its dark & hell is hot

small description of each mbti type:

istj: prefers their cat over u, secretly really romantic but wont admit it, finds moustaches/beards aesthetically pleasing

isfj: secretly a wine mom, likes to bake, lawful good

infj: probably still emo, cute but kinda avoidant, great clothing style

intj: dark and mysterious, kinda hot, always helps others

istp: loves road trips, cute and dorky, likes netflix and pranks

isfp: really weird, artistic, everyone thinks they’re adorable

infp: emo as hell, cares a lot, very deep and complex 

intp: sarcastic motherfuckers, kinda shy but probably wont admit it, awkward and cute

estp: everyone wants to have sex with them, u either love them or hate them, acts very confident

esfp: genuinely loves everyone and everything, charming, intelligent but doesn’t show it

enfp: overdramatic, too many puns, very lovable

entp: meme lord, genuinely doesn’t like people, will fight u

estj: dad friend, drinks a lot of coffee, looks angry

esfj: will bake u cookies, mom friend, too sweet

enfj: weird but charming, knows a lot more than it seems, falls in love too easily

entj: thinks they’re awesome(and they’re right), has great hair, funny sometimes

underfell au got me like

Hi my name is Papyrus Dark’ness Dementia Raven Skeleton and i have glowing red eyes like the blood of my enemies and I only speak in the Papyrus font (that’s how I got my name) and a lot of people tell me I look like King Asgore (A/N: IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO DAT IS THEN GET DA HELL OUT OF HERE!) I’m not related to Mettaton but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a royal guardsman (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red and black. I walked around Snowdin. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun which I was very happy about. Frisk stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them. 

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Hi Raph. I heard you were subbing for the mun this week. That is really thoughtful of you to help out. This isn't really an ask. I, ummmm... I just wanted to say that you’re my favorite, and you're soooo hot and... I'dliketohaveyouoverfordinnerandamovie (andmaybebreakfast)... **face turning beet red**

Raphael:… GRACE!
Its my week off, I ain’t helping you!

R: Aw jeez… *turning dark green as he blushes Look, i-I just wanna help out the nerd, ok?


Im sure your a great person and thanks for saying all that stuff about me being…handsome o-or hot or whateva.. *smiles softly* But… ya don’t want anything to do with me. All the Foot and street gangs and alike? It won’t be pretty.


R: But… I guess I could swing by ya place sometime? Waffles would be wonderful :)


It doesn’t really matter how far away you are. You’re still you… Kind, loyal, who with one look can convince me that I’m not crazy. That’s the Stefan that I fell for, and that’s the Stefan who can bring me back. That’s why I’d rather just change you. Let go of that part of you, Stefan. If Stefan wants to save Sarah’s life, all he has to do is shut his humanity off.



 Sam came home early due to power outage, (has been going on all week) and our house too has been losing power, on the weekend, Saturday we had no power all day so we ate hot dogs on the grill and I made lemonade was fun and annoying at the same time. but it went out today at Sam’s job and at home ): so we went out for ice cream because its not that far of a walk, and they were a Pokemon go stop lol. the weathers pretty hot, and dark, feels like 60′s phone says 82. to be honest its my first time having ice cream in prolly 4 months and my goodness is it good! just a lil about how the pregnancy is going> im 22 weeks, my biggest cravings are snickers w/almond and sprite,and Sam. ive been so needy this pregnancy, prolly cause it knows its my last lol its going to put me through hell, and it has, but its nothing diff from my others, due to some medical issues my pregnancy has me in constant pain, but walking helps and I have some light pain killers and they help too, swimming also helps! and my girls do too. hope everyone is having a lovely week! its hump day also! yasss

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How would GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react if they saw their s/o was hell of a good dancer and saw them dance to a very sensual song? (for example check this out /watch?v=4i32ANEa5mk its kpop hope you dont mind) <3

i don’t mind at all and hot damn wow. let’s say that they’re doing this in private :)

AKASHI: He watched with dark eyes filled with lust. Akashi smirked throughout the whole performance, enjoying every curve, every swing of your hips. Licking his lips, he prowled over towards you after the song ended to give you the greatest night of your life – and maybe punish you for turning him on that much.

AOMINE: Feeling himself harden in his pants, he didn’t even try to hide the bulge. Aomine rubbed his growing erection through the fabric of his pants as his eyes remained fixated on you. Afterwards, he grabbed you and brought you to the room to show you just how much he appreciated you dancing for him.

KAGAMI: He was so embarrassed and turned on by the end of the song and couldn’t even hide the fact that he were unbelievably aroused. When you walked over to Kagami afterwards, teasing him, he growled and pulled you to his lap, grinding his bulge against your panties, making you just as horny as he was.

KASAMATSU: Although he was initially embarrassed and surprised by your daring moves, he found that he absolutely loved them. Kasamatsu did the same thing as Kagami and ensured that you knew how much he loved your performance and perhaps asked for an encore – on his lap – naked.

KISE: Usually easygoing, you never expected Kise to react that badly to your dancing. However, when you asked him how it was afterwards, he approached you wordlessly before crushing his lips down on yours and pinning you down on the floor, dragging his lips down your neck. “You’re so beautiful, ____-chi.”

KIYOSHI: His lips parted during your performance as his eyes couldn’t leave your moving body. He was amazed at how skilled you were and clapped. You thought that he wasn’t at all affected by your dancing but the fact that he kept fidgeting and that he suddenly grabbed a pillow for his lap indicated otherwise.

KUROKO: Kuroko who was usually so level-headed found himself feeling more and more aroused with every twist and turn. When you bent over to shake your ass in front of him, he cracked. He smiled and told you that perhaps it was time for a break, and it definitely wasn’t the peaceful, relaxing break you were expecting.

MIDORIMA: Midorima blushed and turned away, hoping that you would just leave him alone so that he could satisfy himself in the bathroom but you wouldn’t have any of it and took him inside your mouth. He wouldn’t even be able to control himself afterwards and might end up being rougher than usual – not that you were complaining.

MURASAKIBARA: He couldn’t control it. He really couldn’t. Halfway through the song, he appeared behind you and started to grind his erection as he whined, “___-chin, I’m hard now thanks to you. Could you please help me out?” With an amused grin, you nodded and definitely helped him.

TAKAO: Wide eyes, mouth gaping. He was astonished and impressed and incredibly turned on as he watched you move and bend over so many times in his own living room. When the song ended, he breathed out a sigh of relief and you were almost hurt until he jumped to his feet. “Now, let’s go to the bedroom!”

Arisasa is literally one of the top sinships in the hottest way: it’s got daddy kink, boss/secretary workplace kink, superior/subordinate kink, captor/captive kink, violent, sometimes Stockholm Syndrome, you name it. Bonus that these ideas can’t be claimed by opposers in the fandom to be pulled from thin air; each dynamic can be referenced to the canon (of course, not explicit) relationships set in place for Arima and Haise/Kaneki. (That, however twisted, is more than other pairings can claim in terms of hints of canon reference for character interactions).

Like damn, if the complex intertwining between these two in the general manga doesn’t get you thinking of ways to explore their characters in dark, twisted, hell even romantic ways, I don’t know what will. Arisasa in general can both be very hot and intriguing in its levels of complexities. There is so much to work with and that is why I love it.


Dark and intense - I feel like this should make us think “oh shit. he’s bad. stay away.” instead my reaction is more like “oh fuck. i’ll do anything he wants.”

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TVD-6x17- How I Met Your Mother

No, that’s not a reference to the show. It’s a reference to the Taking Back Sunday song. And it just seemed fitting you know? Considering. I don’t know what’s with me and naming my posts after song titles lately. Maybe, its because that’s what they have been doing with their episodes. Anyways, the episode was absolute perfection. It was fun, dark, light, suspenseful, creepy as hell. Hot. And just plain beautiful. And it was the perfect way to pull us out of that Delena lull we have been in. It was great and refreshing to see them really be together without so much angst between them. And I just loved how while Stefan and Caroline were tapping into the darkest and more monstrous parts of themselves…Damon and Elena were tapping into the most human experience they can get…Facing Stefan and Damon’s mother. The women they gave them life.

“You know. I’d actually like my child to grow up with a father.” - Alaric
“It granted a cowardly father. Probably played catch and run from the ball, going fishing; flee from fish.” - Enzo
“I have weapons in my apartment.” - Alaric

So, I feel like I haven’t talked about these too in forever. I liked their scenes together. It reminded me of Damon and Alaric way back when. I love how Enzo played the coward card. I don’t know why I thought that was so funny. And I don’t know why I love that whatever they were set out to do just failed miserably. Because it just shows that the man with the plan has always been Damon. Alaric took out a house full of vampires with Damon and were able save Stefan. But Alaric and Enzo can’t get passed the stairwell without almost being blown up by one vampire with his humanity shut off. And then needed another to protect them. I laugh in the best way possible.

“Please. Believe me, I’ve changed.” - Kai
“I know. And so have I.” - Bonnie

I knew it. I knew that was Damon’s plan for Bonnie. I just knew it. They were going to leave him there. And as much I love Kai, and his personality complex. He deserves it. But of course, I feel bad for him. Because he genuinely was helping them. And he is too cute not to feel bad for. The way he was sticking his tongue out to catch the snow. Like a 6 year old. I can’t. I hope he gets out. In fact, I think he will. He is the leader of the Gemini Coven after all. Anyways, I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of him or that creepy vampire dollhouse.

“This is seriously about revenge?”
“Yes. It is.”
“Like you, I’m prone to doing bad things when my humanity is off. But unlike you, I don’t have an elaborate system to keep me in check.”
“Well, that’s not my problem.”
“Oh, I’m making it your problem.” - Steroline

Okay, so Stefan isn’t faking it. I have no idea where this is going. But I know that once they turn it back on again. It most likely will cause some problems with their relationship. Or maybe it won’t. Maybe, them shutting if off together is exactly what they needed to propel their relationship forward. Because I think that is what the writers intended to do. Sort of like the same intentions the writers had for the sire bond. I don’t know. But its interesting to see this ship have it all shut off. I kind of find it ironic because Stefan and Caroline are suppose to be this light ship. These goodie two shoe vampires that can’t possible do any wrong. That keep each other in check. But that’s all just stripped away. And they start out their “romantic” relationship with absolute zero emotion involved. I find it ironic considering Damon and Elena were given so much crap about only being sex. Which wasn’t true at all. But it can legit be said about Stefan and Caroline right now. I mean, I have nothing against it. I just find it all kind of humorous. I’m sorry guys, I’m just writing things again. Steroline literally does nothing for me.

“Look, I know she isn’t the women you remember but give her so time.”
“You’re lucky you’re so adorable ‘cuz your eternal optimism is super annoying.”
“Well, I happen to know from experience that it’s never a waste of time to look for the good in people.”
“This women left her kids to be a den mother to a family of vampires. I think we’re going to be looking for quite a while.”
“Well, then it’s a good thing we have forever.” -Delena

This was everything. It’s amazes me how well-written Damon and Elena are. Because, sure, they are talking about giving his mother some time. But Elena knows what she said. So does Damon. It’s a good thing we have forever. She may not remember promising each other a forever together in the rain. But she still very much feels it. How much she loves him. How she wants that to last forever. It’s beautiful to see how despite not having these memories, those feelings that she had for him before the compulsion. That love is very much still present. This was her way of telling him that. And Damon’s face when she says it is priceless. Because he knows what she just said too. The way he looks at her says it all. How he is almost thrown aback by it. But then realizes that he shouldn’t be so surprised. She’s still that girl that wanted him to promise her forever. She’s still that same girl she was that summer night in the rain. 

The level of cute Elena was this episode was too much to handle. From the way she looks at Kai and jokingly asks if her jacket was appropriate attire for 1903. To the Hell-yeah-you-bet-your-ass-im-going reaction towards Damon. I love the way she doesn’t even hesitate about going. She was like “Come on bb, take my hand, we got this world traveling thing down.” From the way she takes so much interest in every detail of Damon’s past (down to how a lamp works with no electricity) to the way she so eagerly wants him to reconnect with his mother. Everything about Elena was so damn cute girlfriend!Elena. She even tells Damon to look at the sky and asks him if that was the aurora borealis. Like how more baby girl girlfriend can you get? And I love love love that she’s pushing Damon to give his mother a chance. The damn parallel between what Elena did with Damon to what she is asking Damon to do for his mother. Because it’s the same damn thing. Damon wasn’t the man she remembered. The man she had in her head was this cold hearted murderous monster who killed her brother right in front of her. But she took the time to see the good in him. Not just once. Twice. She had everything good about him erased from her mind. And she still allowed herself to see the good in him once again. She just wants Damon to do the same. For Damon however, its slightly the opposite. His whole life he thought that his mother was dead. Taken for him too soon by a deadly disease. Only to find out more than a century later that, that wasn’t what happened at all. That she had turned into a vampire and left them. Not only that, but that she was a ripper that was put in a prison world because of the amount of innocent lives she took. Which isn’t how he remembered her in the slightest. He loved her. She was his world. So, what Damon has to do….what Elena is asking him to do, is find that part of her that he does remember. The same way that Elena found that part of him that she doesn’t

And Damon. God, Damon was gold this episode too. The way he is so open with Elena about his past and his mother. But how he tries to hide he desire to reconnect with his mother by convincing her that his mother is gone. Just a means to an end. A tool to get Stefan back. I love how in character that is for him. How his anger and resentment towards his mother just shows how much he loves her. How much he loved her back then. How much he still loves her even now. Because he is so hurt over the idea that his mother left him. It hurts him that she even considered choosing a group of vampires over her own sons. He shows that through how angry he gets.  And even though she had a legitimate reason for leaving them. It hurts him that she “never thought about stopping by to clear things up”. Even though she was most likely on her way to them before she was trapped there. Its still hurts him that she ever left them in the first place. And you can tell that what she says about why she left them affected him just by looking at his face while she is saying it. And by how he tries to mask that with indifference. “Good to know”. But the truth is he does care. And he gets it. He knows how hard it can be to resist tearing into someone’s throat, no matter how much you love them. He’s experienced that first hand. He’s experienced it through others as well. Especially at the beginning. Especially for vampires like her and Stefan. Rippers. But Damon is Damon, you know? His not one to wear his heart on his sleeve. So, he gives her a place to sleep and distances himself. The way he always does at first with everyone he cares about. 

“The cure…the cure to vamprism.” 
“I knew you were planning on getting it yourself. You had the whole route mapped down to the kilometer.”
“Why are you giving me this?”
“Because my mom’s surprisingly happy as a vampire. Because I have full faith that we’ll get Caroline back the old-fashioned way. But mostly because I knew that you wanted it for Elena.”
“What if I don’t want it for her anymore?”
That’s none of my business. I’m just finishing what you started. You can give it to her or not. It’s up to you.”  - The Damn Cure

Okay, so they went there. They opened the damn door to the cure storyline again. I was really hoping they wouldn’t. Logically, it makes no sense that Bonnie was able to get it. Let alone would waste her time getting it. But let’s not dwell. Since they did open that door again. Let’s dwell on the possibilities this storyline can have. Like the fact that the way they played this scene out says so much. They put the cure in Damon hand’s and gave him the power to do what he wants with it. Because what’s stopping Bonnie from just giving Elena the cure herself? But the writers don’t have her do that. The writers have her give it to Damon. At a time where things are going great for him with Elena. At a moment where she just finished telling him that they have forever. Making the decision to give her the cure more difficult for him. Which if he does, makes it once again extremely selfless. And the fact that Elena doesn’t remember all the selfless things he has done for her. In her eyes, it would be the most selfless she has ever seen him. And would make the perfect parallel to when he gave her the necklace. The sole memory that triggered all her other memories of ever loving him away. So, I think the cure is what is going to give Damon the opportunity to be that selfless again. And that selflessness is what will trigger all her memories to come back. Of course, this is all just speculation. But I have been saying that the parallel to her birthday is what will trigger all her memories back since the beginning. And I think that’s where this cure storyline is leading. I could be wrong but it’s what makes the most sense to me. And I understand now why its taking so long for Elena to get her memories back. It’s because they needed the cure to do it.  I also noticed that they have been using a certain word a lot lately. Trigger. Emotional trigger. This line in 6x07 keeps popping up in my head “I know there is nothing we can do about the compulsion but maybe if we unwind the memories backwards…something might trigger something and maybe they’ll all come back. Right?” So, I think the cure is Elena’s trigger. Or rather Damon’s selflessness is. What also has me thinking this is the fact that Bonnie giving Damon the cure was what ended the episode. They made it the cliffhanger of this entire episode. Which makes whatever he chooses to do with it very significant. Do I think Elena will take it? No. Why would she? She is extremely content with her life as a vampire. And she sure as shit knows that Damon is too. So, she will know what Damon giving her the cure means for him. And she will see that as the most selfless he has ever been. Which is what will help her retrieve all her memories back and she won’t want to take it, solely because she wants to spent forever with him and nothing else. 

“We’re gonna live forever joined securely at the hip…

            …Then we shall rest inside each other like the world is gonna end”