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yeah a thing I’m not going to shut up about is how much it bothers me that people praise fanartists to high heaven and say they appreciate fic writers but honestly just don’t show the same appreciation

don’t get this wrong, I love artists, they well deserve the praise they get and I’m well aware they have issues too

But for example; I’ll see the same artwork that was recently posted at least five times on my dash in one day. The most well known fics at the moment I see only twice at most, despite the fact I well know people will have read it.

People can reblog what they want, obviously, but I just really wish people would notice the disparity between how we treat artists and how we treat writers; when it’s generally known and accepted that artists get under appreciated and often enough fic authors could still be well below them


Please help and support this show by watching is legally on Netflix THIS FRIDAY ONWARDS! I normally hate these types of posts, but for this show, it’s needed. It’s not often we get such a female driven show like this within the anime industry, and compared to the many male driven animes, it’s not even a fraction of how popular it SHOULD be.


Friendly reminder that Voltron: Legendary Defender is a family friendly show about 5 friends who get together to form a robot that saves the universe and everyone in Team Voltron loves and respects one another. 

Let’s please enjoy VLD for the amazing storyline, themes and characters it brings us, regardless of the ships we ship or don’t. 

Sun’s always falling
Weightless and free
Now when you close your eyes….
Just breathe….
with me…

let go… 

LET GO….  (of the way you’re feeling)
RELEASE…. (over and over, til you return to me)



me at 3:00 am: hey so i love voltron and all of its characters but dayum am i sick of the discourse of this fandom. to me ship wars are fucking terrifying bc i always feel like i have to choose a ship. my friends are also into the fandom and they’re divided bc one ship klance and one ship sheith and now they’re not talking to each other. thing is both of them are so invested in their ship they forget it’s just a show. they’re letting a thing as trivial as who they ship impact their relationship. now they can’t be in the same room w/o arguing. i am just on the sidelines and i dont want to choose bc it’s just a show jeez. now it doesnt feel like choosing a ship it feels like choosing a friend. i’ve also seen some extremeness in the fandom. the notorious fairymatsu have been trolling people all over and have journeyed into the voltron fandom. some bloggers have been targeted by the troll and have received very hateful messages. no one deserves to get that kind of hate. i cant go on tumblr without having some kind of discourse making its way onto my dash. i think people are just overreacting. in the end, it’s just a show with fictional characters. although it’s nice to find someone who ships the same ship you do, i find it outrages that ships could split friendships. honestly, i actually wrote a fic for klance but now im even more estranged from my friend simply bc she ships sheith. i’ve decided not to publish it bc i dont feel like contributing to such a scary fandom. she thinks i have chosen a side. i have not. ship whoever you like. ship klance, sheith, nymallura, heith, hance, shance, shallura, or heck even shlav. ship away. idc. while we’re on the topics of fanfics, i’ve read some fics that completely villainize a character bc they pose a “threat” to the ship the author is writing about. some people also characterize keith as just a cold-hearted emo moody teenager. he’s so much more than that. im hoping the recent vlog has made people seen that. im also hoping hunk’s vlog wont just be him fantasizing about food. he’s a paladin. he’s extremely intelligent. he can keep up with pidge and their crazy high tech ramblings. dont underestimate him. lance also. he isnt just the comedic relief. he’s gotten so much good character development in season 3 but we also see him dealing with his insecurities. i doubt that conversation with keith actually magicked away all of his doubts. dont write him as just a goofball. dont. i sincerely love the show but im starting to distance myself away from the fandom bc the discourse, ships, and mischaracterization has droven me away. 

me at 3:10 am: hey so do y’all think lotor likes pineapple pizza.

do you ever think about the fact that you sat in front of your computer screen and watched one direction do skits, try and spectacularly fail at world record attempts, make pottery, and have a wrestling match and a runway show, and other random shit overrun with technical difficulties and a dash of jerry springer for 8 hours straight 

and then do you ever start crying when you think about how you’d literally give one of your own organs to have a 2k17 repeat

hello!! it’s anna!!

so i literally just hit 4k and i’m so happy!!! this is the most followers i’ve ever had on any blog lmao. sooo i wanted to make a quick follow forever to show my appreciation to all my mutuals and people i follow!

i just want yall to know i love seeing you on my dash and i’m glad i follow you!!! and to my mutuals and followers, thanks for following me, it means sooo much!!! so let’s start :-D

(i was jeonggukl, in case anyone is confused!!)

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Benedict Cumberbatch, the man, the meme, the legend. I still can’t tell you whether or not he’s a good actor, but I can tell you that if my local community theatre put on a performance of Benedict Cumberbatch Reads The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. Yes, All Of It, I would be in the front row, screaming and throwing my boxers at him. The dude’s in high demand right now, and because he has tethered his wrist to the saddle of the runaway Marvel horse, there’s no telling when he’ll be able to devote large chunks of time to anything else.

The most recent season finale, which was a mad dash to ensure that Sherlock ended in a bigger way than any of the other seasons while still leaving stuff open for more, seemed baffling in its conception. The dudes who write this show have always been competent, even at their worst. They write female characters like they’re trying to impress Jabba the Hutt, but their stories still feel like they’re written by people who do this shit for a living. So I can’t fully blame them when they release a hodgepodge of twists, forced emotion, and an unfulfilling conclusion for not just Sherlock, but every other character as well.

I also can’t totally blame Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, because C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla’ dolla’ bills, ya’ll. They’re making superhero cash with their new roles. They’re making “Tear down the orphanage because hearing children play makes my scalp itch” cash. However, because for the last few years Sherlock has been a game of “Will this be the last season? Probably … maybe … I don’t know,” you have to make every season with the idea that it might need to be the finale that everyone’s waited for, but still have it ready for another season.

4 Behind The Scenes Reasons Great TV Shows Start To Suck

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i'm new to the vld fandom, i only just started watching it like 2 weeks ago. i fully expected to come out of it shipping kl*ance since that's the only ship i even heard of prior to watching the show, it was everywhere on my dash. and then sheith happened. it's so good it's so so good i love them sm. tbh your blog played a big part in making me ship it too.

ahh welcome! i’m so glad you enjoyed it! and yeah, i’ve heard this a lot. sheith is just… //clenches fist

so damn sweet.


Help me into some house, Benvolio,

Or I shall faint.

Hi! I’ve recently hit 200+ followers and I just want to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” to all of you so I decided to make this follow Follow Forever plus its been 6 months already since I joined the fandom, a decision I will never regret cause I met so many amazing people who I can call friends, I love you all so much!!!  ♥

First I will mention the people whom I talk to the most, and who have become like sisters to me (my real sister included):

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Thank you all so much for being the most amazing people I know. I love you!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

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I will mention the shadowhunters blog I still follow, even tho I’m no longer in the fandom nor watch the tv show, they all seem like nice people and make/reblog really nice gifs that I enjoy seeing on my dash:

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BBC Sherlock: On Mourning

The hardest thing to do when you are in love is to let go. Even when that love has soured. Particularly when the soured love was one that provided you with solace.

I am writing this to say goodbye because so many of you (if you are still here!) have been kind and joyous friends. I am not going away from the community because queer representation wasn’t proffered explicitly (though I mourn that) nor because the writing decreased in quality (which admittedly did), but because the thing I loved has become painful.

There are many ways in which I find myself hurt by this show that goes beyond the debates on “queerbaiting,” irresponsible portrayal of neuro-divergence, and blatant sexism. In the end, I am hurt by BBC Sherlock because it became a  show that celebrates unwarranted pain and punishment. Brilliant, neuro-divergent, queer men are punished for their lack of social skills with peerlessness and physical brutality; traumatized veterans are punished with abusive marriages and manipulative “affairs;” young women are punished with perpetual unrequited love, death or imprisonment. No one finds happiness in this universe, no one has a chance to be themselves. Cardboard cut-outs of “heroes”,“villains”, “side-kicks,” “mad women,” “sacrificial wives” and “lovelorn maidens,” Sherlock, John, Molly, Mary, and so on exist only to be punished for poor decision-making and unbalanced emotional investments.  In the process of becoming “stories,” they have been gutted of their human core.

Here’s what it boils down to me: when I first watched this show it smelled like the enticing, expensive aroma of possibility, of subtlety, of sophistication and intelligent play, like a grand opera. By S4, ep 1, it smelled of cheap drugstore cosmetics—bubblegum pink body lotion, orange suntan spray, men’s acrid cologne. Expendable, hastily put together, the thing you reach for in a moment of rushed need, only to throw away and never think about it twice. It smelled like plastic, like sour milk, all those possibilities of complex play and interpretation curdled.

No one made me fall in love with this show. I myself didn’t even want to love it. But I did, and now I that I do, I am the only person left to be responsible for my well-being and recognize mourning when it comes, death when it comes.

You were part of that life-blood. I loved this show because you loved it and you spun its sub/text and images into gold. I will always think of all of you, my dash people, as creative forces. I hope you use that force for happiness and that you take care of yourselves in the process of mourning, reconciliation, or celebration—whatever spectrum of the fandom you might be in.

I raise a glass to you:

@weeesi, @sussexbound, @wssh-watson, @sweeter-than-cynicism, @femmelocked, @isitandwonder, @hubblegleeflower, @quietasasleepingarmy, @thepurplecarbuncle, @monikakrasnorada, @ivyblossom, @alexxphoenix42, @welovethebeekeeper, @a-different-equation, @datmycroft and any more.

I am burying my dead. 

why do we get a clip of sana and yousef playing basketball…it’s ramadan why do we not get anything related to that…

yeah uh im not tryna be a douche or forcefully explain no this is relaxed no awkwardness or tension here but some of y'all who don’t like the uh whaddaya call it uh “superwholock” newer musicals need to maybe chill yourself please.

i mean, can you just let people enjoy things, even if its cringey and simpler than you’d prefer? i understand and agree that some less mature, younger audiences unfortunately ignore the more serious realities in them for whatever reasons they may have, and that others treat them and exploit them as more serious than they actually are, but that’s all a pretty pathetic excuse to completely disrespect somebody’s favorite show.

if you want to explicitly disagree with it, maybe do so in an unbiased, approachable manner by explaining your personal, sound reasoning for why you’re not into it/why you have bad feelings for it. that’s sort of the most mature thing to do, rather than shit on some naive 13 year old just getting into the musical scene, only trying to have a good time w a show they’ve taken interest to.

its not that serious and you’re not superior or a better fan or whatever the hell for not liking those musicals and enjoying more classical pieces of theatre. still, just as you should be kind to others with different preferences, they should respect what you do and dont like, and its okay not to like things, so just please be considerate and kind to each other! i think im done, have a nice, full day!!! love you guys!!

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Boy those Paley pictures are something else. That was way before my time (I didn't even know Outlander - books and show - existed then) but man. Sam and Cait sure wore their feelings on their faces for everyone to see. Cait was pretty possessive then by the looks of those pics. Wasn't that around the time of Sam stopping in the middle of the marathon? If someone asked me from those photos I'd say couple without a doubt. What a difference from some of the recent photos. It's a shame.

I hadn’t read the books or seen the show when Paley gifs showed up on my dash. They may school it better now, either out of necessity or because of the natural amount of chill a lot of relationships settle into as time passes, but they seriously can’t be surprised anyone thought they were together. Or, at the very least, had rocked the Trailer of Love a few times.

Sam’s “if we were together we wouldn’t say” doesn’t hold water when applying the old adage of actions speaking louder than words. They still exhibit so many of those behaviors that caught my eye. It’s the sweetest, most irritatingly complex game of I Spy, but my ass still gladly plays it.

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Wait, I'm confused, what's this about Danny Phantom drama, "anti fans" and some dude named Butch?

Hoo boy. Well the Anti-Fan drama is from 10 years ago. BUT Butch cant let sleeping dogs lie. You cant escape drama in a fandom when its the creator thats causing it.

Shit I havent even been active in the fandom in a while, but now DP stuff is on my dash again cause Butch is being passive aggressive.

So grandma is gonna go into storytime.

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