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How do you think Bucky would deal w/his s/o not being comfortable with intimacy/sex, cuz their not confident w/their body

I feel like he wouldn’t even think about rushing you or judging you. He’d be the complete opposite. And I feel like Bucky would do the most he can to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

He’d lie next to you, his head resting against your chest as he runs his hands along your body, taking in every imperfection you have and he’d tell you every single reason why he loves it. 

“I love this dimple here, because its your dimple. There’s many dimples in this world, but this one is yours and it’s beautiful, Y/N.” 

And he’d run his hands along your tummy, whispering to you about how beautiful it is. He’d run his finger tips and trace your stretch marks, telling you that they’re natural and that no matter how deep they are, his love for you is twice as deep. 

When he’d get to your scars, he’d plant small butterfly kisses onto each one. Whispering “beautiful” after each kiss in Russian. 

And if you finally do get to the love making, it would be the most mind blowing experience because he’d make you forget about all your insecurities, because to him you’re perfect and for you, that’s just enough. 

*im lowkey cryin’ i need some chicken nuggets omg

made this yesterday evening, thinking “is this really what was my 3 years of study animation for? simply tracing the gif for some shippy gay crap?”

but it was relaxing and calming after sad anxious boring day so i guess it worth it





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Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)