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I didn’t think the Rizzoli & Isles writers could get more pathetic, but geez, I really should know better by now.

Are they seriously making us believe that Maura would casually stroll around alone in the dark at a deserted crime scene close to midnight? Really?

Let’s see:

Maura was already kidnapped at work. She was already kidnapped / attacked by someone who pretended to love her. Her best friend was already kidnapped in front of her house. Her best friend and her stupid brother were already held hostage at home. Maura has a mobster father whose enemies already killed her half-brother and would not hesitate to kill her, too. Maura saw even cops play dirty and kill witnesses. She already had to examine numerous bodies of people found dead in dark alleys. She was once set up for a murder she didn’t commit and almost ended up in jail. She was suspended because someone was messing with her. She was the victim of identity theft. Her house was once invaded and trashed by criminals. And most recently, her best friend’s apartment mysteriously burned down and her closest colleague got brutally murdered.

And you’re telling me that this woman with an IQ of 160+ would naively wander around in the dark all by herself without backup instead of calling Jane from the car to figure out what’s going on?


A few years ago, a friend and I drove through D.C. at night. It was only 8 p.m. but it was already dark and we needed to stop to look at the map. When we did, my friend – a tall guy who is quite capable of defending himself – actually paused and locked the car doors from inside. Just to be safe. Neither of us had lived through even half the shit that Maura had to deal with in the last few years.

But you’re telling me that a fragile woman like Maura with all her past experiences would ignore any and all safety precautions? Alone in the dark? Close to midnight? At a deserted crime scene?


This is the definition of lazy and incompetent writing. Characters and backstory and realistic behavior get thrown over board just because the writers need to get to their next plot point.

And let’s not even go into the fact that they’re pulling the same shit like last year when Nash herself already spoiled the whole bridge-jumping scene before it even aired. 

What a farce.

You made it pretty clear that i mean nothing at all to you and idk whats worse…the fact that its so easy to tell or the fact that i still hope you do