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Hi! So I noticed that in Norwegian they say e.g. "kjærsten min" rather than "min kjærste". I wondered if maybe you could tell me whether there is a difference in meaning or function between those or which is the "correct" one (or can you use both)?

Okay. So shortly answered it’s ‘just’ the way we construct sentences. The sentence would be ‘Han er kjæresten min’ and in contrast of English and Spanish we put the noun/object before 'min(my)’ (In English you can also say 'beloved of mine’ 'boyfriend of mine’ though not on that sentence.

Most common is object first. In my head 'min kjæreste’ is more old school. I tried explaining this to the Australian exchange student. YouCAN say min kjæreste cause min would be the obcect to in a sentence construction. Its sorta about the grade of formality.

In Norwegian you have to change when you say
'Stop petting him, that’s /my dog/ and I’m going to walk /my dog/ now (in Norwegian: slutt å kos med ham, det er min hund og jeg skal gå en tur med hunden min nå, would be the most natural way to say it)

the number one argument i hear being used against romione is ‘they’re not intellectually compatible and hermione wouldn’t be satisfied with ron’s mediocrity’ like ?????????? what books have you read????? where are you getting these ideas?????? why are you dismissing someone’s intelligence just because it’s shown in a different way??????? why are you acting like the only way to be intelligent is academically??????? why?????

like there are so many different ways to be intelligent, just because it’s not shown in an academic sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. please stop.

  • Me: I read a lot of fantastic fanfiction by super talented writers! I read every day! It's improved my vocabulary!It makes me happy!
  • Person: Fanfic? Ew, that doesn't count
  • Me: ...
  • Me: why the hell not you overly greasy donut

Alright so earlier I asked if anyone had any book recommendations with LBGTQ main characters in it, and I was not disappointed. sportdorks just sent me this list of twenty five books which fit my request, and so here they are, originally found here






just a little reminder on your dash as finals approach:

  • you have gotten through it before and you will get through it again.
  • you have worked hard this semester and i’m proud of you.

  • get as much sleep as you can.

  • stay hydrated and don’t forget to nourish your body.

  • breathe.

i picked up a new class of year sevens today and i was writing on the board (in very illegible overly loopy cursive) and one girl was like “miss rose, i think you’re a very similar person to your handwriting” and i was like “why do you think that sweetheart?” and she was like “it’s very pretty but a lot of it is just unnecessary”

and can i just say i don’t think i’ve ever been dragged that hard in my life let alone by an eleven year old

{21/08/16} - last week’s desk status!! this was in preparation for the essay i had last monday… i spent this weekend cramming for the specialist test i have tomorrow and also pulling myself out of my week-long anxiety slump rip but here’s to a better week ahead! hope you all have a wonderful week too!

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