its cuz of stiles

So I finally bought some flower crowns and I think they look good but yeah

I want to make one for prom because I’m super duper crafty

And I want to show @stiles-and-the-sourwolf my face and tell her that I smile even bigger when I look at her art and read her work because it’s just so amazing and she inspires me to get up and going and lord I love the girl and I haven’t even met her but that– is totally 100% okay. She deserves it :)

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think about Sterek couple fights? CAUSE I DO! Like they'd be so absurd! Stiles' jeep would break down in the middle of the road and Derek would go on and on about how he hates that thing all the while fixing it and they are just arguing until Stiles dozes off cuz it's really late and they've been out for hours and Derek shrugs off his jacket and covers Stiles sleeping body all the while bitching about the jeep but keeping it low cuz shhh Stiles is sleeping and he goes back to 1/2

fixing the jeep he stays up all night gets the jeep working then drives them back to the Stilinski’s once they get there he flops on Stiles tiny bed and cause they are fighting Stiles refuses to snuggle with him so he takes the couch where the Sheriff finds him sheriff asks him to go to bed but Stiles grumbles ‘Derek is there and i hate him’ so Sheriff suggests to just kick him out(Lightheartedly ofc) and Stiles is like wtf dad no why would you say that what did Derek ever do to you??!!!

This is exactly how I imagine their fights would go. 

Fighting over who was supposed to buy the milk, that is until Isaac comes in and says it was Stiles and Derek being all smug, eating his bowl of cereal, loving the way Stiles is pouting about it. Erica calls Derek whipped the moment he finishes because the moment he does, he pecks Stiles on the lips and says he’s going to the store to buy milk. The goober probably brings Stiles’ cereal to him in the shower. He probably proposes a bath and spoon feeds him and Stiles happily laps up the attention and pampering because, look, being pampered by Derek Hale is amazing okay? He doesn’t care about his cool cred. Bubbles and cereal and a big hot muscly werewolf is where it’s at. Stiles feels sorry for you. And by you he means Jackson, who is standing outside the bathroom door, mocking him about the strawberry scented bubbles he can smell. “You’re just jealous Danny doesn’t do this for you!” “Danny is just a friend!” “Keep telling yourself that, Jacks, keep telling yourself that.”  

Dylan O'Brien Imagine

Imagine: Dylan Obrien - Requested Anonymous

Dylan had taken me shopping so we could spend sometime together since he just finished filming teen wolf.

Everything was going great until someone apparently tweeted saying we were at the Mall. So many fans started coming up to him. Eventually I got tired of standing there and went to wait on a bench near by.

After about 15 minutes Dylan made his way back over to me, fans following closely behind. 

“Hey, guys I love you and all but can we have a bit of privacy real quick.?” He asked. Soon they all left, not far way but enough to talk in private.

He was kneeling in front of me. “You okay babe?” He asks me.

“Ya, just peachy.” I said with a forced smile.

“Mhm Liar liar pants on fire. Youre upset cuz we were suppose to spend time together huh?”

“Its fine, you Stiles from teenwolf. Need to make your fans happy.”

“No. right now i am Dylan, your boyfriend.” He moved up onto the bench beside you. “Couple more pictures, with you in them,  then head home?”

I give a small nod and give him a quick kiss before standing up.