its big a fluffy on top but i still think i rock it...some how

A Fluffy Little Beast

Pairing: Brock Lesnar X OC/Reader

Word Count: 2,428

Contains: Fluff! I think. A new pet shop opened across the hall from OC’s workplace, and she absolutely has to drag boyfriend Brock in to see the animals. No smut! This was the result of me struggling to figure out how to write fluff, so I hope it’s okay - special thanks to @omgmissmillie and @macfizzle for helping me out with planning this <3

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

The mall was busy and bustling with people, but I hardly noticed it. Scrolling through my Facebook feed while lounging on a bench, I was waiting for my boyfriend Brock Lesnar to arrive to pick me up from work. I’d been working at the mall’s bookstore since high school, and now that I was a manager, there was a part of me that suspected I’d never leave. The fact that my boyfriend was a professional athlete who made lots of money definitely helped, since I could work for fun instead of working because I was desperate to pay bills.

A few times while waiting, my eyes had wandered upwards from my phone. A new shop had opened up across the hall from mine today, a pet shop with a large, colourful bird in the window. He tended to squawk at the passing people, and a few of my own customers had mentioned how cute the animals were over there. My curiosity was just beginning to peak when I saw Brock approaching, and I leapt up from my seat on the bench.

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Reader x Hyungwon

Genre: fluffy, suggestive

Summary: A sunny day turns into a frightening night, but Hyungwon is always at your side

A/N: So my first two scenarios are still on my main blog. I want them all here, so this is a… remastered… version of my first piece, if you will. The original has since been deleted. If you haven’t read already, please enjoy. And if you have, well, look out for any changes!

The sheer white curtain you had bought completed the living room in your new apartment.

“See, Hyungwon? It suits the room perfectly!”

“Yeah well, they won’t be much help with the rainstorm today.”

You slide the curtain to the side, revealing beams of sunlight. You stared at him, “what are you talking about? The weather is perfect.”

“Ah, _____, don’t you ever check the weather?” He plopped onto the couch, messing up your arrangement of newly bought pillows.

“I can see the weather with my eyes, and I say it is a perfectly fine day.” You decided to ignore the forcast today, knowing full well if there was a storm you would be scared out of your mind. You’d rather be ignorant than terrified. 

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Kiss Me Slowly - Yeo One

Out of breath, you stood behind the couch with a big fluffy pillow in your hands. You narrowed your eyes at Changgu, who was standing on the other side of the couch. He was holding a slightly smaller pillow, but you knew he still had a huge advantage.

You huffed at the realization that your arms were way shorter than his and that he could probably win this fight with one swing, but you weren’t willing to give up so easily.

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saritaadam  asked:

Yeah fluffy TimKon! Just what I wanted to request! Maybe they hang out at Hawai or Smallville or something? But any fluff will do. (Also you may have received an ask without sense. If it's the case I apologize, it was my cat)

Ok, round two, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to steal a fluffy idea @timdrakeothy and I were kicking around in the IMs cause it’s too cute not to be shared.

They really ought to do this more often, Kon thinks as he watches the sun rise from Ma’s kitchen. God knows Tim needed more breaks before he actually collapsed but even Conner had been feeling a little run down lately. He breathes in the cool, early morning farm air and smell of Tim’s paint peeling coffee brewing on the counter top and decides that this is the best way to start a three day weekend. Of course, it would have been better to have stayed cuddled up with his disaster of a boyfriend where they’d fallen asleep on the couch last night but the chores had to be done. Vacation or not, no way in hell could Conner ignore them else he’d listening to Ma shuffling around to get them done herself. He fully admits he can be a jerk, but that’s like, Luthor-level jerkiness right there.

He’s already got big plans for the day: take a leisurely walk to the Farmer’s Market, with stops as secluded little spots for some kisses, to get Ma’s groceries. After that, he was thinking of bumming about, maybe going swimming for a bit in the lake. Then the local Drive-in was having a sci-fi marathon so he was gonna take Tim to dinner then head to that. All in all, he thinks that sounds like the perfect day and his boyfriend should be grateful he has such a kind and considerate clone boy. If only the damn idiot would wake up. How much sleep does a little guy like him need? He fell asleep about 20 minutes into the new superhero movie last night and hasn’t moved since then. Kon shakes his head, this is what he gets for involving himself with a Bat. He hears Tim stirring before he sees him, giving Kon the time to pour the obnoxiously string coffee into Tim’s personal mug and have it ready by the time the boy staggers in.

“Coffee?” Tim mumbles sleepily, his eyes still half closed and one hand awkward scratching his messy hair into an even messier state. Sometimes Conner can’t stand how goddamn cute that boy. Instead of sweeping Tim up into his arms like he wants to, he pulls out the chair next to him and watches as Tim sort of falls into it. “Thanks,” Tim says quietly, reaching around on the table until he finds his coffee and drags it toward him like it holds all of life’s answers.

“Good morning to you too babe,” Kon says, leaning in to deposit a kiss on Tim’s temple. Tim hummed and leaned slightly into Conner’s shoulder. “Did you sleep well?”

“Mornin’” Tim mumbled back, partially muffled by Conner’s shirt. “Better than I ‘ave in a month,” Tim responds grabbing his cup and trying to bring it up to his mouth. Kon watched with affection because the way Tim was leaning into his shoulder, there was no way he could drink the coffee.

“That’s great Tim, I guess you needed it.” With his free hand he reaches up and stops the disjointed path of the coffee cup. “And if you want the coffee, you’re going to have to sit up properly. So do you want to lay on my shoulder or do you want your coffee?” He asks patiently as Tim just moans lightly into his shoulder but makes no move to change positions. So cuddle time it is. He plucks the cup from Tim’s pliant hands and sets it back on the table, taking a moment to reposition Tim so he’s more comfortably settled. He sighs lightly with contentment.

“You smell nice, like sunshine,” Tim mutters quietly and Kon nods at the astute observation, not even bothering to keep the grin off his face. Sleepy Tim was always the greatest, even surpassing ‘I’ve had three shots of tequila and I’m going to say everything I’m thinking’ Tim.

“Really? And what does sunshine smell like? Can we bottle it and make a zillion dollars on cologne? 'You too can harness the sun’s power.’” He teases, if Tim was more awake, he’s sure that’d earn him a dry look but Tim’s currently too busy trying to nuzzle further into his shoulder.

“Smells like comfort, like that feeling when you come into a warm house after being out in the cold. You smells like home.” Conner blinks and looks down at Tim as it felt like the sun was bursting in his chest. That was… really sweet, especially from Tim who can be about as a romantic as a rock most days. He leaned his cheek down so it was brushing against the top of Tim’s head.

“Thanks Tim, you smell like home too.” He responded even though judging by Tim’s breathing and heartrate, he was already back asleep. But that was alright, as long as Tim was happy and they were together then everything would be good for Conner. Ma wouldn’t mind if they left a little later than planned to get her groceries. Yea, they really should do this more often.


A/N: We need a nice, long Sam series. And song fics to go with it. Right? 

Youth // Sam x Reader

Words: 3493

Warnings: None!

First part to the Sam series that’s been building in my head all week (requests will be sprinkled in)!

Listen to Youth here!

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The Dragon Healer

(I don’t know - I saw sabertooth-raccoon‘s ((Can I tag them?? Is that even allowed??))HTTYD/PJO art and then the Solangelace pictures and this happened. Also, writer’s block)

The Dragon Healer

“He’s come back.”

Nico di Angelo looked up from where he was polishing his Stygian sword. In the doorway was a familiar figure, messy black hair, toned arm muscles with grey shoulder shields and bare feet telling Nico he’d been found brooding by Percy Jackson.

Why was he brooding? Well, his boyfriend was missing. Had been for a week. The last few days no one could go into a shadowed spot without fear of finding Nico sulking worriedly in it.

The gloomy boy shot up from the table where he was seated, staring at Percy.

“He has?” he asked, slinging his legs over the chair and rushing to the door. Percy’s expression was pinched and sad, not at all like it should be if his best friend and Nico’s boyfriend had come back.

“Not… Jason,” he said. “Tempest.”

Nico went quite still, his eyes fixed on Percy. “Tempest,” he whispered. “Tempest came back but… without…”

Percy shook his head slowly.

“There wasn’t any sign of him,” he told Nico softly. “Blackjack can’t understand what he’s saying, either.”

“Tempest hates Blackjack,” Nico muttered. He looked up at Percy pleadingly. “Let me see him. I’ll get Mrs O’Leary.”

Percy’s green eyes suddenly bored into Nico. He looked slightly menacing for such a regular goofball.

“Chiron told you you can’t go out looking for Jason, Nico,” he said sternly. Nico scowled.

“I’m not going to leave,” he snapped. Glaring at Percy, the smaller black haired boy pushed past into the village in search of his dragon.

Half-Blood Hill was a small town on the cliffs of a freezing gulf. You could see the ocean spread out along the horizon like a blue-black line cutting everything in half. Chiron was the director, along with a surly man called Mr. D. The remaining population was of teenagers between twelve and nineteen. Half-Blood Hill was really less of a village and more of a training camp. A training camp for powerful kids to learn the art of their people – dragon riding.

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Missed You

Request- Hey could you do a Dean fic where he’s standing at the readers grave in a middle of a woods and he has a flash back of her death, where she was killed by hellhounds and he could stop them. And as he put flowers on the ground, her hand shoots out and grabs him. He stands there shocked as she crawls out of the grave. Then Cas appears saying that he saved her from hell because he couldn’t watch Dean being so sad and not talking. Could you make the end really cute just like Dean being speechless!😍    

A/N- I really liked writing this one even if it didn’t come out all that great :P I almost forgot to put in the fluffy ending and well it’s not all that fluffy Oops  I had a hard time thinking up a title haha Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count-1479

Dean’s POV

I was sitting on a chair, beer in my hand. I raised the bottle to my lips and chugged half of it. Something I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Not only do I have this painful gaping hole in my chest but also have a brother who is starting to annoy me. Does he think I can’t see him looking up toward me every now and then, looking at me like I’m some kind of lost puppy? That I can break at any moment. Well it’s too late for that. I’m already broken.

Then there’s Cas. He’s here more often than not. The both of them together decided we should hold off on hunts. That I should take my time to recover. That’s a load of bull! I need to go out. I need to hunt things. Rip their heads off. What do they want me to do here? All I can do is drink. At first I thought it would work. Drinking. I thought it’d numb my pain. Help me stop thinking of you. How wrong I was. It only made it worse. I can picture you perfectly in my head, drunk or not. That’s only a painful reminder that you aren’t here anymore. I don’t know what to do Y/N. I seriously don’t. You would know. You would help. You were always there…

I threw the bottle across the room in frustration. Sam and Cas turned toward me and I stared from one to the other, “I need some air.” I told them before grabbing my keys and leaving.

I didn’t really have a destination in mind. As I was passing the streets, I saw an older lady selling flowers on a street corner. So I bought some, hoping you’d like them. I parked baby just outside these woods. I leaned against the door just staring out towards the trees. After a couple of minutes I just walked into the woods. Walked towards you. It wasn’t long until I found you.

The giant rock I put to mark your grave. The dead flowers in front of it. I looked around and found it all fitting. You never wanted a hunter’s funeral. Made me promise that if you kicked the bucket before me, that I’d give you a proper burial. In the woods somewhere where it’s quiet. In the woods were no people would be. That’s what I did. The only people that have been here were Sam, Cas, and me. It was mostly me though.

“Y/N” I call, though I know you wouldn’t answer. “I miss you. I know you made me promise not to stay hung up on you if you ever-” I let the words fall. It hurt too much to finish. I needed to hear your voice. I needed to have you here… with me.

I had to settle for your voice. I pulled out my phone and dialed your number. It rang and rang until it was your voicemail. “Hey! You know who this is. If it’s an emergency send me a message or call again. If this is Dean um sorry I missed your call babe. Love you!”

“I love you too.” I whisper shutting off my phone. Gritting my teeth and clenching my fist, I couldn’t fight against the surge of tears that forced their way out. I close my eyes and couldn’t help being taken back to that day.

-Flash Back-

“You and Sam go around back. I’ll go through the front. The house is big so split up. It’s only one demon so let’s send its ass back to hell.” I whispered.

You and Sam nodded and were on their way, sneaking towards the back. I waited a little, waiting for them to get to the back of the house. The front door was unlocked so I just walked in. It was dark and the only source of light was the little bits moon light that poured through the windows. It was quiet. It didn’t last long though. Once I reached the hallway I saw Sammy fly from one room and crash in another. I heard you scream out Sam’s name and I ran towards your voice. I was so close. I was almost there but the demon appeared in from of me and pinned me to the wall.

“Can’t have you messin with my fun now can I?” the son of a bitch said.

I was about to yell back but I heard them. The barking. “Hellhounds” I muttered.

The demon laughed and turned toward the door. I could see Sam on the floor, unconscious. You were next to him, probably checking if he was alive. Once you heard the hellhounds, once you saw them try to have away at my little brother’s body, you got on top of him. You covered most of his body and the hellhounds were biting you, but you didn’t move a muscle.

“You son a bitch!” I yelled trying to break from his grip but I couldn’t. I couldn’t do a damn thing. The only thing I could do was watch. “Y/N!” I shouted.

You turned her head slightly, her eyes found mine. “It’s okay” you said, “Sam is safe.”

“No!” I yelled, thrashing about, but I couldn’t break free.

The demon laughed. The hellhounds barked and bit. You didn’t cry or scream from the pain.

Then it was silent, for only a second and even then it was only the sound of your body dropping to the floor. The demon was gone. The hellhounds were gone. I knew it in my heart, you were gone too. I knew but I still ran to your side. “Y/N…” I whispered as I knelt to the ground and lifted your limp body with my shaking hands. “Y/N” I say again expecting you to open your eyes. My eyes were full of tears. I hugged you closer to me and cradle you in my arms for hours, until Sam woke up. Even after that. It took Sam an hour to get me to stand up and take you to the car. I sat in the back seat with you in my arms and Sam drove. He didn’t say a word. I told him my plan in burying you. No hunter funeral.

Sam called Cas who appeared right after. Not that I paid attention. I still had you in my arms, rocking your body back and forth, the way you liked it when you couldn’t sleep. I hoped this was all it was. I hope I was sleeping. That I was having a nightmare and that at any moment you’d wake me up. But no. That wasn’t going to happen. My life wouldn’t have that kind of story. It was you that was sleeping.

I opened my eyes and looked at the sky. It was such a beautiful day. ‘I wish you were here’ I thought. I sighed at the thought and how foolish it was. I looked back down to the flowers I bought you and back to your grave. “As cheesy as it sounds, I got you some flowers.” I said while walking to her grave. I removed the old ones and was placing the new one when a hand shot out of the ground and grabbed my hand. My eyes widened I shook off the hand and took a few steps back.

The hand, your hand, was making its way out of the ground. You came out of the ground. I couldn’t believe what was happening. You were standing right in front of me, dusting off the dirt on your clothes. When you finally looked up and saw me standing there, “What the? Babe what did you do?” you questioned.

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. I-I just stared at you.

“Cas?” you say, looking passed me. I turn and sure enough Cas was there.

“Hello Y/N.” he said.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“I brought you back from hell.” he stated.

“What? I was…” you stared mumbling.

“I brought you back because I could not bear seeing Dean sad. He didn’t talk much. He drank all day. I didn’t like seeing him like that.” said Cas.

You walked up to me, “He’s still not talking.” you said.

I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I wrapped my arms around you, hugging you real tight. “Y/N” I whispered. “Y/N” I say again. “God I missed you.”

“I missed you too” you say, hugging me back. We hugged each other for a long time. Not needing to say anymore words to understand each other’s feelings. Then your stomach rumbled, “Uh… I think I’m hungry” you chuckle. “Can we grab a burger… and some pie?”

I smiled and nod “Yeah.” I take your hand in mine and lead you back to baby. Cas had left without us noticing. I’d have to thank him later.

Hope you like it! x)

It was a very nice airship, Weiss had to admit.

Smooth, armored with plenty of canons on board, and such a wonderful way of weaving through the mist shrouded cliffs.

It was a very nice ship and that was making it incredibly hard to shoot the damn thing down.

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To Share a Sleeping Bag

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

It’s not exactly a Valentine’s fic, but consider this as my V-day present to all my followers. Here’s a fluffy NaLu for all of you which was inspired by this post. Hope you like it! 

special thanks to my friend, chanime. labyu! XD

“What do you mean we only have one sleeping bag?” She asked loudly to her companions kneeling in front of her.

“I thought Natsu brought the other one!” Happy said,pointing a clawed finger at Natsu.

“You said you’re gonna hold on to her things!” Natsu said back, pointing a finger at Happy as well.

“I got her bag. I even brought those maps and notes she got on her wall.” The blue Exceed crossed his little paws.

“Well, I brought Lucy! I was holding her and our things while we ran from those guards. I was busy!” Natsu pouted. “I really thought you picked up the other sleeping bag.”

“I thought you picked Lucy’s sleeping bag, Natsu.”

Cat and man locked eyes for a second then both sighed. They turned to Lucy again and bowed. “We’re sorry Lucy!”

Lucy sighed as well. There’s no helping it now. They were really in a hurry and things like this happens a lot. “You don’t need to prostratey ourselves like that. C'mon, lift your heads guys.”

Tears streamed on both Natsu’s and Happy’s cheeks. “You truly are a goddess, Lucy!” The Exceed said.

Natsu nodded, “Yes, yes, so very kind!”

“Stop that.” A smile tugged on her lips while her cheeks were tinged light pink. “I might believe it.”

Natsu smiled back at her, sporting his signature grin that always made Lucy’s heart flutter. “You can use my sleeping bag. I’ll just sleep on the ground.”

“No, don’t do that!” Lucy shook her head. “It will be uncomfortable for you.”

Natsu crossed his arms and shook his head. “I’m not letting you sleep on the ground either, Lucy.”

“I won’t, of course.” Lucy waved her hands. “How about we share that sleeping bag?”

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anonymous asked:

How about some Claire x Owen new parent fluff???

I’m on a roll (but I do have to be up ungodly early tomorrow, so this might be the last one I get to tonight. Never fear! I will do more tomorrow!) We’ll file this one under hastily written fluff (and halfway through writing it it, I had another idea of how to go with this prompt, so maybe I’ll just have to do it again?) Enjoy!

She wakes up immediately when she hears the baby stir, throwing her legs over the side of the bed, and moving to the bassinet next to the bed, reaching in and scooping Rosie into her arms.  

Claire runs a gentle finger down the baby’s nose, brushing a gentle kiss to the top of her head, and shushing her softly, swaying back and forth to calm her.

Claire’s exhausted in a way that she’s never been before, there’s no part of her that isn’t tired. She’s pretty sure even her eyelashes are tired.

But it’s worth it, it’s so, so worth it. Her sister was right- not that Claire is about to tell Karen that. She knows her sister. She knows Karen will be an insufferable know-it-all. But even the thought of her sister’s smirk doesn’t bother her as much as usual. She’s too damn happy to let anything bother her.

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Idiot -Calum Hood Smut

A/N: this was supposed to be up on Sunday but I got so busy with work and school unexpectingly so I apologize. Nevertheless, please enjoy! 😘😘 Request: yes! Pairing: Calum Hood & Y/N Summary: bestfriends that have a bit of fucking to do Reminder: requests are open, send me some so that I can have some ideas! 💕💕

{Y/N’s POV}

I finally got home after another long day at the office. Work has been kicking my ass all week, business is all money and games until someone loses billions of dollars.

I slide off my heels and got comfortable on my couch. I almost moaned out at the feeling of my feet relaxing. Just as I was about to turn on my television, I received a phone call from my bestfriend.

Calum Hood was his name, he was absolutely flawless. Gorgeous tan skin, tattoos scattered throughout his upper body, black hair with blonde running throughout the front, and beautiful milk chocolate brown eyes. We have been bestfriends since we were little kids in the sand box.

“Hey Cal, what’s up?” I greet him.

“You, me, my couch, and scary movies. Tonight? What do you say?” He gets down to the point. The idea made my heart race.

“Be there in 15.” I say with a smile on my face and hang up the phone.

I quickly change from my work attire into some yoga pants, hoodie, baseball cap, and nikes. Underneath all of that was my white, lace lingerie that was meant to keep my undergarments invisible underneath my usual work attire. I got into my car and started driving towards Calum’s house.

On the way, I couldn’t help but to think about my insanely hot bestfriend. We had never gone beyond kissing once. We were both drunk and it was a dare, not anything serious at all. I sighed at the thought.

I pulled up into Calum’s apartment complex parking lot and parked my car. I went into the elevator and pushed Calum’s floor. I knocked on the door and was greeted with a cozy looking outfit and bright, white teeth.

{Calum’s POV}

I opened the door to my insanely hot bestfriend, she was dressed in those damn yoga pants again. My cock stirred as she passed by me and I got a good look at her fine ass. See, Y/N go way back and ever since I hit puberty, I finally got a chance to appreciate her womanly body. Her curves drove me insane. Her stomach wasn’t completely flat but that didn’t matter because her thick thighs, big breasts, and big ass made her look like a goddess.

I would be lying if I said that I haven’t jerked off to the thought of her orgasming underneath me. Those damn yoga pants she was wearing made me want to bend her over my bed and fuck her into another universe. Her soft voice broke me out of my thoughts. 

“So what movie are we watching?” Y/N questioned, tilting her head to the side a little. 

“American Mary, Mali told me you would love it” I replied to her. She gave me a light nod and then she bent down to take off her shoes. Fuck. Her ass was sending me to paradise. I clicked the movie on netflix and sat down on the couch next to her. I had previously prepared blankets, snacks, pillows, and plently of movie recommendations before Y/N’s arrival. 

Y/N cuddled up next to me and we started to watch the movie. Halfway through the movie a sex scene popped up. Fuck, I couldn’t watch the scene with Y/N so close to me. I was losing my mind. I peeked down at Y/N and noticed her thighs clenching and a slight blush on her cheeks, she was turned on by the scene too. I took a shaky breath before softly placing my hand on Y/N’s thigh. I felt her tense underneath my touch but then she relaxed. I started to move my hand up her thigh slowly and the best thing about the situation was, she wasn’t stopping me. I proceeded and slipped my hand underneath Y/N’s pants and into her panties, feeling all of her juices and smooth pussy. 

“Fuck, Cal” she moaned out as I started to rub her clit. I was now harder than a rock and on cloud fucking nine. 

I placed Y/N on my lap and began kissing her. My teeth quickly caught her bottom lip between them and she let out a groan in response. All of a sudden I felt Y/N starting to grind her hips against mine. I quickly gripped her delicious hips, making her grind harder against my cock as we continued to makeout. She started to swerve her hips in circles and that’s when I lost it. I picked her up by her thighs and carried her up to my bedroom. I placed her glenty on my bed, the grey fluffy sheets engulfing her. It was in this moment that I realized that I was really about to have sex with my bestfriend. I hovered over her and reconnected our lips together. My hands started to roam Y/N’s body, feeling all of her glorious curves. 

“You’re wearing too many clothes, baby” I said to her as I began to undress her. I started by slipping off her damn yoga pants, only to reveal white, lacy material. Fuck, she really knew how to drive me insane. I reached up to take off her top and revealed matching white, lacy material on her chest. 

“It’s as if you were an angel, baby” I said while sucking on the top of her breasts, she let out a moan.

“As good as you look right now, I still need to get you naked so i can fuck you properly” I said with a smirk. My hands gripped the material and ripped it off her gorgeous body. All of a sudden, Y/N sits up and grips my sweatpants. She pulls them down before I can think and my full on erection is standing proudly in front of her face. Y/N puts her small hand around it and starts to pump. 

“Ba-baby its okay, tonight is supposed to be about y-you” I choke out. 

“But Cal, I want you just as bad.” She says while batting her lashes. As soon as she finishes her sentence, her mouth is wrapped around me and I quickly gripped onto her hair. Y/N licks a bold stripe from my base, all the way to the top before putting my cock fully in her mouth. She begins to bob her head up and down my length, covering it in her saliva while hollowing her cheeks at the same time. Within a few minutes, I can feel myself about to cum. 

“Fuck baby, s-stop I don’t want to cum yet” I groan, before pulling her away. She stands up and I quickly push her onto my bed. 

“I need to be inside of you, right now.” I say before quickly slipping on a condom. Y/N’s eyes are filled with lust, and maybe a little bit of love. I line myself up at her entrance and rub my tip against her, teasing her. 

“Stop teasing Cal, please fuck me” Y/N whimpers. 

“You can do better than that, beg for it Y/N” I whisper in her ear while continuing to tease her. 

“Please fuck me, Cal. Make the neighbors know your name. Fuck me until I can’t walk. Fill me up with your delicious cock, fuck me” she says in a rushed tone. I finally give in before I want her just as bad. 

My cock enters her fully and I lose it. As I’m thrusting into her beautiful pussy, my head goes back and I flutter my eyes shut in bliss. My hand reaches down to rub her clit and Y/N moans out in pleasure. It is the hottest sound I have ever heard. 

“Fuck baby, keep going” she says as her orgasm approaches. She quickly cums after I apply more pressure to her clit and I feel her clench around my cock as she experiences her orgasm. The sound of Y/N’s moans along with her pussy clenching around my cock sends me over the edge and I end up cumming shortly after her. 

“Shit baby, you feel so good” I say as I ride out my orgasm. Once we are both done orgasming, I slide out of her and lay down next to her. There’s sweat on our foreheads and red marks on both of our bodies. 

“I’ve been waiting to do that for so long” I confess to Y/N. 

“So have I, hot stuff. Next time don’t take so long to catch a hint.” She says jokingly. I tilt my head in confusion. “Those yoga pants weren’t just for comfort” she says, clearing my confusion and sending me a wink. 

“I’m an idiot” I mentally smack myself as we both start to laugh.