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the worst part about tumblr is that whenever a blog i follow gets into a new fandom and its all over my dash i’m so tempted to just watch one episode and i’m convinced it won’t be a big deal but then the show ends up being super good and i watch the whole series and it’s just like guys my life is already controlled by too many fandoms i don’t have time for any more yet here i am how is this my life

Benedict Cumberbatch, the man, the meme, the legend. I still can’t tell you whether or not he’s a good actor, but I can tell you that if my local community theatre put on a performance of Benedict Cumberbatch Reads The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. Yes, All Of It, I would be in the front row, screaming and throwing my boxers at him. The dude’s in high demand right now, and because he has tethered his wrist to the saddle of the runaway Marvel horse, there’s no telling when he’ll be able to devote large chunks of time to anything else.

The most recent season finale, which was a mad dash to ensure that Sherlock ended in a bigger way than any of the other seasons while still leaving stuff open for more, seemed baffling in its conception. The dudes who write this show have always been competent, even at their worst. They write female characters like they’re trying to impress Jabba the Hutt, but their stories still feel like they’re written by people who do this shit for a living. So I can’t fully blame them when they release a hodgepodge of twists, forced emotion, and an unfulfilling conclusion for not just Sherlock, but every other character as well.

I also can’t totally blame Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, because C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla’ dolla’ bills, ya’ll. They’re making superhero cash with their new roles. They’re making “Tear down the orphanage because hearing children play makes my scalp itch” cash. However, because for the last few years Sherlock has been a game of “Will this be the last season? Probably … maybe … I don’t know,” you have to make every season with the idea that it might need to be the finale that everyone’s waited for, but still have it ready for another season.

4 Behind The Scenes Reasons Great TV Shows Start To Suck

Six years ago today a cartoon show literally no one believed in (not even its own production staff initially), aired for the first time. It was from a franchise the general public had largely written off a long time ago. It was criticized and ridiculed before it ever aired. By all accounts, there was absolutely no reason for this show to be decent, let alone phenomenal

But Lauren Faust sparked a fire that swiftly spread to everyone around her. They poured more passion and hard work into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic than any outsider would think necessary. 

It became a worldwide phenomenon, inspired millions of artists of all trades, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities, united countless friendships, spread genuine good throughout the globe, and is arguably one of the most culturally significant cartoons of all time.

And they’re really friggin’ cute to boot.


EB: don’t encourage him.

TG: been married for years

EB: oh my god.

TG: got one kid

TG: a lil salamander daughter

EB: leave casey out of this.

TG: shes a real nice kid

TG: does the blep thing a lot though

EB: she does actually! it’s really cute!

TG: pretty damn cute yeah

65 More Years
Ron Pope
65 More Years

(65 More Years)

Happy Birthday, Makoto!! A sappy song thing for youヾ(´︶`♡)ノ

It’s kinda long, I’m sorry for stretching your dashes, especially if you aren’t into free! or makoharu!! ; v ;


✧・゚: *✧・゚:*   hi!!!!!!! i cant edit for shit, so i tried some things and yeah, its better to keep it simple. anyways, i was feeling pretty good today, so i thought i would try to make someone even if a little bit happier if they werent feeling it? so i decided to do this, since i hadnt done it before. so here’s a reminder that even if we dont talk, i appreciate you and love seeing you in my dash!! ///please//// dont feel pressured to talk to me bc of this, as i said, this is just to show my appreciation!! (also if you dont want to be a part of this just tell me and i’ll take your @ out) here we go!!  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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For all my beautiful followers <3

Today is the Vampire Diaries series finale so i’m probably gonna go wild and reblog every single delena gifset I see AND i’ll be liveblogging the episode, so if you don’t wanna see it, pls blacklist #tvd or even my entire url for tonight if i’m being too annoying and you don’t wanna see my crazy delena spam on your dash

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I have to get this out of my chest, Galio's rework reminds me A LOT of All Might from Boku no Hero Academia!!! from his design (buff af, permanent smile and even his gold horn things), right to his fighting style (his passsive is even called a Smash omg). Makes me want to play him when i didnt give a crap about Galio before!

I haven’t watched the show but i’ve seen it on my dash a lot-


when you want to unfollow people but you can’t because anxiety

Amara and God - The Original Siblings

I caved and watched the latest episode of the show, and through my hysterical laughter and talking to the characters on screen like they were idiots and shouting out ‘hey maybe Cas could help with that’ every 5 minutes I got thinking about something.

This show and its parallels are so not subtle. Okay so here’s an idea I have yet to see on my dash. If this has been floating around and I haven’t seen it please point me in the direction of this meta as I would love to read other peoples thoughts on this. I was trying to come up with explanations for why an ancient dark goddess would be so fascinated with Dean. It’s not like he even freed her. He was just a key for her so it doesn’t make sense to me in the slightest, but then I got thinking about the bigger picture and what this perhaps is foreshadowing. Amara is clearly angry and hurt and seeking revenge. Why? Because she was betrayed by her brother. Amara is desperate to find God. She wants to talk to him, but he has yet to show. Perhaps her fascination with Dean is because in this particular scenario he is a God parallel himself?

If Amara is the original wronged sibling, then the story has kept repeating itself. First God betrays Amara, Then Michael betrays Lucifer, Then Cain betrays Abel, then we get to Sam and Dean and how it was always about how Dean was supposed to kill his baby brother because Sam was always the darker brother, the ‘boy with the demon blood’. He is the Lucifer mirror and the Abel mirror here. Therefore he is also the Amara mirror. The Darkness was the original influence on all the other younger siblings. We haven’t yet heard God’s side of the story, but what would you bet that it in some way mirrors Michael and Lucifer or Cain and Abel? There are shades of grey to each story. Supernatural gave us Lucifer’s side of the story and in turn, made us feel sympathy for the devil (in an episode called Sympathy for the Devil no less.)

It also showed us the true nature of the older siblings, Michael and Cain and how they were both condemned to strike down their younger brothers against their will. Dean also fits this pattern rather neatly, and I cannot wait to find out what God has to say for himself about why he had to lock Amara away.

I always liked to speculate that God himself was weaving the stories in the show, that whatever happened in the show regardless of how the show itself explained that it destroyed destiny and fate. When Chuck was revealed (though still debatable I guess) to be god in some form, it was rather poetic that he was focussed on the Winchesters, But now the story appears to become even more poetic, that God fashioned this universe in his mourning for the sister that he betrayed, and through it somehow engineered a story about sibling betrayal and sibling rivalry that spans all of time and somehow ends up with these two Midwestern boys who go against everything and end up being the physical embodiment of what he wished had happened with his sister instead. That he had instead chosen her over the universe, like Dean would choose Sam over everything else.

If Amara can feel a bond between herself and Dean, I like to think it has to do with how God created Dean to mirror himself. (there has been previous meta written somewhere about Dean being the Christ figure in the show as well) and therefore it is certainly not a romantic bond (wincest be damned) but Amara just doesn’t realise yet the kind of bond she feels. (I suddenly had a rush of original starwars feels over Luke and his bond with Leia that started kinda romantic).

This is another reason why I want Amara to get her time with God, for them to resolve the problems and for Amara not to die. If they are the original siblings, it will probably be up to Sam and Dean to prove to them that love concurs all and perhaps they should chill and make up. I am convinced that this show will use the Power of Love in a big way to sort out all the problems in the end, like it did with Swan Song. So these are just some of my ideas about how this could go. I only wish I could figure out where Cas fits into all this.

Having said that i also see Dean as a mirror for Amara so I dunno. It is midnight and i really need to go to bed so perhaps forgive this long train of thought as nothing more than the ramblings of a very tired woman who needs desperately to go to bed at a more reasonable hour in future.

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k, I have to get this off my chest: i don't even watch skam (im thinking about it tho for the girls) but i see this show on my dash enough to hope it IS Sana. its honestly so Ugly how many times I've seen ppl wanting Even to be the main for next season for the gay ship? but the worst is when someone i follow suggested Sana SHARE her season with Even?? like why should she share her season with him?

pls watch it !! the girls are so fucking amazing, i’ll be honest i didnt know abt the show until s3 bc of isak and even but then i saw it ALL OVER MY DASH and i was tempted to just watch their season but holy fuck the first two seasons are so fukcing great and i would die for my girls

that being said, i dont mind if ppl want even tbh i think everyone that i follow wants even for even, isak&even is just a bonus. i’ve grown to love that boy and i’d be stoked for an even season. with his mental illness, his interest in islam, his sexuality (bi? pan?), him being woke af in general, an even season would be fucking amazing. (all the nasties who only want him bc of evak can choke)

i personally want s4 to be sana for purely selfish reasons. i love that girl so much, she means so much to me - a hijabi woc. i want ppl to see a popular muslim character just living her life like a normal person, i wanna see her reading the quran, praying, interacting with her family, having quiet thoughtful moments, etc. i Do Not want her sharing a season with anyone, frankly i dont want any shared seasons tbh. they’re all complex people and i want them all to get the screen time and attention they deserve

all that being said, im hoping and praying for a sana s4 and u should def watch the show (starting with s1!)

something occurred to me today so I decided to share

When I was 17 I fangirled over The V/ampire D/iaries and shipped De/lena so hard and now I’m 23 and horrified at my previous choices because D/amon is an incredibly abusive toxic person who literally won E/lena like some prize just for being only slightly decent sometimes and he kept being awful and depended on a girl to keep him in line and went batshit crazy SEVERAL TIMES when she rejected him and it’s the absolute opposite of a healthy relationship. THE THING IS, I only fully understood what a horrible ship De/lena was when I began shipping Clexa and Lexa showed me what actual supportive partner should be like.

What I’m saying is, Clexa taught me the difference between abuse and sexual tension and the difference between caring for each other vs controlling and manipulating each other and it actually helped me mend my own relationship and prompted me to make better choices and I was so incredibly happy with myself and my life and this is why we need healthy relationship portrayal in media instead of glorified abuse and emotional manipulation that’s mistaken for sexual tension like honey if a person is looking at you with a ‘smoldering gaze’ as you argue chances are they aren’t hot for you they’re actively planning on cutting you up and control your every choice to assert their dominance over you and I just wish young teen girls like I was once would recognize that ugh

  • tumblr: we want more representation for women, lgbt+, poc, and other common minorities in the media
  • netflix: *tries their best with sense8* *takes a step in the right direction that most media providers refuse to take*
"Why do you ignore my requests for fontcest?"

(rewording a seriously scary ask, I’m almost afraid to address this)

I don’t have a problem with people who ship fontcest or the work that shows up on my dash. It’s your life, not my place to judge.


Drawing fontcest is not my thing. I just generally avoid ships that I have a problem with. It’s not even that I have a problem with fontcest, it’s the specific request making me uncomfortable.

“but you left a kudos on a fontcest fanfic!!”

If someone recommends it to me, I’ll read it. As I said, I don’t hate fontcest. In some cases (esp if it makes sense in context and its made clear that it makes sense in context) I enjoy the work (not usually for the fontcest, but for the writing style, backstories, etc.). I also have a tendency to leave kudos on everything I read because I always feel like shit when I put effort and enjoyment into something and its like *digital crickets* ((nobody cares enough to even say “I acknowledge your existence” cri))

This specific request is being taken too far, though.

I’m getting a death threat (anon, of course, little fucker) for ignoring requests for NSFW fontcest art.

I don’t accept NSFW commissions/requests. I don’t care if they’re humans, skeletons, or fucking pidgeons, I DON’T DRAW THAT STUFF.

If you were to request fontcesvthat can be taken either platonically or romantically, sure, I’d be fine with that. From what I’ve seen, though, most fontcest is, by nature, fairly sexual.

Keep NSFW fontcest requests out of my askbox.

Keep NSFW requests in general out of my askbox.

Idgaf if you don’t consider it NSFW, if I specifically ignore a request I ain’t drawing it. (Difference between “hey I requested this, did tumblr eat my message or would you rather not draw it?” and “I’ve requested *this* six times and if you ignore my request again I will leak your info. You live at *this place* and your IP address is *that*. I will not hesitate to send a hitman after you if you do not comply.” This goes for ANY site; I did not get this on tumblr, it was on an “anonymous” account elsewhere.)

Guess what? I have your info as well, all ready to send to the police if needed.

I am sick of anons requesting nsfw art and doing this shit. If you’re gonna make a death threat, do it to my face. If you send a request off-anon, I can respond directly and privately and tell you why I won’t draw it.

Okay just a quick PSA guys

Gravity Falls is a show built on mystery and characters.

The fandom is built on theory, speculation, and a shared sense of excitement and anticipation.

But please remember, unless the canon proves it otherwise, No Theory is More or Less Valid than Any Other.

You don’t have to agree on them, you don’t have to think all of them are true.

But for the love of Bill Cipher, please do not hate on others for their theories, their opinions of other’s theories, or think that “your theory” is better than anyone else’s.

It’s Not. 

Everything from Body Swap theory, “The clones that escaped are actually the Stan Twins”, to Grunkle4Grandpa. They ALL have their merits, they ALL have their back up evidence, they are ALL worth consideration. 

It’s not a contest. It’s not a competition. It’s not a race to see who can think up the most “canon” theory before the new episode comes out.

You all don’t have to agree with each other. You don’t have to accept each other’s theories. But for God’s sake, don’t be tiny children who make fun of each other because “oh ho ho they think THIS theory is valid!” This is an animated kid’s cartoon that you are belittling ideas over and the theories that you’re so strongly defending may or may not even be true!

By all means, have fun, be super positive, and be pumped for the next episode!

But do not patronize others and be an elitist asshole because of what they choose to believe on this show. 

Just don’t.

And please remember…