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Twice now, you've said "you don't know the full story". But as an ask blog, it's basically your job to either delete taboo asks or just, y'know, answer? Them?? In other words, what's the "full story" between you and purple, or with your dad? Or are you just not going to tell us in this blog no matter who asks or how? ((Btw, who's your ex?))


Hi there! They way you wrote this appears to be so it’s moreso addressed towards the mun- So I’ll be answering this!

There’s multiple reasons why Wallis isn’t just “Answering them”.

1. Just outright answering asks about sensitive topics like that is boring. This way it creates tension and intrigue. I do delete a fair few asks that I know Wallis won’t answer- But you have to admit, if Wallis only answered the asks that didn’t push his boundaries, his boundaries would never be pushed and nothing interesting would ever happen ever. Yes, it may create a few “Ooo”s from people that get to see the asks beforehand (namely, other ask blog muns), but for the audience, there would be no conflict, which is integral to a story- Ask blog or not.

2. For Wallis to outright answer with the “full story” would be COMPLETELY OOC. Wallis is a very secretive character and bottles a lot up- He doesn’t trust easily, so telling a bunch of random strangers (That he still believes may reside in Gloomverse) a very personal and private story is NOT going to happen at the drop of a hat. It may happen, he may give hints along the way if people press at the right points, but it won’t be something that’s easily given out.

3. I don’t know the full stories. I didn’t create Gloomverse, and I didn’t create Wallis- I may know some extra things that aren’t usually public but I certainly don’t know spoilers. Neither the issue of what exactly happened to cause Purple and Wallis to break up, nor the story with Wallis’ dad has been released- I can only guess and assume based on what little evidence we already have.

I hope this helps!]]

I was playing Overwatch’s MvM the new Overwatch event and our Torb forgot to put the turret on the payload and was feeling sad, so I said it was ok and we were all doing really well, to which our Mercy answered they never saw someone so optimistic in the game before.
In the end, we won and our Torb got play of the game! Im… So proud of them, look at them go! This is what a bit of positivity can do, guys. This is why encouraging your team to keep going is better than slashing on them.

i’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile tbh & i don’t see how this is too different from a plotting call, but still– this is a RELATIONSHIP CALL. hit the heart to like this if you’re interested in building a relationship between your muse & digger, whether it be friendship, familial, enemies, teammates, friends-with-benefits, partners-in-crime, romantic, or anything else in-between, & i’ll pop into your IMs to chat about it~

Ok, for my own sanity, I’ve deleted my ask box, Just cuz stuff had piled up and it was seriously deterring me. So, fresh slate for memes. Also, gonna tackle my starter call and then a massive reply for @friendlywebslinger (get ready for the feels!). Then it will be bed time for me. AS I’ve said before, college starts Monday so my activity will be a bit slower, but I’m always around for plotting and chatting! (mutuals can hmu on discord)

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Are you ever planning on selling lapeep merch? Like key chains or cellphone charms. Cause I'd pour a wad of money into that.

( theres actually a shirt i have planned that im probably gonna get to make in may, but itl be through redbubble likely. cons i usually sell at are a ways away but i do have/will have birdkeeper peri related prints!

also, whoever bought the birdkeeper peri print on my redbubble that isnt ready, on like a laptop skin?? pillow?? something like that. show me i wanna see omg )