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RMW Day 6 & 7 - Valentine's Day // Crossover AU (KNK)

Summary: One day throughout their lives.

His mother tells him of a legend that a red thread connects soulmates so that they may always find each other. He firmly believes this, long after his mother died, and waits patiently for the other end of his knot every 14th of February. He just did not expect her to take this long and certainly not this young.

Rating: K+. Maybe.

Notes: Modern/KNK AU, because really, those three are canonically their children admit it. This was a beast to write and it ran away from me. LONG LONG LONG FIC (approx. 5,500 words). Also, I had to include senpai in there because there was no other way to say it. Sorry about that. Please read and enjoy!

Credits to: fuku-shuu again for the wonderful world of Humanity’s Strongest Family. Bodt’s Flowers is taken from the perfect JeanMarco fic ’Wisteria’ by butterflychansan on AO3.

// Mikasa and Levi

// 0 and 12

Levi sat at the leftmost seat of the back row, nearest to the window. He looked out at the school grounds where left and right, chocolates were being handed out. He knew confessions were going on in isolated pockets of hallways throughout the school. Clicking his tongue at the ridiculous notion of Valentine’s Day, because really how ridiculous can middle-schoolers get when they were the same age as him, he turned to leave his seat and join his friends at the rooftop for lunch – only to find a nervous Petra with a beautifully wrapped package in her hands.

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