its fine

Supercorp worshippers : Nice episode, Alex was awesome and her moments with Kara were beyond description!! But we would also like to know where Len-

Writers : Yess ikrrr Mon-El is such a boooombb

S.w : …uhm no we meant Lena…Lena Luth-

Writers : it’s Mon-Els laxity and supercute childlike temper

S.w : but Lena Luthor, the smart, mysterious and extremely interesting character we definitely want to see more often shou-

Writers : Mon-Els supercute childlike temper!!! See what we just did?¿¿? Super? Plus cute?!?!!!

S.w :


Hi hello! I finally set up that commission sheet!


I won’t do:

  • NSFW (gore, porn etc)
  • Hate speech/slander
  • Complicated Mechas
  • Animals? (I can see what I can do)
  • Backgrounds

I will do:

  • Humans
  • Pretty much anything that isn’t mentioned in the won’t do’s

Multiple characters are a dollar for each extra character.

If it’s an OC, please include a visual reference!

Email me at or IM me.

Transactions are all done through Paypal. 

Thank you very much!