its easy to be worse

Things I want kuroshitsuji characters to know
  • Ciel: love can melt the coldest hearts and revenge is worthless
  • Sebastian: the bad ones aren't always the worse
  • Alois: it's not easy to be alone, but it's better for setting your mind
  • Undertaker: we are all weird in our own way
  • Elizabeth: Even the ones who resemble to be the weakest can be the strongest
  • Claude: you know how to go to hell, no? Then go. And never come back. Piece of shit.
Here‘s something that has been lowkey bugging me for 4+ years now

Fanon aspect of RWBY fandom is kind of a double-edged sword.

Sure it is cool to see a fandom that actively enjoys the setting enough to immerse themselves into it and create original characters, original pairings, original stories etc. Remnant is a world that relies on the community for it’s existence and Rooster Teeth’s main source of income is the community actually supporting them, so this speaks miles about the strength of the setting that is dear to so many people. Dozens upon dozens of people found it interesting enough to create and imagine things beyond the “canon” story. There are dozens of fanon pairings, pretty much every character with every character has ship name and some sort of fanon fiction - even if those characters never ever met. There are backstories and headcanons for almost every character.

But there’s a downside to that. And the downside is that it is so damn easy to use the existence of fanon to discount the possibilities, implications and pairings within canon. And it does not take long to realize how that happens - after all the most common way to try to “downplay” a pairing is to question its canon status. Its a VERY common problem with homophobic people literally ignoring a pairing existing or claiming “people are just seeing things”.

And that is EXTREMELY easy to do in a community where fanon aspect is so big. Its so easy to discount RT baiting Blake and Yang(AKA the biggest ship in the fanbase), Weiss and Ruby(lately way less than usual, to be fair) or even Neptune and Sun(which the writers love to bait during interviews and stuff almost as much as Blake/Yang). Its so easy to NOT SEE the said baiting and write it off to all the fanon - to the idea that people “got tangled up” in all the fanon being created and mistook that fanon for canon. What’s worse - its easy  for such a line of though to appear to those OUTSIDE of the RWBY fandom, which can easily lead to the issues present in the writing and RT behavior overall being downplayed or taken for “misunderstanding”. 

Hell I already saw arguments in line with that and how “fandom is trying to force a pairing upon the writers”. Which is silly because in reality it is RWBY writers who added all those scenes and clues and subtext for Blake/Yang. Bumbleby fandom did not just somehow “will” it into existence via fanon. Beauty and the Beast references, interactions, THE WHOLE VOLUME 3 FINALE, etc - its all in the show. Its all there. Yet many will use the fanon argument to try to downplay the scenes that already are in the canon.

And then again - whats wrong with writers accepting something fandom wants?  What’s wrong with that? Narrative of any works is fluid. Things change, things develop, writers gain new ideas or change their minds all the time. Usually story is a fluid concept with only certain plotpoints set in stone. Unless there’s some huge plotpoint tied to a romance(which would be stupid in the first place), there’s literally no downside in writers capitalizing on what fandom likes.  After all Korra and Asami chemistry was first noted by the FANS and then writers recognized it and made history.

Yet its so easy to use fanon as an argument, as a defense, as a shield, as a tool. Its so easy for Miles and Kerry(or less tolerant parts of fandom) to hide behind the huge existence of RWBY fanon - it gives fuel when one feels the need to defend against allegations of queerbaiting and it gives an extra defense from negative press due to reasons I outlined above.

And that just leaves me very conflicted.

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I honestly agree that a lot of "non-dysphoric" trans people just can't identify their dysphoria! My main reason for believing this is because for the longest time I (a binary trans person) didn't notice my dysphoria half the time until I properly classified my more severe dysphoria as, well, dysphoria. If someone has extremely mild dysphoria at the worst then chances are they'll think they don't have any because if you can't compare it to a worse version it's really easy to ignore.

Additionally, there’s a lot of misinformation going around about what dysphoria is, spread either by people who don’t have dysphoria or by people with an agenda trying to make “the enemy” look bad (also usually non-dysphoric, but not always). Tucutes, at their height, spread an INCREDIBLE amount of misinformation about sex dysphoria in an attempt to discredit transmedicalists–and it ended up hurting people, particularly young folk.

Because of their nonsense, loads of people struggle to identify themselves as dysphoric.

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90% of my deaths are because of my critical health teammates jumping around so I can't heal them. I get so distracted trying to heal them and they're just jumping around crazy so I can't see them and turn my beam on and it makes it so easy for the enemy team to kill me. It's even worse if they're doing this while spamming for healing because I get so frantic.


Why do I insist on reliving the pain of my past?

As if i missed a bit of the shame that I’ve grasped.

I’ve been given the gift of my name and my facts.

Yet I miss all the days I behaved like an ass.

I’ve hurt my friends and family more than even they know.

My worth’s at its end, this fantasy’s a bore, it ain’t easy to cope.

What’s worse, I bent the photo on the mantle piece, and I hope,

This verse makes amends with who handled me at my core the most.

its really really easy to say “maybe capitalism is bad, but communism is worse” when you live in a nice cushy city full of luxuries instead of in the middle of a country being fucking terrorized by american-funded militant groups and ruined by the constant disposal of toxic chemicals by american companies. like its so so easy to sit on your high horse above all the scary leftists when you get to be the one who doesnt have to suffer because of an amoral capitalist society

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In more than evident that jared looks annoying ... and still she has the stupid idea to share that video. She is like a stupid teenage girl desperate to get daddy's attention ... and jared looks like he is sick with the situation. Seriously gen? You make every day it's easy to detest you more, since your publications go from bad to worse, every 24 hours !!!

why does she care what strangers think about her? if she’s going to get this bent out of shape all she has to do it IGNORE the comment section or just disable the comments for the post. jfc she’s a two year old.

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You have no idea how much your words mean to me. Like.. Damn here it goes. Coming from a country where being anything but straight and open about it means putting yourself at risk of being arrested or assaulted or worse, its so damn easy to forget that there are others like u, and that you aint some monster and just.. Ppl like you remind me why I keep doing thi to myself, that someone is out there in my corner and, fuck im crying, just thank you for the reminder and for the hope.

And im sorry i didnt mean to bring u down or go off like that its just when i start. Its like a fucking watergate, but i really needed this and i really needed your words. Thank you. Really. Thank you. 

Dude please always feel free to share with me. Look, I live in the Southern U.S. and while it’s not exactly a pride party down here, I need to be reminded from time to time that a lot of our lgbtqa community lives somewhere where they truly feel unsafe. And you are… the furthest thing from a monster. The people who make you feel that way are the fucking monsters, and they are on the wrong side of history, please believe that. Even if you can’t be open about it like you want, I’m hoping that you still find ways to be happy and to love who you are. If the only way I can help is to provide moral support and happy, supportive lgbtqa+ content, then you bet your sweet ass I’ll keep doing it. Please be kind to yourself and just know that despite the ugliness and inexplicable hate that we see in the world sometimes, there is so much happiness and support and love for the community out there. Sincerely hoping that happiness love and support finds you, friend <3

I didn’t think the Rizzoli & Isles writers could get more pathetic, but geez, I really should know better by now.

Are they seriously making us believe that Maura would casually stroll around alone in the dark at a deserted crime scene close to midnight? Really?

Let’s see:

Maura was already kidnapped at work. She was already kidnapped / attacked by someone who pretended to love her. Her best friend was already kidnapped in front of her house. Her best friend and her stupid brother were already held hostage at home. Maura has a mobster father whose enemies already killed her half-brother and would not hesitate to kill her, too. Maura saw even cops play dirty and kill witnesses. She already had to examine numerous bodies of people found dead in dark alleys. She was once set up for a murder she didn’t commit and almost ended up in jail. She was suspended because someone was messing with her. She was the victim of identity theft. Her house was once invaded and trashed by criminals. And most recently, her best friend’s apartment mysteriously burned down and her closest colleague got brutally murdered.

And you’re telling me that this woman with an IQ of 160+ would naively wander around in the dark all by herself without backup instead of calling Jane from the car to figure out what’s going on?


A few years ago, a friend and I drove through D.C. at night. It was only 8 p.m. but it was already dark and we needed to stop to look at the map. When we did, my friend – a tall guy who is quite capable of defending himself – actually paused and locked the car doors from inside. Just to be safe. Neither of us had lived through even half the shit that Maura had to deal with in the last few years.

But you’re telling me that a fragile woman like Maura with all her past experiences would ignore any and all safety precautions? Alone in the dark? Close to midnight? At a deserted crime scene?


This is the definition of lazy and incompetent writing. Characters and backstory and realistic behavior get thrown over board just because the writers need to get to their next plot point.

And let’s not even go into the fact that they’re pulling the same shit like last year when Nash herself already spoiled the whole bridge-jumping scene before it even aired. 

What a farce.

Monster Hunter Status Effects M!A
  • Anon decides time limit.
  • ------------------------
  • Poison (毒): Muse has been poisoned.
  • Deadly Poison (猛毒): Muse has been inflicted with an illness that's slowly killing them.
  • Paralysis (麻痺): Muse has been stunned and cannot move.
  • Sleep (睡眠): Muse has started getting drowsy! Can they keep awake?
  • Stunned (気絶): Muse is now dizzy or susceptible to getting dizzy.
  • Defense Down (防御力低下): Muse is now weakened, and it's now easy to bruise them or worse.
  • Soiled (一部アイテム使用不可): Muse is covered in something nasty- better take a bath before the flies get to you!
  • Fatigued: Obvious.
  • Snowman (雪だるま): Muse has now been frozen!
  • Muddy (泥まみれ状態): Muse now has a harder time moving.
  • Felvine-scented (マタタビまみれ): Muse is now a literal cat magnet- cats can't resist the smell!
  • Life Drain (吸血): Muse now feels all their strength slowly leaving their body, to the point that they can't respond.
  • Blastblight (爆破やられ): Muse is covered in black powder, and a single flame might make the gunpowder explode!
  • Frenzy Virus (狂竜ウイルス): Muse has been infected with the Frenzy Virus! If they are human, the muse can't be treated. If more animalistic, then they undergo the full effects (Purple discoloration, red eyes, heightened aggression, buffs, etc.)
  • Webbed (糸拘束状態), Tarred (重油): Obvious; they are now encased in a rather strong web- tar in the latter.
  • Bleeding (裂傷): Obvious; muse is bleeding and cannot stop.
  • Crystallization (結晶): Muse is now covered in crystals, which will slow them down tremendously.
  • Frostbite: Obvious; anon specifies frostbitten area.
  • Magnet: Muse is now a walking magnet.
  • Vocal Cord Paralysis (声帯麻痺): Muse is now mute.
  • Dark (暗闇): Muse is now blind.
  • Corrupted Poison (壊毒): A poison weakened the muse.
  • Silked (吐丝): Muse is now slowed down.

i keep seeing posts where people are just SHOCKED and in such DESPAIR about how much cishet hate hurts people and how it might lead to someone’s SUICIDE and im like

where the fuck were you, are you, when our people die. where the fuck have you been when every slurs been thrown, when we’ve been abandoned and beaten and rape and pushed to suicide after suicide and murdered one after another. where the fuck were you, why didnt you cry for us, for them

just kidding, i know exactly why