its for the bags isnt it!

  • I just survived a mob hit and swam a mile down a river just to escape them so no, I’m not in the goddamn mood to play nice-–give me your fucking car or I’ll blow your head off ok?
  • you shoved a giant bag of cash and drugs in my arms while running from some people and tracked me down later to take it back but oho boyy fuck that I’m not givin this back. serves u right to thinking I’d be too innocent to do anything with it
  • I stole ur car to outrun these assholes but we got t-boned and now both of us are staring down 7 gun barrels-–don’t worry babe ok I totally have this handled
  • all I’m trying to do is capture this fucking guy but you just busted in here like such an ass to try and kill the mofo and I swear to god I will shove my foot so hard up your ass if you kill him—
  • I apparently pissed of the ‘fate committee’ by not dying when I was supposed to so now I’m stuck in some fucken final destination shit by avoiding all these attempts to off me–🖕🏽 fucku you’ll never get me
  • I have searched for years, gone through seven disguises, and am LAYERS deep in lies, ALL to get to the bottom of this mystery and claim my reward and here you come fucking EVERYTHING UP-–either you leave and wipe that goddamn grin off your face or I blow your brains out, go ahead and choose. 
    • *freezes when they say youll have to kill them to get rid of them*
    • *sees them smiling at it* aight fuck yuo
  • *record scratch* yes, some might wonder how I got in this situation: me, here, with a broken nose, few fallen teeth, my entire apartment complex on fire, lipstick all over my neck and ten cocked guns pointed straight at my head, but let me tell you– it’s actually a funny story.
  • yes I am gonna be fucking bitter about being stranded in space with an alien army chasing after us, I signed up for space rocks and neil degrasse tyson not the spacetime fucking oddessy
idk i just really wanted to appreciate wonho
  • has plushies of bunnies hanging off his louis vuitton bag and walked around in eevee slippers x
  • gets sulky when someone (changkyun) tries to crush said plushies on his bag x
  • has unconventional ideas about marriage compared to what you usually hear from idols
  • once said as long as someone can cook ramen well gender doesnt matter to him x
  • exposed mbc on vlive for being shitty to monsta x 
  • deals with inner conflict and still act like everything is okay
  • thankfully isnt afraid to show his sensitivity
  • he likes scented candles and taking baths x
  • has a two tone hair colour thing and still makes it work like damn
  • there’s multiple pictures of him chilling in his mum’s cafe x
  • designed the signboard for said cafe x
  • took a cookie monster toy on a date to said cafe
  • fashion icon and king tbh
  • constantly tries to feed stuffed animals he gets at fansigns
  • has the loudest shriek you will ever hear in your life it’s amazing really
  • works really hard to produce and make music and i’m just hoping for his songs on their next album
  • compliments everyone, like literally everyone
  • pointed at hyungwon’s dick due to frustration at hyungwon not getting what he was describing x
  • king of miming tbh x
  • his smile is for real the most heavenly thing you will ever witness it’s true i say so

just ordered a bunch of new soft long sleeved shirts in varying thicknesses and textures etc + im sooo excite

im trying to tell myself its fine to spend money when u save for something specific + also im trying to prep for spring so i can stay comfortable for as long as possible before summer eventually comes

i also got a lil bag and a lightweight sweatshirt and tbh im really looking forward to it because lately my confidence isnt /awful/

my autism bag and its contents. this isnt my Entire stim collection but it’s all the stuff i take with me places (i usually dont take all of it at once tho)

on the far left:
- a black drawstring bag that says “autistics cause vaccines, thank your local autistic biomed researcher”. not my idea, i saw it on a redbubble page but it was kinda expensive
- two chew necklaces from @stimtastic

top row:
- rubik’s cube with my @transcuber icon on it
- fisher cube
- mirror blocks/mirror cube
- rubik’s cube from a toy store
- kilominx
- megaminx

2nd row:
- rubik’s bear
- pokedex
- a carpet sample from home depot
- a “things that annoy me” book
- a book of logic puzzles
- my keys which have a fidget cube and an eni puzzle from @stimtastic on them
- a knockoff fidget cube

3rd row:
- a tangle “pen palz”
- a travel sized advil (not sure why thats in here tbh)
- tangle friendship bracelet
- textured tangle jr
- tangle therapy
- cracking chocolate squishy thing
- rainbow spinner ring


@parkdonghwa​: I don’t know if your box is open but can you do the dad Seungcheol but with Vernon thank u

A/N: Yes, requests are open~! Send some in guys >,,<

  • Don’t trust him with fragile things like newborn babies because he will drop them
  • Toddlers are good tho
  • Will give your toddler shoulder rides and toss them in the air
  • Always tosses them too high
  • Always gives you heart attacks
  • “RE-laxxx I’m not gonna drop them”
  • *Almost drops them*
  • The type to crack dad jokes
  • your kids will just roll their eyes at him but he still thinks he’s so damn funny but isnt that all dads
  • “Daddy I want a cookie”
  • “But your mom said no more cookies”
  • *kid pouts*
  • “Honey did you panic from their aegyo again”
  • “No”
  • Will double knot your children’s laces
  • Will triple knot if its long enough
  • Carries their bags for them
  • Packs terribly healthy lunches like steamed brocolli and guacamole
  • “Dad wheres the chocolate muffin mom always packs”
  • The type to be more scared of going to the dentist than the kids actually are
  • Doctor: “I’m gonna poke this little needle now so you won’t feel any pain later”
  • Kid: “Ok”
  • possibly squeaks when the needle goes in
  • the embarassment of all your children
  • Also the one who has less fun watching horror movies than your kids
  • He’ll be hiding behind your children’s backs
  • “TAKE THEM INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Vernon…..”
  • Your kids will love it though cuz they get to protect their scaredy old dad
  • Will be all over him giggling and trying to pull his hands away at the scariest parts
  • The envy of all dads when he picks them up from school because they’ll come running towards him and kiss him slobbery on the cheeks cuz they love him so much
  • Lots of nose scrunching at all the cute things your kid oes
  • *Excitedly points at little girl* “LOOK AT THE WOW SHE WALKS HOW CUTEEE”
  • Don’t EVER let him dress them up though
  • They’ll either be in disney onesies or stark naked
  • “They ran away before I could put their socks on!!!! T_T”
  • also, mismatching socks
  • the girls will end up wearing three tiaras and tutus over their jeans
  • the boys will be in nothing at all
  • Bottom-line: Dont do it
  • terrible at putting them to sleep because he’ll just end up cracking jokes and making them really high
  • jumping on beds
  • face squishing
  • piggy back rides!!!
  • flights around the rooom!!!!
  • “Sorry Mom!” *in perfect unison*
  • Ends up doing a Leo DiCap impersonation to try and get them to sleep
  • “just close your eyes”
  • The unathletic dad who cant deal with his hyperactive tween boys
  • “boys wAIT!!!!! I’M AN OLD MAN!!!!”
  • Also will embarass your teenage daughter around her friends by dancing dorky whenever their around
  • Cannot, for the life of him, scold your children
  • Will most probably cave in because of aegyo and hug them instead
  • You: “Why do I always gotta be the bad cop”
  • “i made them too beautiful”
  • 100% pure grains for breakfast
  • Late night movies and falling asleep in front of the TV with all the kids tucked under his arms and legs and stuff
  • Could possibly be a stay-at-home dad but bad at it
  • The kids love to cuddle around him when he sleeps bc he’s so fluffy
  • they have the same sleeping face he does :3
  • Your kids like to drag out his old rap tracks and will try to imitate him an he’ll be a little amused but also kinda proud <3
  • Wont blink an eye if they fall tho
  • Will most probably laugh at them first
  • eventually picks them up and kisses the booboo but forgets to put on things like band-aids
  • overall the chill dads all kids love because he just doesnt give a crap
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yup yup agreed. cant help it if i happen to see the chemistry in pairings that others dont care to consider because theyre so blinded by the popular ones *longest sigh ever* im not even gonna get into that bag of salt… omg? gladiator katsuki gives me feelings XD

such a bag of salt, like … the biggest bag of salt. it isnt even a bag its a fuckin chunk of salt. salt brick, yup.

i really wanna write this gladiator one, its gonna be kinda a lengthy oneshot? but the pairing is So Delightful and the imagery i have in my head is gritty and golden and bloody and oh gosh, gladiators and rebellion and ambition and romance and hostages…. so much good….


i was like “let’s draw bear and mouse as children” and i cried profusely the whole time


a concept: i lay on my bed scrolling thru tumblr, watching videos and shitposting. my phone never dies, tumblr mobile isnt shitty and i lay there, all day, without eating or drinking. just sleeping and being on my phone. i close my eyes, i feel my throat sore, i open them again. its all dark. suddenly a red light is barely visible in the shadows. i run up to it. i knew it. the gates of hell were waiting on me. this is home, im home. out of responsibilities, social gatherings, interactions with another human being, my death is painful but its better than how i used to live. i enter the cafeteria of hell and i eat a bag of cheetos by myself without worrying about how i’ll look after. im dead anyways. i sit there planning whether i hunt down people screaming “toxic” by britney spears or with “crazy in love” by beyonce. i feel alive.

rebuttal to chendy arguments abt this chapter

  1. the age thing: “wendy is 13 she has plenty of time to figure out her sexuality” while it is true that people can over time change their sexuality, its not fair to say wendy cant be gay bc shes 13. its possible for any age to be gay and age has nothing to do with it… yeah people are constantly changing and their sexualities might go along with them but to say chendy isnt plausible bc age isnt fair bc rowen is still a popular ship (im not bagging on rowen shippers here tbh rowen isnt a bad ship)
  2. “the love chelia was talking about was platonic” this is possible! i dont have any problem with anyone interpreting that as platonic bc platonic love is just as important as romantic theres no doubt about that. but!!! to say that shippers are delusional etc bc they see it as romantic also isnt fair to say, sure chelia called wendy her friend but i would be ???? if she called wendy her girlfriend considering they havent established that ever and calling someone a girlfriend when they havent talked about that is a lil weird. of course chelia called wendy her friend bc they are friends, doesnt mean she isnt in love with her romantically. its safe to say her love is romantic or platonic. yes, chelia preaches about love to everyone but when you gather evidence of chendy in the past its totally okay to assume romantic love
  3. yeah people are very excited and sure i can understand if you dont like chendy it probably is annoying to see people talking like this, but you have to understand this fandom is overrun with straight ships (not always a bad thing, mashima develops his ships very well, but still its heteronormative) and to have a gay ship (especially a f/f ship that isnt sexualized like the rest of the ones in this fandom lolll) have extreme evidence stacked behind it is exciting for some people.

bottom line either way be respectful, if someone sees it as platonic leave them with their opinions and if someone sees it as romantic then leave them to their opinions as well. both are fair assumptions and we should respect each other.

you know that shit that happens where you eat a bag of assorted candy but theres one flavor in there you dont like and eventually, like, you get down to the point where its like a huge bag of just that flavor and you try your best to eat it anyway bc it feels weird to throw out?? sundays feel like a solid 24 hours of that feeling. idk why. this isnt like, an analogy. dont try and break down like how theres an equivalency bc theres not, im not drawing one, im saying there are a finite amount of vibes in the world, and sometimes the universe has to repurpose them, and “being alive on a sunday” and “possessing a whole bag of just the worst kind of candy” is a case of that


The prime time for stealing or pick pocketing people was always at the height of the day when the streets were at their busiest. At least that’s how Ryan saw it. He found interest in tourists and even locals as he began to figure out what was in their bags and pockets. Items that could be traded in for money in order to get the necessities for living and making friends with some crews. Ryan may have only been 14, but he knew his was around the city and had a name for himself even if it was just used by a few people. The teen was known for stealing from people and being able to do so without being caught.

Today was a less busy day which meant doing his “job” would be a lot more difficult. He sat on the stairs to an apartment building and watched as people walked by. Ryan saw one guy that seemed like a good target: headphones, somewhat baggy clothing, and a distracted look. He stood and moved into the sporadic crowd, nonchalantly following Ray. Once he was close enough, he attempted to pull the wallet out of the other’s pocket without being felt.