its driving me insane


I’m seriously in love with this game!

@ sweet people telling me to start watching Critical Role in the wrong order, or advising me not to attempt to watch everything to catch up: 


Things I’d like to see in Noblesse

Rai struggling in Math because there is no Lukedonian equivalent for Calculus and the kids finding out and deciding to help him study in fantastic and memorable study sessions

M-21 not being able to sleep until he does one last passthrough of the house to make sure everyone is alright because he’s already lost one family, and he’s not going to lose another

Ik han and Tao having another face-off with their hacking skills. Tao being excited to teach Ik Han everything he knows. Ik Han absolutely fanboying over Tao’s skills

Tao and Takeo and M-21 really, actively trying to find out about their pasts/bonding over their shit experience at the Union

The general aftereffect of Rai trying coffee/energy drinks for the first time

More of Rai and Muzaka being best friends working through issues. More of Rai and Muzaka being enemies who were once friends with too much bad blood to really patch things up. More of Rai and Muzaka and their conflicting ideals and passions and generally very potentially intriguing and complex relationship

More of Rai and Muzaka in general

More Rai and Frankie enjoying being with each other.

Acknowledgment that Frankie literally spent almost 1000 years alone and what that would do to a man

Seira and Regis and Rael dealing with ptsd because they are literally Noble children and should not be going through any of this really and the household helping them through it and them being conflicted because they are supposed to protect humans, not the other way around. 

Rai’s brother???????????

Any form of character development that doesn’t involve an overdone battle and a wish to become stronger.  

A PSA to Victuri fanfic writers

The robes Victor wears in Yu-topia

Are not a yukata

This is a yukata

It’s actually a single piece of clothing held together by a sash. It also has no division between the legs, the bottom part is more a skirt than pants. The bottom part and top part, I repeat, are the same piece of clothing. It’s basically a robe.

What Victor wears is a jinbei

It’s a two-piece outfit, way easier to put on than a yukata, and that does in fact have pants. It is also way less attractive than a yukata, like srsly Victor is the first man I ever see wearing it and still looking like a sex-god

So please keep that in mind when you write canon-compliant stuff because this meaningless detail is driving me crazy in half of the fics I read

5 reasons why I love Lenny...

…and why you should too.

Bleeder is the forgotten child of the Mads’ film fandom. So I’ve decided to embark on a one-person campaign to fix this travesty, because Lenny is a babe and so far only me and @devereauxsdisease seem to be clued in on this hidden gem of a character.

1. He spends most of his free time alone in his bedroom, watching movies

Which, let’s be honest, is pretty much the same thing all of us on here do.

2. He is so done with everyone’s shit

Lenny’s friends have a lot of, uh, issues but he’s not here for any of it.

‘Jesus Leo leave me alone’

‘I just want to watch my movie and you guys won’t shut up’

‘Yes and the problem is you guys and your mouths gdi’

‘Well, I’m double-fisting drinks at a hot dog shop so that should tell you all you need to know’

3. He is the patron saint of awkward crushes

This dollbaby cannot function around people he finds attractive. At. All. And his response to that issue? Just run away from them.

‘Oh hey, it’s the cute girl at the diner. Let’s stare at her through the window like a stalker and then run away awkwardly when she notices me.’

‘Oh hey, it’s that cute girl again, better run through traffic even though I have nothing to talk to her about, and then follow her halfway home like a dweeb’

‘No, and it’s not because I stole it after you touched it or anything weird like that, no siree.’

‘Oh hey, she’s down the street waiting for me to meet up with her, maybe I should just RUN THE FUCK AWAY’

So cute.

So well-meaning.

So unable to handle social situations.

4. He is unapologetic about his obsessions

This sweet little chickadee loves movies and never shuts up about them. Ever. If he’s having a conversation, it’s probably about horror films or his favorite actors. Oh, you’re tired of hearing about films and think Lenny should get some new interests?

Lenny dgaf.

5. He wears the hell out of a velvet blazer

Just look at this fine piece. Just look.

…Need I say more?

IN CONCLUSION: Y’all had best get over HERE and watch Bleeder so we can get more rare pair fics with this babe. And maybe even read my fics featuring him.

This is another of the collars that I put together and I love it so much. I used the leftover materials to make Epic a martingale version since she doesn’t stay in a flat buckle, but man I wish she did!

when my mum was a kid she wanted to become a goldsmith but life happened and she ended up becoming a flightattendant. but last year my dad gave her a goldsmith course for her birthday and she just came back from the first lesson and i haven’t seen her this happy in forever it’s so good i love her so much and seeing her happy is so nice

To Anyone Who Enjoys Art

Please DO NOT ask artists for free art. It’s incredibly rude and demeaning to the artist.  It’s one thing if the artist says they’re taking requests. But to message an artist and ask for a free piece of art is just plain wrong.

You may be asking “Why is that?”. Well let me explain. Art doesn’t just poof out of our heads onto the paper. Sometimes it takes hours just for a concept to come to us, then we have to create the art which can take anywhere from a few more hours to a few days. And you’re asking us to spend all that time to make you something for free.

You may say “But I only want a quick sketch”. Well chances are you’re not the only one who’s asking that artist for a free sketch. And even sketches can take a few hours or longer. So now the artist has a bunch of messages all asking for a “free quick sketch” and no time to do all of them, let alone do them without getting paid.

Also if you think that befriending an artist is a great way to get some free art, please go crawl back into the hole you came out of. Artists are people too. Why would you want to abuse someone’s feelings and friendship, just so you can get free art?

Ways I’ve seen people asking for free art include: creating a character so the artist will draw that character for you, drawing a picture for the artist and demanding they draw you something in return, saying that you don’t have enough money to pay/commission the artist but still you’re wanting art, etc. Shame on you if you’ve done any of these.

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And let’s not forget how much fun it is to guilt trip the artists when they say they won’t do a drawing for you. Saying things like “I’m feeling sad/depressed and your drawing would make me feel better”, “I know I’m worthless and don’t deserve your art”, “I knew you were an elitist who only makes art for your friends”, or “Please! It’s only one little drawing” is not going to make the artist want to draw something for you and frankly, it will probably cut any ties you had to them. 

If an artist voluntarily makes something for you for free, that’s awesome! Enjoy it and thank them! But don’t go back to them asking for something else, or use it as an excuse to get another drawing.

I am speaking from experience, from both me and my artist friends. Art takes time, it takes materials which need to be paid for, not to mention that the artist has been working years and years to improve their art to the level it’s at, and you’re saying you want them to give you some original art for free. That’s just a slap in the face to the artist.

Do you ask musicians to write you a free song? NO. Do you ask an author to write you a book for free? NO. Do you ask a chef to give you free food? NO. THEN WHY WOULD IT BE ALRIGHT TO ASK AN ARTIST FOR FREE ART?

If you want art, commission the artist. Don’t go about asking for free art!

  • Me: I love Anti!
  • K-pop fandom: How can you say that?! They drag our beautiful, handsome, cute, TALENTED artists down! They spread nothing but hate and troubles!
  • Me: ... I hate Anti
  • Jacksepticeye community: How can you say such things about my cinnamon roll baby?! Shame on you!