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  • Magnus: Michelangelo was great in bed.
  • Magnus: I know because I slept with him.
  • Magnus: Because I'm attracted to men.
  • Magnus: 'Cause I'm not straight.
  • Magnus: Like SUPER not straight!
  • Alec: .....
Bittersweet 16 | Rucas Oneshot

Prompt: I got requested to do a rucas au oneshot based on my favorite instant star episode awhile back as well as a different request to do another ‘Riley is Josh’s younger sister’ au so I decided to combine them lol. Hope that’s okay! 
A/N: Okay so like I said in this AU Riley is Josh’s little sister and Josh and Lucas (and Zay) are two years older. There’s an obvious connection between Riley and Lucas but he’s afraid to cross that line with her because of his relationship with her family and their minor age difference. Inspired by S01E08 of Instant Star.
Word Count: 6,336 (I’m sorry I don’t know why this is so long)

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“I can’t wait to see you either.” Riley smiled as she chewed on her bottom lip. Her best friend Isadora grinned at her from the other side of the couch before popping a handful of M&M’s into her mouth. She playfully kicked at the raven-haired girl who was now making kissing noises as she dragged out her goodbye over the phone. “Yeah, you too. Bye.”

The two girls shrieked in unison once the brunette hung up the phone. “Could it be the God’s are finally on my side?” She giggled, hopping up and down as she tried to contain her excitement. “I can’t believe I have my first serious boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe it’s Evan Carmichael.”  The bespectacled beauty teases, nudging her best friend. “Does this mean you’re over you know who?”

Riley waits a beat. Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at the mere mention of him. Isadora didn’t need to say his name for her to know exactly who she was talking about. Lucas Friar. He was two years older and best friends with her older brother Josh which meant he was off limits. Not that he was interested anyway.

The crush she had on him started way back in middle school but to him she would always just be his best friends little sister. She was just a dumb kid in his eyes despite their minor age difference. But none of that mattered now. She moved on, she was dating Evan now and was just 1 day shy of turning 16 and having the birthday party of her dreams. Things were finally starting to look up. She was happy.

“That’s in the past.” Riley assured her. “Besides, he made his feelings very clear.”

“That was 2 years ago, Bubbles.” Isadora gives her a pointed look. “Just because he saw you as a kid when you were 14 doesn’t meant he sees you that way now. People change. Feelings change.”

“Izzy, it doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Two years later and I’m still two years younger. I’ll always be two years younger. He’s 18, he’s a senior, I can’t expect him to want to be with someone who still has 2 more years to go before they graduate.” She knew it was the truth but that didn’t make it sting any less to hear it out loud. And even though it hurt, she made peace with his decision.  

Peace or no peace though, she couldn’t help but think back to that week…

Every year before the new school year began the Matthews family would rent a lake house up in Connecticut to celebrate labor day away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Usually the trip only consisted of the 5 of them. Riley’s parents, her two brothers and herself of course. But the summer after Riley’s 14th birthday was different.

Her parents allowed each of their children to bring along 2 guests. Her younger brother Auggie brought his two friends Ava and Dewey and in true Joshua Matthews fashion wherever he went the other two musketeers, Lucas and Zay, followed.  

Even though her parents said she could bring two guests Riley knew the only person she felt comfortable enough to bring along with her was Isadora. She and Izzy became fast friends in elementary school and have been inseparable ever since. It was nice finding someone who got what it meant to be different and once they found each other they vowed never to let go.  

Because of her lack of friends and an open spot being available, Josh begged their parents to let his girlfriend, Maya, tag along. Her parents, feeling like there was an uneven amount of boys and girls, decides it’s a good idea and before they knew it they had a full house.

It wasn’t until that summer that Riley even thought she had a chance with Lucas in the first place. Yes, she had a school girl crush on the sandy haired boy but in her heart of hearts she never thought even for a second that he would reciprocate those feelings. Not until the lake that is.

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Dear Lover,

1. You need to know that I will love you through literally everything.
You did something wrong? It’s okay, people make mistakes, it’s what makes us human and I want to help you grow from it. No matter what you did, you will learn from it and I will forgive you but more importantly, I will help you forgive yourself.
You reached success with something? I’m so proud of you. I will help you feel proud of yourself, pride in yourself is important. No matter how small your success you deserve praise.

2. Please please please talk to me. I know this is very vague but that’s really all there is. If something excites you and you think of telling me about it, do it. Your happiness makes me happy and the smallest details in your life, joyous or sorrowful, are important to me. I will always care about what you have to say.

3. Never ever ever feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to around me. If you are ever uncomfortable in any situation I will help you become comfortable. Your needs are important, even if that need is for me to go away. My only request is that you let me know what’s going on so I understand.

4. All I could really ask of you is your honesty. Anything you tell me will be appreciated if it’s said honestly. Even if it’s negative. Yes, the truth can hurt sometimes but at the end of the day the fact that you chose to be honest with me will help me to forgive, love, and trust you more.

5. All of these things I will do for you as well. With two people there are two parts and to expect you to hold up your end of the deal without doing the same has never seemed right to me. There is work involved. Please hold up your end so I can hold up mine.

6. I am still learning a lot of this. We can learn together. No matter how long or short our time in life together, we can learn from each other.

—  Letters to My Lover, 6 Things I Need You to Know. By d-earvincent.
Human Headcanons for my faves if the Lost Light all lived in the same apartment building


Never ties his shoelaces

lives off dry cereal and pizza

Everyone thinks his flame tattoos are real

they’re not

he just has a box full of them ready for when his old ones began to fade

annoys his neighbors old man megatron and smol man minimus

gets jumpscared by his toaster

is a mess

 apartment is a mess

minimus has broken in to clean it


almost got arrested breaking into rodimus apartment to clean it

to smol to reach most shelves

car seat is pushed so far forward

still has to stretch his leggers out so far to reach

gets his mustache done by a professional 

hates jay walkers

will chase after jay walkers

eats pizza with a knife and fork

is  a star wars nerd

has star wars movie nights with old man megatron

annoying boi rodimus sometimes joins

seen hanging out his window trying to clean it

Swerve got him drunk once and now he has the declaration of independence tattooed onto his back


Grumpy neighbour 

has a vicious cat

dont touch the kitty if you want to keep your hands

organizes poetry readings in the building

doesn’t understand memes

tells rodimus to shut up on a daily basis

has organized tea get-togethers with Minimus to complain about Rodimus

wears his hair in a man bun

drives around on a scooter looking motorcycle thing

watches documentaries about bugs

knows how to breakdance

due to unfortunate circumstances, rodimus knows he can breakdance


Lives in the penthouse

where does he get his money

what does he do?

no one knows

swerve tries to be a detective to find out

gets his ass kicked by annoyed zen sword man

everyone can hear his meditating noises

and the music he plays 

everyone hates it

‘now close your eyes and breath’ *collective groan from everyone in the building*

has a lightsaber

gets sad because he doesn’t get invited to star wars night

goads ratchet into watching it with him

long luscious dyed white hair

still concerningly skinny 

ratchet hounds him about it

tries to make him eat more

sends ratchet letters about the benefits of meditation and how it helps stress

gets them back all ripped up and burnt

‘I’m here to talk about our lord and sav- *SLAM*

may have crush on grumpy doctor neighbor 


even grumpier than old man Megatron

tired doctor

tells Drift to shut up 100 times a day

actually really likes bathbombs

can’t work phones or laptops

types with one finger and  one letter at a time

grey hairs


may have crush on young sword dweeb next door

thinks hes too old for him


so much alcohol 

‘its too early for goodmorning drift shut up’

send me asks if you want another character done

(doesn’t have to be from MTMTE)

So, you guys know how I kinda want to draw a bunch of unmasked champions? I was looking at Shaco’s skins for some possible reference and the Asylum Skin have him wearing a half mask like in those movies.

So then I checked on google for his 3d model and???

He looks too good and not like the splash?? Like this must be a mistake????

Then I went to LoLKing and zoomed in..

Wtf-???  Then I painted it over with my shit skills


so i just saw someone insinuate that robron’s relationship is entirely based on sex, that’s it, and that’s why they’re in such a mess?

their relationship hasn’t been based ‘entirely on sex’ since 2014?? 2015 at the latest??

the reason they’re such a mess (and why this sl in particular is impacting them so much) IS BECAUSE THEY’RE SO IN LOVE. they literally love each other so much it hurts, and they cannot fathom a future without each other? if their relationship was just sex, they wouldn’t feel everything to such an extent??

good night~

New Additions (Wonho)

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Type: Fluff

Hoseok laid down with his eldest son Haewoo who was half asleep. The newest additions in the household were your newborn twin sons Taegon and Inkwon, kept everyone on their toes. The fact Haewoo shared a room with the twins often made Hoseok pick up Haewoo and take him to the living room along with his blankets and pillows and lay down of the foamy matts that covered the floor for so the little ones wouldn’t hurt themselves. “The boys keeping you up?” Hoseok asked as Haewoo nodded lightly. “I’m sorry buddy. I know the house is getting too small now with the twins” he whispered again as he stared up at the dark ceiling.


You would be woken up a few minutes before 6 in the morning by the loud cries that filled the air. Even if it was only the second week the twins were home you could tell their cries apart with ease. Little Inkwon was crying as his twin slept peacefully beside him. Picking up the small boy you made your way into the kitchen to grab a prefilled bottle of breast milk. You looked in the living room to see Haewoo fast asleep almost laying on a half awake Hoseok who made eyes contact before rubbing his eyes.

You stepped into the kitchen more bouncing your hungry boy who was now simply making sounds in hunger. You grabbed a bottle and headed to the microwave. “How long have you been up?” Hoseok asks as he comes up behind you. His head laid itself against you as you pressed buttons on the microwave and hitting start. “Not long after Taegon’s 2Am wake up call we slept for a few hours” you say as he nods.

“Haewoo needs his own room” he tells you as you turn to him “we don’t have the money to move or anything right now Hoseok” you tell him “I know I’m just saying” he says as he rests his hand on top of Inkwon’s tiny head rubbing it lightly. “We have to move before the twins start school” he tells you as you nod. “I know” you say as he opened the microwave seconds before it beeped as took the bottle out. He tested it against his arm before handing it to you.

Sucking filled the room as Inkwon began drinking the second it touched his mouth. “I just wish we had a daughter” you say as he chuckles “we can always try again” he hints as you shook your head no. “3 is more than enough” you tell him. “Safe sex for the rest of our reproductive lives then” he says as you nodded. “You look great you know?” he asked as he looked at you. You were still carrying your baby weight so you wore his shirts and baggy pj pants to sleep in, your hair was a mess, your eyes were tired but to him you looked fine as ever. “Shut up its too early for your flirting” you says as you move passed him with a smile.

He follows behind you to see that Haewoo was up and dazed as he looked for Hoseok “hey little man how are you” he asked as he headed over and sat down beside him “you hungry? I can get you cereal” he says as he received a nod. “Well I guess we can’t go back to sleep for awhile” he says as he passes you. After getting his eldest cereal another cry filled the house. Taegon was up. He sighed but smiled loving his little chaotic family.

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour when i have no money

I go on YouTube expecting to see Mark had taken down “Don’t remember” and got tears and pure emotions. Can I hug Mark? Please? I’m still half asleep and remembering a buch of stuff and I feel like we’d both benefit from it.

I like to think that post TFP Knockout becomes an Autobot medic working directly under Ratchet and they form a mentor/mentee kind of bond/relationship and Ratchet eventually comes to think of Knockout as his adopted son (not that he’d ever admit that aloud).