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an attempt to start writing zimbits;

So I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to write so I thought maybe I’d try a new method of posting… I’m gonna be posting little bits of this here on tumblr as I go, and hopefully get some feedback as I write! Once it’s finished, it’ll make its way onto ao3.

The gist of the fic: Jack is a shitty patient when he’s sick, so when he gets a cold, Shitty has a minor heart attack. What comes next is a certain Canadian hockey player loopy off of cold meds, and the startling realization that a stuffy nose turns Jack Zimmermann into a clingy monster.

It’s a good thing everyone in the Haus loves him and is willing to pitch in to help their Captain get better. It also doesn’t hurt that a certain Southern boy is more than happy to dote on said Captain.

Part 1/?


Jack sneezed three times in a row during breakfast, at 7:03 am on a Tuesday morning, halfway through his second pancake. Shitty’s head snapped up so fast, Bitty was shocked he didn’t injure himself.

“No,” Shitty breathed, his eyes wide with horror. “It can’t be.”

Regaining his equilibrium after the third sneeze wracked his body, Jack untucked his face from the crook of his arm and sniffed quietly. “Shits,” Jack said slowly, his voice a low warning. “It’s nothing, it was just a sneeze. Don’t freak out, okay?”

Shitty stood up so fast he nearly knocked his chair over. “It’s never just a sneeze Jack Zimmerman.” He darted around the table and bent over to peer at Jack suspiciously. “And I heard three sneezes just now brah. Two is enough for suspicion. Three is enough to cause alarm. Throat?”

Jack rolled his eyes. “My throat is fine, Shitty.”

“Runny nose?”



“This interrogation is giving me a headache.”

Shitty squinted at him. “Don’t you sass me, Zimmermann.”

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