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Maladaptive Daydreaming is:

I’ve seen a few time of people saying how they go into daydreams so specific that it often affects their concentration etc

Maladaptive Daydreamers often:

-Can daydream for hours at a time. Some can daydream an entire class period or event period.

-Find concentration very difficult. Their attention get turned away from the subject even if they want to listen and sometimes don’t realize they do it right away.

-Lose amounts of sleep through daydreaming. When you say you’re going to bed it somehow turns into making a new novel in your head.

-Puts most of their day into daydreaming. Daydreaming is commonly used as a fun thing to do-to go into your own little world. But with MD, it becomes almost addicting as if you feel the need to daydream.

-Don’t seem to care if being ignored or being alone. MDers like to be alone most of the time and put that time to more daydreaming.

-Forget what they are doing or where they place things. You tend to doze off for a long enough time that you can’t remember what you’re doing or didn’t know what you were doing in the first place. You could place something down and forget as you weren’t fully aware of what you were doing.

-Stops things they are doing like watching a video or reading a book as they will fall into a daydream, usually triggered by something that was watched or read, such as an event you created in your fantasy or storyline that related to the thing you watched or read.

-Things such as something you read or watched may influence future day dreams. For example: “this scene would go great with my story”.

-Sometimes even research things to make the story more realistic. Someone might research something like historical events, names, designs of houses etc.

-Storylines that include characters, plot, setting, and more. These people often get attached to their characters and find more story inspiration to put with them. Some people may also draw their characters.

-Acting out while daydreaming. Los of people including myself will find themselves in situations where they would laugh at something they would have their character do or even talk or use movement like moving their hands or whispering.

-Sometimes experience “deja vu”. Where something will seem familiar even if it’s something new.

-Very good at visualizing things. A good thing that comes with MD is that you can easily get a visual of something, like if someone told you to imagine the ocean, MDers would be able to imagine a perfect scenery and may even hear things like the waves crashing.

-Even though daydreaming comes as a fun activity, people with MD have a greater risk of safety hazards. Such as walking into a busy street or getting into a car accident.

-Procrastination at its finest. MD usually can cause procrastination, like waiting last minute to do an assignment or a task at work. Sometimes somethings as little as not wanting to do the dishes or the laundry. And often may have a messy room or apartment/house from procrastinating cleaning.

-“What are you thinking about?” Dreading the question that’s suppose to come off as innocent becomes a problem. When most people would say “oh just my after school activity” or “a funny video I watched today” MDers have to find a way to easily explain “My 50 chapter long novel that some how created in my mind in the last 10 minutes”

-Never seem to be bored. With an imagination and a daydream that MD has never seems to keep you bored as the main activity is the daydream and find enjoyment through the daydream.

-May get irritated when their dream is interrupted. Like being in a good spot in a tv show, you don’t don’t want the scene to be interrupted and may ignore or get frustrated with someone/something that interrupted you.

-Can’t seem to turn it off. As some people find it easy to revert their attention back to what they were originally focused on, people with MD can’t seem to turn the daydream off and can’t control it.

There can be many more things that comes with Maladaptive Daydreaming, but hopefully this helped anyone who was curious about why they were doing these things and couldn’t understand why.

Also MD is usually caused for a reason and uncovering that reason can result on how to stop MD. Seeking help from a professional would be advised.

Also if you experience this and just want someone who can relate feel free to message me :).

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The PC thing is something that a father can do with his family. And it’s funny, ‘cause my daughters like it too. So it’s really great. But I knew [my son] would- that’s one thing he was in. And I said, I’m gonna be a part of your world. And now I’m in. (x)

this scene from Parks and Recreation, but Finneran is Ron Swanson asking Ursula/Chariot how long she has been sleeping with her co-worker Croix:

  • “we’re both in this boring as hell class and out of boredom I accidentally stumbled into your thoughts of you thinking up this masterpiece of a story and holy shit is this like a movie”
    • “additionally, wow are you really getting into this sex scene man how do u not have a boner”
  • “I get chronic headaches from everyone’s thoughts being so loud all the time and sometimes I don’t know, I get angry. is yelling to Stewart across the room to “shut up and go get dick if he wants it so bad” over the top? maybe.”
  • “as if it wasn’t bad enough that I constantly worried what people thought of me, I can actually hear what everyone thinks of me and the fact that it’s unedited and 100% legit makes me real sad to hear people think I’m annoying”
    • “although, it’s really reassuring to also hear how much my friends love me and think I’m funny and woah man…those are some pretty…erotic thoughts of me there…”
  • “okay who fucking let out that I can read minds huh? what do you WANT me to get kidnapped and used for evil? cause i swear i will come back for your ass once im super juiced with their evil government serum alright? i will go winter soldier on ur ass dont test me”
    • “although all these lovesick kids offering to pay for my services on their crushes may be worth it. hey I know you, you’re cute. your crush you say? oh they totally don’t like u, nah man, your barking up the wrong tree right there”
  • “hold the fuck up. hold. up. I can read any mind that I can see, anyone and everyone’s, why can’t I read yours? and why the hell are you smirking at me like that U LIL SHIT THIS MAKES NO DAMN SENSE WHO ARE YOU”
  • “I think you’re cute and I know for a FACT you think I’m cute too so why won’t you just admit it? cmon cmon baby don’t play this charade. you know you can’t win at this game ;)”
  • “as it turns out by my super mind reading powers you plan to string me out high and dry until I’m practically begging for a date and u know what. that is so terrible and so demeaning honestly like who does that. who does that. can you please just kiss me already like-”
  • “I know you can read minds and I really like you so I’m constantly filtering my thoughts whenever I’m with you and it’s super hard so quit making fun of how I think about fighting giraffes okay it’s my go-to thought whenever I imagine you shirtless”
  • “you know I can read your thoughts so we have these little one sided conversations in class as I listen to your cute angered rants and I reply with a snarky side eye”
  • “OR we BOTH can read minds and all the while during class we have casual conversations that sometimes turn REALLY FUNNY AND WE BOTH CRACK UP IN DEAD SILENCE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EXAM OH SHIT”
  • “i know its pretty invasive but i honestly tune into your thoughts every day on the way to work like its the morning paper cause really we have so much in common its ridiculous and ur super cute and we like all the same things and ugh pls date me”
    • “and oops one day you thought of something funny and we both laughed simultaneously and now ur weirdly suspicious, as i can tell because i can hear you wondering if i can read your thoughts and now ur testing me and idk if i should play along”
BTS Reaction: Another idol flirts with you when you're secretly dating

A/N: I may or may not have done this one before but oh well. Hope you enjoy and feel free to request.

Jungkook: Even though he’s the maknae I can see him getting the most angry and bitter. He’d try to hide his emotions but he’d still scoff and roll his eyes as he sees the idol talk to you. He wouldn’t say anything though and instead try to control his anger but once you came back to him he’d immediately grip you arm but once you looked at his facial expression he’d soften trying to smile but you’d know what was wrong. You’d squeeze his hand in reassurance giving it a small kiss and soon his real smile will be back on his face.

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V: This cutie ahh he would be so oblivious to the obvious flirting and he’d be standing next to you joining in the conversation being his usual happy self. When the idol does ask you out his mouth drops open in shock. He looks at him and then at you. You end up giving him a look to which he manages to hide his shock. “Y/N doesn’t like guys.” V would spill out and this time it would be your turn to stand in shock. “Yeah, I’m not attracted to guys.” You’d try to say convincing and once he walks of you and V are both in fits of laughter.

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Jimin: He would get slightly insecure as he sees the tall good looking idol flirt with you but you made sure to keep a distance and show you’re not interested. When he does ask you out you have no time to give him an answer before he’s pulled away to do something. “You’re not going to say yes, are you?” You hear a small mumble from behind you and you turn to see jimin with his sweater paws staring at the ground, a sad expression on his face. “Yeah I am actually.” “Oh.” He’d say looking like he was about to cry. You roll your eyes before pulling him in for a hug. “Hey, look at me.” You say holding his face is that he was looking at you and not the ground. “I love you and only you.” You’d say placing a quick kiss on his cheek before someone noticed.

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Suga: He would not even let the idol have a chance to speak to you. “She/he is not single.” He’d state in a deep voice from where he was sitting, making the idol look suspiciously between the two of you. You’d try to cover up but Yoongi would stop caring at this point. “She/he is mine and I’m hers/his, so I’d appreciate if you backed off now.” He’d end with a sarcastic smile, the idol clearly getting the message and leaving you to scold Suga for being so mean. “But I love you and don’t want to lose you.”

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Jin: He would start laughing hysterically his whole face going red. The idol would give him a questioning look causing him to cover his mouth in an attempt to stop laughing but it wouldn’t work. You’d say no and once the idol was gone you’d turn to him. “What was that? It was so obvious.” “Its just funny. The idea that you would leave me for him. Look at this handsome face.” He’d say before posing dramatically. You go in to slap him playfully but he grabs you arm pulling you closer and kissing you.

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Rap monster: As soon as he feels threatened he wouldn’t care that it was a secret and instead would pull you closer by the waist. “I’m afraid Y/N can’t as she’ll be with me, HER BOYFRIEND.” He’d end with a cute smile waving goodbye to the idol. “You could have done that nicer. Or not let out our secret.” You say pretending to be angry. “Are you angry? I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it, I saw the way the idol was looking at you and only I can do that. I didn’t like keeping you a secret anyway.” He says shrugging, his hands still around your waist, you turn to face him as he kisses your forehead.

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J-Hope: As you talked to the idol he’d start being his loud over dramatic self and randomly start jumping around making it impossible for you conversation to continue. You wouldn’t even be able to hear what the idol has to say as you’d be staring at H-Hope a huge smile on your face. You’d walk over to him and as he tries to pull you in for a kiss you’d shove him lightly as he’d be sweating from all the jumping he’d pour slightly and you’d give in pulling him in for a hug.

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It seems to me like most people who are adults identify with Hufflepuff even if they initially thought of themselves as being in a different house. And I think that makes sense, most well adjusted people have a kind of humble view of themselves. Its easier for an average person to identify with working hard and being loyal to your friends than being gallant or highly intellectual or whatever. (And I mean who is actually a big enough edge lord to put themselves in Slytherin? Like yup power hungry that sounds like meee)

I only bring this up cause I think its funny I have been a long time Hufflepuff but lately I suspect I actually would be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. And that seems to be the opposite of the path everyone else takes.

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Hey sunny! Love your work! Thank you for standing tumblr and for continuing to share your wonderful art, funny comics and cute moments and bringing us joy! Gotta ask if you've seen/are gonna post vld spoilers? Just wanted to know if it's safe to freak out about it with you cause hooo boi the hype.. So yeah hope you're having a good day!

eyy thank you! <3

and I’m trying to stay spoiler free and just wait until the airdate 8′) I think I might have seen a spoiler (probably the one everyone else saw too) tho

So I was talking to my friend @sugarcoated-wishes and she’s on Jaehee’s route and she just started screaming.


…and I absolutely agree

((I’m not hating on Jumin, I just found this funny don’t take it seriously))
What went down in Reflekta
  • Vincent: all right everyone, it's time to pose for a photo!
  • Chloé: are you Pixelator?
  • Vincent: what? no! Pixelator's a creepy stalker and imma an Italian stereotype
  • Chloé: I think you're Pixelator
  • Chloé: he's named Vincent, he's a photographer, he's probs even voiced by Matt Mercer, although I think the wiki might be wrong about that
  • Chloé: so are you Pixelator, lying, or a result of a discontinuity between the scriptwriters and animators?
  • Vincent: f**kin bring it Chloé
  • Chloé: oh no he's gonna snap me to a digital void with a magic camera
  • Vincent: no, go stand in the back of the class photo
  • Chloé: I stand in the front or imma call my daddy
  • Vincent: oh good, I could use an assistant, now make like a pizza and olive me alone
  • Marinette: ok wow Chloé's no match for this guy
  • Juleka: I thought this episode was about me
  • Chloé: oh yeah right
  • Chloé: Sabrina, go lock Juleka in the bathroom
  • Juleka: this is not what I meant :(
  • Marinette: um Vincent could you maybe do something about this
  • Vincent: sorry I'm too busy wrecking Chloé
  • Rose: *rescues Juleka*
  • Juleka: this whole situation is terrible
  • Juleka: I've got some kinda curse, Chloé's after me, and the scriptwriters still won't let us be canonically gay
  • Rose: so you're gonna get akumatized?
  • Juleka: what no that sounds like the worst possible idea
  • Hawkmoth: I disagree
  • Juleka: nobody asked you Hawkmoth
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: dammit
  • Reflekta: why is it pink
  • Hawkmoth: it's the traditional color of chaotic evil
  • Reflekta: I think you just made that up
  • Hawkmoth: yeah maybe
  • Hawkmoth: now make more people pink
  • Reflekta: why
  • Hawkmoth: so that you can give everyone your face in order to finally be seen
  • Reflekta: that's really creepy
  • Reflekta: why couldn't you just give me a giant projector like Lady Wifi had?
  • Hawkmoth: idk now go zap some people
  • Reflekta: *zaps Chloé*
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: wait so I'm Reflekta now?
  • Reflekta: no I'm Reflekta, you're Chloé
  • Reflekta: but the chat transcript clearly lists me as Reflekta
  • Reflekta: oh god this is confusing
  • Reflekta: so do I get to zap people too?
  • Reflekta: no that's just me
  • Reflekta: dangit
  • Chat Noir: oh god, you both look exactly alike! which of you do I kill
  • Ladybug: no killing anyone pls
  • Chat Noir: omg have some respect for the trope Ladybug
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: this was not well thought out
  • Reflekta: ok imma go zap some more people so BYE
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's go set up a trap for her
  • Ladybug: which of you is Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: that's me so let's go stop a villain together and it'll be amazing
  • Ladybug: ok you're Chloé
  • Ladybug: other Reflekta, are you Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: indeed I am, m'lady!
  • Ladybug: call me that one more time and I'm going with Chloé
  • Reflekta: my apologies, m'ladybug
  • Ladybug: right that's even worse
  • Ladybug: come along Chloé
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Ladybug: on second thought imma go at this alone
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Reflekta: it's funny cause both of us are sad now
  • Ladybug: *ollies outy*
  • Reflekta: hey André are you ready for a makeover
  • André: not really feelin this
  • Reflekta: yeah me neither but I need a sidekick so
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: nvm I'm defs feelin this, it's totes my color
  • Reflekta: great now lets go to the place Ladybug's telling us to on the TV
  • Ladybug: wait that worked?
  • Reflekta: *dramatically enters studio*
  • Ladybug: Reflekta? more like RefWRECKEDa!!!
  • Ladybug: aaaaaaaand you're not the real one
  • Reflekta: nope
  • Ladybug: good cause I need to think of a better line
  • Reflekta: HEY GUYS
  • Ladybug: Reflekta! how dare you menace the city of Paris with your confusion and bright pink! this will be your final stand, and will mark the end of
  • Reflekta: yeah the first line was better
  • Ladybug: well have it your way
  • Ladybug: *RefWRECKS her*
  • Juleka: oh good it's finally over
Can't live without you- Happy Lowman

Requested By  @homicidalteenagedream . Hope you like it!!
Song- Can’t live without You by Pretty Ricky

Verse 1 Pleasure]
It’s 4 O'clock in the morning.
And she ain’t feeling right.
I’m on a first class trip.
Through this place called life.
I don’t know what to do.
Cause my body’s still shaking.
I know it’s time to man up.
And start my education.
I need someone to call on.
So I called on my best friend.
I said “Bro, I can’t take it”.
He said “Boy, stop tripping”.
So I hung up the phone.
Packed my shit and got right.
I know what I gotta do now.
Be a man and face life.

You were on the bed watching Happy pace the floor. You just told him that your pregnant. You’ve only been going out for a few months it was shock.
“Are you sure, it could be just a miss up”? He said with panic in his voice.
“Hap I went to the doctors and they said I was about two months along”.
“I just dont know how this fucking happened, we use protection every time”.
“Things happen we cant explain, if you dont want it you dont have to be in its life”. You got up and walked to the door.
“But I’m going to keep this child, it was put here for us”. “I cant just give that up”. You wipped a tear away.
You walked out of the dorm. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone dialing Chibs number.
“Hap, whats up”?
“Y/Ns pregnant, I dont know what I’m going to do”
“You are going to fucking man up Lowman, that girl loves you”. With that the line went dead.
“Fuck, I do need to man up”. You said to yourself.

[Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.

You drove to Y/N house watching her threw the window. Crying. You knocked on the door.
“What are you doing here Happy”?
“I dont want to lose you or the baby”. You said walking in, siting down on the couch.
“Hap you cant just come in and leave anytime you want”. “If you are in this, then its forever especially for the baby”.
“It will be, I dont want my kid to go threw what my mom and I did”. He took your hand, holding it.
“I cant live with out you, you dont look at me like I’m some greasy scumbag biker”. “You love me for who I am”.
“Hap, I love you even if you dont I do”. You said kissing his cheek
“I love you too Y/N”

[Verse 2 Spectacular]
At the beginning you was gone.
I was staying wit my momma.
I stayed getting in trouble, man.
Straight damn drama.
I started dancing so I stayed out of trouble.
Cause I stayed in school, selling candy so my money doubled.
But then you told me man, dancing was for punks.
Then you told me come and stay.
And you ain’t care what I want.
You told me come and dance and rap wit my brothers.
You taught me how to love and how to care for my brothers.
And then you taught me all yo hustlin’ skills.
Just in case I get alone I know how to pay bills.
You told me I was straight regardless of a deal.
And I love you man for that cause you always kept it real.

“So I see you and Y/N made up” Chibs said taking a sip of his beer.
“Yeah forever”.
“Good she is good for you, she keeps you out of trouble”.
“Yeah I remember before I met her, I was balls deep in every croweater here”. “But I met her and havent even thought about another girl”.
“Good, your straight and she will keep it that way”.
“Yeah she will, I dont want to lose her”. He looked Y/N way as you laughed with Gemma, your baby bump sticking out of your sundress.
“She’s glowing, shes happy”. You smiled

Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you

Getting back from the party you both were tired and sunburned.
“Oh Hap, I feel like I could sleep for days” You laughed
“You better get some sleep, ours will be here soon”. He rubbed your belly.
“Have I told you that you look beautiful today”?
“You might have mentioned it once or twice”.
“Well you are, I’m so lucky to have you”. He leaned over and kissed you softly.
“I’m the one that is lucky, you gave me a blessing”. You put your head over his and smiled

[Verse 3 Slick'Em]
Now that I made it, it feel real good.
Take you out the hood.
Put you on B and the block in the middle of the woods.
And as hard as it seems, you was there for me.
One bedroom apartment.
On 6-0 and 14 number efficiency down in Coverly.
Told you I had a dream.
And even though I like to cheat.
I’m going along my Georgia peach and that’s a promise I’m gonna keep.
To the end, never gone blend.
And I can hear you tell yo friends.
And I can see you wanna buss and fuss with yo brand new Benz.
To the world, baby it’s yours.
I’d give you the world cause you not no ordinary girl.
I’m yo son, you my ol’ girl.
My momma, we shared for 19 years.
And from the bottom of my foundation I’m telling you how I feel, and I love ya.

You were packing to move in the new house. This one was big enough for Happy, the baby, you and Happys mom.
“You sure this is ok”. He asked taking the box away from you
“Happy if you ask me that one more time, I’m going to smack you”. “Yes its great, I love your mom and I’m going to need help”. “She knows what she’s doing, she raised a great man standing right here”. You stood on your tippy toes to kiss him
“Alright, thank you for being wonderful”. He kissed you again
You arrived at the new house. It was so big and homie. A big back yard with a pool. A huge garage for Happy and a big kitchen for you.
“Hap I love it so much”. “I love you”
“I love you too, this is a new start for us all”. He placed his hand on your back and the other on your belly.

[Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a nigga can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you

“The house looks so good guys”. Gemma squealed hugging you both
“Thanks Gemma, I love how everything turn out”. “Its great cause Happy and Ii have the same taste in somethings”. You laughed
“I can see that”. You laughed rubbing your belly.
“Funny Gemma so funny”. You both walked out side.
Happy watched you light up about the new house and the baby. You both were so excited to bring this baby into a very loving home.
Verse 4 Baby Blue]
See, I fell in love wit ya.
Wanna raise my kids wit ya.
But you left me all alone wit tears dripping down the picture.
I remember the day like yesterday.
May 9th, to be exact.
I’d do anything to get you back.
Even though I know you ain’t coming back.
I’m serious as a heart attack.
Could we get it back the way it was?
Cause I know you had some outside influences that pulled a plug.
The reality, Junebug, girl I know we’ll always be together.
I got you locked away deep in my heart, always here forever

“Happy”! You screamed from the top of the stairs.
“What, whats wrong”. He ran up the stairs
“Its time daddy”. You smiled threw a contraction
“Shit, ok”. He helped you down the stairs and in the car.
“I’ll be right back I have to get the bag”. He ran back inside.
“Momma, we going to the hospital to have this baby”. You heard Happy yelling.
The car ride was horrible. Contractions were taking over your body.
“Fuck, Hap it hurts”. You screamed
“I know baby, your doing great”. He said carrying you into the hospital room
Four hours of pushing and screaming. Yelling at Happy to never touch you again. You heard little crys.
“Its a boy”. The nurse said
“Wow a boy, mommas going to kill me”. Happy said kissing your sweaty forehead.
“No, she will be so happy to have another son”. You looked at your son with amazement. He looked just like Happy.
“He has your eyes, so soft and pure”. Happy said as his son took his finger in his little hand.
“Y/N thank you for giving me another chance to live this with you”.
“You are the one that gave yourself a chance, you are the man your dad couldnt be”. You grabbed his shirt and kissed him.
“I love you Happy, I always will”.
“I love you and my son, I always will”. He said as he picked up his little boy.
Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.

“Do you Happy Lowman, take Y/N Y/L/N to be your wife in life, death and the after life”. The preacher spoke.
“I do, I always will”.
“Do you Y/N Y/L/N, take Happy Lowman to be your husband in life, death and after life”.
“I do, I always will”.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”. Just as you about to kiss.
“Wait a minute, what else Brother”? Chibs blurted out.
“I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley”. Happy gushed. You blushed.
“Ok now can I kiss my smoken ass wife”? He asked Chibs
“Go get it Brother” He said clapping his hands.
Happy kissed you long and hard. It was like the first time over again, you were weak in the knees and you felt his semi-hard on. Everything was in slow motion until you son came over a pulled at your dress.
“Hey little man, Daddies kissing Mommy you gotta wait your turn” Happy laughed picking him up.
The preacher got everyones attention. “Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Happy Lowman”.
Life was bumpy at the beginning but it turned out better than ever.

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Edward Nygma is a weak ass bitch who couldn’t even fight sleep if he wanted to. He is physically weaker than a dying mans handshake and has all the personality of a wet paper towel. Its funny that he likes to ask people difficult questions when the most common one he himself is asked is: ‘Who are you? Do you work for someone important?’

He is famous for wearing green which is a colour traditionally associated with envy and, looking at him, it’s easy to see why he chose that as his theme cause he must be legit SICK with envy when he sees any other living person who actually has a life outside of riddles and being a sad bastard.

An army of robots is impressive but it’s hardly a replacement for real human connection. He couldn’t get his hole in a barrel of fannies and his dry period is so long that even the Sahara desert is side-eyeing him. He’s about three days away from welding a pair of tits onto one of his robots and programming it to call him ‘babe’. I mean, maybe he can’t get a lady because of his moniker. “The Riddler”?!? What is he gonna riddle them with? Gonorrhoea? Syphilis? Bitch, I don’t think so.

Edward Nygma, I love the boi, but it’s like loving a mongrel at Crufts. You can root as much as you want for it to win something but in your heart you know it’s gonna end up being a total loser.

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sometimes Blake will hide from her team. Either in a playful "sneak attack" kind of way to mess with them, cause she was doing something "guilty" (like ninjas of love), or just not wanting to deal with people. Weiss and Ruby start picking up on it, and Ruby starts to slowly figure out where she'll probably hide. But for some reason Yang ALWAYS seems to know when she's there. Its later found out she just says "I know you're in here" to every empty room she walks into and it happened to work out.

Learning that fact was enough to sometimes cheer blake up if she was feeling guilty cause Yang is really funny.

TBH, I didn’t realize this was a thing that was happening (they probably don’t realize it either haha).  I just don’t think its fair that people would do that you know? They have their own unique funny personalities on their own.  I joke with both of them a lot, and tease Matt more cause I talk to him more and I can cause I work with them and I’m a friend of his. 

I just think its more annoying than anything, but hey thats just me!

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FUN ACE STORY One time a few friends were chatting about who they thought were attractive and how attraction works for them (their bi) and they looked at me and asked me to describe attraction cause I'm ace and it would be funny. The best thing I came up with was when a person looks at another person and immediately goes "yeah I'd kiss them" w out ever talking to them, they asked me to describe it like an ace person and I said wanting pizza but not it's a person and they laughed it was great

I´m really glad you have such nice friends and had a good time! Much love from all of us


i dont remember if I’ve written this or I just had a mental tally of notes


I have an au

where apollo and klavier try to get Wright and Edgeworth to go on date/ outing with each other 

but it keeps not working because they are very busy and avoiding each other

so they try to get them just a little tipsy 

and at first it seemed like a great idea

but they didn’t expect both of them to be such lightweights??

and at first its funny cause 

its just klavier and apollo taking pictures of the drunkles being cute

nothing too bad they are joking with each other

but then they lose the drunkles

and they have to get ema to help them find them

its like 3 am before they are spotted and taken home

the next morning apollo can hear Mr. Wright

 screaming in the bathroom about something

because apparently him and Edgeworth

somehow convinced a piercing parlor to give them matching piercings with

magnetic best friend charms

Edgeworth wrote up a contract

 and has the rough draft of said contract in his pocket

with both of their signatures all over it

and its just

“the reason we dont hang out all the time is because we turn into a bunch a dummies and make legally binding bad decisions” 

Mr. Wright still hasn’t told Edgeworth that they are technically married

hasnt mustered up the courage

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Hey,So ive noticed alot of death jokes/drinking bleach jokes. Look ok stop joking about that,You guys may think its funny...But here me out,its not when its a serious topic... If you drink bleach, it oxidizes or burns tissues in your mouth, esophagus, and stomach. According to the National Institutes of Health, it can cause nausea, chest pain, lowered blood pressure, delirium, coma, and potentially death...There ya go <3 Also keep up the good work mfren!

(( yeah I asked months ago to stop with the death jokes and they did stop! So it’s cool now friendo, this place is now even safer than before