its ghetto

Why is it that every time a black woman is happy it has to be “Ghetto”. 

Like someone commented on a graduation photo of a bunch of black women taking fun pictures in their graduation robes and said they looked ghetto.

When a group of white teenagers is being loud they celebrating or playing around but when black teenagers are being loud its just ghetto. 

If a white woman says or does something rude then she is just rude but if a black woman does it its ghetto. 

everything that black women enjoy- our hair, our music, our dancing, our fashion, our cooking- is ghetto unless it is being done by a white person. 

Americans think that they invented the phrase “ yass ” and that it’s ghetto but in actual fact Scottish people have been saying it for literal generations like u do not understand its part of our culture even the really old people say it like “ yass Barbra hen I got my fuckin pills today yasss ”