its going to be a boring few days

when nursey goes home for the summer, he gets p bored alone in the penthouse when his parents go on business trips, so he gets himself The Sims 4 to entertain himself. at first it’s all very normal- he makes a sim and plays its life, kills it a few times. then he’s texting dex one day and he gets inspired- he makes a sim dex. he texts dex a picture of the finished sim- red hair, freckles, flannel- all proud of himself and dex sends back a ‘haha nice’ in a very jack fashion.

it should have ended there. it didn’t.

nursey moves dex into a nice little starter house, cheats to get his handiness skill way up, and puts him into a sports career. he makes money and fixes up the house. dex starts aging a bit more so nursey decides to get him a significant other to start a family with. but who is good enough for this buff, handy, slightly surly sim dex? well, only a sim nursey of course.

by the end of the summer, nursey has created his and dex’s life together and they’re old men with three kids, five grandkids, and a log cabin with a garden. he has no idea how he’s going to face dex at the start of school.

Can’t Sleep

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For what felt like the thousandth time that night, you twisted around in your shared bed with Harry, trying to find a comfortable spot to help you lull away to sleep.

This has been the case for the past hour. You were sleepless with no idea why. Even with Harry sleeping next to you and the overwhelmingly amazing sense of peace it brought you to have him there, you just couldn’t find a way to drift off.

You refrained from waking him up, knowing full and well that messing with Harry’s sleep would make you feel guilty, but knowing that if he were awake - it wouldn’t take long for him to comfort you to sleep.

You turned around to face him, his sleeping figure turned towards you and his arms wrapped around a lone pillow. You slightly frowned, wishing that pillow was you in his grip, but with all the tossing and turning you’re doing it’s probably best that you weren’t.

Changing your position once again, you went from lying on your side to lying on your back. The ceiling now seems more interesting in the middle of the night as you struggled to rest. Letting your ideas and thoughts roam free at this time of night was not a good idea, it just made you feel more awake - but you couldn’t help yourself. Your mind ended up leading to Harry and how far in your relationship you had come, how happy he makes you, how he makes you feel loved.

Unknowingly, your hand found its place in his, and even in his sleeping state, he held it tightly against him as if it were instinctual.

Returning to reclining on your side, you stared at the man before you. With your lip caught in between your teeth, you let your other hand go to his hair. You didn’t know whether it would wake him seeing as when you did that it sent him straight to sleep, but you were proven otherwise when his eyes slowly opened to meet yours, the moonlight streaming in through the window gave you a small glimpse of the glimmer in the now dark green irises.

“Can’t sleep?” Harry hums lowly. Instead of replying, you shake your head ‘no’. “You want me to stay up with you?”

“No,” you quickly interject, the guilt crawling around in your heart. “Go back to sleep, H. I can handle this.”

“Not a chance,” he mumbles, snaking his arm around your waist and pulling you towards him. You let out a small giggle as his hand finds its way to your messy and out of place hair tickling your ear.

“Harry, can you talk to me about something?” You ask quietly, placing your hand on his bicep to let your fingers dance around the tattoos.

“About what?” He quizzes.

“Anything,” you chuckle, “I just like hearing your voice, it usually puts me to sleep.”

“Is that a nice way of saying I’m boring?” Harry questions teasingly, a smile growing on his lips.

“I guess,” you giggle. “Or maybe it’s because you have a really nice voice.”

“I’ve been told,” he snickers. You roll your eyes jokingly and let out another small laugh. “Well, my day started off beautifully, waking up next you and then having a nice breakfast with you.”

“I like where this is going,” you yawn, his voice already beginning its impact on you.

“I’m sure,” he smirks. “After that, I got dressed and headed out. Did a few things for work, went to the store and got some things for us, came back home and spent the evening with you.”

He smiles to himself as his eyes take you in. Just seconds ago, you were struggling to keep your eyes shut and now here you were barely awake.

“Then we watched a movie or two, and I fell asleep so you suggested we go to bed,” Harry continues, “so now here we are.”

You were now sound asleep, your hand still holding his own tightly. Your soft and quiet snores filled the room and Harry chuckled to himself.

“Goodnight, Y/N,” he whispers, carefully leaning over to press a soft kiss to your forehead before returning to his rest.



Day 5: Kings


i suck balls at science and can’t remember anything at all from any of my classes but i think it’s one of the most interesting and unfathomable concepts in the world - and in my world, so does wonu so enJOY

  • wonwoo and his specs gave me this idea and it ki l l ed m e
  • so i knew i had to write a lil something abt it :-)
  • ok where do we start
  • remembered his mama camping out in the kitchen all the time and then heard the occasional “ah!” as she nipped her finger cutting some onions
  • and raced like usain freaking bolt to the medicine cabinet to reach the bandaids
  • and the look in her eyes when he quickly patched it onto her
  • it was just a bit of blood, but 4 year old!wonwoo was still hopped up on the high kitchen counter with one hand on his hip, the other wiping an imaginary sweat drop from his head, and gave a nice long “phew! you’re ok, ma! scared me there”
  • then proceeded to yell at her with his extremely not-deep-yet voice (om g can u imagine) for not being careful enough and interrupting his power ranger episode
  • but a few nipped fingers and a million thank-you smooches (“eW MOM gEt awAY i’m 4, i’m too old for kisses) later, jeon wonwoo decided to become a surgeon
  • bc how is it not cool to sew severed fingers back together???
  • so through elementary and junior high, he walked into science class everyday with a little hop in his step for his favourite subject and ready to learn about cells and mitochondrial functions and enigmas of the muscle and much more
  • until he discovered more than just sewing severed toes and ears back together
  • he remembered his 7th grade teacher talking about how the brain is the most powerful thing in the world, and just a simple nug to the head can send it all crashing down
  • he also went on to explain that the brain will never be a mystery solved, but those who try will never be short of acclaim
  • and since then, he delved into the world of neurology
  • by delved, i mean, dove the fuck into it, then drowned, then woke, then dove some more
  • through high school, he topped every single one of his bio classes and won every single science award in the school board
  • how????
  • and also stays in on sunday afternoons to read his bio 4.6 textbook instead of sushi with friends
  • leading to best friend mingyu’s endless grumbling and whining that they never get to hang out anymore
  • meanwhile mingyu has his socks and sweaters and clothes all at wonwoo’s place; has a toothbrush there, buys food for his parents, uses the stove at wonwoo’s more than wonwoo does the pOINT IS HE BASICALLY LIVES WITH WONWOO
  • but everyone around wonwoo knows how much it means to him to be able to make this work
  • he marvels about science bc it’s a practicality but finds beauty in its enigma and endless endeavours of research and study
  • (jeon wonwoo is basically a nerd)
  • (but a hot one)
  • but yes, all his life, books, textbooks, textbooks, and books are all he’s known
  • so with all this accumulated knowledge he literally fucking powers through his undergrad and masters programs like.  .. … bruh
  • he then gets accepted into the second top med school in the country boY
  • and this was such an eye opening experience for him because as much as his undergrad and masters did for him with theoretical aspects of science, he finally got to do hands on experiments and witness clinical trials and watched a live!! open!! brain!! surgery!!
  • so finally he goes through his internship and residency for a few years at this amazing hospital in the heart of the city and has already become most renown neurosurgeon the hospital has seen in years despite his age
  • imagine little wonu in faded green scrubs, with a tiny notepad in his hand and occasionally pushing his glasses up his nose, as he scurries around with his resident trying to take notes during rounds
  • to this hot-ass, confident, head of neurosurgery surgeon that has nurses and residents (even interns and PATIENTS) slipping on their drool for him in his white coat and cerulean blue dress shirt, the top button left untouched (seungcheol had to slap his hand away multiple times during breakfast to keep him from trying to button it again)
  • but lbr he still trips over his laces bc he forgot to tie them before he left in the morning and buttons his dress shirt wrong under his white coat when coups doesn’t come in the morning to check up on his wardrobe choices for the day 
  • one time, accidentally brought mingyu’s grocery shopping list from his briefcase to the pharmacy rather than the prescription for ibruprofen for his patient jesus christ wonwoo
  • the point is, knowledge has always come easy for him, the other stuff have not 
  • ,,,,,,and then there’s u
  • oh boy
  • science is ur nemesis
  • ultimate. nemesis.
  • the first time you ever stepped foot into your science class in the sixth grade, every word that came out of ur teacher’s mouth, to you, was just a complete ,,,, , , ,what??
  • and ur not stupid (actually very completely opposite), ur brain just physically, literally, cannot comprehend the concept of science
  • even if it may be so extremely fascinating to u, chem!!! physics!!!! and bio!!! are allergic to sticking to ur brain so u just learn to avoid science at. all. costs.
  • remember when i said that jeon wonwoo was a classic genius and a social termite like he’s so shy and weird around new people that he just deflects it at all costs?
  • so u went into journalism bc instead of memorizing formulas and using every unit of area in ur brain, ur communication is ur best friend
  • through high school and university, you were the campus butterfly
  • you knew everyone and everyone knew you, and any event that needed an mc? a motivational speaker? a presenter? that’s you!
  • you and best friend soonyoung always do those stuff together and you fell in love with the art of communicating, articulating, and analyzing information, all the while keeping the listeners intrigued and focused the entire time
  • but unfortunately the years after ur undergrad trying to look for gigs with ur firm has been extremely unsuccessful and it was to the point where u didn’t know if u wanted to stop this or continue bc it was just too low of a demand
  • until one day!
  • u come into ur office and find a piece of paper on the bulletin board talking about the new neural clinical trial happening at this huge hospital near u, and they were looking for someone to cover it!
  • and at first u were like um kk clinic? try? what?
  • but .2 seconds later it hits you that thERE’S AN OPEN OPPORTUNITY
  • and u vow to plow through it as boring as it may be, bc it’s been just sitting there and people haven’t signed up probably cause medical cases are usually a failure and such a bore to talk abt
  • you need this
  • so u quickly apply with all the info you need to and two days later, you’re stepping foot into this huge hospital and escorted to the neuro ward to get things started
  • when u get to the floor ur led by nurse!jeonghan to the head surgeon on this case
  • i think y’all know where this ish is going 
  • and jeonghan begins asking u a few questions abt the case, trying to gauge where you are with the info, and its safe to say u have nada dirt on this
  • so he laughs and begins to explain
  • this was the first clinical trial this hospital has done in 14 years, and despite being a renown teaching and surgical hospital, it has never quite reached its potential on the research aspect 
  • so the new head of neuro, dr. jeON, has decided to go forth with the new clinical trial (an experiment where those with the sickness subjected to the study will volunteer to be apart of the research, using themselves as a way to find a cure) for huntington’s disease, an inherited brain disorder that slowly deteriorates one’s ability to move, speak, function, as brain cells being to die off
  • he’s already got you so hooked on the case that you begin to wonder why no one at ur firm did an extra bit of research in the first place to snatch this gig 
  • but ur glad anyway CAUSE ITS NOW URS
  • u probably looked so flabbergasted and numbly excited that jeonghan mistook it for ur cluelessness and nerves, so he goes
  • “dw, it’ll be fine! dr. jeon here will walk through everything with you anyway, and you’ll basically be with him for the entire course of this trial to document everything, so tomorrow, just immediately head up here”
  • and knocks on the door labeled “dr. jeon wonwoo, ph.d, m.d., head of neurosurgery”
  • and for the head of neuro, for someone taking forth in an idea that hasn’t been touched in over a dozen years in such a renown hospital, you did not expect the door to be opened by a 
  • beautiful
  • human being 
  • his glasses sat perfectly atop his face as his sharp yet kind eyes rested upon urs 
  • and his white coat and black dress shirt today and nice slim pants and a pair of $200 light brown dress shoes bOI
  • and when he opens the door and finds ur mouth agape and eyes shining with excitement he feels like a leap in his chest 
  • like who is this beautiful person 
  • and he scolds himself, no wonwoo stop this nOW 
  • and he doesn’t know if it’s bc he hasn’t been on a date in like forever or if it was simply u
  • answer: it was simply u 
  • but we’ll get to that 
  • and jeonghan notices the tension so begins giggling and retreating from the scene
  • so wonwoo clears his throat when it’s just the two of you left
  • introduces himself and you m e l t bc
  • his……..voice……………..
  • and you stutter ur name and in his head he’s like o h m g what a pretty name what do i do with myself
  • so you enter his office and its surprisingly extremely tidy and put together for someone that probably has to worry about so much in a day 
  • and begins to talk about the case with you 
  • and remember the cute and stuttery person that opened the door to see u like 2 minutes ago
  • bc here’s jeon wonwoo talking about science and his eyes light up brighter than anything you’ve ever seen
  • he talks about huntington’s first to give you a bit of background as to what it is, and then delves right into his plan
  • his hands begin to move with his words and he smiles when he begins to talk about how no one has attempted this before and maybe this could make a difference in this hospital, his career, and even medical history!!
  • and he kinda noticed you blanking when he talked about the logistics of the science so he kinda laughs to himself, knowing that science might not be ur thing
  • but for some reason, ur ok with science if u have this man talking to u abt it 24/7 ;)))))))
  • and u take notes on this and he notices ur pretty handwriting so gathers up his GODDAMN COURAGE to ask u a simple question
  • “so you’re a journalist?”
  • and u begin to tell him that you loved being able to tlak about something that reflected on someone’s experiences and share them with the world, just liek this one 
  • and he smiles and thanks u, knowing that it must have been difficult to agree to a medical case 
  • u assure him its no problem, meanwhile swooning over his s m i l e
  • and it’s only been like 30 minutes but u’ve already developed a crush like wow 
  • so for the first week, your conversations are a wholesome mixture of science, stutters, facepalming when u say something cringey and accidentally, and hoping to make the other laugh 
  • in the second week, you begin to meet the patients coming in, taking each of their stories and details with huntington’s 
  • and for the first time, you see how wonwoo interacts with his patients
  • and that crush that you developed become sso much more - you have this whole new found respect for him as a doctor
  • with care and intent, he asks his patients abt their day before going right into details of the treatment, knowing that all these people are doing his career a favour and the least he can do before they risk their lives into this experiment is at least be their friend
  • and even 70 year old women that can barely move anymore still manage to blush at the sound of his voice 
  • u see the way he holds their hand when he’s explaining the process and the courteous nod of his head as they talk to him and u know this man is more than just a surgeon and that he’s just an amazing human 
  • by the third week, your conversations have now transitioned to telling each other what u did last night and what ur planning for dinner tonight 
  • and u know to bring him coffee every morning now
  • the first time u did it, he legit had STARS in his eyes bc o mg u r so cute 
  • and u guessed it right the first time, that he liked his coffee black with just a dash of sugar
  • by the end of the month, the more you learn about him, the more you’re amazed
  • you guys become closer and share the passion of wanting to help ppl in some way
  • and ur relationship now has become a complete budding and teasing relationship and there’s literally never a dull moment with u 
  • ur fav thing to do together is to do acrostic poems
  • u also take bets on who’s sleeping with who in the hospital
  • he always wins 
  • “its not fair u OBVIOUSLY know more abt them than i do!!!”
  • “hey babe, dont hate the player, hate the game”
  • and then u have to keep ur knees from buckling bc bABE ? ?? ? ?
  • the nurses always comment on how you’ve brought him so far out of his shell and he never really used to talk to anyone besides his patients, but he’s been treating his residents to dinner, helping the nurses out with the paperwork, and it’s only been happening since u came
  • and u r like
  • . . ,,, ?? me?
  • and they’re like yes! do u not notice how red he turns everytime u walk into the room?
  • you soon learn his favourite colour is blue
  • his favourite band is my chemical romance 
  • im kiddin g 
  • his best friend is mingyu and he’s a chef 
  • you learn that he has a younger brother and his first ever splurge was buying him and his parents a cottage by the ocean
  • also that he never really eats at home and he barely ever gets to go home bc of the gruelling hours and so he tends to just eat in his office before he checks up on his patients during night rounds 
  • you also learn that he’s having a housewarming party for his new condo this saturday and was wondering if yoU’D LIKE TO COME ALONG???
  • by this point, your research was mainly complete and you were a third finished with ur piece on this
  • so ur like y know what? SURE
  • and u try ur fucking best not to blush, but as you leave for the night, jeon wonu does a HUGE happy dance in his office before realizing that his walls and doors are glass and peopLE CAN SEE U WONWOO GODDAMn
  • but he texts u his address with a smirky face 
  • “jeon wonwoo why are u sending me a text w a smirky face” 
  • “idk that was my attempt to be cool did it work” 
  • “no”
  • “oh”
  • so it was ur day off on the day of his party and u know wonwoo doesn’t really throw stuff like this cause he only has a “small” group of friends
  • “it’s only gonna be u and my small group of friends”
  • “how small”
  • “well i grew up with these guys, there are abt 13 of us”
  • and usually you’d be fine bc u have no problem meeting ppl but like these are wonwoo’s brothers???
  • you wanna try so hard to impress these people bc–
  • wait wonu isn’t ur bf??? WYD
  • so u slap urself and then take like four hours to find the right outfit and do ur hair nicely 
  • and u show up in ur fav outfit and look bomb asf yas 
  • and he opens the door after u knock
  • and
  • oh
  • my
  • lord
  • he’s wearing a simple white t-shirt and ripped jeans 
  • jeon wonwoo
  • phd
  • md
  • head of neurosurgery 
  • in ripped jeans 
  • rip reader
  • so he snaps out of it bc yes i’m hosting this party thts right, and brings u inside 
  • you hear a bunch of exclaiming and hushing from inside the rooms and a lot of limbs knocking into the walls as 13 human beings sprint from inside of the condo to mEET THE JOURNALIST THAT JEON WONWOO HASN’T SHUT UP ABOUT IN TWO MONTHS 
  • and they all rush out and ur a bit overwhelmed but introduce urself and then scan through all the faces
  • you notice nurse!jeonghan, head of pediatrics!chan, his best friend, mingyu, and–
  • wait
  • “KWON SOONYOUNG???????”
  • yes ur best friend from uni also happens to have grown up in the same neighbourhood as surgeon jeon and u cant believe ur luck
  • so hoshi jumps out from the herd of men and tackles you with a hug and u can’t believe this until wonwoo explained he didn’t tell them ur name bc they would go crazy stalker-bitch mode, hence why they were so excited to meet u today 
  • so the rest of the night was spent with everyone being completely loud and tipsy and pushing the two of u together in an attempt to be slick they’re not 
  • and u see the bond that all the boys have and how boisterous wonwoo is around them too and u feel so lucky and ur heart is so full to witness a group of people truly in love and as close with one another 
  • so by the end of the night, as they all leave, soonyoung stops u at the door before he goes and tells u how happy he is that after losing touch post-uni, u’ve managed to bump into each other today again
  • but he also hugs u and tells u that wonwoo hasn’t shut up abt u 
  • and that he hasn’t been in touch with his brothers in a rlly long time bc of stress and anticipation with this new project
  • and that although wonwoo doesn’t do this much, he can tell that he’s super comfortable around u and that he seems to glow when he talks abt u 
  • and ur like omg s o noyougn  st op po
  • so after he leaves, you stay behind to help clean up 
  • but you’ve also decided
  • to confess
  • bc ur project is almost over and the paper is almost finished and ur ok with leaving on this note, regardless of if he reciprocates the feelings or not 
  • u just had to tell him, it was in ur nature to 
  • and u almsot back out but at the door, just as ur about to leave 
  • you were gonna say it 
  • and then 
  • his lips are on urs and god they’re soft and ur eyes just close immediately and his two hands cup ur face, intensifying the kiss, holding u up and taking up ur space as if he owns it and wow, it does things to u 
  • after what feels like an eternity, you part and u look at him with his swollen lips and rosy cheeks and glistening eyes and u almost cried right then adn there
  • bc wow ur in love with jeon wonwoo and u can’t believe u haven’t even told him that 
  • “i’ve been waiting to do that for so long”
  • “idiot, i was gonna confess first”
  • shrugs “i guess i just beat u in everything then”
  • that gets a smack on the head
  • until he asks u to stay the night and he can drive u both to work in the morning tomorrow and u agree bc how can u say no and so u end up staying over and wearing his sweater to bed and he lies there in bed literally hyperventilating bc SWEATERS ARE HIS WEAKNESS LIKE WHAT
  • so u drive into work the next morning with ur hands intertwined and in the corner of ur eye as ur walking in, u see head of pediatrics!chan slap a fifty dollar bill into nurse!jeonghan’s hands
  • so the rest of that month is spent going through with each patient and stealing chaste kisses in the x-ray viewing rooms and getting teased by everyone in the hospital 
  • even the patients 
  • until by the third month, the trial hits its first roadblock 
  • patient 04 had died on the table just as jeon wonwoo was inserting the second tube, and as surprised as u are that this was the first malfunction with the trial, it hits u nonetheless
  • hearing the news, u drop everything and go to his office after the surgery
  • this was the first taste of adversity in ur relationship too and u were curious to see as to how you guys were going to deal with this, esp since ur work was integrated into ur personal life 
  • but u walk in and there he is 
  • eating a freaking popsicle 
  • jeon wonwoo’s patient just died on the table and he’s in here eating ice cream
  • and u didn’t know if u were confused? angry? horrified?
  • and u close the door behind u as u walk in and draw the blinds for the glass walls and windows 
  • and as u turn around from doing that, he chucks the popsicle into the bin, walks up to you slowly and drops his head onto ur shoulder
  • you freeze, unsure if he’s crying or not, but u hear steady breathing and his arms slowly creeping around u and ur sure he isn’t 
  • but u can tell that he’s exhausted and scared, even if no words are shared between the two of u 
  • so you both stand there for god knows how long, holding each other, breathing each other in, releasing all tension and heartache from the day without a single word, just the sound of heartbeats and breathing 
  • until finally he lifts his head, eyes droopy and a small smile on his face, arms still around you, when u cup his face and tell him that ur so damn proud of him 
  • everything is going to hit a roadblock at some point, and this was bound to happen. we entered this knowing that it was science; anything can happen. just hang in there, wonu, we can do it 
  • and that was the first time wonu said i love u out loud 
  • and for all the people that doubted he was going to ever get a girlfriend with his head stuck in so many textbooks, it was the head stuck in the textbook method that even got him here to meet u in the first place SO SUCK IT
  • and so by the time u finish ur paper and the trial is reaching its end, there was a mixture of patients that successfully responded to the trial and those that didn’t make it 
  • but ur paper gets high acclaim from hospitals across the province for its research and editorial skills
  • and wonwoo received the highest achievement award from the board for his endeavours with the trial 
  • and after many long and gruelling months filled with work and chaste kisses here and there
  • you finally have time to take a seat and take in everything 
  • and marvel at wonu as a surgeon and as a human
  • bc how in the damn world did u ever get so lucky with science??

this,, ,, ,, is so long but enjoy bc i love jeon wonwoo 


Pack My Heart With Your Casettes

Her fingers lightly strummed on the golden strings, and she watched them vibrate. Max hummed lightly under her breath, legs crossed, and glanced out the window. Raindrops raced one another down the glass against a cool grey backdrop. She stopped playing and watched for a moment. She always watched the rain, because Billy used to. He would sit there for hours on quiet October days, and she would watch him watch it, and she would feel lonely, because even then when Billy was sweet, he still loved the rain more than her.

Max tore her gaze away and focused instead on Steve. He was on his back reading a comic she’d loaned him, squinting even while wearing his glasses. Max gingerly set the guitar aside and pulled herself off the floor and onto the bed, where she settled at his feet.

Steve pretended to read for another minute or so, before setting the book aside and raising his brows. “Bored?”

“No,” she said, to her own surprise. Sometimes the words just flowed out. “I don’t know. I was just thinking… did you ever wish you had a younger sibling?”

“Only kid sister I’ll ever need is you, Maxine,” he said, grinning stupidly. She felt warm, like she always did when she was with him, and talking with him like this (or with the boys; sometimes she could just be sitting there while they yelled at and over one another, and she would feel love for them like nothing else). She supposed love like that, the kind that came out in random waves, only belonged to those who’d had it bottled up for so long; it was so desperate to escape that it just… well, it just did. And it was sort of terrifying, but sort of wonderful too.

“I’m serious, though.” She picked at the hole in her jeans. “Did you?”

Steve sat up a little and was silent for a moment. She took a moment just then to eye those boxes in the corner; the ones landed CLOTHES and JUNK and STUFF I STOLE FROM JONNY. It was all too much, and it was happening too fast. Why can’t we just watch the rain forever and ever?

“I guess I did, a couple of times,” he shrugged. “I think after a while I realised my life was hard enough. Adding another kid to the mix wouldn’t help anything with my parents, it’d only make it worse.”

Max nodded. “I always wanted a big brother,” she said, and then her cheeks flamed. “I mean… I had Billy after our parents got married, but before then. I thought it’d be pretty cool to have someone…” someone at all. “Then Billy came along and ruined that.”

“And then I came along,” he added, eyes bright, “and I made it better, right?”

“And now you’re leaving.”

The words were out before she could even think. Steve leaned back. He ran a hand through his hair while she mentally swore at herself and tried to drown the mixed feelings of loss and regret in her chest.

“Max,” he said, his tone not at all harsh (more strained; old, like her dad’s had been—that man had always been tired, but his eyes had been warm; warm and brown, like Steve’s). “I have to go. What else am I supposed to do?”

“Then take me with you,” she offered, hope building within. “Please?”

“Yeah? What about your friends? What about school? What about the fact that my parents aren’t even helping me out with money—I can’t afford to live with anyone else.”

Max bit her lip. It was a stupid idea. “Oh. Right.”

“I’m sorry, kid, I didn’t mean it like that.” He swallowed. “I want you to be happy, you know? I just hope you want the same for me. And I can’t be happy here.”

“Well neither can I!” She found herself standing, heart pounding and fists balled. “I can’t do this anymore! I can’t go to school with those people and pretend like I’m okay! I can’t lose you!”

Steve met her eyes. “I’m not all that you have,” he said.

But I wished for you. “I don’t even have you, now.” Max scooped up her bag and stormed out, ignoring his calls after her, and running when he jumped out of bed. Tears streamed openly down her face. She hated herself, and she hated Billy, and she hated him.

No, she didn’t. She couldn’t ever. But it didn’t matter, because he didn’t love her enough to stick around.

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When is the first time Viktor is hit with the realization that it's real, he has everything he hopelessly longed for even though he stopped believing he'd ever have it, and he and Yuuri are going to spend the rest of their lives together? I have a feeling he'd think that pretty early on into their relationship (if not right after their Big Talk) while Yuuri is more insecure and half expects Viktor to get bored of him.

Viktor actually has three moments when he gets hit by that realization and has to take a few moments to breathe and try not to cry because he’s so happy. The first was the day after the end of chapter 14 when he’s still lying in bed and Yuuri got up to order them room service breakfast and casually put on Viktor’s skating jacket because he was cold and it was such a casually intimate thing to do that Viktor got hit by the realization that Yuuri was here with him by choice and wasn’t going to keep leaving anymore. The second was the morning after they moved in together when he woke up with Yuuri by his side and realized that neither of them will have to go back home and leave the other because they’re making a home together now. The third was during his birthday after they moved in together because Yuuri’s parents gave Viktor matching sets of cutlery, plates etc as a present to help them now that they were building a life together because they wanted to give something practical that would last now that the two of them were intending on spending the rest of their lives together. That was the point that Viktor knew that this really was going to be forever because when his parents are giving you joint gifts that are supposed to last the rest of your lives you know this is it 

Princess and Prince Charming

Word Count: 1683

A/N: Okay this is the second story I’m posting today! This one is fluffy so I hope you enjoy it! Much love guys!

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    The once busy Pops Chock'lit Shoppe was now quiet and still at 11:29pm, only two people remaining out of the many that were there only hours before. They were two usual costumers, and Pop Tate was used to them staying late. Jughead Jones and Y/N  Y/L/N were the two night owls and they sat in their usual booth near the back, Jughead typing away on his laptop and Y/N staring dreamily out the window, obviously in her own world.    

    Ever since Y/N had moved to Riverdale a few weeks before Jason Blossoms death, the two of them had been inseparable and practically joined at the hip. Of course she had become friends with the rest of Jugheads group, Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Kevin, but the two of them had a real profound friendship. So much in fact that everyone could tell they were absolutely smitten with eachother, but neither of them would admit it. They both were the quiet type, they usually sat there in silence after their friends left, but it never seemed awkward for them. The occasional conversations about Jugheads book would come up, or one another asking if the other was okay or if they needed something, but other than that at this time of night they were quiet.    

     Y/N tore her gaze from outside and looked over at the boy sitting in front of her, smiling softly to herself. He was so focused on his laptop, and she watched as his blue eyes darted and danced across the screen. She listened to the sound of keys being hit and the small buzzing noises made from the lights all around the small diner, and in this moment it felt perfect. She loved spending her nights here with Jughead, watching as the neon lights bounced off his dark clothing, illuminating his face accentuating the furrow of his brow as he concentrated on his writing.    

    “You okay?” Jughead asked, tearing his eyes from his screen to look at the (Y/H/C) haired girl in front of him. She smiled softly and nodded.    

    “I’m great, are you?” she asked. He pretended to think for a moment and smirked.    

    “You know now that you mention it, I’m quite hungry.” he said and Y/N laughed, standing from the booth.    

    “What would you like, the usual?” she asked and he smirked.

    “Yes please.” Y/N nodded and walked towards the counter and Pop gave her a smile. “Can I get Beanies usual please?” she asked sweetly.    

    “Sure thing. Wait here, it’ll be done here real quick.” he said as he disappeared into the kitchen. Y/N took a seat on a stool and waited, fidgeting with her hands. She glanced back towards the raven haired boy expecting him to be focused on his laptop once again but caught his stare. He smiled at her and she returned it, turning around to hide her blush. Pops came out with two plates, Jugheads usual burger with fries and Y/Ns usual burger with fries, and handed them to the girl. She placed them down on the counter and pulled out her wallet but before she could pay, a hand appeared from behind her and handed cash to Pop. Y/N turned around to find Jughead practically pushed up against her, him smirking down at her.    

    “I’ve got this, Jughead. Its perfectly fine.” she said, trying to get him to take his money back. “You don’t need to spend money when you don’t need to, especially with your situation.”    

    “Yours isn’t any better.” Jughead argued playfully, and Y/N rolled her eyes.    

    “So what, I don’t care.” she turned around and took money out of her wallet and held it out to Pop Tate, who was chuckling at the two of them.    

    “Its on the house, my treat to my most loyal and favourite costumers.” he said, and slowly they put their money back into their wallets. Jughead grabbed both plates and made his way back to the booth.    

    “You coming?” he called, and Y/N nodded.    

    “Yeah, one second. I’m just going to be a polite human being and thank Pop for his kindness.” she called as Jughead bit down into his burger.

    “Oh yeah, thank you!” he called with a very full mouth, earning a chuckle from Pop and Y/N. She turned around and slid money onto the counter.

    “Thank you.” she said, winking and walking away. Pops reluctantly took the money and put it into the cash register, watching as she sat down in front of Jughead, trying to retrieve her plate from him.    

    “Jughead, you cannot have my burger as well as yours!” she said laughing and reaching for the plate, but Jughead pulled it closer to him.    

    “Why not?” he asked, faking confusion.      

    “Because princess, that’s my burger and I paid for it.” she said.    

    “Actually, it was on the house so no, you did not pay for it.” he said, and she winked at him, stealing her plate back.

    “You did not.” he said, his eyes widening.    

    “I did.” she said, taking a bite of her burger.    

    “You should have let me take care of it!” he said, trying to slide out of the booth. Y/N leaned down in her booth and put her foot up, stopping him.    

    “Oh no you don’t, Juggie.” she said, giggling. Jughead sighed, sliding back into place.    

    “Next time its on me.” he said, and she shrugged.    

    “We’ll see.” she said, earning a frustrated sigh from Jughead.    

    “You’re impossible.” he teased and she laughed.    

    “Sure am, princess.” she said, eating a few of her fries.    

    “Why do you call me princess?” he asked, and she shrugged.    

    “To piss you off.” she stated bluntly, taking another bite of her burger.    

    “Is it because of my beanie?” he asked and she nodded.    

    “Don’t get me wrong I love your beanie, I’d steal it if I could.” she said and he smirked.    

    “Well I’m sorry but you cant have my beanie.” he joked and she pretended to be disappointed.    

    “Oh damn. Maybe I’ll just have to get my own and then I’ll be the princess.” she joked and Jughead rolled his eyes and smirked. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, sliding it to the middle of the table. She looked questioningly down at it, and then up at him.    

    “Well your birthday is just around the corner and I was going to wait until then to give this to you, but right now seems like the right time.” he said, nodding towards the box.    

    “Can I open it?” she asked softly and Jughead chuckled.    

    “No, the box is just to look at, I want the contents to be a mystery forever.” he teased. She giggled and reluctantly took the box into her hands, slowly opening it to reveal a small silver crown necklace.    

    “Jughead, what?” she said surprised, taken aback by the necklace.    

    “You and I are so close, I wanted to give you a crown like mine, but you’re not much of a hat person, but you’re very much a necklace person so I got you your own crown to match mine. Well, I mean kind of.” he said, shyly rubbing the back of his neck. Y/N noticed the blush creeping over his face and she felt one take over hers as well, and she reached over and took his hand in hers.    

    “Jughead, thank you so much.” she said quietly, staring admiringly over at him. Jughead returned her stare.    

    “You’re very welcome.” he said. She stood up from her booth and sat on his side of the table.    

    “Will you help me put it on?” she asked, and he nodded. He took the necklace out of the box and put it on her, she turned around to face him and she smiled down at it.    

    “It- uh… It looks very nice on you.” he said, and she blushed. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around him, and he pulled in as close as he could in their awkward sitting position. She pulled away slowly, looking up at Jughead, and he quickly took her face in his hands, pulling her up to his lips. The kiss was slow and unsure, but when they pulled apart they were both beaming.    

    “Finally.” Pops called from his counter, and the two of them blushed furiously, laughing to themselves.    

    “Was it okay, that I-uh, that I kissed you?” he asked and she nodded, giggling.    

    “Yes, it was.” she said. “It will always be okay.” she added, and he nodded his head, smiling wide. He turned to his laptop and opened it, opening up his novel draft.    

    “I’m going to work more on this, okay?” he said.    

    “Alright.” she said smiling over to him. “What do you have so far?” she asked. He opened his mouth to respond, but Y/N yawned and he chuckled.    

    “Tired?” he asked. She shrugged and played with the charm on her necklace absentmindedly.    

    “A little bit, but I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with you.” she said, leaning her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.    

    “Well then stay. I’ll tell you about my novel.” he said, scrolling up to the beginning of his most recent chapter.    

    “I’m sorry if I fall asleep, its not because your novel is boring, its because I’ve hardly had any sleep the past few days.” she explained, sleep already taking her.    

    “Don’t worry, I wont get offended. If you have to sleep, go to sleep, princess.”    

    “Okay, Prince Charming.” she whispered softly and Jughead smiled.    

    “I like that a lot better than princess.” he joked and she giggled.    

    “I bet.” she said.    

    “Alright, so chapter 10. The plot to Jasons death thickened as new information on the southside serpents came to light. My dad being one suspect in the murder…” Y/N listened as Jughead read off his chapeter and she smiled to herself. Tonight was a good night and she didn’t want it to ever end.

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so this is what went down… friday night i was bored so i went to a casino to play poker, i start with $60 and win like $200, i started at 8 PM and played until like 12 PM the next day… thats a long ass time playing poker, but its a really addicting game.

after 16 hours of playing non stop, i come home and sleep for a few hours, totally didnt blog about the 90s at all… go back to the casino and play more poker, and win like $200 more. So thats like $400 man.

I thought I was a poker pro. Like some old ass poker player guys were all “You’re good kid, you got some good moves on the table. You just might be one of the greats someday.” and also at the Casino, all the food is half off, and its free sometimes too. soda is free, and they’ll serve you right there at the poker table. i had a really delicious BLT, like it was the best BLT i’ve ever had. and they have red velvet cupcakes. 

Sunday I didn’t really want to play anymore. I wanted to blog about the 90s, but I was like “ok, if im really a pro I can play more and still win. Thats what the pros do, they win.” but i didnt win. i lost all my winnings and i lost $200 more of my own money. the lesson is, theres no such thing as a poker pro, they’re all just lucky and poker is stupid and im never playing again. poker sucks i hate it

Back to You(blurb)

I call you but you never even answer

I tell myself I’m done with wicked games

“Why haven’t you answered your phone lately?” You ask him. “Thought we were supposed to hang out soon?”

“Sorry, love. I’ve been a bit caught up with work lately,” Harry lied straight through his teeth. You could sense a shift in his attitude toward you. He genuinely seemed to feel uncomfortable around you and the last thing you wanted to do was bug him.

“Okay, just let me know when you are free, baby,” you kissed his cheek and left the room. You missed him so much, it physical pained you. You heard the door close to the house. Maybe you could stay with y/f/n for a while, it could get your mind off the fact that Harry couldn’t stand the sight of you.


“Hey, Y/N? You have a visitor?” Y/f/n yelled from the living room. You walked over to see who she could be talking about. I guess you shouldn’t be totally surprised that it was Harry in the living room, just twiddling his thumbs and rocking back and forth on his feet.

“Oh… Hi, sweetie. What are you doing here?” You asked innocently. Everyone in the room knew why he was here, it was just a matter of what he had to say to you. You give him an awkward side hug.

“Y/f/n, could you give us a moment?” Your friend nods and leaves the living room. He turns back and just stares at you.

“What’s up, babe?” Again. You knew what it was. You felt that you had no place in his heart anymore; maybe he got bored, maybe he just lost himself.

“ I dont know why you think its acceptable to just leave the house and not tell me you’re gonna be gone for a few days.”

“Baby, if you answered your phone, you would know where I am. I know you’re not at work 24/7 so..” He just looks at you and smirks.

“ You are never mean to me, yet you always know how to put me in my place.” He rests his head on your shoulder.“

Baby here we go again

Stitchtober 2017 #4

Hi lovely people! So its been a few days and i finished all three witches! I changed the blonde one to blue hair since i didnt have the right colors and also cuz the others have bright hair colors and blonde just seemed a bit boring.. plus i love blue hair so there you go

As for crochet, i made a collar for my Halloween costume

And I only have one wing left on the bat before i sew it together but i dont know if i really like how it turned out? Its not necessarily any part in particular, its just a bit weird and im not completely happy with it. Idk any opinions?

Anyway, i hope everyone has a wonderful Friday the 13th tomorrow! 😊

~ Christina

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Can I ask for your headcanons re Flint and Silver from the cowboy AU? Also you would definitely have at least one super enthusiastic reader if you wrote the smallpox verse story where Silver rides Thomas ...i think Flint himself might also be a very enthusiastic fan of that scenario, just a hunch :P

sure!! and listen, i got a lot on my plate right now, so it may not be for a few weeks, but more smallpox is absolutely one of the things on my plate :)

so since i gave you pretty much the full backstory for both of them in the cowboy au (70k like what the fuck DIDN’T i give y’all), here’s what i headcanon for likely happening afterwards. spoiler alert it’s all PLEASANT:

cowboy silverflint:

– They travel for three days straight before Silver lets them stop in a town to treat his wounds. The others had trickled away – Jack and Anne had left with their share of the money after the first day, Billy and Vane after the second, so it’s just the two of them checking into a hotel south of the Canadian border territory. It’s already snowing this far north, even in September, but it’s a light flurry and the chill in the air soothes Silver’s aches some. Flint calls on a doctor, pays him double to keep quiet, and then leaves the room while the doctor cares for all the burns, the breaks, the bruises. He forgets his hat and his coat in his hurry to leave, not sure what he’d wind up doing if he saw the full scope of the damage. He stands outside the hotel, snow flakes landing in his eyelashes, the heat of his immeasurable fury keeping him warm.

– They stay on the Canadian side of the border, buying a cabin on some mountain over a day’s ride from civilization. They only have one horse, but she’s sturdy as hell. Some goats too, and chickens. Every breath tastes clean and cold and bright on their tongues. On the coldest nights, they strip down before the fire and hold each other until they’re both covered in sweat and panting like they’re fucking on the sun’s surface.

– While unpacking their few belongings, Silver finds in Flint’s bag The Poster – the one of Long Joe Silverado in all his glory, that Jack had given him a lifetime ago. Flint had just shoved it into his bag and forgotten about it. Silver tries to burn it, rid the world of any evidence of long blonde curls and red boots, but Flint saves it. It hangs over the mantlepiece now, the only thing adorning their walls.

– Silver tries to teach Flint some of his show tricks: how to fire a gun while holding it upside down, how to use a mirror to aim, how to hit a target while standing on your head. Flint is terrible at most of them, but he’s not frustrated by it. Watching Silver perform  – walking on his hands, doing a little jig on their trotting horse, hitting seven cans with a single bullet – is far more pleasing than doing the tricks himself.

– Flint sends a postcard to Eleanor every few months when they go into town for some supplies. He never leaves the return address, and he never says more than a “Hope you’re well.” But he likes to think she’d enjoy getting them, now the respected business owner in a thriving, prosperous town, with tiny mementos of her exciting criminal past.

– Silver gets Flint a ridiculous amount of poetry books when they go to town, too. Like a ridiculous amount, for a town so small, but then it turns out that he just bought all the poetry books the library had their first trip out. The next trip he gets all the plays, and then the histories, and then the nature books, and then the science texts, until they have quite an impressive collection. They take turns reading them aloud. Silver reads the dramas because he can do different voices. Flint reads all the driest tomes, because Silver claims the way Flint speaks can make anything sound exciting.

– They hunt rabbit, squirrel, and deer to eat, drying what they don’t finish for the winter in a shed they built together out back. Their chickens lay good eggs, and their goats produce decent milk. A freshwater stream runs behind their cabin, and in the summer they fish. Flint mends their torn clothes and boot holes. Silver loves to sweep the cabin floor. They rise at dawn, they go to sleep a few hours after night fall. The only other person they see for often months at a time are each other. They are never bored. 

Carmilla Week Day 1

The first time it happens, Laura doesn’t notice. She has a very touchy-feely girlfriend, so anything involving Carmilla’s lack of personal space is immediately written off as typical. (Not that Laura minds. She finds she has trouble sleeping when she’s not wrapped in Carm’s arms with a face full of black hair.) The sudden increase in snuggling is nothing strange. 

It’s the purring that tips her off.

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Top 5 fics you have written? Or 10 if you cant narrow it down, lol. One of my classes is really boring and I need reading material (he lets me play on my phone, Ive had him for 3 years now)

Alright, so- I know you sent this a few days ago and I’m sorry it’s later than you probably would have liked it – although I’m assuming you’re still going to have that class, right? 

Anyway, as you probably know (based on your cheeky lil “or 10 if you can’t narrow it down”, lol), I’m very indecisive when it comes to making certain choices and this happens to be one of those things. (Now, this isn’t to say that all of my fics are my favourite, or even that I love them all and that’s why it’s hard to choose. It’s just- Complicated.) But, alas, I’ve chosen some for you, so here we go:

1. When Everything Comes Crashing Down [+91k]

Note: slow burn, major/minor character death (Zayn), cheating, heavy angst, murder mystery au, smut.

2. Last First Kiss [+56k]

Note: slow burn, emotional/mental cheating, fluff & angst.

(The rest are not in order of favourites, they’re just there

3. People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways [+19k]

Note: Leap Year (movie)!au, angst & fluff, accidental(?) cheating

4. Of Demons and Angels [+40k]

Note: Shadowhunter!au, angst & fluff, violence, demons, angels, minor character (demon) deaths.

5. I’ll keep your heart safe [+42k]

Note: crime!au, theft, guns, mentions of overdose, mostly angst; some fluff, smut.

And then there are:

6. I fucking hate love you [+15k]

Note: soulmate!au, heavy angst & fluff, mentions of suicide/self-harm/depression/blood.

7. Silver 

Note: Niall is a prince and Harry is a pirate after his silver. And maybe something else too.

8. Snowflake

Note: Niall can manipulate the weather and make snowflakes in his bare hands – and Harry is a human who is sort of, a little bit, in love with him.

9. Prepared

Note: Niall isn’t at all prepared for the green-eyed boy with long, unruly curls to come to his rescue.

10. Angel [+8k]

Note: Christmas fluff, angel!Niall, elf!Harry, mentions of violence.

I have another one that I could add, but I’ll hold off. I hope this helps. Happy Reading!

Be Mine

She couldn’t keep herself still even after she took a seat at one of the park’s bench near the fountain. The wind blew a little stronger than the last few days, the temperature felt like it had dropped a few degrees too. It was still a nice afternoon anyway, she was glad she came prepared with a long coat and turtleneck despite having to deal with the cold breeze slapping her legs since she wore a short skirt. Honestly, it took her more than an hour just to decide what she was going to wear. Her room was still messy and looked like someone had dropped a crate of clothing from the sky, it exploded everywhere. Some shirts even made their way to the kitchen island, she didn’t know how. She was too nervous to pay attention.

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(Twice) Best Friends (Chaeyoung)

Note: Sorry if this is shitty and a little confuse. They are older in this one.

Originally posted by nayeoh

You and Chaeyoung had been friends since you know yourself as a person. You went to the same school together, you walked home together basically you did everything together. She was always the first person you would go to tell everything that happened to you. Like the day you had your first kiss, she were the first person you ran into to talk about it. Than high school came and alongside with it your first boyfriend came, and after some time you realised that wasn’t what you wanted.
After the day you kissed her, you started to feel weird about some things. You knew it was wrong because you were already in a relationship but you always wanted to try it. At first you feared that she would pull you away and stop talking to you. But she didn’t. She actually went on with it. The days that followed that, you started to realise that she was the one you wanted. She was the one that was on your mind 24/7. All of that was so new for you and the fact that you were starting to fall for your best friend scared you.
You wanted so much to tell her about what you felt for her. You were ready to do it. But it fell apart when she had to move to another city to became a trainee. That was her dream since, always and you knew it.
In the same way that you wanted to see her happy, you didn’t wanted to be without her. It broke your heart to think that you would be so much time separated.
But her happiness meant more to you than your broken heart. So you didn’t even tried to make her stay but, you made her promise that she’d keep in touch and that she would come to visit you but, unfortunately that was not what happened. With all the training and practice she didn’t even had time to breathe. Everything was really tight for her at the moment, specially when she was close to debuting. So you two were slowly losing contact with each other. It all went worse when you lost her phone number. You rarely talked to each other at that point but you still thought that she could call you anytime. So you kept your number.

After some time passed, Chaeyoung debuted in a group called Twice and you were one step from your graduation. You were so happy for her, even if you didn’t talked anymore and you had thought that your feelings for her had been gone for real, but they were just stiffed somewhere in your heart just waiting to come back up to the surface. And when you woke up one morning, and saw a text at your phone coming from her, saying that she’d be in town soon for her mother’s birthday, your heart would skip a beat. You’d text her back saying that you should mark to go out or something. You wanted to know everything. How it was to be a k-idol and how she deals with the crazy fans. You wanted to tell her how your life had been going and how much things were really boring without her around. Maybe you would even tell her how you felt. But that’s something you can think of later.

Few hours before your “date” with chaeyoung, you could already feel the anxiety coming up. Since you two started to talk with each other again, a few days ago, you’d feel like your feelings had come all the way up and you would notice how much you actually missed her.

She were so excited that she were counting the hours to see you again. Its been so much time and so much had happened. She had so much tell you. Especially some things about her feelings about you. Yeah, it’s been so much time but her feelings for you had never been gone. And they’ll never will. All of this time she was away she tried to move on, but she couldn’t. When she had send that text for you, she was so afraid that you had forgotten her. And she feared that when she came back you would already been taken. And she felt so happy and relieved when you told her that you were still single. Not that she was planning to ask you to be her girlfriend or anything.

When the time had finnaly come both you and chaeyoung would be so nervous. Like, this is the first time you’re seeing each other again after all these time.
And well, you were surprised. Chaeyoung looked so good. She is prettier than never. And when she smiled at you, you felt like your heart was jumping inside your chest.
She ran to you and gave you a really tight hug. God, you can’t even start to explain how much you missed that hug…

After you two had dinner and talked about some random things it was time to some serious talk.

“Y/n -ah, there’s something I need to tell you,” She said and you could notice that she was a little nervous. “but please don’t freak out.”

“okay…” You said.

“I’ll try to be direct. Do you remember, that day when we were in my house and you- you kissed me?” She said and your eyes went wide. Of course you did remember but you thought she didn’t. So you just nodded, without really knowing what to say. “I have been feeling something for you since then. I know it’s weird but- I don’t know how to explain it… it was so out of nowhere-”

In the middle of her sentence you pulled her over the table and gave her a clumsy hug. It was a little uncomfortable cause there was a table between you two, but you didn’t care. The girl you loved a great part of your life was basically admitting that she have feelings for you too. Words weren’t necessary. You just hugged her for some time until that table really started to bother you.

That was all it took for you two to start something that a lot of people would say it was somehow “meant to be”.

School/Summer Problems

Beginning of school year: its another brand new start and everything this year is going to be amazing!!!

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The first day of summer vacation: Yes, finally I can relax and do whatever I want!!!

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A few days later…    I’m bored. i have nobody to talk to and nothing to do. I’m ready for school so I can see all my friends again!!!

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prettynowprettynever  asked:

Quickest way to lose 5kg in a few days?? I can't seem to lose anymore weight even though I've been restricting and exercising, I just need to lose that final 5kg to feel good, please help😭 any way do it do without fasting completely, it's summer break so my parents make sure I eat

1. Losing that amount of weight in a few days isnt possible
2. Make sure u drink water when you feel like eating
3. Eat healthy foods ( no junkfood , no meats , no sugar)
4. If you feel like you ate too much , burn the calories off by going on walks
5. Drink green tea frequently
6. Do light exercises when bored
7. Never skip breakfast. Ever.

Plz stay safe ♡