its crappy but whatever

Long day at school
To come home and do more work

I would vent about my last class
But honestly its whatever.
I will give her a crappy paper
If she doesnt give me back feedback like she claim she would.

I need to get all of these papers done
Because Lord knows what time I will be back Sunday from that wedding.

anonymous asked:

How is sweatshirts2 not frozen? I mean seriously shes such an obvious cheater its ridiculous, she advertised her crappy real words, Cardigan Tictac blahblah whatever from her main account for MONTHS, while "all" her sides, ie the ones on her look up, are filled with UCs. People on the PC made comments about it now she advertises from the account imami114 .. People even called her on it but she just ignores it. How is she going under TNTs radar, wtf. Am I the only one seeing this?