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psst have you seen spiderman: homecoming yet?

yes!! I’ve really enjoyed both superhero movies that have come out this year tbh

Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to draw spider Abbacchio for ages now. Here it is, very spooky and oddly hot. 

Y'all I’m so excited to see Peter in Infinity War. I can’t wait to see how much he’s improved and see that he’s learned to handle his powers better. Then I’ll be even more hyped for the Spider-Man sequel cause you know Spider-Man will become well known and I’m gonna be in tears watching a Peter is his junior year of high school struggling to balance his increasing impact as a hero and the growing strains of high school. College is around the corner and the stakes of being Spider-Man will keep getting more and more dire. We get to dive deeper into his relationship with Aunt May, Ned, and Michelle. It’s so excited and I’m still shocked that we actually have Spidey in the MCU.

2017 has been such a good year for superhero movies and it’s all on Justice League not to screw it up

Movie Night

Hey guys! This is my first request from the prompt list and I’m excited as hell about it. Hope you enjoy! 

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Requested: Yes 

Anonymous Requested: can I request something with either George or Fred with the numbers 2 and 16 from the prompt list? thank you sm

Prompts: 2. Can i hold your hand
               16. Is it gone?

Warnings: Swearing, basic horror movie descriptions (Halloween) 

Movie night. Oh man, were you excited, especially since it was your turn to pick the movies. Fred, your roommate, was probably going to flip his shit when he saw that all the movies you’d picked were horror. You always had a special place in your heart for slasher films, even when you were a kid. Around nine, you began making popcorn and trying to figure out how to tell Fred that you guys were watching horror movies. You knew that it wasn’t going to go well, but you were an asshole and you’d watched them with or without him. 

“Hey, Freddie,” You said, plopping down next to him and offering him the bowl. 

“What’s on the list for tonight?” He asked, smiling. You grinned sweetly at him and his face paled a little. 

“Just a few of my old slasher movies, you don’t mind right?” You said. He blinked at you then shook his head. 

You popped in the first movie. Halloween. A classic and one of your personal favorites. Smiling around a fistful of popcorn, you laid back against the couch and threw your legs over Fred’s lap. You flicked off the lamp, leaving the room dark, save for the eerie light coming from the television. Ah, yes, this brought back memories of Halloween night with your friends back home. As the movie started, you could feel his legs tense beneath yours. You decided to ignore it for the moment. Surprisingly, everything was going off well until the death of Judith Myers approached.

“Here we go,” You whispered, grinning. Halloween wasn’t exactly scary, though it might have been when it came out; it was really just full of bad special effects and worse acting. 

“Great,” Fred muttered. His eyes were glued to the screen and wide as though he was terrified. 

Finally, Judith Myers met her untimely end. Stabbed in the chest. Fred jumped, gripping the leg of your pajama pants like a lifeline. You felt a little bad, not bad enough to stop the movie, but bad all the same. It wasn’t long before the next death came up, Lester. You placed your hand on Fred’s shoulder. 

“Merlin, (Y/N), how do you watch these?” He asked. He flinched away from the screen. 

“Easily. Why?” You asked, giggling.

“Never. I meant that it’s so bad I wonder…” He cut himself off with a sharp intake of breath as Lester was strangled. You almost laughed at the face Fred was making. 

“You good?” You asked. He swallowed hard and nodded. Just before Annie Brackett’s throat was slit, Fred nudged you. Without looking away from the screen, you offered him the, mostly empty, popcorn bowl. He pushed it down, nudging you again. 

“(Y/N),” He whispered. You shushed him, waving a hand at him vaguely. 

“Not now,” You said. 

“(Y/N),” He whispered again, hitting pause. You looked over at him, completely white with terror. 

“Yeah? You asked. He played with the hem of your pant leg for a moment before turning his eyes on you. 

“Can I hold your hand?” He asked, shyly. 

“Are you scared, Mr. Weasley?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. He shot you an offended look. 

“Never. I just don’t want you to be, Miss (L/N),” He said, indignantly. You snorted a laugh, swiping the remote from his hand. God you were being such a dick tonight. The worst part was that you didn’t feel bad. 

“I’m doing just fine, thank you,” You said, hitting play. Fred scrambled for the remote and hit pause again. By the time he got the movie to pause, he was practically in your lap. You smiled at him. 

“Yes?” Sighing, he sat back up and fidgeted with his fingers for a few seconds. 

“Alright, you got me, I’m scared. Can I please hold your hand?” He asked. You took his hand in your own, giving it a light squeeze. 

“There.” As it turns out, Fred was completely terrified of the killer. He thought the mask was the creepiest thing he’d ever seen. Whenever you got a good look at him, Fred would clamp his eyes shut. You almost laughed every time you saw it. It wasn’t often that you got to see him any way other than his boisterous self. When it was over, you leaned back and flipped on the light. He still didn’t open his eyes. 

“Is it gone?” He asked. You bit your lip to stifle a laugh. 

“If your refering to the movie being over, yes,” You chuckled. He cracked an eye open to look at you. 

“You are the worst person I know,” He said. A bark of a laugh echoed through your apartment. For someone that enjoyed scaring the shit out of other people, he was a real baby about being scared. 

“So, you can dish it out, but you can’t take it?” You laughed, wiping away a tear. 

“You know I don’t like horror films.” You rolled your eyes. 

“And I don’t like having a firecracker thrown in the shower with me, but that doesn’t seem to stop you,” You said. 

“Fair point,” He responded. Standing up, you stretched and headed for your bedroom. You didn’t get very far before you were tugged back to the couch, where Fred still had ahold of your hand. 

“I’m going to bed,” You stated, prying your fingers out of his grip. For a second, he looked panicked. 

“Night, shortcake,” He said shakily as you headed for your bedroom again. Not five minutes later, light spilled onto your face from a crack in the door. If you kept your eyes closed, maybe it would go away. 

It didn’t. 

Sighing, you sat up and saw Fred standing in your door way looking rather awkward. You blinked, trying to get your eyes used to the light again. Calmly, you swung your legs out of bed and walked over to him. The ginger stared down at you with a playful smile on his lips. Only he could be scared shitless and still have that dumb grin. You admired that though. 

“C’mon,” You said, leading him to your bed by his sleeve. The door closed softly behind him. 

“Oh, (Y/N), how forward of you,” He laughed. You took note of the fact that there was still an edge to his voice. You slipped into bed, patting the empty space next to you. 

“Well, now you’ll finally be able to say you’ve slept with a girl,” You taunted with a smirk. He raised a hand to his chest in mock offence, but laid down next to you. It was quiet for a minute. 

“Thanks,” He said. You patted his cheek. 

“This is the least I could do after I freaked you out so bad.” He pulled you close to him, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in your hair. You nuzzled your nose into his chest. 

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was your way of getting me in your bed,” He teased. You rolled your eyes even though he couldn’t see it. 

“If I wanted you that bad I would have just asked. We both know you wouldn’t kick me outta bed,” You said, wiggling your hips slightly. 

“True,” He said. It was quiet for another minute. 

“Hey, Fred.” He rested his chin on your head. 

“Yeah?” He asked. 

“You wanna watch some more slasher movies tomorrow?” You asked. He chuckled softly; the sound sent a small shock through your body. 

“Why would I wanna do that?” You laughed quietly.

“Let me rephrase, you wanna come sleep with me again tomorrow?” You asked. He held you tighter. 

“And everyday after?” You made yourself comfortable against his chest. 

“Until you get a better offer.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead. 

“I’ll be here every night for the rest of our lives then.” With that, the two of you fell asleep. What a way to get a boyfriend. 


They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;

“average ego murders 3 people per year” factoid actually just statistical error. average ego kills 0 people per year. Antisepticeye, who lives in Jack’s videos and kills over 16 million people per day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

I LOVE Vikavolts Design, I cant believe both my favorite bugs are ELECTRIC.
But something tells me Kuzon is not going to like the newest addition to the team…

a little script ft. trans!Peter Parker

((The pronouns and name are the ones that Peter has internally started using for himself, so that’s why we get those from this perspective even if Aunt May doesn’t know yet. Sorry if that’s confusing. Just the best way for me to write this out. Also it is written in a weird format, but that’s because I will eventually be cosplaying it.))

For @akumapheles
Hope you like it! It’s short, and I may add more, but here it is!!

(Brief prologue- Peter knew he was scared, he also knew that keeping secrets from those he cared about most had never seemed to work in his favor. Keeping the fact that he was a masked superhero from his Aunt was hard enough… hiding his hopes of ever being able to transition was a whole new task. Not to mention May didn’t even have the first idea about Peter’s “gender situation”, as one of his friends had put it. (He knew they meant well, but it still put a weird taste in his mouth.) He had long since mentally shed his existence as Petra, but there was still outward lingerings of her life, Aunt May included. He knew it was time to bring her up to speed…. on at least one of his secret identities. )

(Peter is pacing his room, mumbling to himself, and basically just freaking out.)
P: Okay, this is gonna be fine. Aunt May is the best person on the planet and you know she loves you, you’ve gotta do it. This is who you are. Okay. Whew. Yeah.
(Aunt May is in the laundry room folding.)
P: Hey, uh, Aunt May? Can I talk to you?
AM: Sure thing sweetie, I’ll be there in just a second!
(She picks up the basket and turns to Peters room with a knowing look on her face. When she makes it to the room she can tell something is up.)
AM: Petra what’s the-
P:I have to tell you something…uh.. okay, here goes nothing I guess-
(Spoken at the same time)
P: I’m a boy. AM: I know you’re Spider-Man.
P: Wait-How did- what?!
AM: Okay well, that explains the whole “man” aspect of Spider-Man- honey, I know you, and just suddenly wanting to do laundry on your own separate from mine…I knew something was up…so I may have checked a load and well..-
Peter drops his face to his hands. Aunt May rubs his back soothingly.
AM: At least you’ll be done coming out to me for awhile, right sweetie?
P: (groans) So…you’re not mad?
AM: Oh Petra- (Peter freezes) did I say something?
P: (timidly) Aunt May… I’d actually like to go by Peter now… I know this is a lot all at once and I should’ve told you sooner but I was scared and yeah. Peter…
AM: Okay- Peter… of course I’m not mad. I’m more relieved than anything else. I don’t have to pretend like I don’t know where you are when you go out to do all of your superhero “duties”. Now I can actively worry and yell at out when you get yourself into stupid situations. (Grins at him, Peter gives a nervous smile)
AM: Peanut, you know I could never be truly mad at you, and if you… identify- I hope that’s the right word- if you identify as a boy then you are one and it is not my place to have an opinion on that. You will always be my kiddo and I love you so much.
P: (stunned silence) I- thank you Aunt May. I- uh- I guess I didn’t know what to expect, I was worried you might think I was b-bad? Or wrong?
AM: Peter Parker, if there’s one thing you are, it’s good. Anyone who says differently can come speak with me. (Smiles at Peter wholeheartedly.) Peter… I quite like that name really. My nephew Peter, THE Spider-Man. (They hug)

Like, I’m really fucking excited for Homecoming but I already KNOW that my binch ass is gonna start hyperventilating the moment Peter comes on screen and I’m gonna stay that way throughout the entire movie because I have absolutely no control over my love and excitement for Tom as Peter Parker