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An observation

So, we’re all freaking out about these new Anti hints, right? It started with this super fishy thumbnail for ‘everything is gonna be ok’ (which Jack liked). Then came the audio effect in Hearbound, and Jack reblogging with that Undertale-esque caption (which someone pointed out has the ‘t’, ‘n’, and ‘a’ glitched out, similar to the Bio Inc Redemption video title). Plus he reblogged this art without a caption, something he generally does during an antipocalypse. Plus, new Anti merch, as well as this lovely photo on Jack’s Insta?

People have been (understandably) going a bit insane. This theory analyzes in amazing detail the ‘everything is gonna be ok’ thumbnail. This one shows the coincidental timing of the merch sale. Also, there’s this theory from August making strong correlations between our situation and Undertale. This one points out a link between Best Of JSE #5 and #6. And someone pointed out how Jack has been doing the ‘Anti’ laugh and checking his pulse (as if he were dead) quite often recently.

But something about all of this has been bugging me a bit. Jack himself said Anti was unpredictable, right? So why is all of this making so much sense? Why are we able to make such clear connections between past appearances and what’s happening now? Why is everything suddenly so clear-cut? Usually, we have to really dig to make sense of stuff, but this feels so… laid out for us to find.

I have a very strong feeling that Anti is up to something, and leaving these clues in just barely obvious spots for us to latch on to, giving us something to distract ourselves with while he works on his master plan in the background. Yes, these are all very strong clues, but there is a slight chance that this is all just a red herring to throw us off his trail, so he can do what he needs to without us pesky theorists getting in his way.

Whatever it is, we have to stay wary. We can’t fall into whatever trap this is that Anti is setting up. Stay alert.

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Okay this is a bit belated but I just got around to reading Tan jiu’s latest ad with the motorbike dudes and it actually gave me a lot of feels (this guy is selling off his buddy (the motorbike/ handsome guy in the racing suit) to lead a safer lifestyle with his girlfriend/spouse)…

…until I read the weibo comments anyway I was laughing at the comments for the past 5 minutes HAHAHAHA

“After getting a main wife he sold his mistress*”

(*a lot of guys refer to their vehicles as their second wife)

“So, usually he always rides* his buddy????” 

*as in have sex in cowboy position LOL

fic: “if it had been me, you would have stayed Kuchiki,” he said. 

me: P A I N. jpg

star wars au where instead of going into hiding obi-wan hides in plain sight and gets a job at space buzzfeed writing embarrassing clickbait articles about anakin like ‘top 10 embarrassing stories darth vader doesn’t want you to know!’