its been two weeks tho

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

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- Todoroki knows the hero industry is busted, broken beyond repair
- (after all, he is a product of that broke system)
- Runs away with his big brother who throws away his old name entirely, starts to call himself Dabi that emo fuck
- (Shouto can’t say that he hasn’t considered it himself tho but he’s too determined to show the world who really pulled back the curtain to reveal the rot)
- They both start scouring Japan for something to believe in, SOMETHING other than beating aside unworthy sidekicks and stealing from terrible heroes
- Dabi finds Stain
- Shouto finds Midoriya Izuku
- Midoriya just wants to help others despite being on the very bottom of the totem pole in terms of, well, near about everything
- Quirkless, unpopular, skittish, he’s everything that a hero isn’t
- Midoriya Izuku is also the only one that Shouto ever believed was worthy of being called one.
- Shouto takes it upon himself to train Midoriya to the best of his abilities, to teach him where to strike when you can’t use your hands and when your opponent is five times your size
- The first thing he teaches him is how to dodge a fire punch
- The first thing Midoriya teaches him in return is how to laugh again
- (Midoriya also teaches him how to use a grappling hook but Shouto makes sure to push him around with a bow staff in return)
- Midoriya, through Shouto’s teachings, becomes a proficient fighter before the UA exams even begin
- Only one is signing up for UA and it isn’t Shouto
- Shouto warns Midoriya, as he walks him to the exam door and catches him before he falls “remember that heroes are only as good as their actions. Anyone that hurts others deserves nothing but the hurt they give out.”
- Midoriya nearly does not pass
- (he does anyways and tears are shed)
- The Villain Alliance knows that Shouto had a “mole” on the inside alongside one of the Alliance’s own and determine that he is trustworthy enough to join them
- (Dabi and Shouto both know to watch their own and each other’s back when in their presence)
- The Villain Alliance put forth a test: “If our goal means the brat’s life, will you give it up?”
- Shouto clenches his fists until blood warms his palms “Yes.”
- (Shouto vows to never let it get to that point)

Alrighty, that’s what I’d write at least!


- (It does come to that point)



“Adam D
You’re my everything
Throw those arms on me”

so which one of y’all wrote this song?? bc it is quite possibly the greatest thing i’ve ever heard


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hey there! i was wondering if you had posted that ace + roger + wbp ficlet? if you havent yet thats totally cool, no pressure. ive just really been looking forward to it, and i was worried that itd been posted but i didnt see, bc that happens sometimes. hope you have a good day!

I haven’t yet sweetpea, I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!

All my stuff is auto tagged with “ask aussie” and/or “aussie’s anons” and I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to tag something as “nari is writing” so if you check out either of those tags if you’re afraid you’ve missed something, then you should find your answer!! <3 (If you didn’t want to wait for my reply, I mean, haha). 

I’ll get it up as soon as I can!! sorry for doing the others first //sweats I’ve basically just been doing the ones I kind-of have insp for haha

Should I go to a football game to support a boy who won’t go to the barn or do things I like or should I go see the ponies and my barn fam