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Hey, I haven't read the Narnia books and I'm curious about why Susan isn't a friend of Narnia or something like that anymore, can you tell me?

okay so theres this misconception that lewis scorned susan for being interested in traditionally feminine pursuits (make up, fashion, etc) but from my pov lewis didnt leave her out for simple interest in being pretty but rather because thats all she cared about
she made fickle and shallow pursuits her top priority and turned from her siblings and narnia
to be fair she was in her teens and early 20s and people are allowed to like what they want but for a time she still chose fickle friends and parties over the love and support of her family and choices have consequences 

narnia didnt abandon susan
susan abandoned narnia

theres also the misconception that susan would forever be separated from narnia and her family because of the decisions she made as young adult but lewis wrote letters to children who were concerned about susan saying that he still had hope that susan would reach aslan’s country one day but that it was a much more adult tale than he was willing to write and he even encouraged the girl he was addressing to try writing it herself

while its rather depressing that susan was stuck alone at 21 after the deaths of her entire family in one train wreck i find her (and edmund’s) story to be the most realistic 

most people lose their way at some point in their life and it takes more effort than people like to acknowledge to get back to the person you know you are
its not easy and its not fun and it definitely isnt something i would expect to find in a book for young children

susan pevensie was given the hard road but that might just make her the most realistic of all her siblings

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Hey, I hope I am not bothering you, but can you give me tips on how to run an ask blog? I am currently trying to open one, and also, how do you make like your blog the way it is? Like with the music and the texts everything. Because you gave me some inspiration to create my own ask blog, and I came to you for help.

(* I’m somewhat alive today so i’m gonna give this one a go!)

(* If yer gonna start an ask blog, especially one you draw art for, start off simple. Go easy on yourself cause if your bust out the door with all the stops, you’re gonna burn out quickly.)

(* For folks who’ve been around from the beginning, my art was super simple and easy.)

(* At that point, i had started the blog for pure fun and just to play with folks, it had no real plot and Rose/Lycoris’ designs came from the NarraChara post i did since i rather liked how they came out.)
(* As i started getting more into it, i started building them up more to be more their own people, and eventually it grew into its own AU and completely separate world from the original undertale)

(* So taking your time to see how you best wanna go about things is something i fully endorse. Also for cool themes and such, i tend to go for Yukoki’s stuff!)

(* They have some super clever and inventive themes like my rpg style theme.)

(* My biggest tip, if it isnt fun, don’t do it. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, either change it up or drop it entirely. Ask blogs are for funsies after all!!)

ive been thinking of something today; the primary and secondary weapons each merc uses are probably weapons BLU and RED requires them to use (or at least tell them the type of weapons to use and they bring their own)

but they probably dont have any requirements for melee weapons, like i doubt the job requirements for demoman say to specifically use a bottle of scrumpy

and obviously each melee weapon choice is pretty personal, like scout uses a baseball bat bc he likes baseball and medic probably fished that bonesaw from his stash of medical supplies (and he probably still uses it for surgeries at the end of the day bc hes a douche)

which means you can have a lot of fun with melee weapon choices when making tf2 ocs

like imagine an engineer whod rather not get blood on their wrench and carries an old crowbar or metal pipe to bash people over the head with

imagine a soldier with an actual army issue weapon like a trench knife or a bowie knife and not just a shovel

imagine a heavy who isnt too confident in their fists and decides to smack people across the face with a tire iron instead

like there are so many melee weapon possibilities and its so fun to think about which weapon matches your ocs personality best


im all wack for almost 2months its ridiculous

 my depression really outdid itself. when i feel kinda happy/positive its not “im ok now” rather, lately, i would call it “less depressed than usual.” i’d get sad randomly its annoying me. also it upsets me. i’d get mad? but at the same time i feel miserable. its so conflicting i’d give up and just end up laying on bed not doing anything and feeling guilty im wasting time. for 2 frikking months straight.

my hype for undertale is slowly fading away as well. i mean those fan pages in facebook still give me updates of the new AU’s and such and i still like em! but drawing the characters myself isnt as fun as it used to. i dont know… i guess my head is busy fighting feels to do anything else

these emotions arrgh.

Dally x Reader x Two-Bit

This is my first ever fanfic and it may be bad there also might be mistakes or run on sentences. I just hope you enjoy. Disclaimer this is a smut so beware you have been warned hope you will enjoy.

You are 15 years old and are walking down the street to Ponyboy’s house. You new that it wasn’t safe walking alone. Especially if your best friends with Pony’s gang but you were strong and smart and was walking very fast so you was ok for the mean while. You finally reach the Curtis house.

“WASSUP BITCHES” you say to who ever was in the house, but you soon found out that you were just with Two-Bit and Dally. Oh man did Dally do things to you but you were smart knowing that if you was to look up one night stand or fuckboy in the dictionary you would get a picture of Dallas Winston. Now Two-Bit was a different case you guys were always friends and you always thought he was cute but he did get annoying at times when he would make jokes about you liking Dally. Which of course you said it wasn’t true but your heat said other wise.

“Watchin Mickey, and im not a dog im a human boy” Two-bit remarked and you just kinda glared at him. Yup hes soo drunk you thought to yourself as you see the evidence of beer bottles around him. “Smokin” Dally replied rather quickly, you noticed the way he was looking you up and down even though thats just a normal Dally thing he seemed more into it today. Dally had just recently had broken up with his sluty ex girlfriend Sylvia, just thinking about her name made your blood boil that she would cheat on this beautiful looking specimen.

As you was just looking in between the two hottest boys in the gang you think that maybe its time for you to stop staring and to do your homework. As you start taking a out your work Dally asks you “ Isnt there funner things you rather do than do your homework” you just look up from your work “First off funner isnt a word and second i need to get it out of the way if i want to do anything fun”. You drew your attention away from Dallas for a bit “ Speaking of homework should you be doing yours Keith” you heard a loud groan coming from no other than Two-Bit “ III did it in schooools give me a break”. “Wow thats new, Two-Bit did his homework before the good girl did” Dallas said putting on one of his famous smirks. “ First off i did most if my homework in school im just finishing up some questions i didnt get to complete” you said staring at him chewing on the inside of your cheek. You hurried up and finished the last few problems and started packing up your supplies when you saw the two boys look at each other and grin. Dally puts out his cigarette on a near by ash tray. You raised an eyebrow utterly confused as Dally moved to the couch that you were sitting on, Two-Bit just watch with that dumb smile on his lips which you had grown to love.

“So doll now that your done with your homework how about a little bit of fun” Dally said that smirk never leaving his face, “What kind of fun do you have in mind” you asked you had a feeling of what it could be or maybe it wasn’t you couldn’t tell with Dally. He pick you up and sat you down in his lap which caused your face to turn as red as a tomato. While in his lap he edged his face closer to yours and your getting excited but also nervous but before you knew it Dallas was already kissing you.

Dallas had a his hands tightly around your body, as he kissed your plump lips slowly. His lips tasted like strawberries, which make the taste addictive. Two- Bit smirked, enjoying the view and came over to you and Dallas. Two-Bit pushed your hair back and started to leave very dark love bites on your skin. You let out a loud moan, which triggered Dallas and Two-Bit to gets excited.

Dallas licked your lower lip asking for entrance but when you didnt get the memo he squeezed your ass making you moan and opening your mouth a bit, he slid his tongue into your mouth and you two started french kiss on the couch.

“Let me get a turn” Two-Bit whined, Dally released your lips and picked you up to turn you towards Two-Bit. Dally being the very skilled person he is used his time wisely to start getting undressed as you and Two were going at it. Two was a little different feeling from Dally, Dally was rough, hard and needy but Two was still pretty rough not as rough as Dally and he also was very playful. Plus the taste of beer on his lips adding a new taste into the kiss.

As you two broke apart gasping for oxygen, Dally sees this as a opportunity to undress you so
he does just that. Once he gets to unclipping your bra thats when you think that this is seriously real and that anyone could walk into that door at any moment which added some more adrenaline into the whole mix. “ I though Dallas Winston doesnt share” you said in between gasps, “I usually dont bu-” Dally gets cut of by Two “Were trying to see which one of us you like more so you can go out with one if us”. “ Oh really now, but what if i dont choose either of you” you asked in a playful tone, “ Then i guess were gonna have to keep doing this to until you choose” Dallas said while smirking that sexy smirk.

You grinned at Dallas when he said that, you wouldnt mind having sex with the two hottest guys in the group but the bad thing is that they are very possessive and get jealous easily especially Dally. You decide to turn the tables and you started to tease them. You were sitting on Two-Bit laps kissing him with such a lust and such a passion, you slipped your right hand under Dally’s boxers and started to stroke him. In that action that caused him to give out a low breathe moan. And boy did that turn you on. You got off Two-Bit’s lap and helped pull off both of the boys underwear’s. You were sitting on your knees on the floor looking at both of their sizes and Dally’s was a tad bit bigger. Just from looking at it Dally was about a 12in and Two-Bit a 10in and they were both pretty thicc. Both of the boys looked at your face and you dont know what face you was making but you were just staring at their boners.

“Um (y/n) are you ok?” Two-Bit ask very concerned. Dally looked at you studying your face “Your a virgin aren’t you” Dally asked that smirk never leaving his face. You nodded slightly, you was thinking man am I seriously about to let this happen im 15 and im about to get fucked by a 18 year old and a 17 year old. They are basically adults and your not even 16 yet. Your mom would freak if she found out what you were doing.

You came back from your thoughts as your heard them arguing over who gets to take your virginity. “I shouuuld do it im the oldest and i never got to take a girrrrls Virginia before” Two-Bit slurred “You mean virginity” you corrected Two-Bit “Wow your 18 and you having taken someone’s virginity before thats sad” Dallas remarked “And besides im more skilled in this kind of thing” Dallas gave Two-Bit a look of victory when you budded in “ How about both at the same time” you asked meekly.

The boys stared at you in disbelief. “Both of us, on your first timmme???” Two-Bit couldnt rap his head around why on earth would you want that. You couldn’t believe that the smirk on Dally’s face could get any wider oh but it did. “I see that someone is feisty” Dally pinched your nipple and hummed at the at the moan you let out. “Ok how about we let her decide as to who’s gonna take her virginity” Two-Bit asked staring at your naked form. “How about we make this a game who ever cums first is the one to take away her virginity” Dally declared, “ Alright but if she cums first  then we can both say we still taken it from her” Two-Bit said.

You could tell that Dally like your feistiness so he patted the couch and you climb on the couch so that your knees were on the couch seats but your elbows on the top of the couch. “ Wait we dont have cond-” you tried to say before Two-Bit enters you making you lose your train of thought as the excruciating pain that was in your heat area. Dally grabbed his belt tying it around your hands as he enters shortly after Two-Bit did.You could tell Dally was getting impatient and he started to move and boy did it hurt the both of them in your tight untouched pussy.

“Take it easy now Dal shes a newbie and you might rip her walls” Two-Bit did sound kind of concern. “ Nah she’ll be fine besides with the both if us in here she gonna adjust quicker i think” Dally said pretty confident. After Dally hitting your g-spot and Two-Bit staring to move you adjusted and man did it feel soooo gud

Dally was more focused on trying to nut in you than Two-Bit was, now as for Two-Bit while he was fucking you he was also exploring your body. All you could hear in the Curtis house was the sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin and the sounds of your beautiful moans you three were making.

After a while of the constant stimulation your body couldn’t handle it you just bit your lips so hard to the point where it draws blood. Dally grabs your hair that you had neatly put into a ponytail yanking your head back. “ Im gonna c-” you couldn’t even finish your sentence when you came all over Dally and Two-Bit. Because of you coming that made Dally pull out and stuck his cock into your mouth sending his hit seed deep into your mouth with his seed settling in your empty stomach. While Two-Bit waited his turn to get your mouth he continued pounding into you and grabbed the beer he didnt finish drinking earlier. Dally was taking way to long in your mouth so he decided to pull out and stick his hard cock inside your butt hole and came in there.

Both of the guys ridding out their organs in your mouth and asshole. They both pulled out and you laid there in the couch. “ That was sooooo gud” Two-Bit said taking another sip of his beer. You wanted to lay their until you recovered but Dally thought otherwise, “ You look sexy laying there and all but you have to get dressed” Dally said to you while putting on his underwear and pants. You groaned but complied pulling on your clothes as you look back to see a sleeping Two-Bit on the couch.

“Aww look how cute” you said watching his sleeping form as you put on your clothes. Both you and Dally heard a car pull up in the driveway and you panicked you hurried shaking Two-Bit to wake up. Gathering up his clothes and putting them in his hands as you pushed him to the bathroom. When he was in the bathroom you ran back to sit on the couch and try to look normal. “Were back” you heard Darry say “ What is that smell” Ponyboy said grabbing the bridge of his nose. “ It smells like sex in here” Steve said while walking in. Soda looked you at the both of you and narrowed his eyes “OHHHHHHhhhhh you two FUCKED!!” Soda said while raising his voice. “Ew no thats just the smell of Dallas’s smoking” you said trying to lie and hurry to cover up them finding out. Everyone turns their attention to Two-Bit who walks out the bathroom fully dressed. “ Keith why are your pants on backwards” Darry asked narrowing his eyes. “ Oh shit all three of them fucked” Steve said as him and Soda started playfully punching each other.

“Um ew no first off im not gonna be a fuckgirl and fuck two guys at the same time secondly its Dallas Winston i dont want to be added to the list of girls he has fucked and thirdly why on earth would i fuck Two-Bit like come on he’s Two-Bit. "Hey whats that’s supposed to mean Two-Bit said sitting in between all his empty beer bottles and his pants are still backwards. "Keith what the fuck clean up after your self this isnt your house you cant just leave it a mess” Darry almost practically screamed at him.

“Your not my moooom” Two-But said before passing out on the floor. “Sooo where did you guys go” you asked trying to clear the tension. “Me Darry and Steve were all at work” Soda explained. “ Me and Johnny went to the movies we saw IT” Ponyboy said. “ Aww i wanted to see IT i guess ima have to go” you said pretend to be sad even though you kind of was. “ Awe dont worry doll ill take ya” Dally said budding in while lighting a cigarette “Thx and Two-Bit can come to hes been roasting that clown all week” you said think about watching the movie then going to Buck’s to hang out with them if ya know what i mean.

“Anyways ima go home guys” you said wanted to go to get cleaned up as you have soiled your underwear. As you was walking out the door you heard a string of goodbyes and you pulled your phone out your pocket. You went to messages and started a group chat called  " The three musketeers" that had Dally and Two-Bit in it.“Had fun hope to do it again sometimes 😏😝😘” you typed and pushed send as you walked down the street towards your house. Smiling to your self.

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Why do you hate pve so much?

having a npc stand still while a group sits there (sometimes moving every 20 seconds to a new spot oo spooky,)and smacks it just isn’t fun to me.

the argument that the fight makes u move and learn the fights just isnt enough for me, because its just common sense and good reaction times imo.

i just dont see it as fun.
id rather lose a few bgs and have a blast getting a good ass and different fight every time versus different players than wiping on 1 boss for 3 hours because people are fucking up mechanics and then not even getting loot.

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Advice on writing Plagg? The little butt is giving me trouble...

Plagg is a trickster but he isn’t a total jerkwad. It isn’t likely that he would do much for the purpose of being vindictive, but rather that he just didnt think about the larger impact his actions would have. That’s not to say he’s selfish, but he is more focused on himself, and by extension his charge. Everyone else doesnt matter. What Plagg does and doesn’t do is totally based on what he is entertained by. If he thinks its funny he’ll probably do it, and if he thinks it’s funny and it messes with Adrien that’s even better. He finds playing tricks and being inconvenient funny and he’s reluctant to transform because that isnt funny or fun. If he isn’t entertained, intrigued, or getting fed by something he probably won’t want to do it. He will investigate things that are interesting to him, he’s very curious. I also believe that he cares a lot about Adrien. he doesnt like Adrien to be sad or feel alone, when he first met adrien he said point blank “thats why its all gonna change soon!” he knew he was giving this boy an out he needed. He likes Adrien, thinks he’s good and a good Cat Noir and feels genuine emotion when Adrien is upset or being treated unfairly. While he is very compassionate for Adrien I wouldn’t say it extends too far. He cares about the people he likes, so if Tikki was sad he’d probably not like it and be upset, but he isnt the type to feel bad for people not connected to him. If Kim is crying his eyes out Plagg probably isnt going to be bothered, cause it doesnt affect his circle so whatever. He does however likely recognize what qualities are needed in a hero and encourage ADRIEN to care about others, though he doesnt himself because he doesnt have to. 

That should give you a general feel about how he would react in certain situations, what times he’d be reluctant and unhelpful, and what times he’d be nice and compassionate. He wouldn’t make puns or anything, and would likely be dismissive about most things that dont greatly affect him or adrien.