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cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

ive been seeing this man on my dash and honestly i cant help but love him


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F/Z doodle: Diarturia videogame war ❤

Man, after all these years, I still ship these chivalry nerds so hard it’s not even funny. (*ノωヾ*)

I don’t know but I really wanna make more fanart/doodles of them tbh since they are one of my top otps.

Aaaan part two of today’s extended note-taking session:

  • “the bright sphere of what looked like one of Yavin’s moons but wasn’t” okay here’s a thought: if the Death Star really is that big, does it have gravity? If it’s that huge, shouldn’t it have enough mass to cause havoc on nearby orbits? Or are we assuming that because it moves, it’s never in a place long enough to cause orbital problems? It should still produce gravity of some kind, though??
  • I should never try to think about the science of space stations in a fantasy novel. My bad.
  • (Actually, thinking about that, isn’t gravity partly caused by the whole…spinning-on-an-axis thing? in which case, the Death Star doesn’t really have a spin, so maybe that’s why it’s chill on gravity??? WE JUST DON’T KNOW.) 
  • I’m sorry, Luke, Biggs, and Wedge are in Blue Squadron??? Wtf is this madness?
  • Also, if that’s true, then Blue Leader is gonna die, and that’s definitely Rex, and i don’t want Rex to die. 
  • Though arguably, Rex was never a pilot, so I GUESS it’s not him……
  • the exhaust pipe is further “north”?? Is there really a north in space???
    • I guess the Death Star has a north, that’s just NOT SOMETHING YOU NORMALLY THINK ABOUT OKAY
  • Listen, I love the descriptions of the battle, but nothing should have a sustained fire. “"The fire would burn until the crew could cut off the air flow to the area”“ Nnoooo it wouldn’t because it’s in SPACE. Unless the Death Star has an atmosphere that’s at least part oxygen, there is no open, sustained flame on the surface of it. 
  • Goddamn, even when he’s not Red Six, he still dies first. Bye, nameless Red Six. I love you!
  • "No one ever decided exactly what it was he hit, but the small tower that blew up under his energy bolts was obviously more important than it looked.”
    • 1. Biggs did something useful.
    • 2. I love that George was too lazy to come up with scientific/mechanical bullshittery for Biggs to blow up. He just wanted a chain reaction without explanation, so he put one in. What a nerd. 
  • Actual Red Five, aka “Pops”, is the seniorest of all senior pilots in the whole rebel alliance. Which is hilarious in light of them, in the movie, giving his call sign to Luke…the juniorest of all junior pilots in the rebel alliance… 
  • “his targeting ‘puter.” Vader’s ’puter. Why is this happening. It’s never happened before. Why this. I. ‘PUTER
  • Oh, Blue Leader’s name is Dave. Well, if you say so. Seems faaaar too normal a name for Star Wars…
  • I still really don’t get why all three x-wings on the attack run were in the trench. It would have made sooo much more sense for them to hang back and hit the TIEs from above…rather like the TIEs do to them. But there’s no maneuverability in the trench, so they’re just there to provide a distracting target for Vader to hit before he hits the leader of the run?? Which is shitty planning. 
    • I suppose, it wouldn’t be as dramatic if the good guys had a decent defensive plan in place so we’d know they had a chance at actually winning…
  • AAHH SEE THAT MAKES MORE SENSE–both surviving fighters actually sent torpedoes in! It wasn’t just one dude with torpedoes and one dude to uselessly provide shitty cover in the trench. Okay. That is a better explanation of why they’re both in the trench. Good. 
  • A tiny, stupid detail, but Leia chews her nails when she’s nervous and this fact gives me life. I do the same.
  • Fun facts: Luke fucking missed on his first atrack run.
      • That’s what he gets for using his targeting ‘puter.

* here but [redacted]

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“Not sure if you’re taking requests right now but if so, could you draw Reiji trying to hide a sleeping Shuu under a large teacup? Please and thank you! BTW I love your art! Your chibis always make me smile!”

No sleeping in school halls/stairs/music classes kids
Aww, thank ya anon~

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