its full of nothing but racists

So I recently saw a post about how terrible the tags for men are on tumblr and decided to go further and check other tags.

To re-cap if you look up “men are…” you get:
Men are trash
Men are pigs
Men are gross
Men are the worst
Men are slaves

If you type “women are….” you get:
Women are superior
Women are beautiful
Women are slaves
Women are amazing
Women are objects

So only two negatives compared to the five negatives men get.

If you look up “white people are…” you get:
White people are the worse
White people are crazy
White people are wild
White people are demons.

But if you look up “black people are…” you get:
Black people are magic
Black people are amazing
Black people are awesome
Black people are racist

So this time its one negative compared to a complete four negatives.

Now if we look up “cis people are…” we get:
Cis people are the worst
Cis people are wild

Then look up “trans people are…” we get:
Trans people are beautiful
Trans people are valid
Trans people are people

This time we have no negatives compared to a full two negatives.

Now lets look up “straight people are…”:
Straight people are the worst
Straight people are weird
Straight people are exhausting
Straight people are wild

Nothing came up for “gay people are…”, “lesbians are…” or “lgbt are…” but if you look up “gays are” you get:
Gays are great

When will people learn hate gets you no where? When will people learn they are no better than the sexists, racists, transphobes and homophobes they are supposedly fighting against? Hating people based solely on the sex, race and sexuality they were born as is disgusting. Hating “majorities” is not progressive it’s regressive.

Stop normalising hate.

unless a social issue is obviously and deliberately being addressed by a film/show, it is fruitless to analyse a character’s sexism/misogyny/racism/ableism/etc at a character level only (ie. treating the character like a individual), because said sexism/misogyny/racism/ableism/etc is a reflection of the views or ignorance of the people who make the film/show

treating characters as people, and analysing them solely on the level of their relations to other characters removes them from the overall context in which they are created, written and even acted. but this context isn’t innocent. in our extremely commercial society, beyond the creators’ level, there are the executive producers, the investors, the distributors. all of whom have a say and an agenda, whether consciously or unconsciously. not to mention the audience at which a media object is directed is also an extremely significant element of the context in which it exists.

even if we are to look at the issue from a perspective of authorial intent, films, and tv shows even more so, go through countless hands before the final product is released. there is no such thing as a single author (no matter what some film theories may lead you to believe). a director is nothing without their cinematographer, their editor, the script, the cast,…

for instance, in the latest series of bbc sherlock, molly was forced to reveal that she loved sherlock. some fans felt the moment and aftermath were not addressed with the full weight such a revelation would have for molly. stephen moffat disagreed. louise brealey who plays molly agreed. and to quote her: «I don’t know who gets dibs on it,” Brealey added. “He writes me, but I am her. So whoever. We’ll have to squabble it out.»
there is no one author when it comes to screen fiction.

to analyse characters, and especially their failings, without acknowledging the context in which they exist ignores underlying real world implications, and blames the ignorance and offences on a fictional character, rather than on the real people who created it.

this shit right here is why I’m done with Reaper76, never mind that the concept itself has potential. Because So Many of the shippers don’t know how to act right. Because so many shippers really write shit like this and would really be out here seeing nothing wrong with making AUs where dark skinned people are considered deformed and ugly and white skinned people (ESPECIALLY JACK MORRISON) are the peak of human beauty. Its disgusting as fuck.

This is from a fic posted today, called “Because You’re Pretty” by DiamondNidorina. Yes, I’m putting this on full blast, because this bullshit is the reason so many people are sick to goddamn hell of Reaper76. This racist as fuck fic had 250 hits and a positive review before I went into the comments to point out how fucked up the idea that this author CREATED their own species and one of the traits they gave that species is thinking people with dark skin are deformed. It’s not adding anything to the story to make it so Gabe, a fucking Afro-Latino in canon, is considered ugl and deformed by made up supernatural standards all so this author can wax on about how pretty they think Jack Morrison is.

Y'all need to cut it the fuck out. And I hope all tbe Reaper76 fans I saw who were so offended when people pointed out that this ship is filled with racist fanworks decide to speak out and collect their own.

A post about Hetalia

I get too many asks like this so I’m going to tell you some more in depth shit okay so get ready, this is the last time I try to explain why I try to avoid this show even though i like some of the characters and some of the ideas of the show.

The idea of the show

The concept of Hetalia is really cool, maybe it could be good. A bunch of characters that are the representations of entire countries full of people that then have to interact and try their best to get along and make the humans behave while also teaching the audience about historical events and culture in various countries. Sure it’s really complicated and weird, but anime is always like that and the idea sounds kinda interesting. The show is very simple and silly and the characters are all goofy and funny. Nothing violent ever really happens its pretty much just the characters interacting and giving us some historical lessons full of jokes.

Is Hetalia offensive and racist?

I would say Hetalia could be a lot better, both in how its told and how its made, If you’re a person who has never read the manga or seen the anime the idea of it probably sounds very problematic but it’s actually not that bad. Dont get me wrong, parts of it are pretty bad but not as bad as you’d think, at least not the original Japanese version. The show doesn’t necessarily touch much on the very sensitive historical events its not like we see actual war scenes or characters dying, rather it tells us facts about the countries, about the culture. As a person who always loved history and culture I’d have to say some of the jokes in the show can be pretty funny and maybe even clever (but most of the time its just Italy running around and making weird noises). It’s safe to say the original idea for this show was probably for it to simply be an educational and fun way to learn world history, whether it actually is what it tries to be is up for debate.When it comes to racism the English dub however does have a lot of pretty terrible jokes, obvious stereotype accents and so on that many may find offensive, but that’s just the English version. But that’s not really the point, what makes Hetalia really offensive and annoying are the fans, and I feel bad for saying it but its true

The Hetalia fans

The show in itself may actually be pretty okay, some may hate it but the show in itself isn’t actually the worst show to ever be created on this earth believe it or not. But the fandom blows things out and create so much bullshit that it does make the show seem really bad. 

Anyone can tell that things are about to get problematic if you have fan girls shipping countries that in real life have been in war with each other. I wouldn’t say its wrong to ship the characters in the show they are fictional after all, but the fans go way out of hand and they bring their weird fan girl stuff into real life. I have literally met fans of the show that dressed up as Nazis, I have met people who drew so much problematic fan art, I have met people who constantly joked about horrible real life events and used them as content for their shippings. I can maybe understand if its events that took place a long time ago (many shows and comedians do that kinda stuff, Hetalia isn’t the only show that jokes about Hitler and nazis) but the Hetalia fans have a tendency to also use horrible things that may have happened very recently, events from which many victims are still grieving or events that are still going on right now and it’s very disturbing.

Not to mention that for some reason the hetalia fandom in particular is very good at creating loads of fan content that involves incest and rape, I’m not sure why but I have never seen so much of that kinda content in any other fandom. Usually I dont care what kinda weird creepy shit other people draw or write, but when there’e so much of it it kinda creeps me out.

Why are they so annoying?

Hetalia fans in most cases, are pretty young, about 13 to 17 years old, of course younger and older fans exist but this is just based on the many people I talked to for years. Also I personally liked the show from when I was 14 to when I was about 18. Because of this its understandable why many of the fans are considered reckless, uneducated and annoying, because that’s what people are like when they are teenagers. I was stupid when I was a teen as well.

The show can also be brought up at all times because the show is literally about the entire world. The fans appear as so annoying because they bring up Hetalia in every fucking conversation and it makes me want to die. Almost all anime fans are a bit like that, we like to bring up our fave anime, I’m guilty of that as well, but hetalia fans are the best at it for sure because you can almost always find a way to sneak Hetalia into any topic. I’m not saying thats some kind of excuse for hetalia fans behavior but at least there’s a bit of an explanation to why they can seem so obnoxious.

Personal experiences

I’m not saying all hetalia fans are bad people but many of them are annoying and many of them do things without thinking first. About a year ago at a convention I met a friend and she had a big group of hetalia fans. At one point one girl asked me if I was the person who made the “the adventures of potatoboy” comic and the fan art and such, she recognized me from selfies I had posted on tumblr. I told her that yes that’s me and then kindly asked her not to tell people about it because I don’t like getting too much attention. However only minutes later she had told the entire group and started showing my comic to everyone, about 30 people. They all started talking to me, that’s cool I guess but I have social anxiety so I wasn’t really feeling it. I clearly stated I wanted to leave and go to my friends and started walking away, but some girls followed me and asked questions about the comic; that is not cool. I ended up having to distract them and then literally run and hide for about 15 minutes until finally I met my jojo group and hid behind them for the rest of that day, that is absolutely not cool. They were never necessarily rude to me but I was really scared when several people started following me and didn’t want to leave me alone despite the fact that I told them multiple times. And I’m not saying all Hetalia fans are like them but many of them seriously are and I know because I have met them many times. 

Ever since I stopped posting Hetalia content and moved on to other shows the amount of drama, arguments and anon hate I used to get involved in without even trying has basically gone down to almost zero. Also my art doesn’t get stolen as much anymore, when I drew Hetalia my art got reposted by other people so much to the point where someone even made an instagram account and pretended to be me in order to gain more followers. Also people would sell my art on redbubble without asking me. If that’s not fucking weird then I don’t know what is.

So do I actually hate Hetalia?

No, I dont. I always liked the characters, they are silly and fun to draw. Yes the animation is probably the worst I have ever seen in an anime and the show certainly isn’t perfect in fact it’s pretty shit. But I don’t hate it and I dont hate people who like it, however I don’t trust the Hetalia fandom and I dont want to be a part of it ever again. All they do is argue, get into fights, act stupid in public and make me scared to go to conventions. If you like Hetalia that’s fine, if you think it’s racist and offensive then yeah that is your opinion and I understand that. For me what made me stop liking it was the fans, and yeah maybe I just had bad luck and kept running into the fans that steal and harass people but it made me very tired, and probably a main reason is also the fact that I got older

episode 8, clip 2 ☽ FEAR

monday, 13:01

Sana checks her phone, for the fifth time in the last minute. She presses her back against the brick of the school building, around the corner from where she saw Sara, Ingrid, and some of the other girls perched on a bench from the library window. She hadn’t heard from any of the girls besides Noora since Friday, and their radio silence fed into an awful, consuming anxiety that whispered lies into her ears until they sounded true.

She takes a breath and walks out into the courtyard.

“Can I talk to you?”

Sara looks up from her phone and regards Sana blankly. “Huh? Sure? What’s up?”

Sana catches sight of herself in the window behind the bench that Sara, Ingrid, and the other blondes are perched on, all black everything. Her face is all stark purple lipstick and black scarf in the distortion of the reflection.

“Alone,” Sana amends, and steps a bit away from the girls on the bench.

Sana faces off with Sara, arms loose at her sides. Sara crosses her arms, shifts her weight.

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toxic finnrey's at it again

alright hear me out.

first and foremost, there is nothing wrong with finnrey. its easy to fall in love with, and the characters have a healthy background with each other should they decide to follow a full-fledged romance.

with that being said, it strikes me as odd that toxic finnreys are willing to rope us good, well-meaning folk in with the racist trash bins. we outnumber the racists by an incredibly large amount after all, so generalizing us by saying we’re all racists is quite the reach but go off i guess.

plus, you have so many poc’s calling other poc’s out on “hiding behind their blackness” when in reality its really not that fucking deep. you’re all throwing stones in a glass house at this point because you’re insecure yourself.

like how can you feel so threatened over others not agreeing with you on a SHIP? at first, i tried not to think too much of it because it hadn’t progressed to this level, but my god, you guys need to get it together.

and why do they feel like Finn MUST be paired with Rey anyway? how does us shipping reylo equate to us hating Finn? none of these things add up. oh well, this is the internet, so im hardly surprised at this fuckery.

POC: “Please don’t say this small list of slurs.”
Shit white person: “Slurs are just words. It’s just joking, it means nothing its in no way harmful, we’re just having fun!”

POC: “Okay. Racist is also a word, do you mind if I call you that? I mean since words hold no power over a person. You’re racist.”

Shit white person: “how… dARE 




anonymous asked:

because the word "race" is never said about humans. its only used for animals. has nothing to do with what europeans did. but now, this day and age, if i would hear someone say race to describe a person id be sure theyre racist. cause its not used that way here. also race isnt that important, its more about what country youre from. eastern european people are to europeans what mexicans are to america. theyre white tho, not everything works like it does in america.

post this is in response to (for context)

god i could write an 5+ paragraph essay MLA-format (with parenthetical citations and a full works cited page) deconstructing and disproving what you’ve said, but i’m exhausted. so i’m just going to shorten it to:

please just unfollow me. please. i’m begging you. don’t send me another ask. just unfollow me. i’m begging you.

edit: here is an excellent post by someone that did write an essay on this subject. please read it, but still unfollow me thanks

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The #BLMkidnapping tag isn't even focusing on the kidnapping itself. It's an endless parade of racist comments and justification of conservative contempt towards BLM and people of color. I think it goes without saying, but easily triggered people should be wary of the tag. It's full of graphic imagery, racial slurs, and death threats against people who had nothing to do with the kidnapping- I saw quite a few threats aimed at Deray and Obama.


  • Old acquaintance: Dude, there are so many Muslims on this train man. It's making me uncomfortable...
  • Me: What? Why is that making you uncomfortable.
  • Him: I don't know man. I know you haven't seen American sniper, but trust me. They're not here to be our friends.
  • Me: I've told you that movie was full of shit, you can't base your opinion on a whole people off of that racist shit.
  • Him: Relax, Its just my opinion. I could never get with their Allah shit anyway. That's just dumb.
  • Me: aren't you Christian?
  • Him: yeah?
  • Me: You know Allah is the Arabic word for God right? Like... Nothing to do strictly with Islam, it's just their language?????
  • Him: whatever man, they're still terrorists.
  • Me: bye.

So upset at Tumblr silence on what’s happened, or on the ignorance of many to judge and blame a country and its politics, journalists and a magazine when they know nothing about it. Reading that Charlie Hebdo is racist or that France is an islamophobic country makes me boil with anger and breaks my heart, it’s so far from the truth, so far from the reality of our politics and laws and values. So so upset. I’ve never been one to say that Tumblr was full of bitter people only here to complain and blame, only looking at what’s happening so that they could find a way to hate on the priviledged ones, but that’s really what it feels like now. To see posts saying that’s only a question of defending white and christian freedom or society… makes no sense, no sense at all and is infuriating.