its cause he's singing


Perfect performance of ONE KISS omg. I’ve missed singer!Jae so much and he’s looking so fine like woah. All tanned and muscular.


I am a mess. I thought this would sooth my  heart from missing him so much but it just made me miss him more. but thank you who ever idea this was cause regardless it still made my whole week brighter it was the best 1min and 36second. Its lovely to see him singing and smiling again cause it means he is doing well. seeing him like this even with out a medical update and regardless of his condition, it really eases my worries.

Jaebum you got the whole Got7 fandom in emotional shambles right now. we are all a mess. though we all have been crying for 2 weeks straight it only means that you have thousands and thousands of prayers and well wish going your way so a speedy and strong recovery is inevitable so Get well soon!

Lol Jaebum looks so comfortable it is safe to assume he has been in that same spot for two weeks and im here for it. 

Now let me go watch this video for the 100th time… . .