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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

1. my cat 

2. my friends

3. sleeping (if im feeling very angry or depressed I’ll sleep and when I wake up I always feel somewhat better but also just sleep in general)

4. writing 

5. all of you~ 💗

I would write Hwarang but all that does is make me suffer s o 

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Bro i totally agree with you on tsukauchi being the traitor i always thought he seemed a little suspicious

Right? for example how he’s dressed exactly like Kurogiri

kinda suspicious indeed

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A hc where Mc has a stalker ex but doesn't tell Jumin because she wants to deal with it herself, only she underestimated how creepy and crazy her ex can be. He sends her creepy stuff which she manages to hide from Jumin, shows up at all the places they go to, and even threatened to hurt the people she cares about, stuff like that.

eyy first hc! analysed some hc to get the style, hope its okay. I’m more comfortable with writing ‘you’ than ‘her’ so bare with me please;; also, send in requests if you think this is good! (it’s a liiiitle long cuz i get too detailed all the time ;~;; tho i cant be serious at all

Genre: I say FLUFF

  • “Is everything alright, MC?” Jumin looked at you, concerned
  • tbh it’s really difficult to keep secrets from this man
  • espeicially in this case
  • Your ex is unstoppable, he is also smart and has he sources.
  • He sent you weird text like “ //iM//;’gO0na;.[CoRRupt{{y=ou “.
  • You didn’t want to engage in anymore conversations with him so you promise yourself not to reply no more. Let his hope dieeeee
  • You’re weren’t the only one though. One day, Jumin showed you a box he received with white roses and his portrait in funeral photo frame style. There were no name of sender. 
  • But you quickly brushed it off and blamed the innocent Seven. he now owned another reason to not be able to touch elizabeth
  • You did blocked the creep’s number, you were SOO over him.
  • …to only realise that he can send you stuff with other numbers too…
  • You kept blocking, he kept creating.
  • It’s not like you don’t want to change your phone number. You can’t.
  • How are you going to tell Jumin?
  • What are your excuses be?
  • Poor MC, surrounded by two utterly intelligent guys. 
  • Meanwhile, Jumin did noticed the shock in your eyes every time you were on your phone.
  • He’s worried.
  • He’s even worried when you say that you’re perfectly fine.
  • But this sweetie tries to trust you. So he ain’t gonna ask more.
  • So one off day he took you out for tea at an expensive ass cafe.
  • Your ex sent you a text: “YoU”{L00k hAwt 2dAy:babE”
  • Wha…t….he’s here?!
  • “What’s the matter, my love?”
  • “O-oh, n-nothing…it’s just a cute cat photo I found on Facebook”
  • you quickly displayed a cat pic on your phone and show it to him
  • *pop* 
  • “What’s…this? Who is it from?”
  • “Yes, Jumin…?” you took a look at the phone screen
  • “iM<GonA&^%*KiLL++ yOU, jUm1n”
  • oh shit oh shit mayday mayday wroooong timing
  • You bit your lips, searching through your brain for a valid excuse
  • “err…random q-quote generator! haha….”
  • “Did you really mean it…? To kill…me? Why?”
  • oh boy this man is gonna cry i repeat jumin han is going to cry
  • *mc deep breathes* *gulps* 
  • “Sir,sorry to interrupt but there’s a suspicious man with a knife outside looking at you and Mrs Han for the whole time. Should I take any actions?”
  • You were unsure if this is going good but the cat has to come out of the bag.
  • “Really? Confiscate the knife and contact the police immediately.”
  • Jumin went from a heartbroken child to an Executive Director in a snap
  • “My dear, MC, was it him..? The guy who kept making you uncomfortable when you use your phone at night? I want to know the truth.”
  • “Y-yes, Jumin…I’m so sorry for not telling you. I thought I could deal with him myself…I didn’t want to burden you..I-I’m so so sorry..I’ll explain everything to you later so you’ll forgive me, okay?” You started sobbing out all the stress and fear.
  • Jumin pulled you into his embrace and brushed through your hair. 
  • “It’s okay. You don’t have to apologies. I could have given you more attention…I’m sorry, princess” He kissed you on your head.
  • The police were fast, they recognised Jumin and fangirled internally and took your ex to the station
  • Jumin say he’ll only make a report tomorrow so poor ex has to stay there for a shooort while
  • You both went home immediately and cuddled all night
  • while you spilled out the truth
  • you begged him to forgive your ex and not to punish him too hard with his power because you felt bad a little
  • he promised but internally he was like
  • are??? you??? kidding??? me??? forgive??? no??? he harmed my precious darling !!! HESGOINGTOHELL.
  • anyways you slept beside him on the couch after kissing him and telling him that you will only be his
  • it was a looong tiring day but not compared to other nights *winkswinks*

“Yo, you’re not the only one who misses him!”

“You can’t understand how I feel, none of you had what we had!”

“he probably just wanted to protect you, like everyone else.”

-Rose’s Scabbard, Steven Universe

okay, so my heart has quite literally broken, and I know that sounds dramatic, but fuck. it’s been no secret that robin has got some awful comments in the past, and not even just about gotham/nygmobblepot but just aimed at the fact that he’s a gay man (married to another man) and it seems, from what he’s said here, that he receives hate of various kinds and it’s awful. thankfully he has the option to turn off comments on instagram because it means he can still continue to enjoy the platform and continue spreading love and positivity, and bringing awareness to important issues.

I will never, ever understand the kind of hate levelled at robin (or anyone else). they don’t deserve it in any capacity. robin has been nothing but nice and kind, and it’s crazy to me to think that people genuinely send him hate of any kind. 

we need to remember as well that robin doesn’t have the luxury of turning off twitter (yes he can block people, but that’s a one to one thing with no mass result) and I hope this shit stops, and most definitely doesn’t get worse on there. I don’t even know if robin bothers reading through tweets he’s been @ in anymore, perhaps it’s too much. I just don’t know.

either way he’s handled this really maturely, but also he’s clearly angry or upset even if he doesn’t say so (and he’s absolutely right to feel that way) and it breaks my heart because robin is nothing but inspiring and a wonderful person to look up to.

and if you’re someone who has ever sent robin any kind of hate, I don’t care how you justify it, quite frankly, fuck you.

edit/update: something which I wish I put before is that robin’s instagram post was made because of his political posts, however, the fact that he’s now also getting hate for those prompted me to make this post about him getting hate in general and how it’s wrong for him to get the kind of hate he does, at the level he does.

this post isn’t about one specific source of hate, but just the unnecessary hate/negativity being sent his way in general.

Accidental: Chapter 3

 “I don’t know, Connor, you walk into lunch first!”

“For god’s sake Evan, why can’t we just walk in together?”

“People will assume…”

“Are you even ok to go in? Sensory overload’s a bitch, and I know this from personal experience.”

“Don’t treat me like a child, Connor!” Evan snapped, then paused. “Ohmygod, I’m so sorry, that was so rude, I’m sorr-”

“Dude,” Connor smiled at him, grabbing his hand in the deserted hallway, “It’s fine. I was out of line. Now, are we going in together, or not?”

“Yeah. Let’s. Um, I mean, well, what do you want to do? I don’t really have that strong of a preference at this point, just-”

“Together. But if you don’t want anyone to assume…” Connor smirked, looking down at the space between them, “you might want to let go of my hand.”

Evan jumped, dropping Connor’s hand like it was burning and blushing furiously. For once at a loss for words, Evan pushed the door into the cafeteria and walked in, Connor rushing to catch up.

“So…” both of them said at the same time, before looking at each other and laughing.

Connor continued, “Do you have a table you’re normally at? I don’t really ever sit with anyone…” he paused, unsure how to continue - how do you tell someone you have no friends? - and opted to just smile instead.

“Oh, well, sometimes I sit with Jared, um, Jared Kleinman, if you wanted to find him? I don’t know too many people, just you really, now, I guess, I’ve never had too many friends…” Evan said, words blurring together as he stumbled to reach a tangible thought (and reach his table).

Connor was in awe of this kid. You generally do friendships the other way around- emotional intimacy is the last  thing, not the first. So, seeing Evan stumble over words and blush was a wake up call from seeing Evan slide down a wall and sob. Deep in thought, he didn’t notice Evan stop until he heard his name called from a few feet behind him.

“Connor? We’re here. That is, if you want to sit with us, I understand if you don’t-”

“Oh! Yeah,” Connor exclaimed, backpedaling and sitting down at the table with Evan. “I assume you’re Jared?” he asked, but was cut off by the kid in front of him - Jared, he presumed.

“So what were you guys doing all day?” he said, accompanying his words with the waggling of an eyebrow.

“Shut up, Jared,” Evan muttered, then looked to Connor and spoke up. “This is Jared, he thinks everything is gay and is a walking meme. Jared, this is Connor, and we’re not dating.”

Jared, however, wasn’t listening anymore. “Evan, you look really tired…” he spoke, looking worried and distant.

“Probably ‘cause you were ‘sleeping’ with this Connor kid, right?” Jared suddenly joked, all worry gone from his voice, replaced by unexpected humor.

Connor almost choked on his food. If only Jared knew how true it was.

Out of the corner of his eye, Connor saw Evan make a gesture as though he was tucking his hair behind his ear and smile apologetically at Jared.

“Oh!” Jared said softly, seeming to forget that Connor was there, “It was… You could’ve come and found me,”

“Look, it was spur of the moment,” Evan replied, “Conn- I handled it. I’m going to the bathroom.”

Evan shouldered his bag, wincing in pain, and left the room. Connor watched him go with the nagging feeling he’d managed to miss half of an important conversation.

There was a pause as both remaining boys stared after Evan’s retreating back before you could hear Jared muttering.

“What happened to his back…”

He then turned to Connor with an unexpectedly serious face and began to speak.

“Look, if you’re sitting here, I assume there was a painful ‘let’s be friends’ kindergarten-disney moment. Evan’s gonna want your number, and given how it seems you guys met, he doesn’t have it yet,” here he pulled out his phone and handed it to Connor, “Put it in. I’ll get it to him.”

Connor awkwardly added his number into Jared’s contacts. 

What did I miss?

The bell rang for class.

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Barry: “Julian, I’m trying to help you, I just need you to trust me.”
Julian: “Says the man in a mask.”
Barry: “…”
Me: “…no. No no no no no. Don’t even…”
Barry: “Yeah, you know what, you’re right.”
Barry: *unmasks*

Lightning Round

Everything was going according to plan. The electronic lock had been happy to let him inside. The alarm remained blessedly unactivated, the cameras off, even the motion-sensing lights were dark. The computers were eager to help, passwords divulged and files copied with a cheery little trill of compliance. Yes, everything was going exactly according to plan until:

“Stop right there Techno Storm!”

Eric groaned. Not again. He turned his back to the monitor, trying to block it from view.

“By all the gods of sky and sea, Polly, it’s Supercell, how many time do I have to tell you this?”

“But that name doesn’t account for your tech powers,” the Silver Polygraph insisted oh-so-self-righteously. “The Guild agreed–”

“I’m not part of the damn Guild!” Eric swept out his black cloak and gestured at the distinct lack of Guild of Heroes insignia on his costume. “If I were part of the Guild, you wouldn’t be running after me and telling all the newspapers in town I’m a villain, would you.”

“I would if you were doing villainous things!”

Eric had to concede that this was true. Polly was very consistent about his pursuit of truth, which was more than could be said of some of the Guild’s other members. It was his most redeemable trait. It almost made up for the utter eyesore that was his sparkly silver suit.

Unfortunately, that consistency also meant Eric knew what was most likely to happen next. Polly was very good about sounding the alarm when he ran into trouble. They probably had six minutes before more heroes arrived, three if Eric was unlucky.

There were no air currents in the maze of cubicles. At all. It was probably some sort of health code violation. The water in the air wouldn’t fill a teacup. Static electricity was a no-go.

He grimaced. He hated physical confrontations.

The computer beeped contentedly. He reached back and pulled out his zipdrive.

“What are you even doing here?” he asked, trying to keep Polly distracted as he told the harddrive to wipe itself. “I nixed all the alarms, how did you even…”


Wait, wait, wait.

“You work here,” he realized. There was something delicious in the thought. A hero, drudging away in a gray cubicle farm.

“I don’t–” Polly started, but Eric could see it in his face. For a human lie detector the man was ridiculously easy to read.

“You do!” he crowed. “You work here! And you snuck in after hours—what are you doing here, hero?”

“That’s none of your business,” Polly blustered. Eric grinned wide.

“Oh, but it is,” he purred, stalking toward him. Polly backed up, out of the cubicle, across the walkway.   “Because if you’re here unofficially, then I’ll bet you haven’t called your friends, have you?” Another step. Another. Polly set his stance and squared his shoulders.

“I’m here to stop you,” he said.

“I don’t believe you,” Eric told him.

And then he turned and ran. There was a window at the end of the row.

Footsteps pounded behind him. Polly didn’t have any enhanced speed, but neither did Eric. He leaned into the run and promised himself he’d never skip leg day again. If he couldn’t outrun Silver Polygraph then he deserved to get caught.

Something brushed his shoulder and he spun on his heel, whirling a bit of air into a tiny cyclone to be shoved in Polly’s face.

It was pretty pathetic, as weather manipulation went, but it bought him a few more seconds. Enough to reach the window.

He jumped, whipping his cloak up over his head. Through the glass, only three stories to catch himself—there. He swooped back up to the gaping hole in the facade where a silver mask was peering out at him.

“See you next time, hero-man,” he said, and set off the alarms with a flick of his fingers. Sirens blared. Lights blazed on.

“You can’t run forever,” Polly said, self-righteous as ever.

“We’ll see,” Eric told him, and let the wind carry him higher, above the city, where the clouds gave better cover.

For tonight, at least, the chase was on.

notes: Inspired by a discussion of superhero prompts on @sharingwritingprompts, which is a great resource if you’re looking for prompts!

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Can you maybe do a Valentine lutteo prompt where Luna gets like so many flowers from secret admires and Matteo is like how do I compete with that (not angst just some humor with fluff maybe please)? Lmfao

External image

It’s not even valentine’s day here anymore, I’m a disgrace, years of academy training wasted…okay no but I’m really sorry, I tried, this is still quite cute  I think, and kinda fits what you wanted and I also added a quote that @deliverychicafresa sent me on instagram so I guess I did a decent job. Hope you guys like it

He has a nice day planned for him and his girlfriend, a sweet and relaxed valentine’s day he knows she’ll enjoy and a pretty gift he knows she’ll love and that he put a lot of thought into. He has the whole day planned, that’s why he knows that there’s no reason for Luna to be hugging him as he appears in her door and whispering thank you’s.

“Hi.” He says confused just as Luna pulls away with a huge smile.

“Hi.” She stands on her tips and pulls him down softly for a sweet kiss. “Thank you, they are beautiful.”

“You are beautiful.” He tells her before fully processing her words. “What’s beautiful?”

“The flowers you sent me, dork.” She tells him with a huge smile and Matteo looks at her confused.

“I didn’t send you flowers.” Matteo lets her know.

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Request: Nope 

Warnings: Nope

Author’s note: Hope you enjoy.

Tumblrs like a dirty little secret I have.I love it so much, but its something knows one knew about.It was a secret addition that know one knew about.

Especially Kian.

I’d waits till he had gone to sleep and just blog, reblog even write.I felt it was away from me to get out my feelings  without anyone knowing it was me.I loved my job of course I did, being a youtuber was a huge dream of mine and the fact that it meant I earned enough to leave to a part time job and do youtube full time was amazing.Words couldn’t describe it, but the downside  has I couldn’t put anything online without people knowing it was me. So that’s why I had this tumblr blog.

I’d write silly things about what I and kian had done that day but write them as imagines.The fans of my blog seemed to really like them and in a way it was almost like a diary for me.A way for in a few years for me to look back and remember the good times I and kian had. It was also a way for me to fangirl about Kian without him knowing.I was a fan of Kian before I met him.It was one of those things people dream about meeting their idols and falling inlove and for little old me it happened. I met Kian at fan fest and we instantly clicked.He told me he was a fan of my videos and it about killed me indide And I suppose you could say the rest was history.

So that’s what I was doing I was writing up the day I and Kian had had.We went out to the mall got some new clothes it was a general day until I saw my ex.He tried talking to me, but Kian stuck up for me protecting me.I was really hurt by my ex, Kyle.He used me a lot.He was a typical fuck boy, but I didn’t see that as I was in deep.Kian knew all this and he face when he saw him said it all.He grabbed my hand tighter and pulled me close.

Kian was in the bathroom as I finished my last sentence I quickly clicked post.

“Babe?”Kian asked as he walked in the room.Water dripping off his body.He had nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.Even now of 2 years being with Kian sites like this just killed my inner fangirl self.

“Hmm,”I said shutting the lid to my laptop.I couldn’t help but smirk to myself as kian came closer to me.

“You’re wet” I laughed trying to pull away from him as  he hugged me close.

“You know you love me” Kian laughed.

“Hmmm, you’re lucky I do.Want a coffee?”I asked finally getting free from kians grip.

“That would be great” He laughed.I quickly ran downstairs making us both a coffee.I carefully carried 2 steaming hot coffees up the stair back into our bedroom.

“Kian what are you doing?”My mouth dropped at the sight Kian was laughing and smirking at my laptop with still nothing but a towel on.I hoped to god that he was watching a funny video or something.

“KIANS SO HOT LIKE FUCK ME”Kian laughed.My mouth dropped I felt my cheeks burn.

“Oh my god this one even better imagine Kian-“I couldn’t take it anymore I quickly put the coffee down and jumped on Kian taking my laptop out his hand.

“Kiannn”I yelled.

“What it’s sweet you blog about me” He laughed.

“What were you even doing on my, laptop”I asked cheeks still burning from embarrassment.

“Well, my laptops dead so I borrowed yours as I was gonna check my Tumblr, but then I realised you was logged in and I couldn’t help but look”Kian laughed.I couldn’t even look at Kian.Not from anger but from embarrassment.

“Why you so embarrassed I think it’s cute well apart from that smut you relog bloody hell y/n”Kian laughed.Shit, I forgot about the smut.It got hard when Kian was away okay?Sometimes I just needed something to well you know.

“I I” I looked up at Kian.Without hesitation, he smashed his lips into mine.

“Why don’t we make that smut reality” Kian whispered.My eyes widened I couldn’t help but smirk.

“You’re not angry,”I asked.

“Why would I be I find it adorable and even quite hot”With that Kians lips smashing into mine.Without hesitation I kissed back.

I prepare for the noble war. I’m calm, I know the secret. I know whats coming and I know no one can stop me not even myself. I kill people I like. Some of them beg for their life. I don’t feel sad. I don’t feel anything. It’s a filthy world we live, in its a filthy goddamn world and honestly I feel like I’m helping to take them away from the shit and the piss and the vomit that run through the streets. I’m helping to take them to somewhere clean. There’s something about all that blood man i drown it.
- Tate Langdon, American Horror Story


amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief

I prepare for the noble war. I’m calm, I know the secret. I know whats coming and I know no one can stop me not even myself. I kill people I like. Some of them beg for their life. I don’t feel sad. I don’t feel anything. It’s a filthy world we live, in its a filthy goddamn world and honestly I feel like I’m helping to take them away from the shit and the piss and the vomit that run through the streets. I’m helping to take them to somewhere clean. There’s something about all that blood man I drown it.

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins describes you best?

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It’s that moment. That moment of being so sure that you can give your everything to someone. It’s the way they can reach past every one of your barriers and break down all of your walls without you even noticing. It’s the way you want to feel vulnerable and embarrassed with them, but you really can’t. It’s the way there’s suddenly all that trust between you, trust that seems to have come up out of nowhere. That’s what it is. That’s love.
—  💜 - @itsfangirlalex

A fun little secret from Pickle and Peanut HQ is that when you visit the offices at Disney TVA, all the shows have pretty nicely designed name plates for the office rooms, decorated with characters and color schemes to be from the respected shows those people work on, but if you go by P&P’s section, the names are written with marker on shitty ass pieces of cardboard and taped up outside the door.

They spare no expense, even behind the scenes. 

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a secret i have is that im not sure i even have my own personality anymore?? bc like, I'll have characters I'll share traits with (whether its an oc or not) and i realize im likethem more and more and i dont know if it's me just putting headcanons on em or if its me just copying. Another secret is I used to make jello a lot btu I never realized you needed to put in hot water as well so I was just always mad it didnt turn out well

im dying at this ask bc it goes from something personal to “my jello keeps fucking up :c”

anyways. i dont really have a personality either but its really in the sense that i literally am Monotone Everything

- tell me a secret on anon

From Cupid, With Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, @the-alpha-incipiens! :) It’s been an honour to be your OQ secret admirer, and I hope this little story brightens your day! Psst - there’s even a little smut to be had, eeek! ;)


‘Tis not my holy day—and yet in essence it is.

For me 'tis business as usual, even today, even with a world full of non-believers. Barbarians, the lot of them. The threads of their lives intertwine, their hearts connected by an intricate web one could easily entangle themselves in—and they have. And they shall.

On this misty morn, I descend from the skies on feathered wings, a menace to some, a gift to others, my golden bow strung and quiver heavy, and make for the dark castle bustling with life.

No shield, magic or not, can stop me.

She’s going to murder Snow White. Rip her pathetic heart from her chest and mount it on a wall amid the atrocious sea of reds and pinks. If it’s hearts they want, well then they can damn well have a real one instead of the ridiculous paper cut-outs the simpering princess and her uncharming husband have plastered Regina’s hallways with on this wretched day.

Regina had explicitly warned them to do nothing of the sort, but no one seems to have taken her threats to outlaw the bloody farce of a holiday seriously.

“Come on, Regina, it’s fun,” the god-awful girl reasoned, as if that settled the matter. “The people need to have a good time sometimes—between this witch and her winged beasts, we all can use a bit of positivity, don’t you think?”

And yes, sure, fine. Let them have positivity. Let them have music and merrymaking. But what happened to good old-fashioned balls? Ones that are not, preferably, Valentine’s dances? Not that she’d ever consider attending one of those either—certainly not after the fiasco that had been Yule.

No, not again. Let them have their stupid celebration of love. Regina is staying away from hi—it all.

Sequester herself in her chambers she shall—and to hell with Snow’s well-intentioned lovefests and hope speeches.

Regina’s stomach rumbles, loud and crude, and that’s the snowflake’s fault, too. Must she go overboard every single time? Must every dish from fruit to pastry be cut and served in the shape of hearts? Can she not have provided one sensible option for people with actual taste, not to mention with a reasonable contempt for clichéd holidays?

Pacing furiously, Regina tries to tame the magic crackling at her fingertips—a necessary feat if she’s ever to conjure herself sustenance without accidentally burning the place down. On a particularly sharp turn, she catches a glint of silver from the corner of her eye, and rounds on the tray resting amid her satin sheets.

It’s not supposed to be there—she certainly hasn’t put it there.

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