its decent i guess

Dead cold hands.

every time your love by little mix comes up in my playlist i can’t help but imagine he tian and guan shan having a quiet night at home, just being domestic and bantering like they usually do, until he tian drags guan shan in the middle of the apartment to slow dance with him, which at one point turns into kissing, and then they are stumbling towards the bed, taking off their clothes as they go, and their hands intertwine as they have sex, slow and deep, the city lights coming from the windows washing over their naked bodies……..

….and i don’t even know why because it’s not like the lyrics particularly reminds me of them, it’s just the– general vibe of the music, i guess?? (don’t ever let me tell you guys that im not a fucking romantic sap because i totally am)

we did another figure drawing session today with a model in my drawing class, and id consider this 30 minute rough sketch an improvement from the last session? the arms are still eh since i didn’t spend too much time on them…but i kind of liked how how the upper body came out ;v;

(also i wasnt using charcoal this time…graphite is a lot easier for me to just doodle and do my own thing. and its easier to erase ;u;)


Oingo Boingo - Back To School

bisexualwolverine replied to your post “Majority of the fandom: AAHH, POSSIBLE 11 MINUTE CUT SCENE MIGHT BE…”

It’s gonna be 5 minutes

oh! i dont know why i saw/thought 11 haha. Regardless, if its like, leaked and if it does contain anything that could be considered a spoiler, id still like to be warned.



I’ll give you passionate. Murder, the ultimate crime of passion.”