its funny cos


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

one (1) stinkie on the house

have i mentioned how much i love the show “Villanos”?
and how amazing the character designs are?
and how happy it makes me that it’s a show produced in latin america that managed to get such a large gathering of fans very quickly?


5.0.5 deserves to be protected, it’s so great that @markiplier voices the cutie
as my friend put it
all of his goofy cartoon noises have paid off

Lockwood: “Never touch a mummified body part if you don’t know where it’s been. That’s my motto.” 

“Holds true with unmummified ones too,” George said. “That’s the motto I live by.


ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!


i don’t think i ever mentioned this in a post but 15 year old apollo justice still thinks phoenix wright is The Shit™, which phoenix remains unaware of but maya thinks is fucking hilarious

so like at my new job i put my name on my tag as david alexander but ive mostly gone by alex. one of the girls caught me so off guard the other day bc she just sat across from me going david. david. david. until i looked up and she laughed like you werent expecting that were you! and its like no! but thats me! hey thats me!! im still not used to hearing people say alex or david but it feels so good when i have that second of ‘oh thats me!’ its great.


放弃我,抓紧我 Stay With Me  Ep. 6 - Wang Kai Headshots