its full of nothing but racists

So I recently saw a post about how terrible the tags for men are on tumblr and decided to go further and check other tags.

To re-cap if you look up “men are…” you get:
Men are trash
Men are pigs
Men are gross
Men are the worst
Men are slaves

If you type “women are….” you get:
Women are superior
Women are beautiful
Women are slaves
Women are amazing
Women are objects

So only two negatives compared to the five negatives men get.

If you look up “white people are…” you get:
White people are the worse
White people are crazy
White people are wild
White people are demons.

But if you look up “black people are…” you get:
Black people are magic
Black people are amazing
Black people are awesome
Black people are racist

So this time its one negative compared to a complete four negatives.

Now if we look up “cis people are…” we get:
Cis people are the worst
Cis people are wild

Then look up “trans people are…” we get:
Trans people are beautiful
Trans people are valid
Trans people are people

This time we have no negatives compared to a full two negatives.

Now lets look up “straight people are…”:
Straight people are the worst
Straight people are weird
Straight people are exhausting
Straight people are wild

Nothing came up for “gay people are…”, “lesbians are…” or “lgbt are…” but if you look up “gays are” you get:
Gays are great

When will people learn hate gets you no where? When will people learn they are no better than the sexists, racists, transphobes and homophobes they are supposedly fighting against? Hating people based solely on the sex, race and sexuality they were born as is disgusting. Hating “majorities” is not progressive it’s regressive.

Stop normalising hate.

toxic finnrey's at it again

alright hear me out.

first and foremost, there is nothing wrong with finnrey. its easy to fall in love with, and the characters have a healthy background with each other should they decide to follow a full-fledged romance.

with that being said, it strikes me as odd that toxic finnreys are willing to rope us good, well-meaning folk in with the racist trash bins. we outnumber the racists by an incredibly large amount after all, so generalizing us by saying we’re all racists is quite the reach but go off i guess.

plus, you have so many poc’s calling other poc’s out on “hiding behind their blackness” when in reality its really not that fucking deep. you’re all throwing stones in a glass house at this point because you’re insecure yourself.

like how can you feel so threatened over others not agreeing with you on a SHIP? at first, i tried not to think too much of it because it hadn’t progressed to this level, but my god, you guys need to get it together.

and why do they feel like Finn MUST be paired with Rey anyway? how does us shipping reylo equate to us hating Finn? none of these things add up. oh well, this is the internet, so im hardly surprised at this fuckery.

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1) The "K@llura is racist against Allura" meta comes from drawing parallelism to a POC who's only known oppression from white people finding out that a friend is half white, and they've been traumatized enough by white people that they have full rights to hate their friend. Conclusion: the narrative shamed Allura by making her the "bad guy" for how she treated Keith, and that's racist. I disagree, because I think the narrative sided with Allura/her feelings plenty and didn't make her the (tbc)

2) “bad guy” at all. The only reason she was encouraged to make up with Keith was because the team couldn’t function if she wasn’t willing to have anything to do with one of its members. It had nothing to do with her being “unreasonable” for hating someone whose people oppressed hers. But that’s not what anti-K@lluras wanted to see, so they invented this “everyone was so unfair to Allura for not letting her hate Keith, because they’re racist” narrative.


I really dislike the whole storyline regarding Allura’s reaction to Keith finding out he’s half Galra I found it incredibly clumsily done and not gone into in enough depth. I rarely have qualms with how the show has been written, but this is the one exception I have a really big issue with and it still irritates me now as it had a lot of potential that just went so wrong so quickly though lack of development.

It comes down to the blatant fact that the way Allura responded to finding out Keith is half Galra wasn’t acceptable in any way shape or form. It was simply a form of racism. Allura knows Keith had nothing to do with the Galra destroying her planet as it happened 10,000 years ago, and she knows Keith is completely against the Galra as he has risked his life to protect her and fight against them countless times as have all the other paladins. Suddenly being hateful and discriminatory towards someone because they’ve found out they’re from a race that has happened to do bad things, things they had NO involvement in whatsoever, is racism and unacceptable. It’s like your friend you trust a great deal suddenly finding out they’re half German and you assuming they’re a Nazi and blaming them for the holocaust, despite the fact they weren’t even born during that and had nothing to do with any of it whatsoever. You wouldn’t do that and anyone who did that would be incredibly racist and treated as such by anyone with proper morality.

It’s clear what the writers were trying to do; they were trying to tap into the trust issues Allura has regarding the Galra because of what they did, but the way they portrayed that storyline with Keith was incredibly clumsy, and I think they needed to go into a lot more detail with it in order to actually get the message across properly. They needed to properly delve into Allura’s feelings and actually involve people like Coran. Coran is also Altean, yet he did not react that way, as he is far more experienced and should’ve been a voice of reason to Allura and frankly should’ve stepped in and put a stop to it. The fact he and the others just stood by and watched is another part that really irritates me because you wouldn’t do that you would intervene. If someone was being unfairly discriminatory to your friend regarding their race based on things they had no involvement in and you knew they had no involvement in, you would step in and put a stop to it.

It honestly changed the way I viewed Allura as a character as it basically put her forward as this discriminatory, selfish, naive child who is incredibly stubborn, which is a complete flip to the character they had been building up since the beginning and the character I had always seen her as. It was quite frankly, in my opinion, getting a season and a half’s worth of character development and throwing it away.

People also need to remember that in the actual canon universe, Allura is not a POC human she is an alien who has a dark skin tone. Something Allura’s VA, an actual POC, has said to fans before. Therefore human racial issues are irrelevant to the way she reacted in that canon universe. It just made her come across as this discriminatory child who is unwilling to see people for who they are and instead simply looks at race and assumes the worst which, in a show aimed at younger audiences, is a bad message to be accidentally putting through. Especially in this day and age.

If they had actually developed that storyline properly, that wouldn’t have come across in the way it did. But the briefness of it, in my opinion, put across a pretty bad message of basically if someone finds out they’re part of a race that’s done bad stuff it’s ok to not trust them and be hateful and discriminatory towards them despite knowing them and trusting them for a long time and knowing they had nothing to do with any wrong doings, which we all know in reality is not acceptable and should never be seen as such, so I do not see why this should be an exception because it’s the same thing just in an AU setting

Yes she eventually ‘resolved’ the issue but it’s the fact that regardless it doesn’t mean how she reacted was ok. It just means she finally realised she was being a dick. Doesn’t mean she wasn’t being a dick. And I don’t think the resolution was honestly in depth enough or particularly done very well either it just kind of brushes the whole thing off as nbd when it shouldn’t be viewed as nbd because it was a big deal

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The #BLMkidnapping tag isn't even focusing on the kidnapping itself. It's an endless parade of racist comments and justification of conservative contempt towards BLM and people of color. I think it goes without saying, but easily triggered people should be wary of the tag. It's full of graphic imagery, racial slurs, and death threats against people who had nothing to do with the kidnapping- I saw quite a few threats aimed at Deray and Obama.


  • Old acquaintance: Dude, there are so many Muslims on this train man. It's making me uncomfortable...
  • Me: What? Why is that making you uncomfortable.
  • Him: I don't know man. I know you haven't seen American sniper, but trust me. They're not here to be our friends.
  • Me: I've told you that movie was full of shit, you can't base your opinion on a whole people off of that racist shit.
  • Him: Relax, Its just my opinion. I could never get with their Allah shit anyway. That's just dumb.
  • Me: aren't you Christian?
  • Him: yeah?
  • Me: You know Allah is the Arabic word for God right? Like... Nothing to do strictly with Islam, it's just their language?????
  • Him: whatever man, they're still terrorists.
  • Me: bye.

So upset at Tumblr silence on what’s happened, or on the ignorance of many to judge and blame a country and its politics, journalists and a magazine when they know nothing about it. Reading that Charlie Hebdo is racist or that France is an islamophobic country makes me boil with anger and breaks my heart, it’s so far from the truth, so far from the reality of our politics and laws and values. So so upset. I’ve never been one to say that Tumblr was full of bitter people only here to complain and blame, only looking at what’s happening so that they could find a way to hate on the priviledged ones, but that’s really what it feels like now. To see posts saying that’s only a question of defending white and christian freedom or society… makes no sense, no sense at all and is infuriating.