its fluttershy



There’s so much pressure in a first kiss, so much anticipation, so much expectation, so much hope and fear and want and need. Sometimes when you pull away and look them in the eye you feel so happy, so excited, so giddy, so overwhelmed that you can’t help smiling, giggling, laughing. You both laugh so hard you can barely breathe, because it’s the only way to let out the hundreds, thousands of feelings inside you at that moment.

Or, maybe there’s just something kind of funny about mashing your face against someone else’s because you just like them too much to bear.

greengal22  asked:

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok but a suuuuper cute poly relationship between Rarity Applejack and Fluttershy would be suuuuuper cute

Probably my fave OT3!!! AJ and Rarity would spoil her pure precious gf a LOT. Like, imagine Rarity making her nice dresses and taking her to the finest places and having spa dates, and basically being the best most considerate gf to Shy??? And then we got AJ protecting and snuggling the heck outta of her and making Fluttershy feel nice and safe, going together on picnics or helping each other!! And Fluttershy would be so kind and give both of them the best snuggles, or relaxing them from all the work.!!! Im not gonna say anything about the rarijack part because we already know my thoughts on that :3cc

anyway, rarijackshy is a pure good ship and Fluttershy would bring so much peace, joy and nice things into AJ and Rares lifes!

When in doubt, draw Fluttershy.


Look at me diving in head first into this mess with no regrets

a 2 hour drive leads to the vaguest sketch in the world aka a noodle and a bunch of circles

add 3 hours to that later that night and another 20 minutes this morning and you’ve got a better lookin’ noodle and a sleeping friend

I left.

I came back.

There’s no turning back now.

I give up.

I’ve been consumed yet again by the brightly colored small horses and a draconeq-whatever-the-fuck he is. A giant chaotic noodle.