its first grade


she had the world || panic! at the disco


Why is it either opened or locked?
That doesn’t make sense. Who manufactured this?
I mean, the options should be:
Open or closed
Locked or unlocked

Someone crack a preschool opposites book around this place please


Dood the “ピカピカの一年生/Shiny First Years” Scout got me hella good, like rip diamond I wanna max my Shinobu 4* card thanks.

Shinobu wrekt me good…

Do you ever just menstruate so violently that you almost faint coming up the stairs home from work and then eat two bowls of ice cream in rapid succession because you require thirty thousand calories to make more blood and not die

Because that’s a new thing I experienced today


When you write SO beautifully that your professor(s) don’t have to correct anything in your compositions (grammar: perf…vocabulary: perf….👑😉)…and they give you the highest grade of the class: A 10/10 💋

The second marker for my final project thought it lacked visuals and atmosphere and wasn’t ‘romance’ enough and there wasn’t enough description and and and…
So this summer, I’ll finish writing it, spend the rest of the year editing it, send it off to an agent, have it published, watch it become a bestseller, and then send this person the second edition of my book.
Not the first, the second.
Because the second edition will say 'NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER’ on the cover.
I’m not spiteful at all.

  • Maxwell: Oh, if only I knew how to work this thing!
  • Wilson: Let me take a look at it. Hmmm. You know what the problem is?
  • Maxwell: What?
  • Wilson: You got it set to ’M’ for Mini when it should be set to ‘W’ for Wumbo.
  • Maxwell: Percival, I don’t think Wumbo is a real word.
  • Wilson: Come on! You know... I wumbo, you wumbo. He/she/me... Wumbo? Wumbo, wumboing, we’ll have the wumbo, Wumborama… Wumbology, the study of wumbo? It’s first grade, Maxwell!

There’s literally nothing I care about less than post-WWII French government. You can give me the coolest De Gaulle facts, I don’t give a flying fuck, 1945-2005 French politics are the last thing I want to hear about.

Wanna tackle some more Ranked tbh

oh no…. leenik….. this is supposed to be a funny podcast how did this happen to me…