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all’s fair

pairing: jeon jungkook | reader
genre: rivals au / fluff
word count: 5,655
description: sometimes people can surprise you and do absurdly kind things, even the ones you least expect… even your rival, jeon jungkook.
author’s note: i don’t know a whole lot about baseball and its penalties so i used this source (x) as a reference. 

The first hit in the baseball is crucial. It sets up the rest of the game by getting the momentum going and initiating a form of liquid courage that either side may take a drink from to course through their veins and settle in their psyches. Not only can it make or break the batting team, but it’ll only reflect on the opposing team—sometimes it’s their pitch that does it for you or maybe it’s their pitch that can totally decimate you in three fell swoops—all in a matter of minutes.

You don’t think too deeply on the task at hand, fully aware of how much pressure is pushing into the forefronts of your mind and atop your shoulders like someone’s heavy forearm. Your eyes narrow at the familiar sight of sun-kissed skin, shoving it away as you meet their half-lidded ones and purposefully scowling in response to the smirk curved on his lips.

“Ready to lose, Y/N?” Jungkook asks, remaining firmly planted in front of you. His teammates are gathering behind him, yet he makes no form of acknowledgement in their regard. In fact, his doe-like, dark brown hues are trained on yours despite your best attempts to ward him off with your best scowl. “Aw, c’mon. Don’t pout just yet! You still have two more hours to do that!”   

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anonymous asked:

Any headcanons on Izuku and Katsuki boarding a crowded train and they keep rubbing against each other on accident?

They try everything in their power not to rub on each other. Izuku stretches his body as far as he can from Katsuki…. Though it ends up not working out. The train is so unbelievably packed, thanks to students going home from school, and adults heading home from work.

It leaves Izuku and Katsuki to cram against one of the back walls of the train, right near the doors. Izuku squeezes himself close to Katsuki now, facing him. His struggle to keep any distance is short lived, since more people enter the train last minute.

“At least its not too long of a ride..“ Izuku says, sheepishly and Katsuki just grunts in response. He can already feel their bodies are probably /too/ close together.
Izuku’s face is a light shade of red, but he thinks the two of them can handle being this close for now– their stop is only four in, so its only about 25 minutes at most!

Everything seems like it’ll go well! That is, until the train starts moving.

Every jerk, every bump, every time someone knocks into Izuku, the two of them feel their groins touch. Katsuki grumbles and subtly tries to back up, but it isn’t working. Izuku is constantly getting bumped and they keep ending up right back on each other.

“Fuck, Deku.. back up! ”

“I-I can’t, Kacchan.. I’m not /trying/ to be so close..” He mumbles embarrassed. How awful would it be if they continue the entire way home like this?? Izuku doesn’t think he can handle it. Being pressed right up against Katsuki… Fighting his urge not to make a sound because the continuous rub and contact is actually starting to feel kind of good– Its a torturous game, and he just can’t do it.

“Well, figure some shit out..!”
Izuku notes quickly that Katsuki isn’t going to be able to handle it for much longer, either. In fact, he’ll probably lose his cool a lot faster than Izuku does.
Izuku is sure that his boyfriend will bend him over right there, if this keeps up.

Suddenly, an idea pops into Izuku’s head. He starts to twist and adjust his body carefully, until he’s facing away from Katsuki. His ass may be getting pushed and rubbed against Katsuki but.. that’s better, isn’t it?

“M..much better..” Izuku nods to himself, already thinking maybe he can last like this. Katsuki on the other hand… doesn’t feel the current position is making much of a difference.

“You made it worse, fucking Deku!” Katsuki says between gritted teeth. Why does Izuku have to have a nice, round, ass like that? Why does it have to move, and push back on him while the train moves?? Katsuki can feel the heat pooling in his groin. If Izuku’s ass keeps unintentionally grinding against his dick, he’s going to lose it.

“I-Im sorry, I dont know what else to do- I can’t move anywhere Kacchan..” he whispers. Then, the train rattles again suddenly. It causes Izuku to stumble back, and he braces his fall by pushing back against Katsuki again.

As he’s about to readjust his stance though, his face starts to heat up darker.

“K-Kacchan…” he swallows hard, glancing back. “Are.. are you-”

“Don’t fucking say it Deku.. what the hell do you expect??” Katsuki’s ears are tinted red.

Yeah, there’s no hiding it. He’s getting aroused. It’s next to impossible to hide something like that in such a cramped territory.

“I- I’m sorry Kacchan..!” Izuku’s blush is rising higher, because the erection of his boyfriend is starting to become far more noticeable with every jerk. “What should I do?”

Katsuki narrows his eyes then, as he looks down at Izuku. He slips his hands down to rest on Izuku’s hips causing the latter to gasp softly from unexpected touch. He holds Izuku’s body close and leans his lips down to rest against his ear.

"I could fuck you right here. ” Katsuki whispers bluntly.
That sends a shiver down Izuku’s spine, and he swallows thickly. He shifts his eyes back to give a subtle glance at Katsuki, before looking down again. The blush is obvious on his face, and he’s trying his best to keep himself from getting too excited.

“Th-that isn’t– um. That’s not… it’s not a good idea.” He tries to reply with out making it obvious that Katsuki’s words got to him. Though he can feel the smirk thats forming on Katsuki’s face. “Th..there’s people here.”

Katsuki keeps his lips pressed on the freckled boys ear.
“Isn’t that the best part? I can fuck you right here, nice and slow, and everyone in the entire fucking train will know you’re all mine.” He gives Izuku’s ear lobe a light bite.

“K-Kacchan..” he mumbles and begins to feel his own arousal. He shifts in place slightly, though it doesn’t help ease up any tension. “Stop… ah!”

Suddenly Katsuki is biting at his neck. /Hard/. It causes Izuku to make an unintentional sound, and the people surrounding them turn to look. They give judgemental stares, and turn their attention back to their own bussiness. Though its hard to ignore the two of them. Katsuki is continuing to bite and kiss at Izuku’s neck deapite the crowd. “Kacchan..”
Izuku whimpers slightly, but catches himself. He furrows his eyebrows and quickly elbows Katsuki in the side. “Kacchan stop that–!”

“ow- what?? I can’t help it! You’re lucky I’m not already fucking you senseless.”

“Shh!! Y- you’re talking loud..there’s other people here..!” Izuku reminds him. He gives subtle glances around at the people who pretend that they aren’t staring and giving dirty looks.
Katsuki just sighs and tightens his hold on Izuku’s hips. He stays quiet for a few moments, then hears the announcement for the next stop approaching. A smirk forms on his face and quickly he grabs Izuku’s wrist.

“C'mon Deku.” He starts pushing them through the crowd, making their way to the closest door. Izuku blinks, confused, but follows his boyfriend’s lead.

“um- Kacchan this… this isn’t our stop. ”

“Yeah I know. But ya really think I can wait another 20 minutes??” He asks. And once the train comes to a complete stop, he yanks them out. It’s busy, but he’s shoving his way through everyone and ignoring the remarks being thrown their way.

“Kacchan w..where are we going? ” Izuku asks, after giving fast apologies to the ones they pushed past.

He gets them into the station, before scoping out a bathroom.
“I’m gonna fuck you good in one of those stalls.”

Izuku’s face is bright red now, but he knows theres no way out of it. Not that he truly wants to get out of it… He’d be lying if he said he didn’t want this too.


He got them into the bathroom now, and luckily the largest stall is open.

“… make sure the entire station knows I’m yours.”
Katsuki gives a loving smirk, as he slams the stall door shut. He’s pushing Izuku up agaist the wall, and steals a deep, forceful kiss.

“Don’t worry, baby. They will.”

Your relationship with Taeil from his POV


Taeil’s one wasn’t requested like at all lmfao and I know it probably won’t get many notes either because its Taeil like wtf do u lot have against him why don’t u like reading about him :( So I didn’t spend too long on this :( but somehow this is about 2,600 words long lol

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

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4x17 “Identity and Change” Ask Round up.

Okay I got A LOT of asks on this so I’m combining here.

Anonymous said: hi! could you do a breakdown of the 17 promo if it’s not too much trouble? thanks!

Anonymous said: do fitz and aida really kiss again next episode? I had to watch the promo with volume off but the shots looked so similar to this weeks kiss that I wasn’t sure if it was a new one or they just randomly showed the kiss this week in the promo again to emphasise the ‘id cross the universe’ thing.

Anonymous said: Sorry to bother you, but what was your overal take on the promo for 4x17? And more specifically about another Fitz/Aida kiss being in it. I’m sure someone has probably all ready asked this question, so I’m sorry to bother you.

Anonymous said: could you do a post breaking down your thoughts on on 4x17 promo?

Anonymous said: Hi! :) What do you think about the promo for next week? I’m so sad about the kiss tbh, they’re trying to kill us

@the-nerdy-stjarna  said:  4x17 Promo questions. When Madame Hydra says “I need to find her and expose anyone who’s helping her.” Do you think she’s referring to Daisy or Jemma. 'Cause the latter would mean she presumably showed Fitz a picture (which may explain the surprises look on his face?) but the former would make more sense seeing Daisy clearly being hunted at HQ (and Aida’s interest in keeping info about Jemma as far away from Fitz as possible). (I’M SO EXCITED!)

Anonymous said: Analysis of the promo??

Okay lets break this puppy down!

Can we find out what it is with Mace and putting bags over people’s heads here?   And nice try Mace, both Jemma and Daisy know exactly where you super secret base is at.  

Mace gets his angel wing shot and is revealed as leader of the Resistance.  AKA nailed it.

He also says, “Welcome to Shield” and confirms the Resistance Shield.  I also love this shot for Coulson’s “What did you get me into look here?” look.  I’m also kind of interested who is standing behind them in standing behind them in the civilian clothes.  Come on Trip!  Or Hunter!

Jemma’s obituary again, though what caught my eye on the frame by frame is look how many Classified Files there are on Jemma….adding fuel to the fire that something is being covered up…and that no she did not die in a lab accident.  She was eliminated…maybe for being ‘contaminated’.  

The voice over talks about finding “Her” and anyone who is helping her.   So Her could be Jemma in which case Daisy, Ward, Shield, and soon Radcliffe will be in their line of sight.  Same goes for Daisy.  Those people are all helping her and in danger.  

And where we really start to have fun….That is not Fitz AIDA Is talking too.  There isn’t enough beard.  So this could be a random minion, Ward (double or even triple agent now), or another returning face…lets say Mr. Bakshi.

Fandom rejoice!   Its our Fitz!  That is actual puppy followed by I know something is up Fitz right there.  And I know the promo can be misleading with how its cut but it looks like he perhaps overhears AIDA talking to her minion.  Especially if part of AIDA’s conversaion is making sure “The Doctor” doesn’t find out who “Her” is.  So this could be a big turning point for Fitz or at the very least, enough for him to start digging on his own.  Where Fitz is going to be in major danger is when he starts to go against AIDA and starts to break free as he is who she needs.  

Going under the thing for length….kiss speculation is under it if that is what you are after.

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Hogwarts Houses

Hogwarts House Test

I was tagged by the beautiful @bookishnessnessness so let’s have a go…

Note: On pottermore i am always either ravenclaw or slytherin - it can’t make up its mind so we’ll see…


[ϟ] You have never done illegal drugs

[ϟ] You have a lot of friends

[ϟ] You get along with everyone

[ ] You haven’t made fun of someone for at least two months

[ϟ] You love soccer

[ ] You love baseball

[ϟ] You’re into writing and art

[ϟ] Favorite music genre is pop or rock

[ ] You believe in “innocent until proven guilty” theory

[ ] One of your favourite colours is red or gold

[ ϟ ] Good grades at school

[ ] One of the worst things you can do is lie

[ϟ] You plan (or went/currently going) on going to college/university



[ ] You’re content with mostly everything in your life right now.

[ϟ] You laugh a lot.

[ ] You like to follow trends.

[ ] Politics suck.

[ϟ] You love to swim

[ ] Water polo is awesome

[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors

[ ] Black is morbid & depressing

[ ] You’re an optimist.

[ ] You’re completely straight edged.

[ ] You’re very emotional

[ ] Rap, R&B, & hip-hop is your favorite music genre

[ ] You don’t believe in going steady at a young age.

[ϟ] You’ve made fun of at least one person this week.



[ ϟ ] You’re depressed to a certain extent.

[ϟ] You love to read.

[ϟ] You appreciate theatre & arts.

[ ] Sports suck.

[ ] You’re shy.

[ ] Loyalty is the MOST important thing in a relationship.

[ ] Hate is completely unneeded.

[ ] Indie is your favourite genre of music.

[ϟ] Every once in awhile you have little anger outbursts.

[ϟ] Lying is sometimes okay

[ϟ] Blue is one of your favorite colors.

[ϟ] Serious is better than funny



[ϟ] There’s at least one person you hate.

[ ] Basketball is a good sport.

[ ] Football is amazing.

[ϟ] Black is a cool color.

[ϟ] You’ve lied about something serious.

[ϟ] You’re a very deep person.

[ϟ] You have considered suicide.

[ϟ] Very loyal.

[ϟ] You like metal.

[ ] They make school seem more important than it is.

[ϟ] You’re scared to grow up.

[ ] You’ve done drugs in the past month

[ ] Anger is one of your primary feelings.

[ϟ] You have trust issues.

[ϟ] Guilty until proven innocent


Conclusion: I am a Slytherin (apparently) and I’m pretty okay with that (although I so wanna be a Ravenclaw and am slightly more than jealous about @bookishnessnessness ‘s result)

I tag @its-perfectly-abnormal @feysandsmut and @wtfsarahjmaas and if you guys have already done it then sorry! Tag someone else 😁

So this is in reference to this:

But I figured I’d move it out of the main thread because its  kind of an off-shoot discussion.

I think that one-note villains have a lot more to do with comfort than education.

Characterizing your villain as a Villainous Villain who Villain’s doesn’t get anyone to consider their behaviour ever, because either readers are broadly on your side and go “well, I’m not a straw-villain, so I don’t need to worry” or they go “this asshole thinks I’m a monster who hurts people for fun” and they won’t listen to anything you say.

And they aren’t much good in helping people avoid real-world bad guys, because the scary fact we all have to come to terms with at some point is that bad guys in the real world aren’t straw-villains, and if you try to learn from one note villains, when you do run into someone with genuine ill-intent in the real world, you’re liable to get confused by their tendency to do things like, have emotions, or be nice to some people or some of the time.

But they are tremendously comforting.

They’re comforting because its nice to be able to spend some time dealing with a simple moral system where just know what the right thing to do is. Precisely because this is so rarely the case in real-life.

They’re comforting, because if they reflect traumas you’ve actually encountered they relieve you of the burden of unwanted empathy. Which can be really good and helpful for people. Like, I make this statement with total sincerity. It can be very helpful to just loathe people who hurt you, at least some of the time, and its easier to do that if they’re just being portrayed as “bad guys”, with no expectation that you worry about, like, if their kid missed them when they were hauled of to jail.

And they’re comforting precisely because they relieve you of the task of self-reflection. Empathizing with a complex villain often involves taking a very penetrating look at your own beliefs and your own behaviours. Simple villains, you just look down and go “nope, not sitting on a throne of skulls over a lake of fire, great, back to the good guys”.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm going to my senior prom this weekend and it got me thinking... What would Kid, Law, Zoro, and Rocinante do for a promposal?

aahh this is such a sweet request, although two out of those four wouldnt do any of the promposals xD , I hope you had lots of fun tho!!!


  • nope sorry, he would need to get dragged to the prom so there won’t be a promposal in the first place


  • just simply asks the person he wants to go with


  • too shy/awkward/embarassed to think of something sweet, so he needs the help of either usopp/sanji/nami/chopper, he gets a puppy that has a sticky note one its little chest where “prom?” is written, its adorable


  • would make a huge thing out of it, lets all his friends hold up big signs in pink and black letters where “prom?” is written, then shows up in a full on suit, trips, stumbles and then awkwardly presents himself in a ridiculous pose while grinning like goof internally screaming

anonymous asked:

hello, can you maybe post a back-to-school supplies haul once you've bought them? thanks!

Hello!!(^▽^●)I hope you don’t mind if i just make it here in my answer also there are some stuff I didnt get to take a picture of (iT was SO dark it rained huhu) so most of these come from either daiso & national bookstore in the philippines! HERE WE GO! (*゚▽゚)ノ

  • daisy multi pouch i didnt find any links on the internet for this im so sorry but it has 2 big pockets & iT has a lot of space so im rly glad i found it! (◎>∀<◎)
  • academy notes binder notebook it has campus notes as its fillers and it has a pen holder inside & u caN close it as u can see!! the butTOn thing! hAHA idk how to call it nsfsdkdn (⊙﹏⊙✿)
  • i bought new ballpens: dong-a my gel, m&g office g pens & these rubber pens (the two in the middle)!! they had a writing similar to the test good chinese ballpens (i mentioned these here!) i use so i bought them!
  • chosch colored ballpens its in japanese so im not sure what the name of the pens are but thats the brand!! & they are suPER cute the colors & the ink!!! it writes smoothly too + they were kinda cheap so yay THRift (*・∀-)☆ 
  • dong-a my favorite colorz it has 2 tips so its rly useful! i plan to use this for my exam reviewers! also the colors are so cuTE (*´▽`*)
  • bensia pencils i know this loOks like its for a grade schooler but i dont rly plan to use these a lot bc its a bit hassle to refill them but so far i reaLLY like them so hmm i miGHT use them more than expected!!
  • daiso stapler! OMg one of the best things i have bought tbh? like its rly thin so it fits in my pencase & its rly handy!! thanks daISO(^▽^●)
  • then lastly a ruler,some glue & cute lil paper clips & a tiny correction tape!
  • not in the picture: clearbook, daiso decorative tape , pad papers & bond papers!!! (∩_∩)

so thAT was my back to school supplies hauL post!! Thank u for reading through!!! have a wonderful day bub! (⌒∇⌒)

Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple

NOTE: These songs I picked are very subjective and relate to my understanding of the character. They also are meant to fit each one either at a precise moment of their character development or more generally.

Ch. 845 Luffy x Nami

Once again, even though I got what I expected, Oda finds a new way to surprise me yet again

Nami, as expected, is showing a great amount of concern for Luffy’s wellbeing, physically and emotionally. She has yet to utter anything about herself and how she is feeling about the situation, this just shows the amount of compassion she has for Luffy. She is more worried about what he is going through and his condition in this situation more so than her own self.

It’s important to note that almost everything she has been saying in these last few chapters, has all been either for Luffy, or from Luffy's viewpoint. It is not romantic, but it confirms that their bond is indeed in a league of its own. Oda is building up a lot of potential here in my opinion.

And the final the cherry Pudding on top, we see the unexpected . Sanji and Pudding embracing each other while talking about getting married the next day. This makes the wedding and BM’s downfall even more likely.

I still think this is some sort of scheme by Sanji, but judging by this chapter, I am really starting to believe he has hit rock bottom and is willing sacrifice himself to save his friends and Zeff, even if he has to go through Hell 

forgetfulthings  asked:

Hi Toniko! I watched your short Tiny Nomad I just wanna say your films are very inspiring and probably one of my favorites too. Since your graduating soon do you have any advice for incoming calarts students or about animation in general?

Hi forgetfulthings. Thank you so much for your message, and I am glad you liked the film.

I don’t know if I have any good advices, but I will give you my best through my experience alone.
1. Always seek criticism, and strive to improve on both yourself and your work. This one is really general, but its key advice because the type of work we do is collaborative and communitative. Reach out, Always ask someone you look up to (but I say a friend/peer you really trust more) to look at your work, and see how they react to it. You could either take their advice or leave it, but what is also important is that this is a progressive experience and that you and your critic are trying to build upon an idea you want to sell. We all have that voice in ourselves that say “Ugh this drawing sucks!!”, and honestly; its not that bad. However, we all fall into the trap that we are too hard on ourselves that it becomes demotivating, and that you’ll have no idea what to do. Take breaks, enjoy life a bit more (that I REALLY want to talk about soon) and come back to your work when you are fresh. You’ll look at it differently, you’ll either know what to fix or you’ll go “hey, it’s actually alright!” So always seek other people’s advice, and be your worst critic. Keep wanting to learn and improve.

2. We sometimes fall into the trap of wanting to impress someone, or a group of people. I fall into this trap so many times, I don’t even know where to start. Some of my most talented and trusted friends feel this too, so I hope they relate to what I’m saying here. From my experience during a few years ago, I wanted to impress the folks at Disney and Pixar so I tried making a film that catered to them. I was after the 2D animation internship at that time, so I tried altering my aesthetic to the point where you stop having fun with your craft (I’ll talk about that soon to). It becomes stressful, and sometimes you end up with results that you’re not happy with. The good thing about things like this is that it motivates you to get better at your craft, but if you aren’t happy with it, thats when it sucks. I never made any internship throughout my years at calarts, and that you know what, that’s okay. We might feel sad about it (I did) and maybe a bit dissapointed, but remember - these are studios that can either pick you up and then drop you later. It’s not cynical, but it is the reality of this industry. I learned the more I tried to impress someone else, the less fun and love I had with the work I was producing. You’re going to have to do work that you don’t enjoy at some point, but never let it affect your approach to your more personal work.
That’s why it’s important to-

3. Have fun with your craft. Having fun with your craft means you are always finding new ,and exciting things about the work you do. Having fun basically means, you enjoy working with your craft, and that you want to spend time with it. This sort of relates to the last one because when you’re trying to impress something by executing something that you aren’t having fun with, it will kind of show. If you’re going to do something comedic, laugh while working on it. If you’re going for drama, really go deep within your own emotions to tell the story you want to tell. It’s even more special to have fun on the thing you’re working on because the love for your work will show once it is presented.

4. Don’t burn bridges. Keeping a healthy relationship between your peers is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean you’d have to like it. What I’m saying is the people you work with now, might be your future employers or work buddies. I’m not saying you have to be friends with people you don’t like, but just don’t cause any rifts between yourselves. Remember, if its animation, its a collaborative journey.

5. Know your limit. It’s good to be ambitious, but it can also be a trap for you. I fall into this trap all the time, and realize that I don’t have the skills or the time for some of the ideas I try and pull off. I regret doing “epic” things because it went way over my head when I worked on them. I’m not saying you should do something easy (Where’s the fun in that?) but seriously, push yourself as far as you can. Pushing yourself doesn’t mean pushing yourself to death, but going as far as you can and saying that you learned from that experience, and that it was worthwhile. Know your limit so you can do other things like enjoy life.

6. Have fun with life, and cherish it. The thing with animation is that it is an artform that allows us to draw and move things that we can’t do in real life. However, this also means having an experience with life. Hayao Miyazaki made a comment about the japanese industry one time, saying that the industry nowadays is made by people who only revolve their life around animation. This is also true in other places in the world, in America, in France, in Asia, etc. The problem with this is that you get very cliche/overly hashed ideas that seem bland, generic and unrelatable.
Learn to meet new people, find new hobbies, travel with your friends, spend time as much as you can with those who you call “family”. Go on dates with your romantic partner. Eat well, work out, stay healthy and fit. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the rain - just enjoy life. Not only are these life choices healthier, but all these experiences will accumulate to inspiring you into your craft, and influencing you as an artist and human being. It’ll inspire you with stories to tell, and more personal experiences will lead to a more unique way of approaching things. I’ll admit, I have a lot of regrets because I wish I had done more of this - but I acknowledge how important it is, and I will try to improve myself for that.

(SIDE NOTE) Trust me, I’ve had peers that only wanted to talk about animation. It shows in their work, some are good technically but it just sucks seeing something thats been done a thousand times. When I tried talking about something else, or told them I wasn’t going to animate anything that day, they got pretty upset, sent me rant messages about how I have no love for the medium, and will never shut up about it (and I’m a pretty intense guy). No names mentioned, (but if YOU are reading this, you’re a dick.)

Don’t revolve your life around your work too much. Its great to be passionate, but not unhealthy about it.

7. Remember why you love the craft. Its easy to get lost in your work, and get demotivated because either its too ambitious or you don’t know where its going. You’ll have to remember why you wanted to do it in the first place, and why its special to you. This isn’t much of a pointer, but its my little two cents that helps me keep going. That leads to my next note:

8. As rocky balboa said in the most recent rocky film, “It ain’t about how hard you hit, but how hard you get hit and keep moving on.” Your going to get a lot of shit within this industry where people tell you that you can’t do it, and that you are no good. The question is, will you let it defeat you or will you keep going? It’s a tough world, and the world is not always fair. If I were to say this easier, don’t give up. Keep striving to improve, and try staying excited with your work. It’s not easy, but you’ll appreciate your craft even more.

The thing about this industry is that we are all in this together. We learn from another, and we compete with one another. With the age of the internet, its crazy how many young folks there are on the craft, and how easy it is to communicate with one another.

I didn’t want to write this note focusing on just calarts students, but everyone in the craft.

I guess that sums about my thoughts on advices. These are just personal experiences that I came about and wanted to share, and tried making a write up of what I learned from them. I hope this somewhat helps. It may help, or not. Maybe you will have your own experiences, and have your own advices! If you do end up having things to share, please do!


anonymous asked:

How do you study in a library? And what methods of studying do you use??

Hi 😊 When I study at the library I usually just do the same as I do at home, I either work from my computer or study from a textbook. Basically the main reason I go to the library is 1) its faaaar away from my bed 😅 2) I like the change of scenery 3) I get motivates by the other students that study there 😊

How I study.. Hmm, basically I try to finish all the pp from the lectures, and make notes/flaschards of the important stuff. I also use youtube/videos a lot to memorize and for better understanding of certain subjects.

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can i ask you for travel advice? if it's not too invasive a question, how do you afford doing it so often?

hellooooo of course! this is my favorite topic. as far as how I personally afford it, I’ve been lucky to be able to work in foreign countries and that helps me afford traveling in the area afterwards? like I worked in russia last year and funded my mediterranean trip afterwards that way, and I worked in australia this winter and made enough to travel around Southeast Asia with after. it’s kind of like killing 2 birds with one stone because it saves that one international flight you know? because i’m already in the general area I want to travel in. but I’ve also travelled without working in a place first and it’s totally possible. working and saving a bit at home first is probably necessary though (when I’m working at home I’m literally on perpetual travel mindset, like 2 hours work and I’m like THAT’S ONE LONG DISTANCE BUS RIDE). it just takes some determination. jobs that allow travel are great. bar tending, winemaking (!!), farm work, language teaching. I met a guy who works at golf courses around the world which is hilarious and awesome because they have golf courses everywhere.

workstays are another great option and ive never done it but I’ve met a bunch of people who adore them. I’m not sure if you can look for these ahead of time online but the people I’ve met who’ve done them seem to just operate on word of mouth at the hostel or wherever (“I worked and stayed with Joy in Laos and it was awesome here’s her email” etc). with these you normally get free room and board in exchange for light work.

I’ve answered a question similar to this before so ill c+p and add on some new tips I’ve picked up since then.

ok so fiiiiirst of all asia/south america/africa are as a rule cheaper than australia/north america/europe. but if you wanna still go to europe you can check what currency they’re on, like for example if you’re really budgeting, avoid the northern/scandinavian countries and russia (eta: not anymore! the rouble’s crashed since I answered this ask so now is the time to go to russia!!!) and then to a lesser extent any country on the euro. other european countries with their own currency are generally cheaper, like hungary/czech/poland/turkey etc etc. and ofc you can always check to see how your own currency is doing against the others. and i mean you’ll still probably want to go to places on the euro, but if you mix it up with places NOT on the euro it honestly does make a huge difference.
also, if you’re going with other people, try couch surfing!!! i’m alone so i didn’t want to risk it, but it’s a p cool organization that lets you stay with people for free in different places. i think you’re also supposed to offer your own place in return, wherever you live. i’ve heard it’s a ton of fun, and it’s 100% free. if you’re alone like meeee then it might be better to stay in hostels, which are still great. rooms with more beds/roommates are cheaper, and i recommend them because honestly, you can’t even tell. it’s sort of like one big party anyway and for the most part, people aren’t always in the room bc they’re out exploring the city. and it’s actually awesome to meet people? bc then you have friends to go out with, bc yk wandering foreign cities at night alone can be sketch, especially if you’re drinking. also it’s cool to make foreign friends bc they almost always offer their place if you’re ever traveling through their city haha. so it’s like building a network.

check if your hostel has a kitchen! they usually do. if it does, then you can spend muuuuuch less money buying food at a grocery store and cooking for yourself. (eta: not necessarily outside of Europe/North America/Australia. it’s so cheap to eat street food in Asia that it doesn’t help much if at all cooking for yourself). maybe splurge on one local dish per city (and if you do, get out of the touristy areas where they jack up the prices! - i was told that in budapest if a place charges more than 2.50 usd for a bottle of coke, the meal will be a rip off too), but cooking saves a ton of money. a lot of places have cheaper lunch than dinner menus, so make your local dish a lunch thing. even if you’re wandering around the city, grabbing some fruit and a baguette or something saves a lot. same goes for buying beer in grocery stores vs. restaurants (ALWAYS get domestic beer and the local liquor). also bring your own tea/instant coffee. coffee in europe is SO EXPENSIVE outside of a few places like italy and greece. all hostels should have a kettle.

try not to buy water!!! check to see if it’s safe to drink the tap water in the country you’re going to (asia generally no, western europe and usa/canada/australia generally yes) and fill up water bottles. also ask if they have tap water at restaurants, otherwise they’ll bring you expensive bottled water. in parts of europe they might complain or refuse but it can’t hurt to check yk

if you are/were recently a student, bring your student id!!! you’ll save a lot on museum prices. check with your hostel to see if they have any discounts. bring your own towel in case you wanna go to swimming places, sometimes they charge you (and hostels will sometimes charge you to rent one).

walk instead of taking the metro if it’s not too far bc sometimes subway prices are a little ridic. i think it’s like 2.50 usd in vienna? which isn’t a TON but yk, it’s just another expense~ also I i don’t think you really SEE a city until you walk all over it. i’ve stumbled upon the coolest stuff just wandering around trying to get to other places. …bring good shoes tho aha. in Southeast Asia, motorbikes are amazing and very cheap (around $6 a day), and especially if you split that between two people it’ll save a lot of money if you’re planning on checking out a lot of places. just be careful!!!! they’re dangerous.

always try and take a bus if you’re traveling pretty close (like in between european countries) instead of planes/trains. buses are usually a loooot cheaper and tend to be a lot quicker too. (eta: budget flights are changing this though! if you can I would DEFINITELY recommend packing a carry on sized bag that’s less than 7-10 KGs. trust me when I say you won’t need more than that, especially in the summer. that way you can just fly for really cheap (but ONLY if you’re not paying the outrageous checked baggage fees) it doesn’t have the romance of train travel but it saves a lot of time. some good budget airlines are jetstar and ryanair in europe, jetstar and tigerair in australia, air asia and thai lion air around asia.)

look for bathrooms in like mcdonalds and starbucks. a lot of places in europe charge (which I think is toilet TYRANNY) but these places usually have nice clean free toilets. if you’re gonna spend time in a park especially - pee before you go. it’s frustrating when you could buy a coke with the money you’re spending to go to the bathroom (coke is expensive but it’s my one vice :( it just tastes better when you’re traveling)

some more new stuff: check out local SIM card prices. in places like Asia it’s seriously cheap to get a data plan (I’ve been paying around $10 for 3-5GBs of data) and I think it saves money in the long run because you’re able to research and compare prices on the fly. googlemaps is also a lifesaver and I’m sure I’ve saved hundreds using it to check local bus routes as opposed to taking taxis and expensive metros.

always try and take buses and public transport from the airport as opposed to taxis or paying for a pick up from your hostel. getting to my place from the airport is one of my least favorite things about traveling (don’t know the language or the layout of the city or the character of the people or the currency etc) but it’s always sooo much cheaper getting public transport. what I do is check the next hostel’s website before I leave wifi at my current hostel to see if they’ve listed how to get to it from the airport/bus station/etc and they usually do, and then I’ll screenshot it and just check back later when I’m at the airport or wherever. or you can pick up a data sim at the airport and just look it up while you’re there but that’s a gamble.

what ellllse. if you want to book tours, check the price offered at your hostel (a lot of hostels are really cheap because they hope you’ll book something else through them) and then compare it online or around the city. I’ve found normally hostels offer the best rates because they know the people there are on a budget.

insurance! i know a lot of people (probably most) get comprehensive travel insurance that protects them against thefts, disasters, and medical issues and i’ve heard that works really well. i’ve always gone with this purely medical insurance company geoblue though which isn’t incredibly expensive ($30 for 2 weeks, and i think it was like $150 for 3 months) just because i’ve never really had anything lost or stolen and i’ve had a lot of weird health issues traveling, and geoblue has been amazing at getting me appointments in a nice hospital in a foreign city in like less than a day and then paying for all the expenses, even antibiotics. buying some kind of insurance is definitely worth it i think because most domestic insurances either charge a lot for use abroad or don’t apply at all, and you just never now what’s going to happen. i’ve personally used my international insurance more than my domestic insurance even because i’m not home that often and when i am i don’t tend to get as sick.

that’s all i can think of rn but!!! you can do it. traveling is amazing, and there’s ways to do it without spending a bucketload

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On that note, I think everyone is now expecting Johnlock to eventually become canon because they are so adamant about it never happening. Which might not be the case! A lot of people are taking metas too close to heart and if it doesn't become canon there's going to be a riff in the fandom I think. People are letting their shipping get in the way of their enjoyment of the show. It's kind of scary

Don’t be scared! 

There are really only two options on that front anyway: either it becomes a fully canon thing, like, John admits that he’s sleeping with Sherlock now and they’re a thing, and yeah, he is my boyfriend, yes, I am his date, yes, you were right all along Mrs Hudson, yes I should have listened to you from the start, okay everyone, let’s get back to work here, nothing to see, can we not make a big deal about this? OR, they’ll just keep it quietly ambiguous and leave it to our imaginations, which is not exactly a hardship, really, they’ve been doing that all along and we’ve enjoyed it, so that’s also fine, as far as I can see.

I think the only way to completely shatter the ship would be…hmm. Nope, even as I think of ways, I can see a way around them.

If Sherlock up and got married, and his husband (let’s not kid ourselves, it would be a husband) is a better companion than John is, that could kill the ship. If John starts taking Zyban and realizes he doesn’t need excitement or the thrill of the chase after all, and he starts to find Sherlock annoying and kind of pathetic, that could also kill the ship. (Stay away from the drugs cabinet, John.) These kinds of things are unlikely to happen in this show. 

The relationship between Sherlock and John is the core of the whole enterprise, and while the writers will test it and throw obstacles in its way, bend it and twist it and take it to the very edge of its elasticity, they aren’t going to utterly snap it in two. If it weren’t a story about this relationship first and foremost, there’d be more to worry about. But it is.

Will people get upset after last series airs? Yes. Yes they will. In case you hadn’t noticed yet, people always get upset when a new series airs. Change is hard.

But it’s going to be okay. Come’ere, you. Let me give you a big hug. It’s all going to be okay. We can do this!


sticking “not mine: credit to owner(s)” on your blog or under a piece of work you haven’t made yourself but felt the need to post anyway isn’t valid credit.

what it is is essentially just plastering “this isn’t mine but give me attention for it anyway” on someone elses work and thats not cool, why would you do that?

im saying this because recently i’ve been seeing gifs and art that friends or myself have made being posted on here and elsewhere with that little gem underneath and i honestly don’t appreciate it. making these things for fandoms takes time and effort its done with love and we’re proud of what we create. not only do creators deserve to be acknowledged for what they do but its important to us to see the notes and comments and that people like our work or we lose motivation and create less and that means less content for the fandom.  

now i was going to say ‘please source and link back to the original poster’ but no i dont like that either. just don’t repost. just don’t do it. if you get the urge stop yourself and go reblog something nice or learn how to make something yourself. teach yourself! practice! it can be a lot of fun. 

basically don’t repost. “not mine: credit to owner(s)” or anything to that effect is not valid credit!!! Please respect the people who make you things to enjoy and reblog instead. 

Breaking Glass

First off, there is one and only Breaking Glass (the movie and the album) with the marvellous Hazel O'Connor. I accept no substitutes.

Now that’s out of the way, my episode notes:

  • So far this is the first episode of season four I’ve bothered to watch.
  • Night falls really fast in Storybrooke. Ridiculously fast. In three minutes daylight is banished and the darkness drops like a heavy blanket on your head. Either that or Emma left Elsa alone in the bug for a lot longer than it took to have a mere chat with Regina in her vault. What more did the Saviour and the Evil Queen get up to in its secluded, sultry depths?
  • Teenagers in Hopkins, Minnesota 1998 are not supposed to go grocery shopping without their parents, if the store staff’s concerns are any reason to judge.
  • Teen Emma’s shoplifting skills were atrocious - worse than her taste in food; but not as bad as her taste in men.
  • Emma has always had good taste in women, but still can’t bust the latch on that closet in which her parents mailed her to Maine.
  • Someone creepy took a very voyueristic photo of Regina and Hood.
  • I am nostalgic for Michael Socha’s accent.
  • Americans do not know that “bollocks” is as strong an expletive as “fuck”.
  • There is no show without Lana Parrilla. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, amen.