its even funnier like this

Say what you will about Naruto Gaiden, I absolutely love the implication that Sasuke and Sakura went on a mission and came back with a baby seemingly without telling anyone not only because of the Drama but also because of the idea of Naruto holding up his own baby at them like “ME TOO”


mentioning his height is probably like a taboo in the house

yeah if you haven’t noticed before, the age differences in this au are slightly different from canon. I wanted the kids to be closer in age so I made the gap smaller (I mean Wendy is like, what, 6,7 years younger than Natsu and Gajeel? Yeah, I just didn’t want to make them teenagers here I guess)

alternative title for this post: everyone bullies Sting


Delitoonz - Guy Love!

-This is a sign that I have too much time on my hands and I need to be more social… XD


“You don’t know who I am?”

I’m laughing because my sister’s father-in-law just bet me that within 5 years some guy would come and sweep me off my feet and I’d have kids of my own and I just look over at my mom - who knows I’m gay and have a girlfriend - and look back at him like “You’re on.” We shook on it. Bitch is going down.

i saw a thing at the mall

frankie d never uses the bottom part bc he already has a donut hole :^)
‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail Breaks Down Season 2 Finale, Previews Season 3
Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the finale of the second season of “Mr. Robot.” What a long, strange trip it’s been. After a mind-bending second season of &#…
By Debra Birnbaum

Okay. That sounds so familiar—

And what’s even funnier – tyrelliot is experiencing that same “oh its platonic love!” like hannigram DESPITE the thing being TEXT on the show and the creator CONFIRMING it.

I’m like y'all who saw mr robot s2 finale: what do you hear when a friend (okay im simplifying it, dont burn me) of your friend tells you–no, confess ‘i love him’ about your common friend? 'I love him in a platonic way’?????

Sheesh. Those heteronormative goggles distort common sense so well, no?

consider: dirk has 0 grasp on pop culture references

todd: i’m not your watson, asshole!
dirk: wh- what are you saying? what are we talking about right now, what is this? we don’t have time for gibberish, todd.
todd: don’t speak to me ever again.

Me, starting a project: alright we’re gonna do this in order. None of this writing the end first and getting stuck. We always do that. Let’s try another method. No skipping ahead. None.

Me later, the last 30 pages of the book fully written out, the first chapter in shambles, completely stumped on how to progress through chapter 2: oh goddamnit

  • The Best Friend™ Husband
  • he loves you but you can sure as hell bet that he’s always ready to go for the drag
  • don’t get me wrong, Minghao definitely has a romantic side with his wife and he’s probably adorable when you were still his girlfriend but when girlfriend turns into wife… well people get comfortable and you two go from 
  • Him: “Oh do you want to order mint ice cream and share?”
  • You who hates mint ice cream: “Yeah..!”
  • to 
  • “Why do you always buy mint ice cream, you know I hate it” “Its the only thing i can love in peace, you finish everything else”

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this is my aesthetic

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Jang Moonbok really deserves a chance to redeem himself.

His appearance on Superstar K was funny I guess but if you think about it, it was pretty damaging to his pride. Moonbok was like 14/15, with a dream to be a rapper and even if he wasn’t the best, the way the judges handled it was so harsh. Instead of giving the kid some pointers or constructive criticism, they just laughed at him in his face and repetitively ask him “what language is that?” and when he went over the lyrics again, they laughed as said shit like “lmao its even funnier cause he’s actually speaking words” like can you imagine being that young and having grown adults laugh at you in your face? On national TV too? And then it was turned into a whole joke and Moonbok was made into a laughing stock to the point that he was alienated and bullied by people around him. He even said that he felt lonely and isolated. He came on the show to prove himself, that he’s not just a big joke, but even do he said he’s doing this because he has nothing left to loose. That’s pretty sad man, to think that people made him feel like he’s lost everything and has nothing left.
And even now people are picking at him and just being so mean by calling him ugly, untalented, saying he shouldn’t be there, how he’s the worst on the whole show. People even went as far as to tell him to go die, to his face. TO HIS FACE. How can you be so cruel? Moonbok has no scandals, no rumors, nothing. People are contributing his popularity to him being friends with a BTS member but honestly, even BTS fans are picking on him and it’s not like Taehyung gave him a shout out post or told people to go vote for him. The last and only time Taehyung ever posted about Moonbok was a year ago. Moonbok’s rapping skills now compared to the past is SO much better. I’m sure he can get a lot better if people give him the chance to, instead of bashing him constantly. The main goal of the show is to debut in the top 11 but even so, they are there for training and to get better. Moonbok is no exception.
Even on the show, the other trainees like him and always talk about how nice he is, how bubbly his personality is and how cheerful he is. Did you see how reaction when he was ranked #2? He literally jumped for joy. Even when everyone in F was struggling to learn the dance for Naya Na, Moonbok was jumping around and brightening the mood. When everyone was gloomy about getting grey shirts, Moonbok was ecstatic. The other trainees really admire him for that. I don’t know why people give him so much shit tbh. If he’s untalented then why not let him use this opportunity to get better? If he’s ugly then, if he was pretty, wouldn’t you say he’s only in the top 11 or his looks? Moonbok is really such a nice person, and it’s really sad to see people constantly bashing him.

Too gay to function

Imagine in civil war Natasha looks Clint directly in the eye and rips off her arrow necklace

Clint gasps dramatically, clutching his chest because Nat has committed the ultimate friendship treason