its crappy but whatever

but why didn’t barney and robin get their awesome life together

why did they have to spend a huge portion of their adult years miserable and lonely

being the worst, emptiest versions of themselves




do not tell me, DO NOT TELL ME, that these two wouldn’t have loved a life of adventuring around the globe and getting it on in eight billion hotel rooms and having wild ridiculous adventures at every turn.

and it would be LEGENDARY.


Since you liked the Sherlock font pack so much I made a Supernatural one aswell! Unfortunately, typography and text-on-screen is not as significant in this show as it is in Sherlock, but I tried my best. And they’re all free!

Supernatural Knight (free)

Ghostwriter (free)

Keystone State Native (okay this one wasn’t free)

Intrique Script (free) 

Christopher Hand (free) 

SF Comic Script (free)

Something Strange (free)

- Symbols

PR Astro (free)

Harpers (free) 

Devils (free) 

Useful as reference!!!