its even hard

my academic experience can really just be described as me being held in a chokehold by a menacing figure labeled “chemistry and hard maths” only to be rescued by a knight labeled “biology and sciences of the brain and mind”, aback a steed labeled “english and humanities”

歌愛ユキ - Kaai Yuki

Finally found a song to duet with @suisai-yume, we’ve been planning to do this duet ages ago!!! I can’t sing Japanese as well as Rozen but i try, than k…

does anyone else have a writing style that like. isn’t Bad or anything but it drives u up the fuckin wall to read it, for no apparent reason


“Mr. Stark, will you carry me?”


“ok. :^)”

“Kid, what the f– hell??”

Tony: @whiskeyteacosplay

Peter/Spidey: @yacchins

bonus: someone yelled “do crunches!!” and an attempt was made

reminder to self: it’s okay to want a flat chest. it’s okay to want a deep voice. it’s okay to feel dysphoric. you’re not a bad person for feeling this way. you didn’t choose to be born in this body and it’s okay to want to change things about it. be good to yourself.


happy birthday to our beloved and relatable happy virus, kang daniel ♡


thank you for the BEST and most ABSOLUTE PERFECT 2017, b.a.p! for working so hard everyday, for always taking care of us babyz, for being yourselves, thank you for everything. you’ve achieved so many things and never fail to impress and make me proud. let’s continue to walk on a beautiful path in 2018 and create even more everlasting memories! happy 2018! ♡


video in which 2 cats are VERY comfortable & I panic over my nationality