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i know this is off topic from your post/replies abt it but xanax is Wild. apparantly u can have a paradoxical reaction where it does the opposite? im one those Lucky Few who gets this with All benzos. its nuts. wont sedate me whatsoever. kills anxiety sure, but i go thru the roof hyper/ manic. i forgot to mention it once & got iv versed (midazolam) before surgery- it was like a switch went off- i caused Hell & freaked a nurse out, who said shed Never had that happen before kfhfgh

Most psychoactive drugs can produce paradoxical effects, some more frequently than others, but yeah that would be one hell of a rude awaking. You think you’re taking xanax to sleep but instead you get hyper energized and spend the rest of the night talking shit with the devil and 3 of your dead relatives lmao 

I’ve been working so hard this past week and woke up to a grand in my bank account this morning so I had to ball out and splurge. To top it all off the block blessed me with 10$ K 57’s (20mg oxycodone IR)! This is two pills short of what I bought originally, I couldn’t wait the Bart ride home to take a picture ;p peep that N P 14 too!! That’s my first time seeing that brand before of oxycodone IR. Happy Friday everyone !

okay, listen. i’m totally up for seeing a woman humiliate a cheating boyfriend in public, but the girl i saw earlier was definitely on the crazier side than all the others. like, at first she started yelling at him ( like how everyone else does ) but then out of nowhere … she literally pushed her ex into the fountain. what makes it funnier was that the poor guy was panicking about how he couldn’t swim, but the fountain is literally two feet deep. did i feel bad for him ? yeah, sure. but that’s what he gets.

I know that we’re currently in the peak of summer and that the weather is amazing and perfect for the beach and everything. But I can’t help but be excited that the fall season is only a few short months away. I’m so ready for pumpkin flavored everything, and not to mention Halloween. I’m Lea and I’m already mentally digging out my comfy sweaters and ordering pumpkin spiced lattes.

I just went through what felt like the longest flight of my entire life. After the plane being more than an hour and a half late, I got stuck in front of a screaming child who felt like playing soccer on the back of my seat, while their mother decided to pass out and take a nap. The flight from Vancouver to LA is not a very short one either. I’ve never been so happy to get off of a plane before in my life. Anyway, I’m Jensen and I never thought I’d be this happy to be back in LA again.