.
  • Senses are generally clear.
  • Reflection is recognizable.
  • Friends and family are recognizable.
  • When you touch something, you feel it immediately.
  • Everything is the correct distance away.
  • You can walk easily.
  • You can speak and easily understand yourself.
  • You can easily understand others when they speak.
  • You can multitask.
  • You are not detached from the world in any way.
  • Memory is mostly consistent.

Tier 1

  • Mild brain fog.
  • Visual fog is minimal or nonexistent.
  • Some other senses may be dulled, such as smell.
  • You know your reflection is your reflection, but you may not have a connection to it.
  • You can recognize your friends and family, but you might have to think about it.
  • Sense of touch may have minimal lag.
  • The floor may seem closer or further than normal.
  • The world in general may seem too close or too far, but not debilitatingly so.
  • Walking may require some focus.
  • Voice may feel thick in your mouth, but no one else seems concerned.
  • Other people’s voices may seem far away or too loud.
  • Multitasking is difficult, but doable.
  • You’re slightly detached from the world.
  • Memories are harder to hold on to.

Tier 2

  • Moderate brain fog; thinking is becoming difficult.
  • The world may seem significantly grayer or fuzzier.
  • Other senses are dulled to some degree.
  • You cognitively know your reflection is supposed to be you, but it doesn’t seem right.
  • You can’t immediately recognize your friends and family. They could be who you think they are, but you aren’t sure.
  • When you touch something, a lag of about a second or more occurs before you recognize any feeling, or even that you touched anything at all.
  • All distances are wrong. The floor is wrong, objects are wrong, other people are wrong, etc.
  • You need to focus to get one place to another.
  • Other people may notice differences in your speech. You might not be able to.
  • You aren’t always sure people are speaking the same language as any you know. You might ask them to repeat themselves more than once.
  • You can do one task at most without extreme difficulty and/or slowness.
  • You feel as though you and the world are on separate planes.
  • You can’t remember much from these points in time. You might even have “lost time.”

Tier 3

  • You’ve lost all memory of this point.
  • Friends say you acted off, but that’s all you know.

Thanks for reading.


just a quick little animatic!!

i know other people got around to drawing a few mchams before i got this out there; here’s to hoping nobody did this bit as an actual animatic until now, though?? sorry in advance hahhh

cheers & i hope y’all enjoy!!

not trying to exaggerate here but whenever i see or hear someone being pro-snape i get SO angry like i start sweating and i can’t get over it at all i get really out of control with my emotions bc i just fucking hate him and how society views him and views abuse and it’s so disgusting it’s why i literally never talk about harry potter in public bc if someone mentions snape i cannot control my anger at all

‘We Met Through Our Roommate’ AU’s

- “you’re the roommate of my crush and you felt sorry for me and my pathetic attempts at wooing them so you offered to help me get in their pants but somewhere along the way we ended up falling for each other” au

- “you slept with my roommate who is notorious for one night stands, and now im meant to tell you that the reason you woke up alone is because they had to get to an early class, and proceed to get your phone number and tell you that they’ll call in a few days before binning it as soon as you leave, but i never do that so hi, sorry my roommates a jackass. pancakes?” au

- “my roommate is crushing on your roommate, who i hate. and your roommate is crushing on my roommate, who you hate. care to help me sabotage their relationship?” au

- “your roommate is pretty much stalking me, and you keep accompanying them to make sure they don’t do anything stupid and i accidentally mistook you for my stalker and kneed you in the crotch and i’m so sorry please let me get you some ice” au

- “your roommate got drunk at a party i hosted and passed out on my bathroom floor and you’ve come to collect them, but moving them from the bathroom and down to your car seems to be a two person job so now how do we get them round this corner and down the stairs without dropping them or giving them brain damage?” au

- “my roommate is in love with you an i’m meant to be getting you to date them but now i think i’m falling in love with you myself and this sucks everything sucks you suck” au

- “our roommates are fucking and its gotten to the point where we’re so sick of hearing them go at it all night that we have keys to each others places to escape the midnight moans, grunting and bed creaking and i don’t know where this is leading but i hope we end up fucking too” au

- “your roommate hosted a party and you’re not really a party person so you’ve locked yourself in your room but i’m not a party person either and its really loud out there can i just sit on your bed and play games on my phone or something?” au

- “your roommate is crushing on me, and my roommate is crushing on you, and we’re both meant to be setting the other up with our respective roommates but we’ve ended up falling for each other and this cannot end well” au

- “your roommate locked you out so they could have sex, and my roommate borrowed my key and then decided to go out last minute so we’re both stranded in the hallway together for an indefinite amount of time and wow your roommate makes really weird and loud sex noises" au

- “me and your roommate share a class together and help each other study weekly and you’re an annoying twat who thinks its funny to keep interrupting us and wait what do you mean they’re running late? no im not waiting here alone with you for two hours are you insane” au

why antis gotta have no chill? why? why y’all gotta ruin a good thing??? i know the other day at work i saw a little boy getting himself a voltron toy and goodness was it so refreshing cause this was like maybe a 6 year old child that enjoyed voltron and was innocent of the nastyness that is the older (teen and up) side of the fandom. like… it was so nice to see someone innocently loving voltron. a show that was made with children in mind. like dudes, why is it so hard to just enjoy something like that little kid? y’all ain’t gotta be nasty about it. i’m mainly looking at antis here, but shaladins gotta follow what they preach too. this fandom is a war zone and it’s become toxic. y’all anti’s preach about keeping people safe, but what are y’all gonna do when an excited child (no particular age, just able to use a computer) that is looking up more stuff about voltron and is ignorant of the horror that the fandom is, stumbles upon one of your accounts and sees y’all just being nasty, ruthless, and vicious towards anyone opposed to you. they won’t think you’re protecting them at all, it’ll scare them off most likely. One day (hopefully) y’all gonna regret all the shit you’re doing. i just don’t feel it’ll be soon enough. a good thing is being ruined.

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i've never actually seen loss jpg or whatever please explain to me

this is a long story but its fucking great

okay so back in 2002 a man named tim buckley decided to start up a webcomic about videogames called ctrl+alt+del. this was its first strip

fucking stunning writing, i know. now it was early days, so you could argue that tim was just getting started, but the level of humor rarely went higher than this. despite proclaiming to be about videogames, the strip tended to focus more upon the idiotic antics of ethan (guy on the right), lucas (guy on the left), lilah, a female character introduced later on and zeke, a xbox robot ethan makes later on in order to be Wacky

the “comedy” usually came from ethan pretty much being so constantly a problem that it’s a wonder any of the characters hung around him at all, let alone extended periods of time. jokes were largely a set up followed by violence as the punchline, which might not be so bad if it wasn’t tim buckley’s go to punchilne when he couldn’t think of anything actually funny (which was a lot of the time). and it continually got worse as ethan continued to constantly be a burden to all his friends, yet they inexplicably couldn’t stop liking him and bowing to his every whim, even lucas, the alleged straight man to ethan’s manchild, and lilah, introduced as a No Nonsense Girl Gamer somehow becoming his boyfriend

in case you haven’t gotten it yet, ethan is very clearly tim buckley’s self insert fantasy.

the thing is, despite the comic being very obviously bad, it was REALLY popular. like it was an absolutely huge thing. teen boys absolutely lapped up the tired jokes and sitcom cliches and thats not even getting into the absolutely DIRE chef brian comics. actually no you know what i will go into them. here

this was about 2 years after the first strip, and you can start to see the art and comedy style that would come to define ctrl+alt+del as tim buckley pretty much officially gave up on putting effort into his comic

this was literally how he put together his comics: drawing hundreds of predrawn graphics and then sticking them into 4 panels

and since ctrl+alt+del was so popular, it REALLY went to tim buckley’s head. he refused (and really still refuses) to take any kind of criticism. he became very egotistical (he sued a fan for making a flash featuring the CAD characters) and there are some reports of him doing pretty shady things over the internet

and then he hit on his greatest idea

instead of sticking with comedy in a 4 panel strip format, he decided to introduce drama. characters growing up, getting married, learning responsibility…while STILL sticking rigidly to the comics newspaper esque 4 panel format.

everyone who knew CAD was awful was already making fun of tim desperately trying to introduce pathos into his verse of xbox robots and manchild antics, but his ego was bigger than it had ever been and he couldn’t be dissuaded, and in 2008 he had the storyline in which ethan and lilah get married, and lilah becomes pregnant

and then, just to ratchet up the drama, tim buckley decided lilah would miscarry.

the internet fucking lost it. a moment intended to carry great drama and meaning instead became the funniest unintentional comedy ever written. thousands upon thousands of edits and parodies were made (a sampling can be found here. some of them are pretty gross tho, being ripped from 4chan, so be careful) and its a moment thats become heavily engrained in internet/videogame culture. its gotten to the point where the most simplistic form of representing this comic (a series of straight lines) can be immediately recognisable as making fun of this strip

i didnt explain this in the greatest way and im sure someone can do it more elegantly since i skipped a few things but really the entire history of ctrl+alt+del is an amazing chronicle of one man’s ego

Also, real talk for a second.

I don’t know how many people who comment on our YouTube videos read my blog, but if by chance you do, give Nate a fucking break, please.

Every single time we upload a V3 video someone bitches about him doing something–and it’s usually a complaint we’ve addressed before (e.g., we don’t talk to every character because our streams are already 5 hours+ and we’re trying to keep my voice from blowing out; or, we discuss theories and make jokes because that’s how we enjoy playing; or, we take breaks for food or the bathroom or whatever because it is a livestream and we are humans and not robots who spit out content for free).

Yes, Nate doesn’t do the actual translation, but he does manage the Twitch and YouTube channels, splices multiple pieces of video together when the stream hiccups, stores all of the raffle goods in his apartment and keeps track of who bid on what, and invests a lot of his own money into xxiil3gendaryzetsubou.

Not that I don’t pay too, since we try to split stream-related expenses down the middle, but when it comes to extra stuff, Nate often takes a bulk of the financial responsibility. Guys…that poster giveaway we did? Nate bought those posters out of pocket. Our newly built streaming rig? Nate paid for most of it himself. Even some of our raffle stock ends up being things Nate bought for himself but then donated because he figured someone out there would enjoy it more.

So chill, please. The YT channel and streams are not our job. It’s a thing we do for fun. If our style doesn’t jive with you, then that’s completely fine, but quit bashing a guy who spends a lot of time, effort, and money on something because he isn’t catering to your personal taste.

There’s a difference between a jocular Nate please and continued, 100% serious whining about his involvement.

You guys wanna hear a funny story?
I was in London with some friends during my winter break and when we went to Madame Tussauds I was wearing my Robbie Rotten shirt. This is an actual conversation I had with the security guy in front of the Spirit of London ride:

Him: Is that a Robbie Rotten Shirt?
Me: Yes
Him: Hey (to another security guy) look! It’s the shirt of the day!


Clue references in Poe Party (48/?): Someone rubbing his/her nose in the background

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do you have any tips for dealing with internalized biphobia? it's gotten to the point where i feel so awful and gross if i'm attracted to men, or if a relationship with a woman doesn't work out for any reason. you seem so confident and happy with your bisexuality, and i'd love to get to that point someday whether or not i eventually end up with a man or not

honestly, when i realized that i deserved better i decided to embrace my sexuality. The B is there for a reason. I think the community at large needs to understand I’m not in the community because I like girls. I’m in the community because i’m attracted to more than one gender. That makes you queer enough inherently, so even when i’m attracted to boys i’m still bisexual and still queer enough. besides, bisexuality is so unique of an experience and so cool??? bisexuals are such a unique bunch of kids and we all deserve better - but that starts with us accepting ourselves first. 💖💜💙

People think maknae line stans are disgusting but every time someone says jimin is their favourite dancer h****k stans attack like a swarm of fucking bees and insist they’re wrong and he’s the king

Like how gross do you have to be to put down another member just to praise your fave??? People have preferences?????? Stop being cunts??

So….. I am still very much in love obsessed with Beauty and the Beast (2017) and its soundtrack. It’s gotten to the point where I am now listening to the French version (there’s honestly no stopping me now hahaha). “Evermore” is just as beautiful in French (”Ensemble à jamais”), and I am nerd enough to translate it for whoever my need that in their lives. The French lyrics will be under the break for anyone interested :)


I was the one who had everything; the lone master of my destiny
I thought that I never needed anyone, I was wrong
Everything is now only pain, she is no longer here but I still see her
What is this emotion that strikes me in my heart, can she hear my voice?

We will be together forever even if she runs away into the night
She was everything to me: joy, emotion, hope, my whole life
And I have nothing but my regrets, and I cry over my fate
I hope in vain that she will return to live with me until I die

Love is an atrocious torment, I suffer when the night comes
She took off and everything is now empty to me, yet I still see her

We will be together forever, even if one day she forgets about me
She is my reason for being, she was the life of this castle.
But I have nothing more but my regrets, and I cry over my fate
I know that I hope in vain; this is the beginning of a never ending night
The story nevertheless began so well. I will wait until I die

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