its cute and so are you

AU where you can read your soulmates thoughts and he’s reading smut at the moment you were supposed to be reporting for class or defending your thesis.

in the mc’s brain it’ll be like,
“wait omg it’s getting real, prepare the lube and condom u ass”
and then irl it’ll be like,
“as you can see in the graphs, the rate of using air condom– i mean, conditioners in the campus have decreased.”

imagine the torture the mc has to go through and then how will his soulmate make up for it.

Date at Casino Park!!

(You can blame Shadow’s awed “Cool city” line for this entire thing lmao)

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“Crap I look like a ghost.” 

“ Yeah, ya do… ‘specially with that lighting .”

Here’s something I thought I would never do, but ‘Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks’ has been a lovely fic, with such a great dynamic that how could I not?