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“Covenant” (BTS) Demon!Jungkook ~ AU

Anonnymous requested: Hi there! Can I request a drabble no. 3,8,44 with Demon!Jungkook x reader please? >.<

“I saved your life!” | “What will you give? Your eyes? Your hands?. How about your heart?” | “My kindness does not go without self interest.”

A/N: *whispers breathily* im sorry it wasn’t a drabble *spirit leaves body*
Thanks for requesting Nonnie! Hope you like it! <3 
askhdgjasghjasghdajsgh demonkook

Word Count: 2.8k
Genre: Supernatural
Pairing: JungkookxReader(she)
Triggers: Mentions of blood, injuries,car crash, demon,pact,cussing,sandwiches


A scream filled out the squashed cubicle of the car.

Your own scream.
Your eyes were open, yet it was impossible for you to understand the image unfolding in front of them, blaming it on the darkness of the road at night, until you realized the lukewarm liquid dripping. 
And then it hit you -quite literally-.
You weren’t sure of the time that had passed since you crushed against that cow in the middle of the route.
All your body was aching, with such an intensity your muscles repeatedly continued having spasms. You wanted to scream, hoping maybe to relieve some of the pain, but no voice wouldn’t come out.
One of your eyes particularly had lost sight completely, too drowned with the sticky mixture of tears and blood to see; the other one scanned around. 
‘Oh my god’ you thought before it was difficult to notice but now you realized the car was upside down -thus so were you- the safety belt keeping you on the driver’s seat.

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mercutios-widows  asked:

Hey! Blog I'd looking as beautiful as ever, this has literally been the only thing keeping me sane whilst I've been ill with tonsillitis so thank you! Was hoping you could update the truth serum tag? I love how funny and fluffy they can be whilst also cool af and hot man. Would totally appreciate xxx

100% agree w/ you

I’m Sorry, What? by fancyachatup (1/1 | 2,416 | PG13)

Basically Stiles is Derek’s mate but Derek doesn’t tell him until Stiles is getting (fake) married

For Science! by AmyriadfthINGs (1/1 | 101 | G)

Lydia is a genius and science is her tool. Also, Boys should just get it together. They brought this onto themselves.

All You Need to Know by Dira Sudis (dsudis) (1/1 | 2,925 | PG13)

“Did Lydia give you some kind of potion that forces you to tell the truth even though you’d rather choke on wolfsbane and die?”

It started in the woods (this crazy day) by LycanFox (2/2 | 4,714 | NR)

They were in the Preserve, of course they were, because anything that goes bump in the night always managed to find its way out there.

You’re Gonna Kill Me When You Snap Out Of This (Bisexual Awareness Week) by totallyrandom (2/2 | 2,498 | PG13)

“Scott. You call me back right fucking now. What the unholy hell is going on with Derek right now? This is … this is NOT RIGHT. Is he possessed? He’s … talking. A lot. And SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME. Really specific, awkward things. What’s going on, man? Am I hallucinating? Call me back right. fucking. now.”

Lost and Found

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader, Sam Winchester [mentioned]

Words: 1800

Summary: After years on her own after a hunt gone wrong, the reader runs into someone she’s spent endless of time missing. Someone she never thought she’d meet again.

Tags: @daughters-and-winsisters, @evyiione, @samanddeanshotsis, @winchesters-favorite-girl

A/N: So, I totally forgot about maybe preparing something for Dean’s birthday. I promise I knew his b-day was today though! But, I looked through my drafts and found this, luckily. 

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i am having another blurb night tonight because there was such a high demand for it, and i am a people pleaser so sue me.

tonight’s blurb night will be the good ole succ&fucc!! aka nsfw blurb night!! you may write about whomever you’d like!

You can either submit your own writing or write an ask for me to either write about or to expand on or you can even tag my url (@txhohood) in your work!!

BLURB NIGHT WILL BEGIN AT 21:30 (9:30PM) EST!!!!!!!!!

Alex Standall: Our love comes back

Summary:After the tapes, Alex pushes his S/O away. Thinking that s/he didn’t love him anymore. It broke Y/N’s heart to see him think like this. So Y/N took it upon herself to figure out why he was doing this.They talked it out, and now everything is a-okay!

~This is not a request~

 My relationship with Alex was complicated. I loved him so much. Hell, I still do. But ever since the tapes, he’s pushed me away. No more sweet texts in the morning. No more hugs when we see each other. It broke me. And I would do just about anything to get him back. It was 12:34 AM on a Saturday night. I was tired of it honestly. I just want my boyfriend back. Its not like I didn’t know why he was on the tapes. I knew all about it. When the tapes got to me, he tried so hard to stop me from listening to them. But, he knew that in the end, I was gonna do it anyway. He sat there with me through each one. Getting more nervous as I got closer to his. When I heard his name, he squeezed me so tight and started crying. Once I was able to calm him down, I restarted the tape. I sat and I listened. However he expected me to react was totally different from how I actually reacted. Instead of being angry, I just held him. And told him “Alex I still love you. I don’t think of you any differently. You’re still my boyfriend and I’m still going to treat you the same.” Afterwards we just cuddled. Him being the little spoon. That probably wasn’t enough for him. So, if he wants more he’s damn sure going to get it. I showed up at his door. He gave me his spare key awhile back so I didn’t have to knock. Up the stairs I went, only to find his door closed. I knocked and called his name softly. He didn’t answer so I walked right in. There he was lying face up on his bed. I climbed into bed with him and sighed. “Alex, why are you shutting me out?” He just glared at me. “Aren’t you supposed to be out with your friends?” I rolled my eyes at his dumb question. “Its 12:58 in the morning, what do you think? Alex, come on tell me what’s going on up here” I mumbled, tapping his head. “Its deserve so much better than me. I’m an asshole. Look at what I did to Hannah. How come you don’t hate me yet?” He questioned. I scoffed at what he said. “Because I love you and compared to what Justin or Bryce or even Courtney did you’re harmless. It was Hannah’s decision to take her own life. Alex, why do you think I fell for you?” He shrugged. I chuckled as I climbed on top of him. Legs on either sides of his waist. “I fell for you because of your sarcastic attitude. And your resting bitch face. And your ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude and how sassy you can get. Your sinful ways. Your dumbass jokes. How you only show your soft side when we’re alone. You’re so fucking amazing. I love you so much.” I leaned forward, connecting my lips with his. And honestly it felt so good. I missed his taste, his warmth, the feeling of his skin against mine. “I’m sorry for ditching you. I love you so fucking much that its driving me crazy. You’re the only good thing in my life and I cannot afford to fuck this up.” Tears welled up in my eyes. “You couldn’t ditch me even if you tried” I laughed. For the rest of the night we stayed in each other’s arms, whispering I love you’s to each other. We were gonna be okay.

Surprise! {Chris Motionless}

Ever since you and you husband Chris had your first child, it’s made it even harder to be away on tour. Imagine that times 3 and soon to be 4. You and Chris had three beautiful children. There was Dylan who was 1, Autumn who was also 1, and your youngest Violet who was 5 months. You had another one on the way, but you haven’t had the chance to tell Chris. 

Ricky, Balz, Ghost, Ryan, and Vinny would constantly text you and call you to tell you that Chris was crying. This had become a nightly thing. You always felt horrible when you couldn’t talk to him because you were occupied with the kids. They had a concert in New York, which was a few hour drive, and you decided to take the trip. The kids slept the whole time which made things easier. The rest of the band knew about your surprise all except for Chris, of course. 

You stood on the stage in front of all their fans. You looked over at them with a smile on your face and a finger to your lips. They stayed silent as told. Autumn and Dylan had their little arms wrapped around each of your legs and you held Violet with both arms. She stared at the crowd with her fingers in her mouth. You had her towel over your shoulder so if she started drooling, it wouldn’t get on your shirt. The crowd started chanting the band’s name. You placed your hand over her ear that wasn’t resting on your chest so she wouldn’t get scared.

You looked down at your kids who looked up at you excitedly. You heard the crowd begin to scream as the band came running on stage. As always, Chris’s eyes were on the crowd when he came jogging out. You smiled at the rest of the members and stood next to Ricky since you were on his side of the stage. 

Chris turned his face and looked straight into your eyes. His eyes grew wide. He dropped the mic and just stood there. You could see the tears forming in his eyes. His eyes slowly looked at Violet, then down to Dylan and Autumn. The crowd quieted down. 

“Daddy!” Dylan and Autumn shouted as they slowly stumbled towards him. That was one part of the surprise. He had never seen them walk before. He kneeled down and opened his arms wide. They walked into his arms and the crowd cheered. He picked them up and began to cry. He kissed their heads repeatedly as the tears flew down his cheeks. Thank god he was wearing waterproof makeup. 

You walked over to him with an excited Violet in your arms. She was smiling and seemed to just block out the loud noises. You reached your hand out and wiped his tears with your thumb. He set the kids down and wrapped his arms around you and Violet. He pulled away and took Violet out of your arms, kissing her cheeks, causing her to laugh. You looked for the kids who were giving hugs and kisses to Ricky, Ryan, and Balz. He handed Violet to Ghost and pulled you close to him, causing the crowd to aw. He cried into your neck and you rubbed his back.

“It’s okay, we’re here, baby,” you said softly as you stroked his long black hair. He pulled away and kissed you passionately. You kissed back and wrapped your arms around his tattooed neck, rising up on the tips of your toes since he was so much taller than you. He tightly wrapped his arms around your waist, picking you up off the stage. You laughed into the kiss but didn’t break it. You had missed him so much its crazy. Your heart ached at the thought of him crying every night, but you were there now and that’s all that mattered. He placed you back down on the stage and pulled away.

The kids wobbled over to you and Violet was placed back into your arms. His eyes grew wide again and more tears formed. 

“Are you leaving?” he asked sadly. You quickly shook your head. 

“No, no. We’re just gonna stand by the side of the stage and watch,” you said. Autumn stood by Chris and extended her arms up. He picked her up and she wrapped her short arms around his neck. Dylan wrapped himself around his leg and looked up at you. 

“We stay daddy?” Dylan asked, his brown eyes staring right into your eyes. You hesitated. 

“Daddy has to perform,” you said in a soft voice. He pouted and so did Autumn, breaking your heart. Ricky jogged towards you guys with two sets of headphones. You smiled. 

“Say thank you to Uncle Ricky,” you told the kids. 

“Thank you,” they said as he placed the headphones softly over their ears. This way the music wouldn’t be too loud for their delicate ears. Chris placed a long kiss onto your lips and then kissed Violets head. 

You walked off the stage and carefully watched the kids. Your heart was beating rapidly. They started the first song and Violet watched with wide eyes. She began screaming and crying. It could easily be heard over the music. Chris looked over at you with a broken expression on his face. You walked further backstage and sat on the couch. You gently held her head against your chest and rubbed her back. 

“It’s okay, baby girl, it’s okay,” you cooed. She eventually quieted down and fell asleep. You placed her in the stroller and covered her with the blanket. You gently placed her pacifier in her mouth and sat down beside it. 

You watched what you could from where you were sitting until the show was over. Once the boys saw that she was sleeping, they all got quiet. You saw that Autumn looked tired and so did Dylan. You walked over to Chris and took Autumn out of his arms. You took off her headphones and placed her on the couch. You took off Dylan’s headphones and helped him onto the couch. You grabbed one of the blankets from under the stroller and covered them in it. The immediately fell asleep.

You looked over at Chris and saw him staring at Violet. 

“She’s just a baby, it was just too loud for her, that’s all,” you whispered as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He nodded his head and wrapped his arms around your waist. 

“I have something to tell you,” you said with a small smile. 

“What?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“I’m pregnant,” you whispered into his ear. You hear him gasp softly. He picks you up and swings you around. You smile and giggle. He places you back down and kisses you. 

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he whispered. 

“I love you more,” you whispered back. 

BH6 Catboy/Dogboy AU Headcanons Part 3

Doodle Post 1 - Post 2 - Post 3 - Post 4  - Post 5 -

Headcanons 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -

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I'm Sorry, What?

* Jefferson × Reader
* 2-139: Hi, I’m Y/N, and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me.
* Modern

A/N: I know it’s been a few days but like I said, those pain killers make me insanely tired and it’s hard to focus. Plus I had some trouble getting this story started. Anyway, enjoy!


“Angelica, you can’t be serious.” You groaned.

“Y/N, come on! You haven’t had a boyfriend in quite some time. Take a risk for once.” She shot back.

“By aimlessly flirting with random men in a bar?” You inquired. The Schuyler daughters and you went out for drinks. As they started talking about their latest relationships they asked you about yours. They learned that you still haven’t had another boyfriend for a while and told you to go and flirt with someone.

“Why not?” Peggy asked you.

“I just don’t see the point.” You shrugged. The girls all shared a glance.

“You’re worried about being shot down.” Eliza said, it wasn’t a question.

“What? No!” You argued, your pride made it impossible to let them know that was indeed the case.

“Then prove it.” Angelica challenged.

“Fine.” Damn your pride. You were going to prove to them that you were confident and that you wouldn’t be shot down. You scanned the bar looking for a man to take a risk with. Up at the bar there was the very man.

He had wild and fluffy curls surrounding his face. He was wearing gray slacks with a magenta suit coat and white shirt. His facial hair was neatly trimmed and added greatly to his physical appeal.

You confidentially stood. You did a quick once over of yourself, then you approached the bar. You stepped right up next to him so he’d acknowledge you. He looked you up and down with an intrigued smile. “Can I help you?” You asked. He took a sip of his drink.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me.” You said, getting straight to the point.

He almost spit out the drink he took. “I’m sorry what?!” He asked appalled.

“I need you to kiss me.” You said. “Now preferably.” You added.

“Can I ask why?”

“To prove a point.” You told him.

“I do enjoy proving people wrong.” He said with a slight smirk. “Alright, but I have one condition.”

“What?” You asked suddenly wary.

“I get to take you out on a date.” He said. You almost laughed.

“Alright.” You said. With that he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. His arms found their way around your waist. You arms went around his neck and one of your hands buried itself in his hair. Your hand tightened around the curls and he groaned against your lips.

He pulled back, both of you breathless. He had a satisfied smirk of his face. “Did that prove your point or would you like to drive it home a bit more?” He asked.

You laughed lightly at his boldness. “I believe that did the trick.”

“Well, I can say I’m excited for our date.” He said. His hand slid down and slipped your phone from your pocket. He pressed a few buttons and handed it back to you. “Thomas, by the way.” You checked and saw he had sent himself a text from your phone.

“Well Y/N, you’ll be hearing from me.” He downed his drink and turned to leave. You stood dumbstruck for a few more seconds before shaking yourself and returning to the girls.

“What was that?!” Angelica asked.

“Told you I wouldn’t get shot down.” You said triumphantly.

“Clearly not!” Peggy said. They were all looking at you astonished.

“Guys honestly it’s no big deal.” You told them.

“Please at least tell us you’re going out with him!” Eliza said.

“Of course!” You assured them.

“Good.” Angelica said. You gave her a confused look. “There was a hell of a lot of sexual tension in that kiss.”

Thomas wanted to meet for dinner a few days later. Of course you had to ask the Schuylers for their opinion on what you should wear.

“Are you ever gonna tell us what the two of you said at the bar?” Peggy asked.

“Does it matter?” You asked as you ran a brush through your hair.

“Yes.” Angelica said. She was flipping through the outfits in your closet.

“I walked up and asked him to kiss me.” You said with a blank face.

“No, seriously.” Eliza said, taking your confession as a joke.

“It was just a bit of flirting.” You tried instead.

“That was quite an outcome for a bit of flirting.” Angelica observed. You only smiled in reaponse.

About an hour later you had the girls leave. You checked yourself over one last time in a mirror. You put a bit more effort into your appearance then you had when you went out for drinks. Angelica had helped you put together a great outfit that was both beautiful and enticing.

You got in your car and drove to the restaurant that Thomas wanted to take you to. You took a deep breath before exiting the car. This really was your first date in a while and it came from an impulse decision.

You walked in and scanned the place. It was nice enough for a first date, no hostess to seat you but a relatively pleasant air. You saw Thomas stand at a table across the room and offer a small wave. You smiled and walked over. He pulled your chair out for you, ever the gentleman apparently.

“Pleasure to see you again.” He said with he flirty smile. “You look lovely.” He complimented.

“Thank you.” You said with a blush. “I see you’re still pulling off the magenta suit coat.” You told him.

“I make it work.” He said with a smile, a wide genuine one. It pulled a smile from you too. The two of you fell easily into conversation. While talking you noticed someone behind him.

“No way!” You said with a slight laugh. Eliza had been raving about having a date with Alexander tonight, and here they were. “Hang on a minute.” You told Thomas and stood to go see them.

“Y/N!” Alexander exclaimed happily when he saw you. He pulled you into a hug.

“I’m glad Eliza pulled you away from your desk.” You joked. You and Alexander had grown closer when he started dating your friend. In the first few months they were inseparable so you got to know him fairly well.

“Well I’m just working to get a new idea incorporated in the company.” He explained.

“And apparently someone relentlessly fights against everything he suggests.” Eliza said.

“I’m serious. Jefferson doesn’t rest, his own goal is to see me destroyed.” He complained. They walked to get a table and went by your own. “Speak if the devil.” Alexander groaned.

“Hamilton.” Thomas said coldly.

“Jefferson.” Alexander spat back.

“Wait. This is the Jefferson you always complain about?” Eliza asked. “Oh boy…”

“Yeah. Why?” He asked, noticing the awkward air that descended.

“Because Y/N, is my date for the evening.” Thomas said coldly, standing and facing Alexander.

“Seriously?!” Alexander exclaimed. “Y/N, you can do better!” He told you.

“Watch it Hamilton.” Thomas growled.

“Why should I?” He argued. “Face it Thomas, you’re all talk and no action.”

“Oh and you would know all about action wouldn’t you Alexander?” He sneered.

“What do you mean by that?” He shot back.

“I mean the action you had taken with Maria Reynolds.” He spat out.

“Thomas!” You shouted at him appalled. Maria was a drunken mistake that Eliza had graciously forgiven him for. Still, it was a sore memory for both of them. “That was out of line!” You shouted.

“Come on, this bastard deserved that!” He retorted.

“Well the only bastard here is you!” You fought back. “You’ll excuse me if I leave this date early.” You snarled at him.

“Oh because that was the impression you gave a few minutes ago.” He said sarcastically.

“That was before I realized what an ass you were.” You shot back. “So goodnight and goodbye Thomas.” You grabbed tour purse and walked out.

“Y/N!” Eliza called after you as you crossed the parking lot.

“Hm?” You asked, turning to face her. Alexander was behind her as well.

“I’m so sorry.” She apologized.

“Sorry that Thomas was an ass?” You asked incredulously. “It’s not your fault.” You told her.

“But he was out of line and it completely ruined your night.” Alexander said apologetically.

“Guys, it’s fine really. At least now I know he’s not worth my time.” You shrugged and left. You laid in your bed that night thinking. Thomas was in fact horrible. But was attractive and interesting as well. Maybe you were thinking too much into everything. It was your first date in a some time and you were just struck by appearances.

But if that’s the case, why were you so upset by how the date ended?

The girls dragged you out for drinks once more. You would’ve preferred to stay in, seeing what happened last time. Peggy was talking about a man that had flirted with her at a coffee shop a few days ago. Angelica raved about an attractive man she was talking to. Eliza was quiet.

She knew if she mentioned Alexander then everything about your failed date would be dredged up. You laughed lightly at Angelica’s story and continued toying with your half empty glass. You took a drink and paused. Thomas was once again at the bar.

The night you met he was drinking a bar but now it was whiskey. You wondered if he was as upset as you were lately, as a result of your failed date. Or maybe you were just over analyzing everything. You sighed and took another long gulp from your glass. Eliza glanced over at you then followed your gaze to the bar.

“Y/N…” She tried.

“Stop Eliza. Really its fine.” You said holding up a hand. You know she must have informed her sister of the outcome of that night or they would’ve asked about it by now. Still, the other two glanced between you and the man at the bar with a curious look.

“Look, I’m just gonna head home.” You said. If you didn’t leave now, there was every possibility you’d get drunk. You weren’t crazy about that idea right now. You got up and left the bar.

“Guys do you think there’s anyway we can help her?” Eliza asked.

“You’re the one who knows the specifics of that night.” Angelica said.

“Thomas was rude to Alexander so Y/N was rude to him.” She explained. “She doesn’t act it, but I know she’s upset about how the date ended.”

“And Thomas?” Peggy asked. “How does he feel?”

“If his whiskey intake is anything to go on, then pretty bad.” Angelica said, watching him from where she sat at the table.

“We have to try anything.” Eliza said determinedly.

Thomas glanced up at a knock on his office door. “Angelica Schuyler. To what do I owe this pleasure?” He asked.

“I’m here about something rather personal Thomas.” She explained.

“Oh really?” He leaned forward, his flirtatious smirk on his lips.

“Nothing like that.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s about Y/N.”

“Leave.” He said, his eyes growing cold. “I don’t need told again how I acted was out of line. She did that well enough herself.”

“Actually, I was hoping I could help you two resolve your argument.” She said.

Thomas looked at her with renewed interest. “Go on.”

“Look. I want to help, but you need to agree to one thing first.”


You were in much better spirits tonight, it may or may not have been from a few drinks. You went out with the girls and Alexander came along too. It was rare he spent time with you, always working and unwilling to take a break.

Someone walked up to your table and cleared their throat. You looked up and glared at Thomas. “Look I came to apologize.” Everyone stared at him in astonishment. “May I sit?” He asked, gesturing to an empty chair. Every one turned to you for your answer. You curtly nodded.

He took a deep breath. “I was put of line that night.” He began. “So I need to apologize. Alexander, I’m truly sorry for what I said. Not only was it rude but it was also uncalled for.”

Alexander sat stunned. “Uh I accept your apology.” He finally said.

Thomas turned to you. “Y/N, I’m sorry for how horrible I was. I give you my word that I will never act out again if you are kind enough to give me a second chance.” He looked nervous, he kept his eyes down in his lap, daring only a few peeks at you through his bushy curls. “I also can promise to not be as rude to Alexander. I can’t promise to be his best friend but I can promise to be more civil.”

“Oh please Y/N, for the sake of peace, consider this.” Peggy jokingly pleaded.

You laughed lightly before looking back at Thomas. He was finally looking at you steadily, waiting for your response. “Alexander, do you really forgive him?” You asked.

“You know, I really do.” He said with a small smile. “Never thought I’d live to see the day Thomas Jefferson apologized though.”

“And you Eliza?” You asked. “You were hurt by his words too.”

“Y/N, you’ve been out of sorts since that night. I know this guy can fix that so of course I forgive him.” She told you.

You turned back to Thomas. “Then I forgive you too.” He smiled that bright smile that you’d thought of endlessly. The one that brought your own smile out. “However, apologizing was definitely not your idea.” You said and his smile fell. “OK fess up. Who at this table planned this?” You asked.

Angelica shamelessly raised her hand. “I knew you wanted him, so all he needed to do was apologize and I told him that.”

“You couldn’t possible know that I wanted him. At least not that badly.” You told her.

“Oh please. I told you, a lot of sexual tension in that one kiss.” She said dismissively, causing a bit of laughter. You and Thomas shared a bashful look. Which shifted into something more affectionate. “Oh just kiss her already.” Angelica groaned.

Thomas wasted no time in leaning forward and capturing your lips with his. While that first kiss was impulsive and infatuatous, this one was more passionate. It was as if he was securing his promises with this kiss. You gripped his curls again, grinning against his lips as it pulled a groan from him again. You forgot where you were until Alexander loudly cleared his thoat.

You pulled back and wouldn’t look at your friends. You knew your face was pure red. “Please Angelica,” Alexander began. “Never ask him to kiss her again.” The group laughed while Thomas just looked at you with his smile, not his smirk. You grinned up at him. While your friends teased you, you were really glad they helped fix this. You were even more happy that they were willing to look past Thomas’ actions in the past so that you were happy.

“You know Alexander.” Thomas said, getting the attention of the table. “I don’t need to be told.”

“Well then please tell me before you do so I can leave next time.” He joked. You were surprised to see them joking already.

“Oh you know I only live to make you suffer Alexander.” He said before kissing you soundly again. You felt Thomas’ lips quirk up in a smile when Alexander let out an exaggerated groan.


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girls like her come once in a century. you are a disaster waiting to happen, a pair of hands that have seen too many bad mistakes,  a history too heavy to carry.

and she - she is golden. she has this light in her that is something storybook, untouched, an angel’s hope. she’s strong and fierce and imperfect in a million ways that make your nerves flicker out of control. talking to her makes you feel like maybe somewhere out there, there’s good in this world. 

watching her read books and throw her heart into small things and love so fully and wildly - it drives you crazy. you want to give her all the coffee shops and fairy-lit nights she dreams about. you want to pull down the clouds so she can taste them, to show her your secrets, to protect her. she bubbles over with passion, with color, with something you thought you’d lost forever.

she is life. she reminds you what it’s like to be living. 

she makes you want to be a better human being.

—  you fell so quickly // r.i.d
You think you’re good and fine, and you’re just screwing around looking for some hot boy to drool after. Everything’s going according to plan, you’re having fun, nothing really matters all that much. All of a sudden, you meet this person. They aren’t what you’re looking for, and all they are to you is another attractive boy that isn’t your type. One day, in one moment, something happens. One little thing and you’re suddenly stuck on them. You get butterflies when you see them, even though it’s been months now. You try multiple times to get over them, because you’ve gotten used to manipulating your feelings, but it doesn’t work. They do stupid things that make you angrier than anything else. You’re left pacing your room at 11:19 pm on a Wednesday night, hands running through your hair and your jaw clenched. The next day, they do things that make you smile bigger than the distance between the earth and sun. You forget the previous night, but you’re still awake into late hours of the night, playing back the day and laughing at the bubbled up feeling in your heart. They aren’t yours, but you’re theirs. Months down the road you lay in bed, remembering that they didn’t mean a single thing to you when you met them. You remember that you didn’t even know their name, and you didn’t care about whether they looked at you or not. You didn’t have their smile memorized, and you didn’t have the sound of their voice echoing in your thoughts 24/7. It drives you crazy that you didn’t see what you do now at first blush. Other times, you’re envious of your past self. You were free and excited and unattached.
No, this person you’re hung up on isn’t yours. You two are not dating, and probably not even friends, but you can’t help but to feel a deeper love and connection then you’ve ever known before. You don’t want anyone else. Even porn’s starting to lose its temptation, which is both alarming and romantic (but mostly alarming, because what the heck are you gonna do now?). You pray for them every single night.
And as much as this love sucks sometimes, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Any other person bores you to the point of wanting to tear your skin off. Who else could you want, anyways? Who could ever fill the place in your heart that they take up?
—  How I feel about him (1)
Your whole family is gonna be rude because my restaurant is busy? Have fun getting a lock smith.

Tonight at work was crazy insanely busy. I’m the night time supervisor for a restaurant in a fairly wealthy suburban area. Its kinda like chipotle, we go down the line, ask questions and make you some dank food.

Like i said tonight was insanely busy. I was short a body who didnt show up, so the amount of help vs. demand was terribly disproportionate. Line out the door, two people helping guests and one guy in the kitchen doing prep as well as cooking all the food needed now, and me ringing and floating to do whatever I can in between.

This couple, probably in their late thirties with their older parents, decide to come up to me to complain.

“Slow night tonight huh?” Douchebag “A” says in his Hawaiian shirt.

I thought he was joking so I said “are you being sarcastic?” i thought he meant slow as in not busy.

“NO you guys are taking forever to make food blah blah blah foods cold blah blah my daughters blah blah”, all the while THIS GUY WAS HOLDING UP THE LINE OUT THE DOOR TALKING ON HIS PHONE BEFORE HE COMPLAINED TO ME.

I had no help tonight, it was obvious to everyone and not one other person complained about the line, in fact most people tipped nicely and were very happy.

I apologized as best I could to these people and gave them free drinks (my mistake), offered them brand new meals at the head of the line that I would make myself at the same time (you try making 4 f*cking burritos at the same time) I said I am sorry and his stupid wife goes “it doesnt sound like you are, we dont have time to make new food my fathers ILL.” I was floored, disgusted, but I just had to let it go. The people after them even apologized FOR THEM and empathized with me, good guy other customer.

Well about an hour later they left, sure were in a rush for their ill father huh?

Now the fun begins.

15 minutes later someone turns in some keys, house key/car key etc.

Another 15 minutes pass and look who comes back, sh*tty family. Turns out their mom (who was also a total b*tch) lost her keys in the parking lot and came here to reclaim them.

“Has anyone turned in any keys?”

I looked at her with this half smile that said “now I win b*tch,” and told her “NOPE, havent seen em”

She goes on and on about how she can’t get into her house and cant do this and that, how she’s gonna have to pay 150 to get a lock smith out and get a new car key yada yada.

I just say nope, haven’t seen em. She left her number, left defeated, and here I am at home now finally hours later after a horrible shift, typing this, smiling.

I plan to give her keys back, too bad I have the next two days off, oh well that plenty of time to get a new key ;)

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The most beautiful thing about living with your boyfriend/girlfriend is the fact that you get to know each other in every perspective; While being sick, sleepy, mad, sad, drunk, happy, stressed, anxious, grumpy or just when he/she is being an annoying prick. And, what’s the beautiful part about all that? Well, still after all those different moody moments, fights and loads of tears you’ll still love him/her. And that’s what loves about; seeing the one you love, crawling over the floor, drunk after a night out with his/her friends. Tears in her/his eyes when he/she is stressed, sad, tired. Being there for the one you love, and always respect and show that you care when he/she needs it. It’s a constant fight, but it’s worth it. Some moments are amazing, and you don’t have to do anything - everything is perfect. Then, the next second it’s not - nothing’s working right, you’re fighting like crazy, yelling at each other. It seems like this is it, but no; it’s always gonna make its way through, and get perfect again. Love is all about not giving up, fighting for the one you love, and then, show it.


lets party 2 jams and power ballads of the 80s. u are the wind beneath my wings. 


Love Shack- The B-52′s // Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson // Girls Just Want To Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper // Working For The Weekend- Loverboy // I Remember You- Skid Row // Livin’ On A Prayer- Bon Jovi // I Want To Know What Love Is- Foreigner // Heaven- Warrant // Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler // Take My Breath Away- Berlin // Rock You Like A Hurricane- Scorpions // Thriller- Michael Jackson // Push It- Salt n Pepa // Just Like Heaven- The Cure // Like A Virgin- Madonna // Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey // Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now- Starship // Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper // Crazy For You- Madonna // One More Night- Phil Collins // Ever Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison // Faithfully- Journey // Can’t Fight This Feeling- REO Speedwagon // Wind Beneath My Wings- Bette Midler // Don’t You (Forget About Me)- Simple Minds //

Fifth Harmony {Sentence Starters}
  • "I won't believe a thing you say this time."
  • "Even though you're so damn fine, I know I'm better off without you."
  • "I'm not the way that I used to be."
  • "'Cause you're the best I've ever known."
  • "The only one who gets my attention is you."
  • "come and get me, 'cause I don't wanna dance alone!"
  • "Now I understand that we're better together."
  • "Everything is changing and I never wanna go back to the way it was."
  • "You showed me everything I need to see."
  • "Ain't no use in wastin' my time on just anybody."
  • "I gotta have you near me."
  • "Oh, he'll buy me a thorn before he'll buy me a rose."
  • "Give it to me, I'm worth it!"
  • "I don't even know you, but I know that I can't wait to kiss you."
  • "First off, you should really be ashamed."
  • "I'm in love with you already. I know, it sounds crazy."
  • "Whatchu acting shy for?"
  • "Come and make it worth my while."
  • "My heart is making up excuses for your ways, but I wish that
  • My heart knew when I should walk away."
  • "Either you want me or you don't. I need to know."
  • "I feel like dancing all night long!"
  • "It's all on you, so what you wanna do?"
  • "My innocence is wearing thin, but my heart is growing strong."
  • "Yeah, I really should've worked it out."
  • "Who are you gonna be when there's nobody there?"

twistedboxy  asked:

I see a lot about MC being afraid of storms but I want to see the opposite where she's super excited about them (like the really crazy ones and intense lighting etc.).

i had some fun with this one LOL

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • honestly, it’s a good thing MC likes storms
  • i mean Yoosung tries to be brave, he really does
  • but thunder is just so loud and he hates the way the wind blows the trees around and then they make that creepy scratching sound on the window and its just BAD 
  • and the wort part is wen the power goes out! YOOSUNG HATES THAT
  • Yoosungs like TT
  • as always, MC is his saving grace
  • “cheer up, Yoosung! storms are a good time for hot chocolate and cuddles”
  • okay, he admits some cuddles might make him feel better about all this
  • “and isnt the sound of the rain kind of relaxing?”
  • “yea…i guess it kind of is…”
  • “dont worry Yoosung, i’ll protect you from the big scary lighting!”
  • normally Yoosung would rather MC let him protect them
  • but one night of comfort never hurt anyone!!!


  • “Zen, did you hear about the storm tonight?”
  • MC’s greeting was so sudden Zen almost choked on his breakfast
  • “yea, of course i know about the huge scary storm passing right over us. why do you ask?”
  • they sit down across from him
  • “arent you excited??”
  • Zen tilts his head
  • “no…?”
  • MC looks down
  • “um…are you?”
  • “uh, yea!!! thunderstorms are so cool!”
  • Zen cant help but burst into laughter, to which MC crosses their arms in frustration
  • “whats so funny about my being excited about the storm?”
  • “it’s just so silly! who gets excited about storms?”
  • MC points at themselves
  • “me!! the lightning looks cool and i like the sound of rain on the roof!”
  • they continue, speaking quietly
  • “and i thought it would be fun to just stay inside with you…”
  • “what was that last part, baby?”
  • MC scoffs
  • “nothing!!”
  • Zen smiles and leans across the table, kissing MC
  • “if a storm means spending all night with you, i’ll start looking forward to them too”
  • Zen u smooth m*ther f*cker


  • Jaehee doesnt mind storms mostly
  • granted, they get a little annoying when her wifi goes out and she cant get any work done,
  • she does start to get a bit uneasy if things get really bad though
  • she knows a fear of lightning is irrational but she cant help it!
  • when Jaehee turns on the weather she sighs
  • maybe logging into the chat room will cheer her up…
  • she joins a conversation Seven and MC were having
  • Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom
  • “no, no, Seven. it’s more like BANGAKAKAKABUSHOWOWOW”
  • oh god, these two are always being weird
  • “oh, Jaehee’s here!” MC greets her
  • “heya Jaehee. me and MC were just trying to spell what thunder sounds like” Seven explains their conversation
  • “oh…how odd”
  • Seven leaves the chat room, needing to attend to some work
  • “everything okay, Jaehee?”
  • “i’m just nervous about the storm, i guess”
  • “really? i love storms! maybe i could come keep you company!”
  • “you don’t have to do that”
  • “too late! see you in a few, Jaehee!”
  • MC has left the chatroom
  • Jaehee smiles at her phone and logs out of the messenger
  • it would be pretty nice to have some company


  • Jumin must keep MC safe
  • theres a storm tonight which means keep them away from all windows and doors
  • they just need to stay with him in his room all night
  • that will minimize the risk of MC getting hurt
  • Jumin and MC were in his room, just like he planned, when their stomach starts growling
  • “oh, i better get some food-”
  • “dont move, my love. i’ll get you something”
  • Jumin gets out of bed, grabs some food quickly, and starts to head back upstairs
  • but MC isnt in his room anymore???
  • he frantically starts looking for them, finally finding them in his study, gazing out the window
  • “MC! step away from the window please!”
  • “oh, hey Jumin! i was just watching the lightning”
  • Jumin puts himself awkwardly between MC and the window
  • “why, my darling? dont you know it’s dangerous to stand next to a window during a storm?”
  • MC looks down shyly
  • “sorry Jumin, i just think the lightning is really pretty”
  • he smiles, touching MC’s cheek
  • “i think your’re prettier”
  • nice, Jumin. maybe if you sweet talk MC they’ll STEP AWAY FROM THE DANGEROUS WINDOW


  • a power outage is literally his worst nightmare
  • his computers not working, and even his laptop rendered almost completely useless
  • MC came into the living room where Seven was sulking on the couch
  • “why the long face?”
  • “the power is probably gonna go out tonight…this is going to be the worst night of my life”
  • “you’re so dramatic, Seven”
  • “i cant help it!”
  • Seven hold out his arms
  • “my veins are wires”
  • MC laughs and puts their hands on their hips
  • “dont worry! i’ll show you how fun storms can be!”
  • “fun?? whats fun about violent winds, torrent downpours, and crazy lightning?”
  • MC tilts their head
  • “um…whats not fun about it?”
  • Seven laughs, clutching his stomach
  • “i never knew you were so weird!”
  • “fine! i guess we wont have a spooky story contest, then”
  • okay wait, a spooky story contest sounded like something Seven really wanted to be a part of
  • okay, he’s willing to keep an open mind about this “storms not being the worst things to ever happen” thing



  • “COOL”
  • *in unison*
  • “NICE”

thanks for reading i real got carried away LMFAO