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Iain de Caestecker at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

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Let’s listen to Boyfriend! (Japanese version)


April 14, 2016   |   Patrick Kane on PP in Game 1
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Logic is your best friend

So I posted last night a quick post about the whole video situation. I think most people’s reactions, mine included, are immediate emotional knee jerk reactions. However, this time I decided a logical approach was better, and what did I find, not a damn thing. Seriously. When I saw this video, I really tried to see why so many people were freaking out after we got a Squeeze worthy moment yesterday with C calling S “hubs”. So Sam might have had his arm around that girl, who hasn’t hugged a friend before( yes I believe its a friend or acquaintance ) around the shoulders? Or maybe he didn’t even have his arm around that persons shoulder, who knows. Its all fucking SPECULATION.

Now this is why I don’t even get bothered by this right now. Do you really think Sam, who is a complete sweetheart and goofball from what we’ve heard of many many close friends, would do that to a “supposed SO”? Do you really think C would be ok with it if it was true? Like when you think about it logically, hell no! Are you gonna let a blurry as hell video drive away all the things you’ve heard and seen of S&C, when in the back of your mind you know that they have an immense respect ( and love ) for each other, and would never do that to others or themselves? I’m not. I’ve been shipping for too long to let a video which is probably not even worth worrying about, affect the way I view them.

I can be wrong, who knows? And if I am, well then tough shit for me. But my belief that, yes they’re together ( probs married) and would never do that to one another as well as what countless people have praised as amazing and humble people, is unwavering, and will continue to be unwavering until I see S or C with someone and acting with them as a SO would more than likely act. Till then ( which I doubt will happen) I will continue shipping these two amazing and humble human beings because they have a chemistry that is hard to find and every little crumb they’ve dropped has just further cemented to me that they are together.

I’m probably rambling or not making sense, but just keep hope.

Peace and hope y'all have a good day/night. 💕