its drew!

I can’t even say I’m gonna watch just for April because they give her NOTHING and treat her like she hasn’t been on the show for 9 years

@poodleknight​ submitted:
Hi! I drew this a long while ago but have been too shy to send it till now.

Ohhhhhh my goodness????? I never saw this until now I hope you didn’t send this too long ago aaaa…. this is so cute!!! Look at them!!!! I love your artstyle and the way you drew my blushy omni-boy ahHHH………….. thank you so much, this made my day!!!!

so that half hour boot huh


So my friend said this is what she’s going to wear for Halloween and I just

He went into the forest so no one could take his teddy bear away from him again :(

(sorry for being kind of late because I didn’t post that sooner and now everyone is talking about the finale aaaah ;u;)


can you believe that last weekend I mentioned on twitter how helpful it would be to have a canon ref of grown up eren for my comic and now my life will never be the same again


teenage AU in my vision???
Nikki certainly was keen on wrestling, so many were afraid to deal with her, Max would most likely be a “man in the shadows”, very sarcastic and troubled young man. aaaAAAAND Neil… would be a nerd….who covers his friends when they commit any “crimes”….


Sole: *appreciate companion* 

I had a bad day today and want to draw these dudes blush