its gonna be a really rough year

please pray i get an interview at the vet clinic 😬😬😬😬 i really want this job so i can actually start a career

There’s something deeply refreshing about trying to draw in the style of this show…. I’d really like to do more of these after this one.


My cute little time-line. I feel like it should have a story attached this year.

The two bottom ones are me now (aren’t I cute?)
The two before that are last year’s visibility day.

The very first one, I was seven. The one after that I was nine, and the one after that eleven. I’ve always had that vague little idea that something was off, but I didn’t really start thinking about it until about the next one.

That one’s bigger than the rest because even though it wasn’t obvious to those around me, it was a big time in my life. It was the year and a half long stage of the worst depression stage of my life. Seventh grade through the first few months of eighth.
I’m not going to get into the nasty bits. Just what I learned from them.

I discovered my sexuality, I realized I didn’t believe in God, I really started to discover my interests. I found out that I didn’t have any real friends (save for a few), and I realized that I was completely and utterly confused, but that was okay. That little off feeling came back, because there was suddenly room for it now that I was coping.

Which brings us to the sixth picture. When I really started to be happy again, even if I was still struggling to cope. I had learned that even though it was rough, it was gonna be okay. And I learned something else about myself, which came with its own little suitcase of problems.

I’m transgender. I came out to my parents in the winter of eighth grade, and they’re unsupportive of that. My sister is incredibly supportive, and I’m beyond grateful for her. I honestly doubt I’d be alive without her.

I came out at school at the beginning of my freshman year in high school. I’m in a position where I still get negativity– I do live in the south :P– at home and at school and online, but its okay. I have found myself and even if its still hard sometimes, I’ve come way too far to fail.

I found my best friends (one of which is also my girlfriend), and I absolutely adore them, and I would say they are one of my greatest sources of support.

My name’s Tobias Kalei, I’m 15 years old, I’m a boy, and I’m transgender. Happy Trans Day of Visibility  ❤

To Wade (LordMinion777)

In all of the time I have watched Wade’s channel, I had never actually watched his Draw My Life video. I was intrigued and ended up with some tears at the end of it. I had also re watched Episode 9 of Drunk Minecraft where Wade met Molly before I watched the DML and I had absolutely no idea that was how they met. It’s so cute and I just wanted to quickly say that Wade, I’m so happy that things are coming around. I know you made that video in 2013 but I’m happy that you and Molly are happy and that you are at a place in your life where you enjoy doing what you’re doing.

Meeting at you PAX East was pretty surreal for me. For one I was surprised that you were so tall! I was a shrimp compared to you!! And seeing you with Molly made me smile cause you two are so like perfect for each other. I was very awkward talking to you guys and i’m sorry about that haha.

I’ve been a fan of yours since December of 2013 Wade and I plan to stay being a fan of yours for more years to come. Your videos really bring my spirits up when i’m having a rough day and I thank you for that. Alot of scary things have been occurring lately and its relieving to have that escape from all the stress and drama watching you, Mark, Jack, and Bob. Its seriously changed my life.

So I’m gonna end my EXTREMELY LONG note with saying I wish a wonderful future for you Wade. It was a pleasure meeting you this year. You best know Haley is gonna cheer for you getting to 1 Million!

Have a good day, Wade :)

- Haley D


anonymous asked:

What changes do you think the Rangers will be making in the offseason? :)


Okay I definitely believe they’re gonna try to get younger and faster. One of the biggest problems was the AV’s system relied on fast players, and we just aren’t as fast as we used to be in years past. SO I’ll go through player by player :) 


  1. Dan Giradi: I honestly think they’re gonna try to trade him, god knows if we’ll get any takers. But if its up to the Rangers, he’ll be gone
  2. Dan Boyle: Gone, he’s gonna retire
  3. Klein: Keep
  4. Either McIlrath or Diaz. Maybe both. Maybe neither. I honestly have no clue, Diaz is fast, Mcilrath has “grit” and is young. Who knows. 
  5. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a free agent signing
  1. McDonagh: Keep obviously lol
  2. Staal: Not only do I think they’re gonna try to trade him, i think they’ll be successful. Staal still has trade value, so gone
  3. Yandle: Maybe it’s just me being optimistic, but I genuinely think they’ll keep him. Resigning him may be tough because he’s worth a lot, but if we get rid of salary from G, Staal, Boyle, etc. I think we can afford it. He’s the best offensive defenseman we’ve had since Leetch
  4. Skjei: I think he’s gonna be a permanent part of the lineup next year, so obviously keep


  • Nash: don’t get me wrong, he’s a very good player. HOWEVER, he is getting older and just isn’t worth his $8 million cap hit. PLUS i think whatever we get back in a trade would be worth more than he would for us. So… gone
  • Brassard: Keep, he’s had a very good year on a very good contract. Relatively young
  • Zuccarello: Keep for the same reasons as Brass
  • Stepan: Keep for the same reasons as Zucc and Brass
  • Miller: Keep, he’s had a breakout year and will only get better. No way he won’t get resigned
  • Kreider: Keep, he’s had his ups and downs and hasnt really lived up to expectations but he’s an absolut physical monster and the #1 guy you dont want to play against when he’s firing on all cylinders. I guess its kinda good he hasnt had a great year this season because he may take a cheaper contract. 
  • Hayes: I sincerely hope we’re gonna keep him, but AV has made it clear he doesn’t really trust him (even though Hayes has had a rough year to be fair.) I think he has amazing potential and is absolutely huge even though he doesn’t use his body enough. He is the most likely out of Miller and Kreider to be let go, but I think if he takes a team friendly salary he will be kept. 
  • Fast: Keep, he’s not the best offensively but it’s not his job to be, he’s good enough and hes very reliable defensively. 
  • Lindberg: He’s fast, good offensively, not a liability on defense. I think if he would take a cheap conract he’ll be kept, if its anything about 1.5 mill he will be gone. He’s very easily replaced, especially because AV doesn’t really trust him
  • Moore: I love him, but he’s a 4th liner and 34 years old. 4th liners are very cheap to get so I think he will be gone
  • Stalberg: Ditto ^^ He’s fast and can play really well, but he’s 30 and easily replaced so gone (unless he takes the same contract he has now which is pretty cheap).
  • Glass: AV loves glass. AV LOVES GLASS. But AV isn’t Gorton and he doesnt make roster decisions, Gorton does. I sincerely think Gorton will try to trade glass because he is a) older and b) slow and c) an enforcer in a game that doesn’t call for it anymore. AV has made it clear that if AV is on the roster he will play, so Gorton will need to take that option away from him. GONE
  • Eric Staal: obviously gone haha. no way he resigns with us.


  • Hank: is this even a question?
  • Raanta: I love raanta and he’s been very good for us. If he is willing to take a cheap contract I have no doubt in my mind he will be kept, but if he wants something more expensive he will be gone because we have an NHL backup ready & cheap goalie in Hellburg.

Also, I know some people have mentioned it but THERE IS ZERO CHANCE AV gets fired. He’s had enough sucess to have some leeway, also let’s not forget we did end with 101 points… not too shabby! AV will be back next year, who knows what happens after that. Like I said, Rangers are gonna focus really hard on getting younger and faster. BUT i am 100% certain they will not do it at the expense of the future! I think the days of trading picks/prospects left and right are behind us :) At least for now haha, Gorton has definitely made it clear he values the future as well as the present so if we get any players it will be in exchange for current players OR free agent signings, no trading away future picks or prospects.

Hope this was interesting haha, if any of you have any opinions or comments or whatever feel free to message me! Even if you disagree, I love talking about this type of stuff :)