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Artist Class

What kind of RPG Artist are you??

HP - How many years you’ve been actively drawing

ATK - Ability to draw from life/realism

SPATK - Ability to draw aesthetic/stylized

DEF - Ability to draw for long periods of time without cramping

SPDEF - Ability to draw many pieces without running out of fresh, new ideas

Speed - How fast you can draw

fic: a vision for the future (2/2)

In retrospect, drunkenly spilling her guts to a robot bartender was probably not a high point in Sasha’s life.

Rhys/Sasha, post-ep5 established relationship, 6k in part 2, 12k total. Bit of humour, bit of fluff, bit of angst. Part 2 also on AO3

Previously: Part 1 on AO3 | Part 1 on Tumblr

Even the bathrooms were fancy.

A larger common area, complete with vanity mirrors and a couple of armchairs, branched into individual little rooms rather than stalls. Sasha was grateful for the privacy, because as soon as she shut the door behind her, she made an aggravated growl and kicked the trashcan.

“Ow.” The heels did not offer her foot the same level of protection as her boots. “Shit.”

Rubbing her sore foot, she balanced against the wooden door and whacked her head against it a few times for good measure. She wanted to shoot something. She wanted to punch Aldrich right in his smug, callous face. She wanted to do quite a lot of things that were probably in direct violation of Rhys’ “no getting thrown out the airlock” rule.

“Shit, shit, shit,” she repeated to thin air.

God, she hated these people.

Not wanting to ruin her makeup by splashing her face, she settled for running cold water over her wrists. Maybe she should’ve let Rhys invite Fiona instead. Or they could have brought Fiona with them. Fiona would appreciate what a cesspool of slimy, selfish, soulless—

“Heyyyy, Sasha,” buzzed Rhys’ voice in her ear, making her jump. “Uh. Where are you?”

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“how’s it going out there? we miss you.”







edit: OH THANK GOD it’s just terezi and john texting back and forth ABOUT a search or whatever

Good now I can be moderately feelsdrowned instead of crushed under the idea of John sending texted pictures into the unanswerable void for literal years

[Part-Translation] Hakumyu LIVE Chapter 7- Manzai [24:04-27:00]

Hakumyu LIVE Chapter 7 - Cheer up Chizuru! Shinpachi & Heisuke’s Manzai [24:04-27:00]

Someone asked me about this particular chapter, so I thought why not translate it. Because I’ve wanted to do it but not sure if my nihongo/english processing centre in le brain can catch up or not since it is a ‘Manzai’, they talk real fast I can’t quite catch everything so, the parts I missed, will be marked with 3 ’???’. Enjoy! ^^

elizabetamargie nyan~ its dooone! Enjoy it :D

Translator’s Note:
[1] NS: Nagakura Shinpachi. TH: Toudou Heisuke. C: Chizuru.
[0] *pose*: Some if not all, manzai has a kind of 'kime-pose’ (lit: ending pose? :p) at the end of every section/part.
[1] Manzai: Basically, what they did was: a Japanese’s 'Manzai’. Manzai is Japanese famous stand up comedy. Usually consisted of 2 people with the concept of Boke-Tsukkomi, making jokes with PUNS and well bad jokes. Boke is the 'stupid’ one. 'Tsukkomi’ being the 'straight’ one usually correcting the boke with a smack/an angry retort. In this case, Shinpachi is the 'Tsukkomi’ and Heisuke is the 'Boke’.
[2] Kabuki: Classical Japanese dance-drama in theatre. In which the actors/actress usually applies like 10inches worth of make-ups :p (okay that was me exaggerating XD). And it also involves many cross-dressing males in traditional clothes. HAHA. (Do try googling for Kabuki vid, so that you can haz some idea on the poses, intonations etc)
[3] Mie (見得): Pose. One of the several terms/elements of Kabuki. A powerful and emotional pose struck by an actor, who then freezes for a moment. -wiki.
[5] 'Ton-ton’: an onomatopoeia.

- TH: Chizuru!
- NS: Yo!
- C: Heisuke-kun, Nagakura-san.. that aside, why are you two shirtless?
- TH: Don’t mind it
- C: Aren’t you two cold?
- NS: Not at all!
- TH: Because, Shinpatchi-san is baka you see

- NS: You’re a baka too aren’t you?
- TH: By the way Chizuru, why are you being gloomy on new year
- Ah, I was thinking about father..
- I see, then we’ll cheer you up. Right, Shinpatchi-san?
- Ou! Are we going to do that?
- C: That?
- Watch us okay Chizuru?
- C: Hai!
- NS/TH: Domooo~/Hello~.
- NS/TH: I am Heisuke. I am Shinpachi. Please take care of us.
- NS/TH: Happy New Year!/Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.
- TH: It is a happy day isnt it Shinpatchi-san
- TH: When it comes to New Year, there’re lots of events/activities.
- TH: Shinpatchi-san do you have anything you want to do?
- NS: I want to do a 'Kabuki’ [2], Mie-ki [3] (kabuki pose)
- TH: Mie-ki? Which pose?

- NS: You know, the one that goes like this.. *kabuki pose* Akemashite Omedetou~
- TH: Oh that, yeah that seems cool
- NS: IKR?!
- TH: Okay lets try it!

- TH: ??? (Basically announcing that they’ll do 'Mieki’)
- NS: Akemashi-
- TH: *cuts off* Thank you for your hard work! *goes forward and start talking randomly*. Since it is new year, there’re foods that no matter what I wanna try making with everyone..
- NS: Wait wait wait wait! Don’t you “Thank you for your hard work” me, don’t suddenly cut me off and no one cares about what you want to eat.
- TH: *writes on imaginary memo* So I shouldn’t talk about that.
- NS: Why are you taking memo, that’s totally unnecessary now!
- TH: But that (mieki) thing is hard to do, no way we can do it easily.
- NS: Easy, totally easy~
- TH: ?? (Heisuke is still saying its not easy)
- NS: What…??
- TH: *attempting the mieki pose* How do I do it.. that, like this..
- NS: What are you 'holding’?
- TH: Ozouni [4: soup containing rice cakes and vegetables (New Year’s dish)] (Basically, being the boke, Heisuke is messing around. It is supposed to be 'Omedetou’ haha)
- NS: Ozouni?! *falls* That’s totally unrelated! Stop saying weird things you!
- TH/NS: Ozouni daisuki!/I love Ozouni! *pose* 
- NS: Stop that, that’s not it.
- TH: We can do it right? If it is possible then lets do it!
- NS: Yes we can! Lets do it!

- TH: ??? (Again, announcing that they’ll do 'Mieki’)
- TH: Akemashite o-ZOUNI
- NS: Akemashite o-zouni I DONT NEED THAT! *throws imaginary soup*
- TH: *points at Shinpatchi laughing* XD
- NS: No need for the soup! I don’t need it. Why Ozouni again?!
- TH: Ozouni daisuki!/I love Ozouni! *pose*
- NS: No stop that really, why do you have to say weird things.
- TH: *starts writing imaginary memo again* So, do not say ozouni..
- NS/TH: Don’t take memo! *throws imaginary memo*

- NS: No! What I want to do is 'Akemashite Omedeton-ton’ *Heisuke joins*
- NS: Why are you copying me?! Don’t take my part.
- TH: The ’ton-ton’ part is cool, na?
- NS: No, that’s not how I want it to be. I want to do it alone like this..
- NS: 'Omedeton-ton’ *Heisuke joins in again*
- TH: Ton-ton..
- NS: Nooo, what’s wrong with you. Okay I got it, got it. If compared to you, I’m the adult/more matured than you.
- TH: Yeah you are.
- NS: Okay, you do the first part 'Iyooi~ Akemashite’
- TH: Ou ou!
- NS: So I’ll do the last part alone.. 'Akemashite Omedeton-ton’ *Heisuke joins in again’
- NS: *falls* I said, don’t take my part. I wonder why do you keep doing it?! I said not to.
- TH: *ton-ton, ton-ton pose* (lol baka junya!Heisuke XD)
- NS: Why do you keep taking the ’ton-ton’ part x928734982 *frustated Shinpachi* (chii: aww poor Shuuto-kun teehee :p)
- TH: *takes out imaginary note again and writes* Don’t do ton-ton..
- NS: Don’t you take notes!!! *throws imaginary note*
- TH: *writes again* Ozouu..
- NS: No, no need for the Ozouni too!
- TH: Ozouni Daikirai! - NS: Ozouni Daikirai! *pose*
- NS: Argghh what is this? I dont get it!
- TH: Okay okay, I got it. Na Shinpachi-san, lets just conclude this nicely.
- NS: Ah yeah, whatever lets end this.

- TH: ??? (Again, announcing that they’ll do 'Mieki’)
- NS: 'Iyoiii~ Akemashite Omedeton-ton
(LOL FINALLY ne shuuto-kun, HAHA XD)
- TH: Oh, I think you guys should probably realized it by now, the food that I want to make and eat with everyone on this new year is.. Yes it is -
- TH/NS/C: OZOUNI! (new year soup! :p)
- NS: Ahhh I had enough it!
- TH/NS: Zou! *pose* Arigatou gozaimashita!

- NS/TH: Phew~
- TH: How was it Chizuru? Do you feel better now?
- C: Hai!
- NS/TH: Yoshaaa!
[27:00 Kinniku LOVE song]

- CHII: YAISA YAISA YAISA! FINISH! *at 2:46am now* (^0^)/ and KINNIKU! (Just incase if you girls haven’t realized it, in Kinniku Love Song’s rap part by Junya!Heisuke, iirc, he actually recited the body muscle’s scientific name LOL)

LOL, i really love the manzai. Those two bakawaii combi was too adowable I wann *sqoooshes* them :3 Manzai are fun and full of jokes made up of stupid PUNS and they talk reaaaal fast. An example that I like: ‘What is a nice chair’s name?’ Ans: NA-ISU (Naisu = nice. Isu = chair). HAHA. 

Sorry, I tend to write lenghty explanations. But I hope minna will enjoy this! Nyaa ne~ \(^▽^@)ノ *goes clinging to Hijikata-san like a monkey*

「Jelsa」 skin & bones ;
Editor: Artoriious
Footage: Frozen & Rise of the Guardians
[Part-translation] Hakumyu LIVE: Oni Kazoku Segment Honpen & Extra

Nyahho~ minna! I hope you’re all having/had a good day! Here’s another part-translation from the LIVE requested by a lovely Anon-san. Since it is quite a short one, I decided to cover the segment in Extras too. I hope you like and will enjoy it! NIHI! (๑>◡<๑)

Translator’s Note:
[-1] Honpen: the main part/Musical. Extra: is well the Extras :p 
[0] Basically, all Ootori-san’s jokes are play on words, PUNS! XD
[2] Enka: A traditional-style Japanese popular ballad

O: Otousama/Koudo-san, C: Chizuru, NK: Kaoru/Nii-sama, OK: Ootori Keisuke

- Kaoru & Chizuru Enka song -
- It is not weird that you don’t understand
- When our parents died, you were taken by Koudo-san
- I was taken by Nagumo family of Tosa domain
- I was taken away, and we were separated, separated, separated
- Who knew I had a brother x3
- More than anything, this face is the proof
- And then don’t you think my Katana matches your Kodachi (short sword)?
- Who knew I had brother x3
- More than anything, this face is the proof
- And then don’t you think my Katana matches your Kodachi (short sword)?
- Koudo-san joins the Enka song -
- I am not your real father
- From the day when the Oni village was destroyed, I took you along with me
- You the pure-blooded Oni, I raise you, raise you, raise you, preciously like my own child
- That father, that father, that father
- Who would have thought we are not connected by blood
- This face is the proof, more than anything
- As a parent and child, there’s no way you can see,
We don’t look alike, don’t we? 
- Such a Brother, such a Father
- Who knew there’s such a truth
- But Chizuru don’t you think that our, (with) our groove,  We are a very good family, a very wonderful family
- Enka Song Ends-

- O: In any case, I am really happy to be able to spend private time during New Year together as parent and child like this.
- C: Yes, Otousama
- O: Please by all means, Kaoru-kun you too..
- NK: Well, it’s okay I guess, atleast for New Year. Then, how about playing Sugoroku (board games) together?
- C: Somehow, I feel happy (aww chizuru~ XD <3)
- O:You really had gone through so many pain, atleast just for today please be happy
- C: I am really happy to be around Otousama & Niisama.
- OK: Can you please let me join in your lovely ‘family’?
- O: … Lets go.
- OK: Wait!
- O: What do you want?
- OK: Please let me be your friend…
- O: We finally get to reunite again, can you please not interrupt us?
- OK: I wish you wouldnt say such a cold thing
- OK: Love is something that you should spread and share with other
- C: Ootori-san..
- OK: If its you, you would be able to understand, right?
- C: I’m sorry..
- OK: You too, Yukimura-kun!?
- NK: Who’s that guy!?
- OK: Ah, hello nice to meet you, I am Ootori Kousuke
- NK: Read the situation will you!
- OK: Okay, okay I understand so please let me join you guys too.
If you let me in, I’ll let you listen to my witty Joke
- O: Arghhh okay I understand, let me hear it!
- OK: That’s how it should be~
- OK: 「~Ootori-Keisuke’s Witty Hakumyu Joke~」
- *The Oni Family quietly escaping at this moment :p*
- OK: 'Saitou-kun , can you please let me have Momendoufu (firm tofu)?’
- OK (as Saitou): 'Ootori-san, Just a Momento’
(chii: A play on word :p Momendoufu +-= Momento (fu) lol.)
- OK: What do you thiiink? Eh? Eh? Where’s everyone? Wait for me, wait wait waiiit.

Hakumyu LIVE - Extras
04/01/14 - 3pm

- OK: Ootori Keisuke’s Witty Hakumyu Talk
- OK: *starts singing Enka*
- O: Quickly, lets go!
- Oni Family: *queitly escaping*
- OK: Yes! Yukimura-kun’s Onii-chan (brother) is ONI-chan (demon)! *oni pose*
- OK: What do you thiiink? Eh? Eh? Where’s everyone? Wait for me, wait wait waiiit.

04/01/14 - 7pm

- OK: Ootori Keisuke’s Witty Hakumyu Talk
- OK: *starts singing Enka*
- Oni Family: *queitly escaping*
- O: Quickly, lets go!
- OK: Singing such a long Enka.. ’Ennnnnkaaaaaaaa’ (literally long Enka HAHAHA XD)
- OK: What do you thiiink? Eh? Eh? Where’s everyone? Wait for me, wait wait waiiit.

05/01/14 - 3pm

- OK: Ootori Keisuke’s Witty Hakumyu Talk
- Oni Family: *queitly escaping*
- OK: Koudo-san’s Hatsumode (first shrine visit during New year) is Hatsumou de (Hatsumou: new hair growth. He said Hatsumou+DE, because 'de’ is a Japanese’s particle, basically a grammar thingy :p)
- OK: What do you thiiink? Eh? Eh? Where’s everyone? Wait for me, wait wait waiiit.

Yeay! Its dooone (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ How was it? XD I hope minna will enjoyed it! And if you girls have any other request, feel free to drop me a message! I’ll try to translate if it is not too much for my japanese processing centre in le brain XD Nyaa ne~ :D 

** Thanks to suteki na rz-jocelyn for helping me XD NIHI! <3