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Heeey. Sorry if I disturb you by something or anything but could you maybe list some good shows? (It's not a must that LGBT couples are included) thanks a lot ❤️❤️💫

Hi, Anon! 

You’re not disturbing!

So I’m the type of person that watches a pretty random variety of shows so I’m not sure what your taste leans toward exactly. 

If you have any suggestions, make a comment or drop me a message with the show and why you like it! And if you want, make a suggestion on how to make this list better!

** Is for shows other people suggest to me. I’ll comment if I’ve heard of it or seen any of it. 

*I’ll try to put if it’s LGBT friendly. And also I want to put down if it’s diverse or not and a note if you suggest a show is diverse…I’m looking for either the main character that is a POC or more than 1-2 minor characters that show up often enough to make a difference to the plot. Don’t tell me a show is diverse if it’s 3 black characters are just window-dressing…👀

Let me see what I can remember and rec those and what I tried and didn’t like. 

  • -Shadowhunters: I love this trash show. It’s actually not all that great but it’s got some absolute gems of characters you end up watching it for anyway. I def recommend but S1 was watched with a ton of skip Clary/Jace scenes for me. This is LGBT friendly and diverse.  
  • -Riverdale: I tried man, I used to read Archie comics when I was younger but um, this show…I think it’s supposed to be ironically pretentious? It just falls flat for me tbh. It’s popular though so you can check a couple of episodes out to see if it’s your thing. There’s an openly gay character in this that should get more story than he does. Also, kind of LGBT baits too at times so not sure if I trust them completely. 
  • -The Expanse: My sci-fi pick. I love this show. It’s gorgeous, diverse, rich story, funny without trying too hard. I just get sucked into every character. It had one older married gay couple that was really minor characters but I don’t recall any current mains that are. But It’s an inclusive show so I don’t think it’s particularly averse to the idea. Based on books I haven’t read yet! 
  • -Veep: This is like a completely meant-to-be-offensive comedy show with the amazing Julia Louis-Dreyfus. While I wasn’t in love with the last 2 seasons, the first 4 are amazing. No clear cut character you root for in particular but it’s so close to politics you can’t help but laugh/cry. Watch it for the absolutely unapologetic legendary burns. Also, has a lesbian couple in it although it’s offensive comedy so prepare for that.
  • -Archer: Also another meant-to-be-offensive show that’s hilarious but so terrible and inappropriate. I don’t usually like that kind of comedy but I binge watched this when I was sick and got hooked. 
  • -Vikings: I love this show. If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll like this one only it’s got less nudity and more idgaf fight scenes. It’s got brilliant characters, beautiful battle scenes, really interesting storylines, and just good snarky humor. Watch it! Also, they’re not shy about same-sex couples even if they don’t explicitly say it. 
  • -Mr. Robot: Really good show, very different and…I actually don’t know how to describe it? The main has mental health issues. It’s a sociopolitical commentary type show. It’s about hacking and network security and corporation conglomerates in control of our everything and the fight against it. Also from @cherryrebel : mr robot has a shit ton of diversity in both race and lgbt, the lead is mixed race but the actor is egyptian, tyrell is bisexual, gideon is gay, angela, elliot and darlene are implied being lgbt+, i think i’m forgetting about someone but watch that show, it’s the shit 
  • -Legion: A superhero show that’s so incredibly NOT like the other superhero shows. You'll find yourself in a serious mind trip thinking you’re the one that’s crazy. But it’s really really good. Go watch. 
  • -Mozart in the Jungle: About a bunch of musicians and a crazy conductor you absolutely love. It’s really good. LGBT friendly! And diverse-ish.
  • -Luther: One of the best crime shows in my opinion. Idris Elba just does things and you will want to watch him do it. Anything he does is beautiful and brilliant. But the show actually IS brilliant and amazing and go watch!! 
  • -This is Us: one of those, where-the-hell-did-you-come-from?? shows. Really heartfelt stories that make you laugh, cry, and go aww a million times. 
  • -Killjoys: Another sci-fi show I love. It’s got diversity and great characters and great action and story. 
  • -True Detective: Crime detective show. It’s great, very gritty and serious but good stories and character-driven. 
  • -Humans: Sci-fi show about android robots that are part of normal life- they look human and are basically live in maids. Only five of these have consciousness. Really good UK show. Diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Broadchurch: Another good UK crime show. Slow and gripping. @iamacolor mentioned a lesbian character in this one too. LGBT friendly.
  • -The Americans: Russian sleeper spies in America that lead normal lives, have American children, and are like totally Russians carrying out secret missions. 
  • -The Get Down: Great show that was recently canceled :( has about 1 season out. I’m not sure how to describe it and do proper justice. It’s lovely though with amazing characters. Also, LGBT friendly and clearly diverse!
  • -Stranger Things: Great show sci-fi mystery thriller type show. 
  • -Dear White People: Black college students from all kinds of backgrounds dropping truth bombs all around and being amazing. Also LGBT friendly. Go watch. It’s a balanced show with amazing characters. So both diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Brooklyn Nine-Nine: an Amazing funny cop show that manages to be winsome, hilarious, endearing, quirky, diverse, balanced, and just amazing all around. V. LGBT friendly. 
  • -Fresh Off the Boat: Asian family comedy show that’s endearing and hilarious. (Also check out Jane the Virgin for crazy telenovela-esque antics that are hilarious and cute). 
  • -Orphan Black: Sci-fi show about clones. A really amazing show, LGBT friendly. Great story AMAZING characters…most of which is played by one woman. Diverse and LGBT friendly.
  • -Preacher: Great show based on the graphic novel…uhh not sure how to describe it but it’s good. Reth Negga is in it!! 
  • Also adding Sense8 for its LGBT and diversity. Good show but I’ve heard something about the directors/producers being racist? Not sure so I’m recommending with caution because the show itself esp s2 where the nonwhite characters got a better fleshed out plot is good. But since I don’t know what the producers/directors have done, I’m giving a heads up for someone else to fill me in.
  • Poldark: I just started this one 2 days ago. 2 episodes in I’m really enjoying it. It’s from PBS’s Masterpiece series. Aiden Turner as a Cornishman is delicious. So far I adore his wife and immensely enjoying yet another period show.  
  • Grantchester: Adding this to the list after I discovered it on my prime account. I’m only one season in and I love Sydney Chambers and his gruff buddy cop Geordie? This isn’t a show that is going to have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It’s totally a procedural type of show. But it’s characters are likeable, it’s story feels comfortable, and honestly, if it’s a shitty day for you and you just want something that’s easy? This is it. @iamacolor  :)

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Guys, it’s been a day.

Less than a day even.

Are we really doing this? Sega lets you design your own character that obviously WOULDN’T be a recolor because, duh, they wouldn’t put that option in the game, and some people are really complaining about it?

I get it, I really do. I’ve been in the fandom for years and have been with Sonic since the Genesis days. I understand that people don’t like change. Some people still don’t like boost. Even if it’s not wisps exactly, some people hate that it’s still there. Some want a return to the Adventure style. Some people are upset that the third character isn’t one of the many characters Sega created over the years.

Modern and Classic Sonic are iconic. Generations is also really well-loved, so it was an obvious choice to have both of them in the game. Yet, maybe they didn’t want to make it exactly like Generations, and thus chose to add another character.

But they considered; what if they picked someone that people didn’t like? I mean, even some of the Adventure lovers didn’t like playing as some of the characters, or just the characters themselves. It was a risk.

So, they sat around in the office one day and decided that they wanted you to be in the game. They wanted you to be part of the adventure.

They wanted you, because no matter what anyone says, they wouldn’t be here without their fans, and they know that.

Character customization is not easy. I’ll bet they spent so much time slaving over this because they didn’t want just anyone to fight alongside Modern and Classic; they wanted you.

Some people are joking, and I understand that. Some are poking fun and that’s completely okay. Yes yes, I’ve heard it all; Sega letting people make custom characters is what caused everything in the game to go to hell, blah blah blah.

But this? Being negative like this? That’s not okay.

I’m not saying that people can’t have their opinion, and if anyone legitimately doesn’t want to play as a customizable character, that’s perfectly fine, but saying that this game is suddenly going to be bad or that Sega’s made a huge mistake and actually meaning it? Before the game’s even come out?

This franchise has gone through many changes over the years; from Classic to Modern and everything in-between. It’s natural that things change as Sega tries new things.

But isn’t that part of the magic? There are so many different attempts at making a Sonic game, and none are exactly alike. Sometimes it’s just Sonic, sometimes someone else comes along for the ride, and sometimes it’s a whole slew of characters you get to choose from!

And this time, it’s you. Even if no one ends up liking the gameplay style, Sega made a conscious decision that YOU were more important than every other character they’ve made aside from Sonic himself.

I think that’s pretty special.

Sonic is not dead. Even if Sega stops making games, as long as people continue to cherish the franchise and the character, Sonic will never be dead.

Negative opinions, no matter how severe, will not change that fact.

like real people do (daddy issues ch. 7)

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isaac has a nightmare about his dad. when shaking him and yelling his name doesn’t work, naomi comes up with a very creative way to wake him up. 

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Hey, first of all, I'm not even in the Supergirl fandom and have no idea how different parts of the fandom interact, but what are your thoughts on the original song that was sang by Jeremy Jordan and most of the cast(I think)? Because I honestly don't think it's right to mock an LGBT+ ship regardless of what *some* of the shippers are like, and it just came off as blatantly rude to me. Again, just want to hear your thoughts on it, have a good day :)

Hello, wanderer! Thanks for stopping here :D

First of all, jokes are jokes. Some are rude, some are unfunny, some are silly, some are funny as hell. But the point is – we are all different, we have different experiences, different things make us laugh or offended. Some of us will laugh at the same thing that others will find offensive. It’s quite natural.

Ok, now because you are not in the fandom, I think you need a bigger picture and the context to understand what REALLY happened.

Supergirl cast is constantly harassed by the Supercorp (Lena x Kara, FF ship) fans for MONTHS now. What I mean when I say “harassed”? Few examples.

Rahul Kholi, a POC actor, you may know him from IZombie, a wonderful, sweet, amazing guy played Lena’s love interest for ONE ep. Supercorp fandom sent him on his social media the most awful racist shit you can imagine. A “haired ape” was not the worst. The “go away, Lena belongs to Kara” were normal. Shit he got was so awful that he called Supercorp shippers “fan hooligans” in recent interview. Yesterday he got shit from them again.

Next, Melissa Benoist, the main heroine. For months she didn’t really talk about ships. All she said was, that she wants Kara to be happy. That’s it. But you know what Supercorp fans have been doing? Interesting things. Like, questioning Melissa’s SEXUALITY and wanting her to be with, yes you guessed, Katie (aka Lena). That her relationship with her current boyfriend, who plays her love interest in the show, is just a PR. That she could do much, much better than him, even if I haven’t seen her so happy and careless in months. That she is very unhappy with Kara’s arc and she wants Supercorp but shows runners banned her from saying what she really wants.

And now, let’s move to Chris, Melissa’s guy. This man lost his father to a mental disease, because of it he became an activist who tries to make people aware of this kind of problems. He is lgbt community and black lives matter movement supporter. Basically, it’s hard to find valid things to hate on this guy. But so far, Supercorp fans: sent him death threats, said how much they want him dead, how he steals the screen time, how he is useless in the show, how horrible actor he is, how the whole cast hates him, how he uses his relationship with Mel to stay in the show; makes gross jokes about his appearance, constantly twist his words and take them out of the context to make him look rude. They planned to corner him on SDCC and encouraged people to boo him and asked uncomfortable questions. I talked with a friend who knows this kind of things and who said Chris was nervous in the beginning of sdcc and the whole cast was supporting him. Cool, huh? He suspected what was coming, but thank God that to the SDCC go real fans, not fanatic shippers. I mean, every celebrity receive shit like that, but he gets TONS of it and only because he is an obstacle for a ship. There is no other reason.

Jeremy? Left social media for some time, because he had enough of harassment.

Katie? Doesn’t have social media. Too bad her brother has – poor guy was catfished by a, surprise, supercorp fan.

Btw Supergirl official media? A fucking mess. A girl that was running the SDCC panel and interviews asked on twitter for questions. Supercorp fandom, of course, sent her hate and things you would never ask anyone. Cheers.

Things like that are happening for MONTHS. So, I guess the fact the cast has absolutely enough of shit like this is not so surprising and they are tired of being silent. So, they made a joke song about how Supercorp is and will be friends. Nothing more. That’s it. Some people may think it was mocking and offending LGBT community but, seriously? The cast just clearly said there is NO queerbaiting in the show. That’s the whole crime.

But you know interesting thing? Few minutes before that song Melissa said that PEOPLE CAN SHIP WHATEVER THEY WANT. That includes Supercorp. So, this is seriously homophobia? And you know, I’m confused. There is a lesbian couple in the show – Sanvers. A real and CANON LESBIAN COUPLE supported by the cast and the show runners. But I got an impression that dear Supercorp shippers don’t give a flying shit, because more important is their crack ship. Sorry, I’m not sorry but the whole “we Supercorp shippers are offended because a lesbian couple was bashed and we support and protect lesbian ships” is… an excuse for hating on cast and showing how they are upset, because thing they want won’t happen.

And now the best. Have you seen what Supercorp shippers so far sent to the cast after the SDCC drama? How they started slutshaming Melissa? How they say she should slit her wrist? How she cheated on her husband to hook up with Chris? How she is a typical white fake feminist and let’s fuck her? How she and members of the cast are cancelled? Friendly reminder she, Jeremy and Chris support lgbt rights. Actively. They don’t sit in front of the computers “supporting” lgbt by shipping fictional couples and posting shit on social media. They help. But it’s all cancelled because of one, damned joke.

I understand that peoples’ feelings were hurt. But the shit that cast is receiving right now is 1000 times more horrible and gross than a song about two fictional female characters being friends. I know, they could do it in a different way. But I feel like they reached their limits.

Few more things. Supercorp fans claim that Katie was uncomfortable during that song. It’s a bullshit. She laughed her ass off and not because everyone were laughing, but because she found it funny.

Supercorp fans throw tantrums on social media, their posts about this issue are reaching a lot of notes, because “let’s protect lgbt people from bad homophobes”. The problem is – they don’t tell the whole story. And secondly, I saw a lot of people who claim they don’t watch the show and don’t know the whole story but are there to fight with homophobia. And it’s wrong. People knowing half-truths from one biased side of the conflict are shitting on innocent people who are FAR from being homophobic. Supercorp fandom, because they are salty, are making FUN of the real homophobia problem.

And I know that a lot of people really felt offended or felt triggered. But it doesn’t give them rights to spread horrible, gross lies and throw awful shit at real people.

Rant over. Hope I answered your question.

P.s. I know I generalized here the whole Supercorp fandom and there are nice shippers. I am aware.

Honestly, love, I know you might not accept it - in a “it’s okay, you don’t need to apologize!” way - but I am terribly sorry for giving this ask to the other. Had I actually done “research” on them I’d never given them this and the other asks. It’s too late now to take them back but I’m glad that you’re still okay with me doing this. Again, I apologize greatly! Love you!


※ Now, the cowboy knows how it is to be possessive of somethin’ you love but this…might be a little too far for him. The arguments you two end up having when he confronts you about it is so heartbreaking to him. He wants you to understand that he loves you and that he’s never had anyone else on his mind.

※ He’ll try to approach the situation more lightly- treading carefully. He doesn’t want to upset you but he knows that this is something that needs to be discussed.

※ He’ll have the talk when you’re both calm, collected, and prepared. He won’t rush into it like he’s done all the other times. He’ll make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

※ If it ends well then he’s content. He’s glad that you finally understand his point of view and understand how much he cherishes you. He’ll be more outgoing around everyone again without the fear of hurting you in the back of his mind. Sadly, though, he’ll still feel a bit bad when he thinks about how you might’ve just told him you’re okay to make him feel better.

※ If it doesn’t end well then he’s devisated. He wants this to work out, he truely does, and he wants to have a life with you but this- this jealousy is getting in the way. He’d react poorly, which in return makes you react the same. An argument would ensue. Even after you’ve both went to your separate rooms he’d still cling to the small part of him that wants to grow old with you.


※ Hanzo knows a good thing or two about jealousy and possessiveness. He gets like that when people seem to be giving you passing looks. He doesn’t like it one bit.

※ The fact that you both can be a bit hetic at times doesn’t help the situation at all. If he sees you with a friend he doesn’t commonly know then you better expect for him to usher up an escuse and take you away with him.

※ This upsets you. The person is just a friend! They’re nothing more than a platonic companion. Even if you try to tell him this he’ll still be doubtful, sometimes mumbling things under his breath. You can hear his words perfectly fine and, with that, a heated argument happens.

※ The argument could last a few minutes but the aftermath could last up to days. Neither of you want to say that you’re wrong and that doesn’t help. It would take quite a while, and a lot of coaxing from his brother, until he apologizes. Unless it’s you apologizing, then it’d be your friends coaxing you.

※ If you pull him away while he was doing something just because you didn’t like the people he was around he’d call you childish. Do you really need his attention 24/7?

※ You’d get irked at this and call him out for his similar behavior, to which he denies greatly. “I’m a man of honor.” He’d say, “A man that works alone.” Ha! You’d laugh as you’d feel your chest tighten. Fine, if he wants to work alone then he can!

※ The aftermath…well, lets just say it isn’t pretty. You’re both a mess, too stubborn to let your pride go, and you’re not speaking to each other. Neither of you want to end the relationship, god no, you love each other too much for that, but this has been really damaging. Every argument, every fight, every harsh word, it’s all too much.

※ Perhaps two possessively stubborn people just aren’t meant to be.


※ At first he thought nothing of it- assuming you just needed affection more than others did. It wasn’t long until it started getting out of hand.

※ The first argument you both had didn’t end all that bad. Genji, being the peaceful man he was, listened to your words until you calmed down from your high just long enough for him to be the first to apologize. To say that you might’ve cried would be an understatement. You were in such an array of emotions that crying seemed the best option when his soft voice told you he was sorry.

※ He tried to live with your neediness, he really did, but when it got to the point where he couldn’t do certain things unless you were there was when he realized that maybe this situation was more extravagant than what he thought.

※ Genji would try and talk to you. He’s heard your side and he was hoping that you’d be able to hear his too. He wants you to know that he loves you with all his heart and that he’d never give you up for anything. You’re too precious to him for that. You made him feel whole.

※ When you sat down and listened to what he had to say he could feel a ray of hope shine through him. You apologized to him as well, even though yours was late overdue, and he accepted it straight away. He knew you both could work this out.

※ He was patient with you. He knew that this would be a slow process and was willing to wait until the end of time for you. With every jealous look you’d give to others he’d give you a light scolding followed by a light peck. He wants you to learn that he’s not going anywhere and that you don’t have to be so possessive over him.

※ He’s not going anywhere and has all the time in the world for you. He knows you’ll get through this and, maybe, then you’ll both be the happy couple you two dreamed of.

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Lo they do get back together right maybe it's because I'm on my period but I cried watching tonight's episode but I feel so upset, how are ED going to fix this.

hey anon!

we’re synched up bless

ok think of it this way

this break up - yes it’s about the baby and it’s  about rebecca - but really, it’s about aaron and robert - and it started back in january

like - robert and aaron argued and it was huge, monumental. rob tried to move out, tried to call off the wedding. aaron flipped and put kasim in a coma. 

in their next scene, when aaron is still reeling, aaron says “i love you but i hate who i am around you”. like. aaron was already struggling so much. and that was his own shit, more than anything - beating up kasim wasn’t robert’s doing. even aaron’s jealousy, while yes, was rooted in robert’s behaviour at some level, was more a sign of his mental state

and then the police rock up and they get so distracted by the thought that they almost lost each other, could still lose one another, that they cling onto one another with both hands, completely ignoring the fight they had on the night before they were supposed to elope.

but aaron is still in a bad space and he’s having panic attacks and he’s just… struggling - and he’s worried about robert leaving him and about liv

so rob throws him a wedding, as a way to solidify the little family they’ve made and aaron is the happiest he’s ever been, until right at the end, where he admits he’s scared and he and robert have that lifechangingly beautiful conversation - and then follow it up the next day with their goodbyes

prison only makes things worse for aaron and it starts robert down a much darker path too - all of a sudden, it’s not just aaron who is struggling, but we see robert unable to sleep, on constant high alert, sad and lost

aaron has, obviously, a worse time than anyone could have imagined and it breaks him completely

this in turn ends up accidentally breaking robert and he ends up sleeping with rebecca

aaron gets out, talks to robert openly, finally, about what he went through. they end up going away for a month and from what rob says during the reveal, aaron starts to get back to his old self again (which we see for ourselves too).

they talk about it a lot during the reveal - aaron’s mh, robert’s own state of mind, how they’ve dealt, how they’re going to deal. we know that aaron sees the broken bottle and we don’t know what happens there - he ends up going to his therapist, but that’s still very much in his mind. he’s still struggling.

aaron decides to stay with robert and forgive him - and fuck, watch aaron say that line to robert again. he says it so quietly, only gets half the fucking words out. watch aaron’s face from that point onwards. i think… i think aaron just desperately wants to stay with robert, because he loves robert and he doesn’t want to be without robert, but he also looks so unsure. like. i think aaron knew, just as he knew back in january, something wasn’t working. i think he gave into his own desires and ignored what he also knew would be better for his mh - to leave and take some time to get himself better. doing it in this situation that is so fraught, has so many problems, is just… it wasn’t helping him at all.

then, to top it all off, we see aaron and robert find out that the baby is still a reality and it’s even worse. aaron immediately goes into supportive mode and this lasts a short amount of time, before he stops being able to keep it up. robert starts off in snappy attack dog mode and softens pretty quickly - but all in all, what results is that aaron and robert clearly haven’t had sex since the reveal, aaron has isolated himself repeatedly and robert has sort of tried to get him to talk but hasn’t succeeded at all and hasn’t really pushed all that much. at some point aaron starts self harming again. he tries to buy spice again, gets attacked by jason for his troubles. 

ultimately, we see aaron and robert fighting, trying to end it and not quite doing it. they decide to run away, that maybe that will help, if they get out of the situation and away from the baby entirely -

and again, they haven’t spoken about it but although the baby started it again, this ultimately started long before the baby was even a possibility, so it never would have worked 

- and then aaron is in the car with adam and he sees the scan and throws that wrench at robert’s head.

and the thing is - up until that point, aaron’s behaviour has hurt kasim and it’s hurt himself, but it had never hurt robert. and it’s at that point that aaron shuts down and shuts robert out entirely.

this is the point where aaron talks about how they do this to each other - push each other, how they can hurt one another and how it’s not good for either of them. it’s not just about aaron anymore, it’s about robert potentially getting hurt too - and this is what ultimately makes aaron leave.

and then aaron comes back, walls up, refusing to give robert even an inch - because he knows if he does, he’ll be right back there. it would be so so so easy for aaron to give in all over again - he’s done it every single break up before (#shameless self promo have a read through my break up guides)

and it leaves robert feeling entirely fucking bereft, like hope is gone and he’s lost aaron entirely

- because aaron is codependant in their relationship but robert is codependant as a person and he cannot even begin to understand really what aaron is trying to say - all robert knows is that they love each other

and i think ultimately they need that absurd balance - robert being there to keep them going, having that rock solid faith in them - and aaron being there to put a stop to things when it gets dangerous, to bring them a little more down to earth when they need to, like now, where aaron really does need to be alone in order to try and work through his shit

and where robert actually also does need to be alone to try and work out how to be single, bc he’s incapable of it, and develop a healthier relationship with himself too so that eventually his relationship with aaron will be healthier

that’s not what he’s gonna do tho he’s gonna slip larry some sleeping pills and take over home farm instead

but like - this break up could have been about how robert did something unforgivable, they could have set robert up to have a full on affair with rebecca, they could have done any number of things…

but instead they told this story - horribly depressing and heartbreaking, and yes maybe in some ways it feels hopeless, but in other ways i think it’s actually the exact opposite - it’s about addressing issues that have been prevalent for so long, about the way they’re entirely unable to communicate and it’s been told so so so slowly and

and what i’m saying is that this story has spanned 8 months and is still going and it has been entirely about their love for one another and the struggle they’ve faced and tbh you don’t do that for a couple you plan to drop forever

like… look how in love they still look with one another

like they do - despite all appearances - put a lot of care into robert and aaron’s storyline

just… look at the pete/leyla/priya mess and tell me you don’t see a difference

or any of the couples, honestly.  it’s absurd. they put so much care into showing how in love they are that all the other couples on the show feel a little ridiculous next to them??????? you don’t do that for a couple that’s never going to get back together

and look at how much fallout vic and adam got

(any fallout they’ve had has basically been related to robert and aaron it’s absurd)

they’re gonna be fine. it’s the ‘when’ more than the ‘if’ right now. they’ve just gotta get this whole white scheme out of the way first lmao.

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Hello! Love your blog! I'm from the uk and I was wondering if you can do junkrat/reaper/genji/soldier/Hanzo with a British s/o who starts to use British slang words like "sod it (forget it)" "I'm knackered (tired)" "bloody hell (fgs)" and they think it's really cute that they've gone full British mode and then their s/o gets self conscious and embarrassed cause they don't like their accent but they reassure them it's adorable?(you don't just have to use those words either if you don't want to)🤗

((Does it count that I use Aussie slang so I was about to say to an American friend how a bunch of bogans are having a party at like, 1am and I haven’t had a chance to get 40 winks in almost 3 weeks now??? - Mod Tez))

Originally posted by smauganna

Jamison Fawkes

  • Man he bloody loves British accents
  • poor lad he doesn’t show it well though.
  • The first time you went full on British mode he went total Aussie mode.
  • So you both spoke in so much slang that not even Sombra could hack you guys to understand the convo.
  • If you ever feel self conscious about your accent or the way you talk he tries to cheer you up.
  • “Oi get exactly what ya mean sheila! trust me ‘ere love half the time even good ol Roadie here doesn’t even get me!”
  • “If you think your accent is bad then oi must be the worst then eh love?”
  • Will pepper your face with kisses.
  • You’ll probably end up with soot all over your face.
  • But the soot is shaped like kiss marks.

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Gabriel Reyes (Reaper)

  • This man?????
  • Somehow????
  • Understands???
  • Some??
  • Slang?
  • He probably picks things up from the tone of voice and is actually quick to get what you say.
  • He finds the way your face scrunches up and turns red very cute.
  • He usually swears in Spanish and loves to talk shit about others with you.
  • He probably, solely, learns how to use your slang to talk shit about people’s fashion.
  • “Ah that red dress with the green high heels that have golden stilts… Aye I must say that’s bloody bullocks.”
  • Will totally ask if he’s saying things right.
  • If you’re feeling embarrassed he likes to pet your head to calm you down.
  • Honestly really cares for you and if anyone talks shit about your slang you can say that they’ll get their balls busted bad.

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Jack Morrison (Dad™76)

  • bOI
  • This man doesn’t understand even bloody hell
  • He’s always like, “??????”
  • “Why is bloody an insult? No one’s bleeding”
  • Tries to understand but never will.
  • Kinda feels bad about it too because when you get embarrassed he blames himself.
  • Tries to make you feel better by completely butchering the slang in a really, really strong attempt to try and make you smile.
  • “I feel…um, bloody knackered? because I don’t know what most of the bullocks you say means. Can you try and teach me some of those bullocks?”
  • you end up laughing a little and he feels like he accomplished something.
  • Just tell him what he said was right.
  • He ain’t leaving you alone until you teach him.
  • Wants to be very supportive about it.

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Genji Shimada

  • You see, the thing with Genji is.
  • He travelled alot to find peace with himself.
  • In the process he passed by the UK
  • He understands slang but doesn’t know how to use it himself.
  • He finds your tone change when you speak in slang very cute.
  • Will start to freak out in a good way when you go full British mode.
  • If you ever get upset about the slang
  • or embarrassed
  • or anything really.
  • He will pap your cheeks
  • He’ll squish your cheeks
  • And he’ll press his visor against them.
  • He always tells you,
  • “It took me years to come to terms with myself, you mustn’t worry about a small matter such as this one. You sound cute and you’re happy. That is what matters.”
  • Will totally hug you.
  • Gotta love cyborg boy

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Hanzo Shimada

  • Lookie here
  • Hanzo was raised in a very traditional lifestyle and possibly the type of English he was taught was American English.
  • He wouldn’t understand smidge of British slang
  • Hell, he doesn’t even understand Aussie slang mate!
  • But unlike Soldier, he is quick to learn
  • and also unlike Soldier, he is stubborn about learning new stuff.
  • But if he sees you start to become upset about your accent and/or slang use, he will throw himself on a desk and get his ass schooled.
  • Will approach you with tea and surprise you.
  • “Bloody hell this tea and learning about your bloody slang was hell to get through… But for you it was worth.”
  • He sets the tea down and hugs you.
  • Will probably never use the slang again but is willing to use it to cheer you up.

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Chapter 31 (the church scene) of BLLB ends with Ronan being very angry. Why? This scene really bothers me, like I'm missing something important. He could be angry just because, but I don't think so. It's like this time, he's actually really hurt. Did the dream upset him? He almost seems ashamed (?), but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and he's upset because he's Ronan Lynch. What do I know? He challenges us all to learn him again :) Thanks, Kat

Dear wolfwings7,

The short answer to this is he thought he didn’t have to feel that way anymore. 

The longer answer requires spoilers. 




Is that far enough? If you’re spoiled after this, it’s your own fault. 

Keep reading

jeremy heere x reader head canons !!

someone requested this elsewhere and i decided it’d be fun to put it here too, because there aren’t all that many bmc fics or something

this is w a y too long
like this is like points for a really cliche fic rather than head canons but that’s probably cause it’s a vague request and i got carried away ( i had fun with this )

-so like,, you started as friends having totally S L A MM E D into some dork in the hallway who was listening to bob marley
-news f l a sh : that dork was michael mell
-you two turned out to be fast friends real quick
–((after levels of apologies from both of you))
-the quick friendship would’ve been the same with jeremy
-w O U L D V E
-if he wasn’t such a nervous geek.
-BuT doNt woRry yOu secRetLy tHink iTs hEllA hEckIn cuTe
-so like jeremy slowly gets the nerve to talk to you more and like it’s interesting to watch
-cause he does it at inappropriate times
- like ,,, he’ll just start lAughiNG really awkwardly and loud like a solid minute after a joke you make
-or like “oH hEy (y/N) hAvInG a fuN daY of criPPLing soCiAl impAriTy ?”
-just cause like the boy has no idea to talk to you
-and believe me he hits up michael after school just slamming his head on the dashboard of michaels pt cruiser
-“i do n t kNOW HOW TO TALK TO THEM M I C H A E L”
-“i can see that, jeremy”
-“jeremy, buddy, we can all tell”
-and so jeremy will just attempt to redeem himself but eventually michael just pushes him into them thinking ‘well if it worked with me it’ll work with him’
-he was kind of right?
-jeremy got way too nervous but eventually (y/n) was like ‘i’ve had enough of this’ and foRCES them to socialize ,, whilst making sure he’s like comfortable? like he doesn’t hate them ???
-so after that whole awkward weird phase, it turns all into the three amigos
-like they’re the mega geeks and losers but
- they aren’t TOTAL losers ??
-because people have a lil more respect for jeremy and michael after the squip incident,, which kind of just died over after a few months
-so like y'all will just ch i ll in michaels basement and ya know he gets the stoned™ sometimes but that doesn’t matter because
-you and jeremy are pure (lol jk they get the stoned™ sometimes too)
-and like everything is good and great and fun and games and all the bonding
-and jeremy and you got like this B O N D thing where you went from awkward to buddies™™™
-so it’s just like,,, good?
-until jake starts hitting on you
-o h y e s when the bisexual jake //he’s kinda gay and i’ll fight// starts to
-get all
-to the good ol amigo
-and so like,,, you’re kinda into it ? you think jake is pretty cute and hey he’s a fun guy
-so you start hanging out more
-and michaels all upset that it’s a two player game™ again but he still feels blessed to at least hAVE a player two
-but jer over here is like o k a y so first christine and noW thEm whAt The fuDgE sanDwiCh
-and like no no you’re not just ignoring your dorks you still hang out with them
-but like it’s just less
-and so jeremy starts to get kinda pissed around you (which, no offense, love, but that’s kinda hypocritical)
-but michael is being sweet and small and favoring all his time with you cause he takes what he can get
-but because jer y'all get a w k w a r d
-and sure you and jake aren’t technically dating but there were times you did get a little hot and steamy and make out and jeremy ended up finding oUt and hE jUst feLt bETRAYeD
-and so jeremy starts cutting you out and it’s making you sad
-so you go to confront him about it ( in a kind way )
-and so you’re all like “yo, heere, what’s wrong lately?”
-and he’s all upset but can’t think of anything rude to say to you because you’re p ER FECT and he’s just “i don’t know why don’t you ask jake ?”
-and you’re pretty oblivious and you’re casually thinking he feels dejected about being friends and “i’m still hanging out with you and michaels happy with it i don’t know why you’re so upset? i’m still trying to be your friend?” and you’re genuinely confused and feeling pretty bad because jeremy is your G U Y and you just l oVe hIm
-and he just gets so mad he tries to like move his arms in this angered way or some shit but then he just f l a i l s them at his side and he lets out a groan and moves his hands to cover his face and tug on his hair ( kINKY)
-and you’re starting to get more worried about jeremy but you’re also thinking that maybe he just hates you and you’re getting really nervous and you feel like you’re gonna cry but you D ONt let yourself cry
-so you’re looking at jeremy looking all sad and angry and useless and h o p e l e s s and you just feel this wave of guilt thinking you caused this and you mutter out a sorry and go to walk away , which is when you feel the tears alMOST ALMOST fall but you’re being a sTroNg perSon
-and he goes to let you walk away and then he looks up and he can just tell by your posture that you’re totally broken
-like you’re slouching JUST a bit more, and your hands are half heartedly in your pockets, and your feet scuff just slightly
-and then the boy gets his own guilt
-so he just grabs for your hand
-and that turns into a fumbled mess because youR hAnDs arE in yOur poCkEtS so hE jUst gRaBs yOur wrIsT
-and you get really confused and turn and look at him and
-he’s just got this look?
-and it’s got so many emotions and you’ve never seen him like this
-like he’s got this anger, and sadness, and fear and longing and this emotion you doNt uNderStand and ITs aLl sO capTivAtIng
-and before you can ask anything
-jeremy just t r a n s f or. m s from this awkward geeky boy who couldn’t remember his name when he first met you, to this strong confident knight in shining armor
-and he leans in and just kisses you
-but just understand this is going from experienced jake who knows how to kiss to passionate and in love smol boi
-and he’s not quite sure what he’s doing but it feels right to him and he just cares so much
-and you feel yourself totally just fall under everything he’s doing and practically mE LT
-then you realize you didn’t kiss back and he realized it too so he pulls back
-“i-i’m so sorry ? i shouldn’t have done that i’ll go oh my god i’m so sorry.”
-the rambling continues and small cute jeremy is back and you just crack a smile and he gets confused and even more self conscious and you just quickly kiss him
-and he doesn’t comprehend it
-“my apologies for not responding to those actions, i was lost in thought per se. we’ll have to retry that sometime”
-so you’re walking away and jer got confused cause you don’t normally talk like that and he’s like what you mean
-and then it kicks in and his face goes R E D (more than before, which he didn’t know was possible)
-he’s just trying to get something out but he can’t and he just lets out a “o-okay!” and he totally voice cracks and he knows he voice cracked and you know he voice cracked and the whole
world knows he voice cracked but it really doesn’t matter and the last thing you do is just shoot jake a text
-“jeremy just kissed me” and he immediately responds “ F I N A L L Y. hoW mAnY tiMes dO we hAve tO maKe oUt foR thaT.”
-sure enough there’s quickly another text from jake “one more time?” and you let out this abrasive loud laugh"
-“prolly not jakey- d but thanks for the offer i’ll keep it in mind.”

okay that’s it and it was long and stuff and yes but yeah

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Oh, hi!! I'm the person who requested the gay Yoosung post and for some reason when you said to read the rules I didn't think they had changed?? I'm so sorry ;;; instead of the whole RFA reacting to finding out Yoosung likes guys, maybe just Zen, Jaehee, and V? I think there's might've most interesting to hear....either way, again, I'm so sorry!

You’re okay, buddy! I hope this is okay! Sorry if its long. Just as a heads up, Mc might be dating different people in each scenario.

- Yoosung hardly saw Jaehee outside of the messenger. They were friends? Kinda? But not enough to plan hang out days, especially when she was so extremely busy.
- Granted, they were still close, since she was always willing to give him helpful advice. Even when his questions were stupid.
- Often, after work if she didn’t have to work over, she would stop by whatever local coffee shop was still open and grab a drink to help her get through finishing some reports. The most interaction she would have would be with the cashier, given that she didn’t have many people she could consider friends, if at all.
- Though, as she turned around and went to leave, she spotted a familar face at a coffee table. Yoosung. He looked nervous, fumbling with his hands a lot as he sat at a table alone with a half-empty coffee. She was tempted to go say hi, or ask what he was doing so far from his dorm, when some man rushed past her to join him.
- They apparently didn’t know each other well, with how Yoosung scrambled out of his seat to awkwardly shake the other’s hand, and she could tell he was stuttering from her place at the counter.
- All the while Yoosung’s cheeks stayed a solid pink. After a moment of watching, their eyes met, and she had never seen Yoosung look so scared before. Weird… She gave him a small wave, and went on her way.
- It wasn’t until the next morning that she checked her phone, surprised by the slew of messages from Yoosung.
- First he was explaining that he was just meeting a friend, then how he couldn’t say sorry because he didn’t want to be rude to his date, and then there were a good five texts of him panicking over saying ‘date’ before a message begging her not to tell anyone.
- Already confused, she called him to sort whatever this was out while she started getting breakfast ready. Yoosung answered immediately, and it took her a few tries to get him to stop stuttering excuses and to let her talk.
- “Yoosung, I never have any direct contact with your family, so I have no idea why or what it is you’re not wanting me to tell them.”
- Granted she had an idea, but she didn’t want to risk being wrong. Better to let him explain it.
- Once he finally got the full story out, about how he was branching out and seeing if he might 'swing the other way’, Jaehee started brewing a cup of coffee for the day, already desperately needing one.
- “Yoosung. It personally does not matter to me who you get involved with, no matter the gender. All I care about is that you stay safe and don’t get mixed up with people who are bad for you. But yes, I won’t mention this to anyone else until you do. Your secret is safe with me.”
- “Really?”
- “Yes, really. So cheer up, get ready for school. You’re completely normal and no one is upset. If your parents get mad, well. I’m sure the R.F.A. will help you out no matter what. And as long as you keep the place clean, you would be free to come here, if it was necessary.”
- She never thought she could hear someone cry more than the characters from the dvds she owned, but…At least it was happy crying.

- It was hard. For the both of them. When Mc had gotten together with Jumin, one if her requests was for V and Yoosung to try to get along more. Jumin backed the idea up wholeheartedly, insisting it would be for the benefit of the whole R.F.A.
- And now, months down the line, their relationship was a little better. Not the best, but it was decent enough to where Yoosung could start trusting him little by little. Especially when V had opened up about Rika more. Even though it had hurt, Yoosung appreciated finally getting some insight on why she had hurt herself.
- Now they were on a trail. Yoosung was helping V carry some of his camera equipment. Nothing too much, especially since the man’s eyes still weren’t the greatest, but…Yoosung wanted to at least humor him, even if these trips never produced any photos.
- They sat down at a clearing and appreciated the view. There were no sounds of city life, just endless noises of the preserved woods, and Yoosung felt…calm. Safe. Like he wasn’t recovering from a hectic school year and depression.
- He assumed, from the soft sigh from V, that he felt the same.
- They listened to the noises around them for a while, Yoosung contemplating on if he could tell V just one thing that he had been struggling with lately. With V, he felt like he would be taken seriously about it. No teasing, no chiding that he didn’t know any better- They were still at the stage of repairing their friendship, that V took every word Yoosung said seriously.
- Or maybe that was just how the man was, and Yoosung had never noticed.
- “Yoosung, you’ve been quiet lately.”
- “Mhm.”
- “…Do you have more questions?”
- He always did. Always had questions that the answers were always unsatisfying, but he had a different one today.
- “Do…You think it’s wrong for…guys to like each other?”
- He felt V move, felt the tension in the air, before looking at him and seeing the small hint of surprise on his face.
- “I….No, I…I don’t think so, Yoosung.”
- “Okay.” Deep breath. “So…So if-”
- “If you were like that, then there’s nothing wrong with that either.”
- As usual, V knew the questions he had before he had been given a chance to say them. Yoosung nodding as he went quiet again.
- Carefully, V pat his back.
- “Take care of yourself. Let me know if some certain people in your life don’t take kindly to that. My home is always open for you, as are the other’s.”
- Yoosung didn’t need to be told he was talking about the R.F.A. He nodded, a bit more tensely this time as he tried to take another deep breath.
- Going out to secluded areas with V was always nice. Only V had to see him cry, and thankfully the man never judged him for it.

- Zen only finds out when they get drunk together again. It’s after the events of Mc coming into their lives, off happily with Saeyoung, and they both thought it would be fun to have a guys night!
- Of course they wanted to invite Saeyoung along, but he was too wrapped up in plans he had already made, so…Just the two of them it was.
- They were pretty relaxed, just sipping on a few beers while catching up and watching tv. Zen had been busy with another hardworking play, and Yoosung was actually trying to get himself focused in school again.
- “So, any cute girls been asking you out?”
- Yoosung’s cheeks were already red from being buzzed, but they turned darker as he firmly shook his head.
- “One day bud, don’t give up hope!” He chuckled, giving Yoosung a pat on the back. He had always seemed to look forward to the day when he could finally date for the first time. Zen felt bad it had been this long.
- Most if their night continued with normal discussions like that, occasionally sprinkled in with future girlfriend talk. Zen kept lamenting over his job restricting him on having the time to spoil a woman, while Yoosung just turned quiet when the topic was brought back up again.
- It wasn’t until he had downed three beers, a surprising amount for Yoosung, that he finally cut Zen off from talking.
- “You make fun of Jumin a lot. For that rumor he has.”
- Zen just cocked an eyebrow at him, a confused smile on his lips. “Yeah? It’s the only time I can get the dude to shut up.”
- “Well, what if he was, you know, actually gay? A-And you were hurting his feelings or something.”
- Towards the end, Yoosung’s words became quieter, but Zen still got the gist.
- “Well, fuck. I mean, if he was that’d be whatever, you know? And if I hurt his feelings I guess I’d say sorry or something.”
- “Just whatever?”
- “He’d still be just the same old Jumin to me, but it would explain his uh, empty date life.”
- Yoosung just muttered a soft 'oh’, sipping his beer again, but Zen was curious now.
- “Why?”
- “Jus’ wonderin’.”
- Weird. Alright. He went to focus on the tv again, but Yoosung spoke up.
- “What if I was, y'know. That.”
- “…If you liked dudes?”
- “….yeah.”
- Zen’s eyes widened. “W-Well, uh. That’d. You’d still be Yoosung? But I mean. I’d stop sending workout photos, maybe.”
- Yoosung scoffed and rolled his eyes, the alcohol making him loosen up. “Who says you’re even my type?”
- “W-What??”

Offer to the Robron Fandom

So, starting tonight, things are going to be really bloody difficult for our favourite boys, and there’s no doubt at all that some episodes are going to be….really hard to watch.

I know so many of us (myself included) have latched onto Robron in a big way, and so many of us identify with the boys, and seeing Aaron in prison, suffering abuse, and potentially even drug abuse, is going to be pretty triggering for some people.

So what I’m offering is this. If you want me to, I’m more than happy to watch the episodes (not just tonight, but over the coming weeks/months - the entire duration of this storyline) and then give you a message telling you whether you should avoid watching it or not (or at least, if you’re having a bad day, I can tell you to wait until you’re feeling a bit better before watching the episode/scenes).

I’m already going to do this for another friend here, and I’d be happy to do this for anyone else. Even if we haven’t spoken before, even if we don’t follow each other - it doesn’t matter. Just give me a message and I can make sure I PM you after the episodes and give you an idea of how heavy/intense they are.

I think it’s so important for everyone to look out for each other. I know a lot of what will happen in these episodes will be revealed in gifsets and written posts, but that’s not the same as watching it on screen, hearing the words and seeing exactly what’s going down.

This storyline is going to contain physical/verbal abuse, potential drug abuse, mentions of pedophilia, homophobia (no doubt), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron self-harms again. This is going to be seriously triggering for a lot of people, for any of those reasons, and I want people to still feel safe and still be able to watch the show as a whole and enjoy the storyline as much as they can.

So please, please, please feel free to message me. You don’t have to tell me why you’re concerned, or why it might be triggering or upsetting to you. I can either give you brief details of what happens in the episodes or I can just quickly say “I wouldn’t watch if you’re having a bad day”. Like it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it could be important.

I know some people may well need this, or they may have already asked other fandom friends to do this for them. But I also know some people might feel silly or embarrassed to ask someone, or are not sure who to ask, and I just want you to know you can ask me. It’s honestly no bother at all, and I’d be happy to do it if it’s going to help put people’s minds at ease.

So starting from tonight, this offer is open. Please please PLEASE feel free to message me - I won’t ask any questions. I’ll just add your name to a list and that will be that. Job done. And you’ll get a little message after the episode/s air.

If people could help spread the word, or want to reblog this and offer themselves up to do this too, that would be awesome. This fandom is so lovely and I’ve seen several posts of people sounding concerned for what’s to come, and I just want you to all feel safe!

This post in short: if you want me to watch Emmerdale and PM you after the episodes air to warn you about their content/let you know whether it’s safe to watch, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do that for you.

Help Please

I really did not want to make this post because it just ends up making me look like a prick, but I’m so frustrated and do not know what else to do. So if you follow any of my work artwork, especially, the SasuSaku fanart, I make it a point to ask people not to repost without permission. If you ask then please by all means go ahead. I love for people to share my work. 

That is still IF YOU ask. 

I recently found an Instagram who had reposted my work. I was angry, but I calmly asked her/him to just give credit to my instagram. That’s all it really boiled down to. Credit. 

She does give credit to all other artist. However, after many times of asking her/him:

they refuse to and ignore my plead. I have sent private messages. I have sent public messages. I have even comment on works they have recently added to just reply to me or look at the comment. Nothing

I have tried all I can. I even tried reporting the post as a last resort but Instagram won’t let me as invasion of copy right etc. The other options are not true so I do not wish to report her or him that’s not true. This has really gotten to me more than I like to admit. If anyone has any advice please tell me or any suggestions. Thanks. 

All I want is a credit link. I don’t care if she keeps it up….being ignored just kinda hurts when you’ve worked hard on a piece. 

Let me just say, in the past this has happened before but in the end we talked about it and it was all good. we were able to resolve the problems without issues. And I want to thank them for this because I never knew how bad it could feel for a no response. 

EDIT: I was able to get help about how to report the post! Thank you everyone so so very much! Anyone that like or shared it! It means a lot to me as a small creator. Hopefully this will solve the problem! Once again, Thank you to everyone. 

anonymous asked:

Are you taking prompts at the moment? ^-^ bc I saw the prompts you reblogged and thought “You’re not pulling another all-nighter, not if I can do anything about it.” sounded cute, and I also saw you say you like thinking about Killua & Gon sleeping next to each other, and thought it might fit? only if you want to of course! and while I'm here, THANK YOU for sharing your writing, it's so so much fun to read and to follow you because I know my day will be saved whenever you post something new <3

I’m actually trying to hold off on doing requests at the moment bc I have three other projects I’m currently working on hahaaaaaaa ^^; But this was so cute and your message was so incredibly sweet, I just had to write it!!!

This takes place after two-ish years after the killugon separation, so they’re sixteen here! Alluka and Killua are visiting Whale Island (and Gon, of course) for a bit before going off to travel the world again!

I hope you like this! Thank you so much again for your kind comments~


Killua jolted at the ear-blasting sound and dropped his DS, heart leaping up into his throat. 

“Killua,” came the familiar, stubborn tone from the open doorway. 

Gon, Killua’s mind sang out silently. 

He immediately stomped that inner voice down. He had thought being separated for nearly two years would’ve gotten rid of the way his insides twisted at the sight of his best friend.

Apparently, he was wrong.

“What, Gon?” Killua snapped as he snatched his DS of the soft sheets. “I said goodnight to you nearly half an hour ago. Who do you think you are, barging into my room like this?”

“Technically, it’s my room since it’s my house.”

“Technically-” Killua shot back, irritated, “- I’m the guest, so its my room. Not yours. Seriously, what do you want? Normally you’re asleep by now.”

Gon shut the door behind him before padding over to the bed. Killua could hear him approaching with the quiet tap-tap of his bare feet against the wooden floor. By the time Gon arrived at his bedside, Killua had pushed himself upwards into a sitting position.

They just looked at each other for a minute, not saying anything. Killua swept his eyes over Gon’s mess of hair, the crumpled green t-shirt and caramel eyes that seemed to glow even in the dark of night. 

He didn’t see anything wrong with Gon. But that didn’t mean anything. Killua had learned that the hard way.

“…Gon?” Killua asked lowly. “What’s-”

“Move over,” Gon said.

Killua blinked. “Um.”

But Gon was already pulling back the sheets and moving to sit down on the mattress. Killua scrambled away until his left arm hit the wall, gaping as Gon shimmied down under the covers.

There was a beat of silence. Then-

“Aren’t you gonna sleep, Killua?” Gon asked and Killua’s mind reeled.

What the hell was going on here?!

“Gon,” he said through gritted teeth.


“What are you- no, why are you in my bed?!”

Gon peeked up at him. “Sleeping. You still do that, right?”

“Of course I do, stupid!” Killua spat. “Why do you have to do it in my bed, though?! You have a perfectly good bedroom of your own, you know!”

Gon frowned. “I’m doing this for you, Killua.”


“I’m not gonna let you pull another all-nighter,” Gon explained patiently, like Killua was some temper tantrum throwing two year old. “Not if I can do anything about it.”

“W-Who said I pulled an all-nighter?!” Killua stammered.

“No one. I could just tell. You kept staring off into the distance and spacing out all day. And you never do that.”

Killua’s mouth snapped shut. He could feel Gon’s heavy gaze on his face, even in the dimness of the room. It made his skin hot and itchy.

Killua looked away, ignoring the heat on his cheeks. “So what if I did?”

“Ki-llu-aaaaa,” Gon whined and Killua clenched his jaw hard enough to ache. “Why aren’t you sleeping? Is the room too hot? I’ll tell Aunt Mito if that’s the case and we can open up the windows an hour before we go to bed.”

“No! No, that’s not…” Killua didn’t know what to say. The truth was too embarrassing, there was no way he could tell Gon.

A feather-light touch brushed against his wrist.

“Killua,” Gon said quietly as Killua sucked in a breath. “Tell me. Tell me and I’ll fix it.”

He shook his head. “It’s stupid.”

“No.” The calloused hand tightened around his pale fingers. “Its not. If its bothering you, its not stupid. I promise I won’t laugh. Please, just…tell me. I want you to be comfortable here.”

Gon didn’t say ‘with me’. But the implication was heavy and palpable as it hung in the air between them.

Killua squeezed his eyes shut, inwardly cursing. There was no way he could hold back after that.

“I, um. Its just, that- the thing is, ever since Heavens Arena…”


Killua swallowed. His hands were starting to sweat. He really hoped Gon wouldn’t notice. 

He inhaled deeply before starting again. “Ever since Heavens Arena, after you and me started sleeping in the same, uh, bed. I have a hard time…sleeping on my own. I normally sleep with Alluka when we’re in hotels.”

Gon didn’t say anything for a moment. He didn’t let go of Killua’s hand either, though. Killua wasn’t sure what to make of that, but apparently the rapid pounding of his heart could.

The stupid thing hadn’t calmed down since he’d ran into Gon’s open arms three days ago.

“Is that all?” Gon asked, voice cutting through the air, and Killua blinked.

“Um. Yes?”

“Oh,” Gon said. He didn’t sound angry, or upset, or even annoyed. If anything, the little sigh in his tone was relieved. “That’s great! I was scared it was something really bad.”

“I.” Killua was so confused. What was going on. Why was everything always so damn weird whenever Gon was around?! “I don’t get it.”

Gon beamed at him, those tan, freckled cheeks dimpling like they always did whenever Gon got ridiculously happy, and the air in Killua’s lungs disappeared. 

“I’ll stay with you,” Gon said simply. “Every night until you have to go again- we can share a bed, just like we used to when we traveled together! That should fix the problem, right?”

Killua let out a squawk as Gon suddenly yanked him down onto the pillow. Somewhere in the distance, he heard the DS clatter to the floor. 

But that didn’t matter. Because all he could see right now was the tiny flecks of gold in Gon’s eyes.

“G’night, Killua,” his best friend whispered and his breath ghosted over Killua’s cheeks.

Killua bit the inside of his cheek. He could still feel his blood racing through his veins. He’d just have to deal with it. There was no way Gon was leaving now.

“Night, Gon,” he murmured back. The last thing he saw before he shut his eyes was Gon’s tiny but completely genuine smile, like he wouldn’t be anywhere else but here, at Killua’s side.

It wasn’t until the next morning that Killua realized they’d fallen asleep holding hands.

  • Suzaku: COWARDS! Zero and his people. Their methods are just cowardly. He doesn't even get his hands dirty! He stirs people into a frenzy, tips the world into chaos, and then sits back and congratulates himself! It's not going to change a THING. Anything gained through his kind of tactics is just...meaningless.
  • Lelouch: Gee, Suzaku, tell us how you really feel.
  • Suzaku: I'm in love with you, Lelouch.
  • Lelouch: What?!
  • Suzaku: You said--
  • Lelouch: (Oh no! Did I accidentally use my Geass?! Wait, does that mean--)
  • Suzaku: Anyway, that's how I truly feel.
  • Rivalz: ...Dude, confessing your love to Lelouch in front of Shirley, of all people, at her DAD'S FUNERAL is REALLY bad taste. Even I know that!
  • Suzaku: That is -- I didn't mean --
  • Shirley: But that's how you TRULY feel, right, Suzaku? Then you shouldn't be ashamed. Life is short.
  • Suzaku: You're so kind, even after...
  • Shirley: Oh, don't be silly. There's no way I could get upset with you, Suzaku. You can't help what you feel.
  • Suzaku: Right.
  • Lelouch: (He's not forgetting what he said. He wasn't under my Geass at all. But he still really--)
  • Suzaku: And you, Lelouch? How do YOU truly feel?
  • Lelouch: Um, unpopular opinion, but...I still think Zero is cool.

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Hi Leela! What do you think about this? "[...]Maybe I'm not just a ken doll for you to objectify and ship and wish I lived the life you wanted.[...]" I know he is talking about important topics here but the ship part caught my attention. I know that Dan and Phil deeply appreciate their fandom, and sometimes they push their own boundaries a little bit and laugh with us about the phan things we make: fanarts, fanfics, edits, etc. But after this little clip... I'm really getting concerned. [1/3]

What if this whole time I have been hurting them? I’m an artist and I have never tagged them in my phanarts, I just share my drawings with the people who like the idea of phan and that’s all. But even if my drawings are just innocent illustrations of them holding hands, they are phanarts, pieces of art about the idea of them being a couple. So, I have fueled the idea of phan, I have contributed to it. And I know D&P have embraced the phan thing too- as a funny part of their branding. But what if the shipping thing has reached a point where D&P no longer feel comfortable with it? Dan sounded so sincere… and I really don’t know how to feel right now tbh.

ahhhh let me start by just saying, it’s okay. i totally, completely understand why dan’s comment may have upset you or worried you but please don’t feel badly. i promise that all of the things you’re doing as a member of this fandom and just as a viewer of dnp generally are all okay. good and great, even, because they bring you happiness and that’s the point. 

dan’s ken doll comment was nothing close to an original or new thought, and it’s a frustration he’s shared a number of times throughout the years. in his roast yourself video he asserts that he only gets views bc he’s a white guy in a cute ship. in the description of the pinof 7 bloopers he talks about how he’s a piece of meat for us vultures to consume and pick apart. a few years ago in live shows he’d say things like, “for those of you who only watch me because you like to fantasize about me being in a sexual relationship with my friend, i’ll go get my friend,” as a way of introducing a phil cameo. let’s just be completely honest here: dan’s relationship to the concept of people actively talking about, writing about, thinking about, his relationship with phil is not a positive one, and even more broadly than that, dan’s relationship to the concept of people following him and consuming his content due to anything personal about him (whether it be his pretty face or anything else) is not a positive one (unless of course the personal things are ones he’s shared himself in a very controlled/comedic exaggerated manner. aka basically every dinof vid.)  

and his observations about this are valid because his career really is founded in part on his constant objectification and the flattening of his humanity by viewers, just as all persona-driven entertainment tends to be. in choosing to grow a following by making content about himself dan necessarily offers himself up for analysis and that is intrinsically dehumanizing. in choosing to remain ambiguous both in sexual orientation and in relationship status with phil, he unwittingly encourages speculation on both of those issues, a speculation which has stayed constant in its fervor over a remarkable number of years. his choices have led to intense scrutiny and a thirsty audience that uses him and his partner as vehicles for fantasy and speculation and that’s also dehumanizing. 

all of this sounds bleak but let me just do a quick attempt at telling u why it is also okay. it is okay because it is dan’s choice ultimately. dan could recede from the public eye completely and make content that has nothing to do with himself as a person. he could divorce his real self from his on-screen persona even more. he could continue and even strengthen the boundaries he has drawn up between himself and phil in the public eye. he could just do behind-the-scenes writing or producing or filmmaking instead of continuing to be a youtuber. he could never collab with phil again because the pressure of being scrutinized through a romantic/sexual lens is too great. but. in truth dan has only chosen to become more open about how much he loves phil, closer to him in the public eye than he has ever been. he’s chosen to share more and more of his inner thoughts and monologues about his insecurities and his mental health struggles and his fears and his triumphs than ever before. 

he’s chosen to continue inviting us into his life in various ways, on a number of levels because of at least two very important truths: first, that being reduced and objectified is not intrinsically harmful if the person still has control over their lives and everything in it and everything that’s important to them. second, that this same rabid audience is the one that makes dnp some of the most successful creators on youtube–their audience loyalty is completely unrivaled. and this is almost entirely, in my view, a result of how much they actually hold back in comparison to everyone else on the platform. bc of their restraint we go crazy over even like 3 seconds of footage of them in other people’s videos. we watch and re-watch their content and we analyze everything they do to the nth degree. this is their remarkable skill as public figures and entertainers. it’s GOOD for them, not bad, when we sit here at 11:30 pm writing essays about them and their behavior. it’s good for them that you make art celebrating them and their love. all of it is good. and they’re showing with each passing week that they care less and less that part of what we love about them is their connection and love for one another. because we’re not imagining it or creating it out of thin air or forcing two people who don’t love each other to act like they do in order to carry on being profitable. we celebrate it because it’s there and it exists in everything they do, and in return they’re realizing that it’s simply easier for everyone involved if they let themselves be more comfortable and open with it. 

so yes, we objectify dan. that’s true and it’s important to be aware of it. yes dan becomes irritated about it at times because he has deep-set insecurities about this life as an entertainer and the aspects of his content that keep people watching (he doesn’t want it to be things that are personal to him. he wants people to watch for the content itself). and despite all of this, the objectification/dehumanization do not harm dan in any substantial way because ultimately dan still has complete control over what parts of his private life he shares and what sort of content he makes. knowing this, i think now more than ever before, you most certainly do not need to feel bad about your art or anything else you do as a follower of dan and phil who also “ships” dan and phil. just rewatch the pastel edits vid and ask yourself if that seems like a couple of dudes who are in any sort of pain/hurt about the idea that people like watching them together. nah. 

the signs as people i know
  • aries: kind of cool but usually has a superiority complex. love arguing. i've had a crush or something close to one on every aries i know i think. they're super passionate about the things they love! and i think they seem to be very mature.
  • taurus: i always get close to them (and then they hurt me lol). they're usually really easy going people, but getting them angry is a no. self centred way of thinking when they're upset. the first boy i ever fell in love with was a taurus and he was so cool and he loved music and working out. was obviously pretty insecure. and one of my best friends is a taurus and he can make me angry like no one else on this planet. the stubborn stereotype is very true. bottle things up often. but yea when they're in a good mood they're so chill and just love to feel full of love and life. creative.
  • gemini: so many conflicting feelings about these guys. one of my best friends is a gemini and he's so funny and smart! and just generally a sweet kid who loves people and life. but he's also insensitive when it comes to his humour sometimes. my grandma was a gemini and i loved her with all my heart but after she died i found out she was very manipulative. and then when i was in a relationship, a gemini guy kind of wiggled his way into my heart and he was really kind and sweet but ruined my first relationship ever aha. gemini's definitely love up to the "two-faced" stereotype for me, but not necessarily in a bad way. it's just that you don't get to see all of their sides. they have big plans and they love to learn. they're wise and somehow always know the right thing to say (to me at least)!!
  • cancer: again, very conflicted about these signs. the first boy who ever had a crush on me was a cancer. he was very troubled and addicted to drugs already in elementary school. but he was wise in a way and very emotional. actually all cancer boys i know are very troubled. they're insecure but they hide it by being weird on purpose. the cancer girls i know are very sweet. i have a giant crush on one, she's very shy and soft but really funny. both of the cancer girls i know are funny and have nice senses of style! and they're just sweethearts. they're also easily distracted and don't like school.
  • leo: ugh. i'm biased here because my ex was a leo. she was a lot. i think all leo's i know are just /a lot/. not in a bad way but if you get involved with them they're going to be a big part of your life, they won't be background characters. very generous people. most of them that i know are very conscious of their outward appearance, and work to create aesthetics for themselves. opinionated but open minded.OH and one of my very sweet internet friends is a leo, she's funny and charismatic and creative! i think leos like to share what their world looks like through art?
  • virgo: hey it's me. i know like 4 other virgos though. they're all very likeable people. virgos can be either introverted or extroverted but they give off the same vibe either way? usually teachers favourites, even if they don't mean to be. they just seem easier for adults to approach than other teenagers for some reason? also they are really clever at getting out of things they don't want to do. usually a lot of people know their name but don't really /know/ them. they putter at small tasks when nervous. messy rooms but like everything else to be tidy.
  • libra: two of my best friends are libras! they're TOTALLY natural flirts omg they love it. very very funny. quick thinker. hates making people upset at /them/ but isn't the most sympathetic person and can be blunt. little bit of a victim complex, but that's really how things feel to them. hates stupid people. obsessed with love and relationships and feeling wanted. things are very black and white until it's about them self. super sweet when they want to be. they like writing and always have a lot of ideas! and they get really dedicated to the things they're interested in.
  • scorpio: my brother and my best friend's sister are scorpios. also a few people i know in school. they're funny. the boys are very sensitive, maybe the girls are too but they don't show it as much. thinking before acting? they don't know her. they have wicked smiles. like to make people feel stupid. they do not ever get embarrassed!
  • sagittarius: tbh i only know two of u. had a crush on both but didn't know them toooo well. they're really funny! and passionate. also really chill unless you insult someone they love? honestly they just love to have a good time! sorry that this ones short :(
  • capricorn: one of my kind of close friends is a capricorn. she's super strange and she has adhd. she used to be bullied a lot and i stood up for her but then she turned around and bullied me? we were still tight though. she is super passionate about about gymnastics and hairstyling and that's what she dedicates her entire life to. in high school we became better friends with no bullying involved and im honestly just so proud of her for continuing to work hard through all of her struggles. also she's a hoe and has a lot of fun with that. opinionated and mature in a unique way. like they aren't gonna do stupid embarrassing shit so they're mature like that, yet childish when it comes to controlling them self and understanding their own emotions
  • aqaurius: my parents are both aqaurius and my ex best friend was one and a boy i was in love with was one and one of my close pals is one. passive aggressive as FUCK. major god complex. awful senses of humour but they're still funny. emos cuz they feel like they're different than other people, and they usually are. theyre cool and inspire me. afraid of real emotions but they feel a lot of them. probably have had an encounter with a ghost or UFO
  • pisces: you little fuckers. i can't meet a pisces without getting a crush on them. they're soft. very unique compared to the people they hang with. they have huge beautiful minds and you will feel SO special when you get to witness their thoughts.honestly just the cuddliest looking people. thinking about them hurts my heart. i think my soul mate is probably a pisces. they probably love music and sunrises.

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hi, new to your blog so i don't know if you've done this, but a fic based on the au where michael goes blind after the fire?

Ok so before I post this I wanna say I am so sorry that this is so awful and if you wanna send me something to help me fix it go ahead.

Here it is:

“Dude why the hell is Braille so hard to read?”

Jeremy sighed, “I could just read a book to you if you’d like?”

Michael was pacing the room with a book in his hand, his fingers scanning the pages as he practiced reading Braille.

“No way, I gotta learn to read this myself, you feel? I just don’t get why they couldn’t just make the dots form actual letters…”

“I’m sure there’s a reason- and can you stop pacing? You’re making me nervous.”

Michael rolled his eyes behind his glasses, and made his way towards Jeremy’s voice. He waved his waking stick around, whacking Jeremy in the knee in the process.

“Ow! Dude- careful! I swear you do that on purpose sometimes.”

Michael chuckled, “of course not, not to my best buddy” he plopped down on the couch next to him.

Jeremy sighed, his face was completely drained of joy. All he could think about was the Michael was blind. It happened after the fire, Michale had gotten trapped inside the bathroom that he left him in. Let’s just say the ambulance had to drag him out. He’s got a nasty scar on his face, arm, and a bit of his chest too, but the worst one had to be his lack of vision. At first Jeremy used to catch himself whenever he got upset around Michael, he would always know Jeremy was upset the second his eyebrow twitched. But now Jeremy learned that as long as you keep your tone up, Michael can’t know. It’s cruel to let Michael be ignorant through his damn injury that he caused, but he can’t help it.

“So you’ve got any plans for today?”

Jeremy hummed, “nah…I look like shit.”

“Well as a gay, you look pretty great.”

Jeremy would have blushed, but honestly he just couldn’t. “You can’t even see me dude…”

“Yeah but I remember, how could I forget? I really don’t think you’ll change till maybe thirty.”

Jeremy simply hummed again. It was awkward now, there were so many things they couldn’t do anymore. They couldn’t game, roller skate, go for a drive, watch movies. It really seemed like the only things they could do was…get high.

Michael leaned against Jeremy’s shoulder. “Stop sulking man.”

“I’m not.”

“Hey now…it’s alright. This totally blows man.”

This totally blows.

When Michael had woken up in the ambulance, Jeremy was right there. He’d gotten the call from Jake, who was yelling about a fire and injury but all he heard was “Michael” and “ambulance” at the time. It wasn’t until he was in the hospital that Jenna explained via text what really went down. And god did Jeremy feel bad.

Jeremy had already heard the news, that chances were Michael couldn’t see anymore. He crossed his fingers for some kind of miracle. And then Michael woke up.

“Michael? Buddy? Hey yeah look…open-open your eyes!!”

He gave a strained smile as he stood over Michael. The latter peeled his eyes open as though dry glue were keeping them together. He groaned, “shit…everything hurts what the fuck…”

“Hey Mike! How you feeling?”

“Jeremy?” His eyes lazily scanned the room but focused on nothing. Jeremy knew before his heart could drop, the discoloration in his eyes said it all.

Michael sat up quickly, banging his head into Jeremy’s.

“Michael hey calm-”

“Holy shit I can’t- I can’t see!! Jeremy why can’t I see!? What the fuck it going on?! I can’t– I cant!!” Michael was instantly in a state of panic, his hands clawing at his face in a way that haunted Jeremy’s dreams.

Jeremy grabbed his wrists, “calm down!! Calm down… it’s gonna be ok!”

“Jeremy I can’t fucking see and you think-”

“I know I know I’m sorry, just take a deep breath and I’ll explain everything ok.”

It was hard to ignore the big fat tears that rolled down Michael’s face. He had this look of shock his in eyes, but his expression stayed still and unwavering as he hiccuped for breaths. Jeremy hugged him, promising to help him through this. When Michael calmed down he said one thing only, “this totally blows man.”

Jeremy didn’t even realize he was crying until tears landed in his lap. He looked around, no longer in the painful memory of the hospital. Rather he was on the couch at Michael’s house with said boy leaning up against him. In any other circumstance that’d be a dream. He gave a wet inhale, nearly sobbing into his fist. Shit.


Jeremy wanted to answer him but he couldn’t, his voice would be a dead giveaway. As though his shaking shoulders weren’t enough.

“Hey Jeremy answer me.”

“M-mich-Michael…” he choked out, voice wavering and cracked.

“Aw dude…come here” he was wrapped in warm sweater covered arms. Jeremy started letting out sobs loudly, shaking in Michael’s arms.

“Talk to me Jere… what’s wrong?”

“How can you- can you be so ok with this?!” Deep down he knew Michael wasn’t. But he never showed it besides for the night he woke up.

“After everything I’ve done to you, you still hang out with me?! Hell you- you trust me?! I ruined- destroyed your life and you just- you trust me to be your damn eyes!?”

“I know.”

Jeremy went from a screaming to emotional statements “You can’t fucking see.”

“I know.”

“You can’t do so many things you love anymore.”

“I know.”

“I ruined your life”

“That’s..this wasn’t your fault ok. You can’t keep blaming yourself for this Jeremy.” He ran his hand through Jeremy’s hair and rubbed his back. Two things that usually calmed him down, but now it did nothing.

Jeremy pulled away from the hug, “how can I not?! I’m the reason you were in that stupid fucking bathroom! I’m the reason you were even at the party! I should have gone back! I should have-”

Michael decided to just let Jeremy go off. Let all the emotions of this week out. Jeremy sobbed and yelled about what an awful person, friend, and thing he was. He yelled about how Michael deserved better, how Michael could have been better off, how he should have listened to Michael. Michael Michael Michael. Neither even remembers how long it took Jeremy to calm down or what did it. He was just hiccuping into Michael’s shirt, his face hidden.

“…if you ask me, I couldn’t have a better player one. You’ve been doing such a good job helping me adjust…”

“But I-”

“You’re my best friend Jeremy. I forgive you. You’ve gotta forgive yourself. I know that won’t be now but…start working on it, ok?”

When Jeremy nodded, Michale planted a kiss to his forehead. Then he guided his hand over his face, feeling every inch of Jeremy. Making out his distressed frown, the bags in his eyes, the tears, all of it. Of course all this upset Michael too, hence why he joked around about it so much. But he’d be ok, he had Jeremy.

“Hey now we have an excuse to get that dog we’ve always wanted.”

Michael snorted and hugged Jeremy closer, “hell to the yeah we do.”

They’ll be ok.

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sorry for my bad english~ OH, I M SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK! I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH! I only discovered you when you had already closed the request, then, THANK YOU FOR RETURNING! I don't know if anyone ever asked for it, or if it's a bad theme for you, and I'm sorry if it's ~but I really like that fluffy~ With Candy wanting to wait until marriage, but she's afraid and doesn't want to force him to do it (Kentin and Lysandre CauseTheyAreTheRomanticGuys) Sorry again, if you don’t want, THANKS ANYWAY

(Awww!! Thanks so much <3 I’m glad to have returned FINALLY. Glad you stuck around!)

  • Well first of all like I said before Kentin isn’t even looking for sex in a relationship, it’s just not something that he finds important. A bonus? Yes, but necessary? No.
  • Sex probably isn’t even brought up until you guys start to get more intimate with each other. Maybe a make out session turns into something more, a few articles of clothing get lost and he realizes “This is actually happening what am I supposed do???”
  • Kentin is probably already nervous enough as it is, but he can tell something’s off by the way you keep looking off to the side with this conflicted look on your face. He stops immediately and cups your face in his hands.
  • “If you don’t want to do this we can wait, babe.” And he means it. He won’t even be disappointed, if anything he’s quite relieved if you want to wait because he’s freaking out on the inside no matter how badly he wants to do it.
  • You look back and say “But I don’t want to make you wait that long, it’s not fair to you…”
  • “What do you mean by that?”
  • “I want to wait until marriage but I don’t want to make you wait if you don’t-“
  • He cuts you off with a gentle kiss and wraps you in his arms. “Stop it, I’m not going to be upset over something like that. Cuddling is better anyways.” He brings you into his chest and pecks your forehead. “I’d never make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do.”
  • Sex is definitely the last thing on Lysander’s mind when it comes to dating as well. He dates for the emotional connection, the bonding part. While he does like to be physically connected as well, he doesn’t care if things stay purely innocent. 
  • Really it doesn’t even cross his mind until you bring it up to him, questioning him about it but not getting to the point. Rosalya probably talked to you about “pleasing your boyfriend” or something.
  • “L-Lys, how do you feel about sex?”
  • “What??” He’s confused at the sudden topic.
  • “You know, what do you think about it?”
  • “Mm, well…” Lysander thinks it’s something that should be very special, as cliché as that sounds. I don’t see him as someone who’s willing to have his first time with someone he doesn’t genuinely care and feel strongly for. He’s very romantic about the whole idea. “Why are you suddenly asking about this?”
  • “Well, because I want to wait until marriage but I don’t want to make you wait that long if you don’t want to…”
  • After hearing this he actually feels a bit upset and a little angry at the fact that you’d want to sacrifice something for the sake of his hormones? “Y/N, I would never make you do something for the sake of my wellbeing, you should know that by now. I would never take something like that away from you if you truly didn’t want me to.”
  • He takes your face into his hands and kisses over your eyelids, giving you a small smile. “I’m perfectly fine with waiting until then, love.” He says as he intertwines his fingers with yours, kissing the back of your hand. (lowkey implying he’s gonna marry you)

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my really good friend was just told by her ex that he only dated her out of pity and that she was ugly. please could you write a senario of Bakugo helping his s/o get through this. can you start with her just finishing crying please. <3 gonna send it her way as soon as it's up.

who is this guy, let me fucking fight him. People like that are absolute scum and that happened to me several times as a teenager so I’m heated. I’m really sorry your friend was treated like that, give her a hug for me because I feel her pain. I’m sure she is beautiful, and she’s obviously way out of that asshole’s league.

Sorry it’s taken me a couple of hours to get back to you, today has been a very busy day for me personally, but I really wanted to make sure that this got out as soon as I had time <3 sorry it’s on the short side! I really hope your friend feels better soon, though, and doesn’t let that asshole continue to get to her.

Bakugou pulled her close to himself and grabbed a tissue from a box on his nightstand. He used the tissue to dry her face, wiping away what was left of her tears; it had been a bad day, but fortunately for the person who had made his girl cry, he hadn’t been around. They wouldn’t have lived long enough to insult her like that if he’d been there. She had finally stopped crying, for which he was grateful, but he was still pissed about the guy responsible for it.

“He’s just jealous that you’re an infinitely better human being than he is,” Bakugou said, tossing the damp tissue into the trash, “Fuck that guy, though. He’s trash, and he’s gonna get what’s coming to him.”

He was trying to keep his temper in check, getting angry and shouting wasn’t going to help her feel any better, he thought, so he tried to keep his anger to a minimum… But he was livid; and he wanted to find the punk ass and beat the life out of him.

“He said I’m ugly…” She said, looking down.

“Well, he’s fucking blind, then,” Bakugou replied, grabbing hold of her face and lifting her head up to meet his gaze, “If you were ugly, I wouldn’t be with you… As shitty as that sounds, but you know what I mean, right?”

She knew what he meant.

“This isn’t ugly,” He said, caressing her cheek with his thumb, “This is my favorite face, it is a good looking face, and I wanna kiss it.”

So, he did; he kissed her, repeatedly, in different spots all over her face. He started with her forehead, then her nose, then her cheeks, and then he kissed her lips.

“Your eyes are nice, I like looking into them,” Bakugou told her, taking a moment to lock eyes with her, “Seriously, you’re hot, that guys is stupid.” Then he moved on to her nose, “And your nose? Don’t even get me started, it’s adorable.” He touched the tip of his nose to hers and gently nuzzled, “Now, those lips of yours, though…”

A playful grin graced his features as he looked down at her mouth; he really did love kissing her, and he was glad that the other guy, that punk ass, had been such a dick and allowed him to have her instead.

Bakugou pointed out every single thing about her that he loved and was attracted to; it started with her looks, the things he was physically attracted to about her, but then he began to tell her about all the things he loved about her personality, and the things she did.

The sound of her laugh, the way she carried herself, how she looked when she was just lounging around looking at her phone, the way she stayed with him despite how awful he sometimes could be. Her sense of humor was something he was especially fond of, too, and he made a point of mentioning it. But, as the main insult that asshole had slung at her was about her appearance, he put extra emphasis on the physical attributes he loved about her.

“Ugly is the furthest fucking thing from what you are, babe, and if I ever see that guy, he’s dead.” Bakugou told her, hugging her tightly, “You shouldn’t be wasting your tears on that garbage can with a mouth, and I’m not gonna let you do it anymore. You’ve got me now, you don’t need to worry about that kind of thing ever happening again. And don’t you ever think I’m doing this out of pity or some shit, I’m not about that kind of thing. I’m gonna be a hero, you know, I can’t go around acting like a villain.”

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this is for the cs au week ofc for beloved tropes of…friends to lovers!

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Rating: M - well kind of

It’s a Thursday when Killian realizes he’s in love with his best friend. Well, has been in love with her for a bloody long time and knows she feels the same way too.

He’s always known that he fancies her – when she rolls her eyes at him, when she tells him how she tracked down a sleaze ball while using such colorful curses which would put pirates to shame, when she tries to hide her tears during Lion King and kicks him when he cocks a teasing eyebrow at her.

Hell, even when she shows up at his door at 3 a.m. in her pajamas, a bottle of rum in one hand, and tears streaming down her face. The lost girl inside her catching up to her as she sobs in his arms, not caring that her tears and snot is sticking to his shirt.

He fancies her.

(Even when she’s yelling at him.)


He’s in a hospital when he decides to finally tell her.

Killian tries to sit up but winces, a voice tsking at him before it speaks, “Your ankle is sprained.”

“Bloody hell” he rubs his hand over his face. He hates hospitals - there’s just a smell to them which makes him want to leave and never come back. He’s taken to see a specialist at a high-end clinic instead of coming to the hospital for his hand. Seems like the hospital got upset and took revenge on him.

He knows he’ll never hear the end of this from Emma, David, and Robin, and never hear the end of Regina, his half-sister, snarking at him for this stupid accident. Emma will probably never let him drive his bike anymore.

Damn that dog and damn that old man. For a second there, lying on the ground after being hit by a car and bumping his head on the tree in front of him, he thought he was going to die. Interestingly, just before he hit the ground, his life flashed before his eyes.

(He always was such a drama queen.)

The last thing he saw before he passed out was her face, a wide smile making her nose scrunch in the adorable way, and his last thought was of regret. Regret of not ever telling her.


The nurse winks at Killian as she slides in some extra jello containers to him.

“Your discharge papers should be ready anytime soon, Mr. Jones” she informs him, forming her lips into a pout, “Coincidently, my shift also ends then.”

Killian smirks. He’s no stranger to women finding him attractive and flirting with him. Normally, he would put on his stupid smoldering look (as Emma calls it) and make some innuendo asking the nurse out, but poor timing on her part.

He’s only looking for one woman –

­­– who barges the door open. Her eyes are wide and red, the tear tracks still evident on her face; her breathing erratic.

He doesn’t even get a chance to say something before she’s hugging him, her hands digging into his back, and her face buried in the crook of his neck. He bites back his wince at the force of her hug, and instead brings his arms around hers, burying his face in her blonde hair.

“Oh shit sorry, I’m probably hurting you” she sniffles, separating from him but keeping her hands on his shoulders as she sits on the side of the bed.

“That’s alright, Swan” he smiles, brushing her tears away with his thumb.

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