its dancing and skating at the same time

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Wait...why did your "Lutteo" gifset said 1x40 and 1x80? How is that possible? (Sorry I have never seen Soy Luna, although now I am interested).

Well dear anon, Soy Luna had 80 episodes the first season, thats why. They had their first kiss in the middle season finale, and their next kiss in the season finale.  

And we are going to get 80 more next season. So theres that. For some reason, Soy Luna, just like it predecessor Violetta, are both Disney shows that have something different from the other ones. They both had 80 episodes per season, and not only that, each episode lasts 45-50 minutes (I really consider them telenovelas tbh). Plus they air a new one every weekday at the same time. And they are pure drama and romance. (Seriously, they are PG-telenovelas).

And I totally recommend it! Its pretty awesome! Filled of music, skating, drama, ships, secrets, dancing, and more! Although, it depends of where you are from. As far as I know, it airs in around 150 countries and has been traslated into 15 languages, except English lol. So as long as you dont live in the US, Canada, UK or Australia, and some others I am not sure about, I think it might be on your Disney Channel. Hope this helps! :)