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All It Takes (three)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Be happy Bucky is here to handle everything.

Word Count: 4116 | Rating: R

Warnings: SMUT. oral (f receiving), face riding, dirty talking, two nsfw gifs, UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap your wang, before you bang!)

A/N: I am just going to leave this for y’all thirsty hoes. But I’m baffled by the feedback I got on the first tow part, so just wanna say THANK YOU!

also sorry for any typos

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All It Takes Part One Part Two 

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anonymous asked:

Can you possibly write about what would have happened if Snow hadn't come in when she did? I'd die happy!!

omfg anon I WASN’T PLANNING ON WRITING THIS because flkjhlkj i have so many things i should be writing (and also i have work today that i’ve been putting off) but like… i get it cause that scene fucking ruined me too, so here you go, have some porn with feelings. aslkjhs.

the scene (kitchen table sex with no interruptions) – AO3
~1800, explicit, obvs

“To hell with the pancakes,” is a sentiment that Killian wholeheartedly agrees with. He much prefers the taste of her tongue and the smell of dried sweat and lingering morning sex on her skin to anything else right now. And, it seems, she has nothing on her mind now either, aside from consuming his groans of pleasure and sliding her deft, teasing fingers across the back of his neck, down his shoulders, his chest, his tense abdomen, all the way there, where he is alive and awake and quite ready for another go at it.

He loves kissing her, always has; she’s a hell of a kisser and she knows it. Though he may have a few more centuries of experience, she’s managed to master the art in her short decades on this earth. Push, pull. Tongue, teeth. Wet lips, plush and pliant, with a gentle ease even when forceful and wild. He could drown in her kisses, although he has, in fact, been resuscitated by them once before. (Whatever excuse she’d had about that “CPR” nonsense had been just that: nonsense. It was definitely the press of her lips that saved him, of that he is entirely certain.)

It’s the combination that does him in – her mouth on his and her hands massaging him through the jeans that he wished he hadn’t even bothered putting on this morning. He can’t stand it, is too revved up and desperate for her that he couldn’t care less about anything else.

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Becoming a Queen

You knew your ship was doomed. You were the only one left alive, though as far as you could tell, there was only one of those /things/ left, too. You wanted to set a course to crash into the planet then use one of the escape pods to get to safety.

But that was before one of those leaping fuckers found you.

Your ship had been on expedition to explore some hitherto undiscovered locations. There were rumors that there was xenomoph activity in this area, which had you and the other scientists all excited. You’d heard about them, but you’d never had the chance to observe them. The plan was if you found them to watch from afar and remain as hands off as possible.

You never counted on how diligent they could be, or how gah damned smart they were. For alien creatures who’s only drive seemed to be to breed and kill, they exhibited almost human levels of intelligence. They ambushed your crew, sticking them to the walls to allow facehuggers to inject eggs into them to make more. You’d never seen it happen in person. You’d seen them dissected, seen pictures of their probing ovipositors, but watching it happen in person had been the most horrifically fascinating moment of your life.

The soldiers that had accompanied the expedition had done an excellent job of isolating and eliminating most of the aliens, burning the eggs you had recovered from a stranded ship and blowing said ship into stardust.

But one had escaped.

If they were smart, this one was a savant. It had not only figured out how to work doors, but also to let its victims scream to lure more along. You observed it (no..him) several times, noticing that the elongated cranium that was usually smooth and round had begun to flatten out, black carapace forming a hard hood more often observed in queens. But you understood what was happening: he was adapting to his environment, taking on a needed role. You’d only heard of alpha xenomorphs as a theory, a sort of last ditch effort that some of their amalgamated biologies allowed. Some theorized is was the human members of their species, allowing for remarkable adaptability both environmentally and biologically.

The soldiers had set another trap, and the alpha had just set it off as a lure to kill several of them. A few of the remaining soldiers had tried to attack him then, only to end up cut off and killed on by one.

You had a close encounter with him, and you thought it would have been the end of you. If only that had been so…He cornered you and your team, slaughtering two of them. When he raised a clawed hand at you, he hesitated. A low growl came from him, and his lizard like lips relaxed over his dripping teeth. He growled and sniffled, butting his muzzle against you. You thought for sure you were dead…instead he pressed his head against you, rubbing at you almost like a cat would.

He ran off when the few remaining soldiers tried to attack him. Your heart was pounding and you could barely breathe. They asked if you were alright, and you suddenly realized you were the only one of that group left.

Things seemed to go downhill from there. You always had the sense that he was following you, hearing his claws on the gratings around you, seeing his long tail whip around corners. The last of the soldiers and crew began to dwindle, getting picked off in the mad attempts to get back to the ship’s bridge. By the time there was a clear path, you were the only one left.

That was when it found you. It looked like a chestburster, only larger with longer legs and tail. You ran, keeping an arm up level with your head and neck. But this one wasn’t concerned with your mouth. It flung itself at you and landed on your lower back, its tail clamping around your waist. Its legs gripped your buttocks and thighs, and you felt two sharp points ripping at your jumpsuit. You felt the tapered end of the ovipositor probing you, searching. You tried to pull it off, but its grip was iron. You slammed backward into walls, but its back was covered in a hard shell like the aliens themselves. It shifted itself between your thighs, the same shell forcing your legs apart.

It found your warm hole and thrust in. You screamed and frantically grabbed for it, but it was pressed up against you so tightly, you couldn’t even wiggle a finger between it and you. You screamed again, feeling it thrust upward into you. It reached impossibly deep, and you felt your stomach pushing outward with its movements.

Then you felt it. A lump against your hole. You threw yourself on the ground and tried to make it stop, but you were powerless to stall the inevitable. You felt the large sacs on the thing convulsing and sending ripples down its ovipositor. Your belly felt hot suddenly, and you gasped, clutching at it. Your hole was wet with some sort of alien goo it filled you with. Every lump was more goo, and the feeling of heat spread through you.

Another bump pressed to your hole, this one large and solid. You screamed no over and over, trying to thrash free of this thing attached to you in a death grip. Your hole stretched wider and wider to the point where you swore you would rip in two. Convulsing on the ground, you sobbed in mixed pleasure and pain, gasping when the hard thing passed into your body. You felt every inch it moves, and look down to see it pushing your belly outward.

Everything from there was fuzzy. The thing pumped more goo into you until your belly looked like you’d had a meal that was far too large. You crawled down the corridor, tears streaming down your face as you realized there was no salvation for you, not now. You only had one option left: crash the ship to destroy everything on board. You felt your stomach surge and convulse, churning and growing steadily heavier. By the time you reached the bridge, you looked like you were pregnant, your belly almost brushing the floor.

It took the last of your strength to pull yourself up to the navigation computer. Even as you key in the commands, overriding the ship’s safety protocols for a steep descent, you feel something happening inside you. You sob, knowing this must be the moment they punch through you and rip free…

But they don’t.

You see them moving inside you, writhing and slithering like snakes. Your belly is so full and heavy it’s all you can do to stay upright. You fumble your ID code, blinking back tears as you put it in for the fourth time. The computer finally accepts your trajectory, and you let yourself fall on the floor.

As you scream and hold your belly, you’re aware of not being alone. You know the sound of hard claws on the metal of the ship, scrabbling as the creature moves closer. He shrieks, though you don’t know why. You don’t really care either. You would have loved to study him, learn why he grew so large and why his head grew as it did. He looked like a king somehow.

All thoughts of that leave you as your stomach convulses. The movement in you shifts, and you scream as you feel the writhing mass move lower. You lay on your back, legs spread. Screaming and panting, you press your back to the floor and push with all your might. You feel your hole bulge and stretch, something smooth and wiggling pressing against it. You push and scream, feeling a long thing slither out of you. Before you can even see what it is, the pressure builds again. You push, screaming as two more press out of you side by side.

It feels like eternity as you lay there, panting and pushing, countless things slithering out of your hole. You finally see them as a couple of them climb across you. They’re neonate xenomorphs, their soft skin still fleshy and covered in the greenish goo the strange facehugger forced into you. Most of them scatter when the alpha pads toward you. He growls and lays over you, his smooth body cool against your flushed skin.

All around you, sirens are going off, the ship’s warning systems kicking on. It’s placidly screaming the descent is wrong, it’s too fast, too steep. You hope the ship burns up in atmosphere. The last thing you remember is heat, the ship’s life support falling to critical levels as the white hot burn of planetary entry seared the plating off the hull.

You never expected to wake up. Blinking blearily, you looked around, wondering where you were. Pieces of the wrecked ship surrounded you, and you could see huge trees between them.

Somehow, you survived the crash.

You can’t move, looking up to see your arms have been carefully secured in glossy black resin. The same kind the xenos restrain their chest burster victims in. You try to move, but you’re dangling about 10 feet off the ground and are powerless to so much as twist. You look down at yourself and see your belly is still slightly distended. You don’t feel the writhing weight inside you anymore, but it still feels..wrong.

Below, you see several small xenos run back and forth, one of them looking up at you and screeching. The trees shudder, and the alpha appears. He’s grown even larger, almost 9 feet tall now. He easily climbs up to you, the long fingers of one hand forcing your mouth open. His lips curl back and his huge teeth part, and you see his secondary mouth shoot forward. You scream and writhe as he forces it into your mouth and angles to shove it down your throat. He growls and his torso jerks, and you feel something sliding down your throat. He’s..feeding you?

This becomes a regular routine, him returning from the forest and pushing his secondary mouth into yours to share his hunts with you. You beg him to stop, to let you go or let you die, but he just growls and rubs his smooth head against you.

You’ve lost track of time. Your body is changing, you can feel it. Slowly, day by day, your belly is growing again, though much more than before. The alpha begins to nose and prod along your body, often trying your hole with the smooth swell of his nose. You realize your hole has become softer and larger, and each day it feels like he can slide his muzzle further against you.

You start to notice him changing, too. The carapace between his hind legs seems to have softened, swelling outward slowly, growing. You realize somehow, he’s grown a penis. As far as you know, that’s completely unheardof. Yet there it is, dangling between his legs.

He climbed up to where you were hanging, taking you in his hands. He growled and settled his head over your shoulder as his body bowed. His hips work their way between your legs, and you feel the head of his newly grown cock spread your hole. You can’t resist, you can barely cry out when he thrusts into you. There’s no pleasure to it, not tenderness or love. He thrusts roughly, pushing deep into you. You feel your body react, everything in you suddenly alive with sensation. You cry out and thrash, then scream in pleasure as he cums inside you. Your already distended belly grows larger as he pumps you full.

Time passes. Your belly grows until it’s hanging between your legs. The alpha and the smaller xenos you birthed on the ship connect your growing belly to the broken ship with more resin, taking the burden of weight bearing off of you. You’re grateful to them. The alpha fucks you almost daily, further distending your belly.

Little by little, black patches appear on your skin. Hardened plates cover your arms and legs, then your chest above the swell of your belly. From your ribs downward, you are nothing but belly, your legs dangling comically on either side. Your hole continues to stretch, and though you can’t see it, you’re fairly certain it’s moved.

The skin over your belly becomes thinner. Inside, you can barely see the movement of large objects, shuffling around within you. Your spine has grown its own cage-like carapace which wraps around your ribs and hips. It’s only then you realize the flesh of your back and ass have changed, stretching backward. Your hole has begun to shift downward, dangling just off the ground from your massive belly.

No…not belly…Egg sac.

The hard cage along your spine helps support the ever growing sac. The alpha and smaller xenos dutifully tend to you as you begin to understand your new place. They didn’t have time for a queen to be born and grow..they had to make do. Your belly ripples, the translucent skin shifting and pushing, moving the, thousands of eggs through you. The small xenos have brought back living creatures and restrained them to the walls of the ship and the surrounding trees. Day by day, the skyline gives way to a lattice work of resin construction. They build a sanctuary for you.

The alpha rarely leaves you now, staying always at your side, climbing around you and tending to your every need. He caresses your egg sac, soothing the discomfort of the eggs moving inside you, easing your burden.

You feel your egg sac convulse and cry out. Your voice sounds like their’s now, a shrieking growl that echos in your chambers. The alpha is beside you at once, rubbing his crested head against you. The convulsing contractions travel all the way down your belly, and you feel your hole begin to bulge. Slice and goo pour from you, sending the small xenos scurrying to your hole. You feel the birthing tube of your hole stretch and elongate until it almost touches the ground. The bulge of an egg moves through it, and you groan at the tight pucker you feel before you stretch around it, easing it to the floor.

Another egg soon follows, then another. You find yourself in a haze, trapped in a feeling of pleasurable pain as egg after egg travels through your birth canal to be deposited on the ground.

The smaller xenos collect the eggs and move them, setting them in front of their captives. The creatures writhe and scream, exactly the wrong thing to do. The eggs blossom open, and facehuggers wriggle their way free. They leap and plant themselves over the screaming mouths, muffling them as their ovipositors force deep into their throats.

Some time later, you coo as you watch your children burst from their incubators and wriggle onto the ground. Your children, your second brood. They skitter around you, finding places to shelter their small, soft bodies until they grow. The alpha purrs at you and rubs himself along your belly. You want him to seed you again, and he obliges, thrusting into your hole even as you try to push out more eggs.

Your new life as their queen will be full of pleasure and offspring. You will make a new home of this world, together with him and your children. Your species will thrive. Even as hard plates cover your face, and the soft skin of your cheeks falls away to expose your huge, gleaming teeth, you feel every inch a queen. Your crest soon grows from what was once a rounded skull, just like his did.

Every day you lay more eggs, and every  day your children burst free. This world is yours, your realm, your home, your kingdom.

(by supernona)

umagarotacorvinal  asked:

Hi, i love your writing, and i wish you lots of good things <3333 Can I please make a request? a bestfriend!seungkwan realizing his feelings for you. Thank you so much for your time and for this amazing job you make.

find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), jeonghan (here), jun (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), joshua (here) dino (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • seungkwan is the person who is friends with eVERyone,,,,,,but he’s best friends like real real best friend with only one person: you
  • and everyone can see the confident, funny, dramatic seungkwan all the time,,,,,,but u can see the sensitive, worried, and at often times wAY too hard on himself seungkwan 
  • that ever since u became friends in choir club,,,that sides only been shown to you
  • and u always feel a small hint of guilt in ur stomach because seungkwan works so hard to make people like him and to just!!!!! do his best 
  • that when u see how ungrateful or mean people can be u wish u could protect him from it,,,,,,because he really only has the best intentions
  • and u and seungkwan are at this point that u spill secrets to one and other, his mom tells u to call her mom when u come over, and u guys can basically talk with just ur eyes
  • like ur THAT CLOSE
  • which is why u have no embarrassment calling seungkwan over on a dark, humid night and telling him to meet u at the corner of ur house and its like 4am and seungkwan is like is everything ok,,,,,are you ok???
  • and you’re like seungkwan,,,,,,let’s go look at the sea and he’s like????? it’s late- but u look at him
  • and seungkwan knows u well enough to see that something is bothering u,,,,,and that u need him to just say yes and be there and well,,,,that’s exactly what he does
  • getting off his bike u two walk down to the ocean, abandoning ur shoes as u walk toward the water
  • and seungkwan watches u,,,there isn’t any night breeze but ur hair looks a bit messy,,,,he wonders if u were crying 
  • but he sees ur side profile even in the dark and the ocean looks black
  • but ur not scared to walk into it,,,just a bit to get ur feet wet and  turn to smile at him,,,,,,,
  • but seungkwan doesn’t smile back he walks toward u and he asks u to tell him whats wrong,,,,,something has to be wrong
  • and u sigh and look back out at the ocean and ur like ,,,,,seungkwan,,,,,i feel like,,,,,,im not good enough of a friend for u
  • and he’s confused and like ???? doesn’t understand
  • and u walk back into the sand,,,sitting down and digging ur toes in and seungkwan is like beside u and he’s like what do u mean ur my best friend???
  • and ur like yes,,,,but i feel like i dont,,,i dont protect u enough,,,seungkwan ur heart is so big and people hurt it so much and i dont know how to make sure that doesnt happen
  • and seungkwan hears ur voice shake,,,sees the way uve tucked ur chin onto ur knee almost like ur gonna curl into a ball
  • and he doesn’t know what it is,,,,the way it’s been a good year since he’s started looking at u and seeing something more,,,,something so beautiful
  • and the way u care,,,,,like a best friend should but also,,,,the way seungkwan wishes a lover would
  • that when u say that seungkwan puts his hands out to cup your cheeks and gently says “no matter how many times people hurt my heart, it doesn’t matter. because my heart isn’t for them.”
  • and you blink,,,,a little bit confused,,,,,going “whose it for then?”
  • and seungkwan has never kissed before,,,,,but he leans forward and brushes his lips against urs and the sounds of waves and the smell of the sea mixed in with his soft lips,,,,,,,
  • u feel like its a dream until seungkwan adds “for you. it’s for you.”
  • and you dont know if u should cry or smile or throw urself into his arms
  • but u just feel ur heart swell because he doesn’t mean that it’s for you like best friends anymore does he
  • and something tells u,,,,,,that ur concern was much more than that of something platonic
  • so all u do is look at him and answer “mine,,,,,is for you too.”
  • and it’s nearing 5am now just enough for the darkness to start lifting if only a bit and seungkwan bikes u back to your house
  • where he leaves u off before asking shyly if ull let him kiss u again and u tease a bit and say one kiss is enough for ur first night,,,
  • but when he turns pouting to look at his handlebars u lean forward and kiss his cheek,,,,making seungkwan’s face light up and his laughter fill the empty street
Been Doing This For Hours Alpha Bucky x Reader NSFW

Warning: NSFW, Lesbian Smut, Straight Smut, ABO, lactating fetish

Request: You’re an unclaimed Omega and Alpha Bucky has agreed to help you through your heat. Unfortunately, he’s out on a mission, so someone else will just have to help you until he gets back.

A soft mewling noise caught Natasha’s attention. The sudden scent of coffee and freshly printed books, filled her nose and wrapped its way around her brain. She could smell your scent, your body craving the Alpha that had left days earlier.
“Bucky,” you whined into the phone, choking on your words as the desire between your legs grew stronger and the pain worsened. “Please pick up! I’m in heat and…I need you.”
The last three words were a whispered plea, begging him to come home and help ease the ache between your thighs. You were an unclaimed Omega and Bucky had agreed to help you through your heat, but now he was gone. Nat entered your room slowly. She could see you curled up in your nest of pillows and blankets, fingers delving into your panties. She could hear your little pants and moans, every sound that slipped from between your kissable lips. She could tell that your fingers weren’t enough, that you needed an Alpha. A loud whimper left your mouth as you felt your breasts swelling to feed the pups you didn’t have. The only thought running through Nat’s mind, was you needed her. That maybe she could help satisfy your need and her own as well. Attempting to snap herself away, she left the room, slamming the door behind her to block out your smell. Your head shot towards the door as it closed and you caught the familiar sent of an Alpha. Nat smelled of honeysuckles and a camp fire, the smell lingering behind her and you let out a loud yelp; desperate for her to come back.
Nat was already halfway down the hall, when she ran into Steve. One look in his eyes and she could tell he smelled you too.
“She’s lying there touching herself and whimpering like crazy. It’s taking all my will power not to go in there and help her,” Nat growled at Steve. “You need to go call Bucky, before it gets any worse.”
Steve nodded, hurrying off to Tony’s lab to use the secure phone.
“Nat!” Came a loud moan and she felt her resolve snap. Within seconds she was standing over your bed. Watching your fingers, already coated with your slick, move in and out of your pussy. She towered over you and you mewled softly, calling out her name again as you came.
“Y/N, did you enjoy that? Teasing me? Calling out my name as you came all over those dirty little fingers of yours?” She has shed her clothes and moved to rest on top of you. Pinning you to the bed as her fingers ran their way up your thigh and traced their way around your leaking breasts.
“Yes, Alpha!” You gasped out as her lips found your sensitive nipples and began suckling.
“Do you want me to help you? Do you want this Alpha to take you? Pleasure you?”
You moaned loudly at the feeling of her mouth working your sensitive buds, arching your back so you pushed your breast further into her face. She stopped sucking and pulled away, a smirk finding its way on her lips.
“I asked you a question.”
“Yes!” You pleaded. “Please Alpha, take me! I’m yours to use, please just help me.”
That’s what Nat was waiting for, she slid down your body. Peppering your thighs with kisses and tasting you on her tongue. She slid a single finger into you and couldn’t help but laugh at the noise that exited your mouth.
“More!” You begged, twitching your hips for more friction. She smirked against your clit, nipping at it ever so slightly and slid another finger into your soaked heat. You were so wet, she didn’t have to work long before she slid in a third finger. Curling them, so every stroke resulted in her fingers brushing against your g-spot. The loudest moan she’d ever heard tumbled from your lips as your walls clenched around her fingers. The next four hours were spent with Nat trying as many techniques as she could to get you to orgasm.
“Fuck!” The growl from the doorway was one of lust at the sight that was before him. Nat got up from her position, face buried in your slit, with a smirk, hips swaying as she walked past Bucky.
“She’s all yours now, I’ve been doing this for four hours.”
She got dressed and left the room, leaving Bucky to stare at your naked form writhing on the bed.
“Alpha!” You moaned out, reaching your hands out for him. He was beside you in a second, replacing the spot where Nat’s tongue had been with his fingers.
“God you’re soaked,” he growled into your neck. “Do you want me to knot you now? You’ve waited an awfully long time, huh? Do you want your alpha to fuck you senseless?”
You nodded mutely, grinding down on his fingers.
“I can’t hear you,” Bucky snapped, your smell enveloping him and creating the raw desire to have you squirming beneath him in pleasure. His eyes found your lactating breasts and his breath caught in his throat, he’d never seen you lactate on a heat before.
“Yes Alpha!! Please take me! Please knot your Omega. She’s been waiting for you to come home and claim her.”
Unable to withstand the urge any longer, Bucky replaced his fingers with his cock and slid into you easily. Your slick coated him as you arched your back into him and curled your toes. A whimpering mess beneath him. He loved it. In fact he thrived on it, this feeling of being buried inside of you as you came undone. He could feel how close you were as he thrust into you, picking up his speed.
“Cum, my Omega,” he growled, kissing pathways down your skin. His lips found your nipples and he sucked on them, playing with them between his teeth. You moaned his name repeatedly as you came, feeling him twitch inside you and his knot form. He moved you so he was sitting and you were on his lap, careful not to remove his knot from in you as he didn’t want to cause you pain.
“I love you, James,” you murmured, head against his chest, too tired to move. You could feel his metal arm pressed against your back, soothing your burning skin.
“I love you too, Y/N.”

puppy love.

1,951 words | fluff; warnings: none.
brand new neighbors au + kim taehyung

a/n: i was struck with random inspiration about meeting taehyung and defending a puppy so please enjoy this nice little fluff since i’ve been MIA for so damn long.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

There are moments in your life where you’ve questioned your life decisions, and perhaps one of them to be plainly specific, is the fact that you’ve jumped on a complete stranger’s back over a dog.

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| The Snow Apple | Sehun X Reader AU | Oneshot |

Originally posted by oh-no-sehunnie


Sehun X Reader

Synopsis: You were called upon to become a despicable man’s mistress. But after running away, he continued to pursue you. You ran, expecting to find asylum. You ran, not expecting to find your knight in shining armor.

Word Count: 5,288

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mild language, sexual situations

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JADE!! (@pebble-xo

Disclaimer: This plot of this story is based upon the anime Snow White With The Red Hair. In no way do I claim the central idea/theme of this story as my own. That being said, it’s one of the best shows ever go watch it asdghfjk

“Lord Jongin wants me to be his what?”

“His concubine, madame.” The royal guard retorted apathetically. “In other words, his mistress.”

Your jaw was agape. You brought your hands to your arms, rubbing them in an attempt to combat the shivers than ran down your spine. You leaned against the doorpost of your shop, refusing to lessen your confidence.

“No, no, no,” You shook your head and held out your hands in protest. “There must be some kind of mistake, I’m sure of it. I’m just the town’s local herbalist!”

“Lord Kim Jongin has made no mistake, madame,” The guard’s eyes hardened. “He has taken a particular interest in the townsfolk’s rumors concerning your… Distinct appearance.”

He was referring to you alright. Ever since you arrived in town and set up shop, the townspeople quickly spread tale of your divergent physique.

Stark, snow-white hair that fell past your shoulders. Oftentimes a shade of shimmering silver in the sunlight.

You never knew how you came to look so different from the masses; you were orphaned at a young age and brought up by an old, travelling herbalist. That’s how you came to learn the trade yourself. The intricate mixing and application of every plant you could properly classify and diagnose. You loved helping people, which is why your heart became set on this profession. You came to this village because it neighbored the walls of the great kingdom, but was far enough off the beaten path to avoid unwanted attention.

Unwanted attention, however, is what you were faced with.

“That- That’s absurd.” You sputtered, trying to regain your composure. “That can’t be right. He… He can’t be interested in someone as common as me just because of my hair.”

“As you know, his highness is a gallant collector of exquisite rarities.” The royal guard before you remained emotionless. “Your unique, white hair has him innately intrigued.”

You scoffed.

What a joke.

You, along with everyone else in the town, knew that Kim Jongin was nothing but a spoiled member of the hierarchy. One who often dealt in shady dealings, and could most easily be compared to a weasel in likeness.

“And as such, you have been chosen.” The guard continued, his face stern. “As a resident of this town, it is non-negotiable.”

Your knuckles turned white at the proposition.

“Tomorrow, you are to appear before his highness and accept his offer.”

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Easter Egg Hunt - Jack Maynard

Requested: No

Request: Open

A/N: Easter themed imagine in honor of the easter holiday

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

You woke up on Easter morning to find your boyfriend out of bed and your alarm going off. You shut the alarm off on your phone, the clock read 6 o’clock. You groaned. You got up and wrapped a blanket around yourself and walked out of the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend. 

“Jack?” you called walking through the house.

“Yes, love?” Jack called back.

“Why the fuck is a alarm going off at 6 in the morning? And why are you up at 6 in the morning? We’re leaving for Brighton at 9.” you asked. You walked into the kitchen to find Jack sitting there with a cup of coffee in his hand. He handed it to you. You happily took it and had a sip.

“Well, its Easter and my girlfriend is practically a kid…” said Jack.

“Hey!” you said pretending to be offended. 

“And I decided to make a Easter egg hunt in our flat for you.” he said with a huge grin on his face. You face lit up. You looked around, now noticing the different colored eggs throughout the apartment. You then faced Jack.

“You did all of this for me?” you asked Jack, still smiling. He nodded. “Do I get to collect them?” Jack nodded and pulled out a basket. You immediately grabbed it and started grabbing every egg in sight. They were all over the place. Jack gave you clues along the way, saying if you were hot or cold to the egg. Jack was vlogging the whole thing.  Once you found them all you sat down on the ground, Jack joining you.  You were so excited to open them. Inside were reasons why Jack loved you, and what he loved about you.  

I love you because your so kind to others, said one of them. Another one said,  I love it when we stay up late watching movies and fall asleep on the couch together with our feet in each other’s faces. Every time you read a new one your heart swelled. You couldn’t believe that Jack put so much time into this project. In total there were 157 reasons why he loved you. He had to stuff multiple slips of paper into the same egg to fit them all. 

“There were more reasons, but I couldn’t find the words on how to describe how much I’m in love with you and all the things I love about you.” Jack admitted. 

“Babe this is so sweet! I love you so much.” you said. You leaned over to him and gave his a slow, long, kiss on the lips. When you pulled away you couldn’t help but smile. 

“Oh, before I forget, there is one egg that you didn’t find.” he said. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Do I get to find it?” you asked.

“With my help of course.” He got up and then pulled you up too. 

“Give me a hint.” you said, eager to find it. Jack laughed and pulled you in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around you. 

“Its in our bedroom.” Jack said. You could see a hint of nervousness in his voice. What could he be nervous about? You ran to your room and looked around. You saw a red egg on your night stand. You ran back to Jack in the kitchen. This egg had been heavier than the rest. 

“Can I open it?” you whispered.

“Go ahead.” said Jack. You opened the egg and gasped. Inside was a ring, a simple, yet beautiful. You felt tears in your eyes. You took the ring out of the egg, carefully. 

“Y/N,” said Jack. You looked to find him on one knee. He grabbed your hand with the ring in it. He took it out of your hand. “I love you so much and I think you know that. I love you with my whole heart and I don’t think I can imagine my life with out you. So I want to make that a reality.” Jack took a deep breath in. “Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” You nodded you head, unable to get any words out. Jack stood up and grabbed you and spun you around. You started to laugh. Once he put you back down, he slipped the ring onto your ring finger. 

“Jack I love you so, so, so, so, so much.” you told him. “Let me kiss you.”

“Anytime my love.” he said. You put your hands up to his cheeks and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. 

Will You Stay?

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Don’t let go of him. He needs you. He wants you stay, but he doesn’t know how to say it.

Warnings: Angst, all that good shit, it’ll end with a sort of cliffhanger idk i like to call it an interpretive ending but whatever floats your boat, also the obvious language warnings and mentions of baby buck not being okay :-(

Word Count: 9.1k (i’m SORRY)

Author’s Note: so, again, thank you to my inspo tag bc I saw this quote and it’s been churning in my head for so long but I’ve never had the chance to actually sit down and write it. This literally took me a full year to write so let’s see how it goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also this could possibly go into a part two if you guys want it. I have an idea for it but if people want to use their imagination to create their own ending then by all means! Anyways, feedback is more than welcome and please leave requests; I’d love to see what you guys want to read :)

Originally posted by gliceria

It’s funny how easily someone’s world can come crashing down. How easily the bright colors that once painted your world turn to an ashen gray within a few short minutes. It’s sickening that love can raise you up to the sky and show you the world and the beautiful blues and golds of the sky. It’s intoxicating how drunk you feel off of the beauty and the glory of having it all, of seeing it all. How warm you feel, how weightless and limitless, like you’re the air. Twisting and turning, light and free. Young and spirited, wild and reckless and untamed.

Poets, authors and painters convey love with the prettiest words and the lightest shades of pink and yellow and white. They romanticize the fall, the moments before the leap and how wonderful it feels when you finally do.

What they never tell you about is after the fall. 

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The Escape Plan - Part 1

And here’s my awaited Zircon x Zircon fanfiction! I’m planning to do two parts of this. This first part has more of a story though and develops the relationship between the two Zircons. Part 2 will just be smut along with some fluff. That’s really it. There might be other stuff but I’ll see where it takes me. Anyway! Enjoy! If there are any canonical mistakes or seems a bit OOC for some characters I apologize and please don’t get mad at me! I did my best!

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Human Shield - A SuperCorp fic

I don’t always have time to make complete comics. I work. A LOT. But this was a really interesting idea I wanted to explore. And @luthoring​ encouraged me, sooooo… here you go.

Beyond the cut is the result, expanding on this comic. Written entirely from Lena’s perspective.

Fair warning: there is violence, injury, and angst. 

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Defending the Outcast

Request: “A story where the reader is a Hufflepuff being bullied and Draco saves her?”

Summary: Draco doesn’t like the way Flint talked to you. So he finally did something about it after bottling up his anger.

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,797

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m baaaack…. ;)

Originally posted by nellaey

It’s not like Draco hadn’t done any bullying himself, but the way Marcus Flint treated you was something else entirely. You never deserved the acrid words that were sent your way, and even Draco knew that. 

It was during lunch when he finally snapped, but Marcus had been doing it to you all day. His most effective word to use on you was weak. Draco knew you fairly well, your parents being aquaintences within their business. He knew you well enough to know that you were far from weak. 

Marcus took the fact you were sorted into Hufflepuff and never really talked to many people to his advantage. He terrorized you for being quiet and keeping to yourself, insulting your family and what you were worth, all the while you never said a word. 

Little did you know that you were worth more than just a weakling to Draco. 

“Oi! Y/N! How’s your lunch, mudblood!” Marcus’s voice echoed within the Great Hall, calling almost everybody’s attention. 

Including Draco, who watched in horror as you said nothing to Marcus, looking down at your food. 

“Aren’t ya gonna answer me, ya Hufflepuff?!” Marcus yelled again, bending down so his lips were touching your ear. 

Draco grit his teeth, his jaw tightening, glaring at the back of Marcus’s head. He was utterly disgusting in Draco’s eyes, and he promised himself that he would stop Marcus’s reign on insults upon you once and for all. 

“Oi! Flint!” Sudden shocked gasps emitted from the crowd as Draco stood up from his seat across the Hall, a glare consumed with anger being sent Marcus’s away as he turned around to look at  Draco. 

Slowly, Draco made his way over, his fists clenched by his sides. 

“What is it, Malfoy?” Marcus bit, standing straight up so his lips were nowhere near your face. 

Draco watched you sigh from behind Marcus as she looked over, pleading eyes being the only thing in Draco’s mind. 

“Talk to her again like that, and something in this Hall is going to go awry.” Draco was now fully across the Hall and now walking up to Flint, his bright blue eyes burning with fire. 

A dry chuckle escaped Marcus’s lips, his head turning to look back at you, where you were watching Draco’s every move. 

“And why are you suddenly defending this little weakling?” He bit, his hand going up to grab a piece of yoru hair and twirling it between his fingers then tugging. 

You winced but didn’t make a noise, and Draco’s blood boiled to the point where he was going to snap at any minute. He touched you, and that was not okay. Draco was now out for blood, his face coming up to Marcus’s, his jaw still locked. 

“Get your filfthy hands off her…” Draco growled, and you looked up at him with wide eyes. 

You had never seen this side of him before, and if you were being honest with yourself, you kinda liked it. 

Suddenly, Marcus went chest to chest with Draco, his eyes turning into slits. 

“And what are you going to do about it, pretty boy?” 

Draco had enough with Marcus’s antics, and finally collided his fist with Marcus’s cheek. A loud gasp escaped your mouth, your hand going up to cover it while Draco bent down, sending another hit to Marcus’s ear. 

“Draco!” Your voice suddenly ripped through the chaos of the crowd, and you bent down to grab his robe, successfully pulling him away from Marcus. “That’s enough! You’re going to bloody kill him!” 

Draco’s knuckles were now ripped, drops of blood trickling down the side of his palms. You took his bloody hand in yours and pulled, dragging him out of the Great Hall. Draco’s eyes stayed glued to Marcus’s as he lied on the ground groaning from the pain in his ear. Draco had hit him extremely hard, the anger he’s been bottling up towards Marcus finally revealing itself. Unfortunately, it had to be in front of the whole school. 

“Oh god, you’re going to get in huge trouble for this, aren’t you?” 

Draco’s attention was drawn to you when he heard worry lace your tone, and he looked over to you to see your eyebrows scrunched together, stress lines making their way upon your forehead. 

“Stop that.” He blurted, bringing his blood hand up to your forehead to wipe away the worry lines, which ended up in him wiping his blood on you instead. 

He groaned, apologizing for the accident, but you shook your head, sending him a soft smile. 

“It’s okay, Draco. Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” You said, lacing your fingers with his and tugging him towards Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. 

“Why here?” He questioned, looking around the bathroom as you brought him over to this sink, turning on the water. 

You looked up at him, your eyebrow raised. “Because it’s the one place we can get the most privacy. After what happened back there, I don’t want anybody finding you until I can get you patched up at least.” 

Draco watched you slowly as you gently brought his hand under the cold water, a hiss escaping his mouth as soon as he felt the stinging sensation run through his veins. You immediately withdrew his hands from the water, looking up at him in concern. He stamped the look into his brain, finding it utterly adorable. 

“It’s alright. You can put it back.” Draco reassured with a nod, and you listened, putting his hand back under the water and softly rubbing your fingers over the damp skin. 

“I can’t believe you actually did that…” You let the words slip out of your mouth before you could stop them, and listened as Draco chuckled. 

“Why not, love? Didn’t think a bully could beat up another bully?” 

A scowl painted its way upon your lips, and you looked up at him through your eyelashes. “Don’t call yourself a bully, Draco.” Was all you had said before shutting off the water and releasing his hand, walking over to the stalls and grabbing a small piece of toilet paper. 

Draco turned in your direction, furrowing his eyebrows. “Don’t you think I’m a bully? Doesn’t everybody? That’s the only other thing I’m known for besides being my father’s pet.” He spat to himself, babbling on about how much people hated him. 

You looked up to him as you returned to stand in front of him, grabbing his hand again and gently dabbing the cuts on his knuckles. “You shouldn’t care what other people think about you, Draco. Their opinion doesn’t matter unless you want it to matter. You are what you are, and that’s it. Whatever anybody else says you are, it’s irrelevant.” 

Draco looked down at you in shock, his eyes slightly wide and suddenly full of color. Your outburst was the first time Draco heard anything decent about him, and he couldn’t have appreciated it more. Suddenly, hepulled your hand with the toilet paper behind his back, his other arm wrapping around your waist so he could pull you closer to him. 

A breathless gasp escaped your lips when you looked up to realize your face was just inches from his, his minty breath fanning against your cheeks. 

“D-Draco…” You called out to him as you stared into his ocean blue eyes, a sly smirk that made your knees go weak planting its way upon his face. 

“Yes, Y/N?” He smiled brightly. It was one of those boyish smiles that reached from one end of his face to the other, and it made you laugh jovially. 

“W-Why did you defend me against Marcus” You brought your hands up to his chest, resting one of your palms against where his heart was. 

Draco watched as you suddenly bit your lip and looked down at the ground, almost ashamed of asking such a question. He shook his head softly, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look at him, his blue eyes wide with honesty. 

“Because you don’t deserve the way he treats you. I know you enough, Y/N, to know that your hatred towards violence and drama are strong enough to cause you to not defend yourself against somebody like that, and I couldn’t continue to see him talk to you that way without teaching him a lesson. You deserve better than a prick like that in your face all the time, and I decided that it was time to finally end his bullying streak towards you. I just couldn’t stand it.”

You could’ve sworn your stomach flipped a thousand times within the middle of Draco’s confession, and your cheeks began to turn a dark shade of red. You noticed Draco smile at the small change of skin color, and you couldn’t help but let out a sheepish laugh. His smile could light up a thousand worlds, and the fact that it was meant towards you made your heart swell with warmth. 

“Are your hands okay?” You abruptly spluttered, reaching down to grab his hands. 

However, Draco did something highly unexpected, something that uttered a soft gasp from your lips. 

He laced your fingers in his and lifted them above your head, his body moving forward to walk you back against the wall that you two were previously standing in front of. Your mouth parted slightly and you stared into his now dark blue orbs with a sudden sense of passion. 

“Is this alright?” He whispered in your ear, bringing his lips to your lobe and lightly biting down on the smooth skin, emitting a low moan from your chest. 

“Y-Yes.” You admitted, pushing your body forward so you were now closer to Draco. 

You could feel him smile a little as his lips traveled against your cheek, pressing butterfly kisses against the silky layers of skin there. Your breath quickened when his mouth became inches from yours, and you sighed in content when his lips finally connected with yours, his hands moving down to cup your cheeks, releasing your arms in the process. 

Draco could practically feel your heartbeat against his chest when he pressed you harder against the wall, slowly pulling away from you and removing his hands from your cheeks, brushing them against your waist until his hands were able to cup your hips. 

You were both left breathless against the wall, a heaping mess of passion and admiration all in one. Draco appreciated the way you reacted towards him, and he looekd down at you with a certain twinkle in his eyes. 

“Well then… That was unexpected, now wasn’t it?” 

Little witch (Part 4)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 2 754

A/N: I am so so so so sorry for not posting the next part in two weeks. It’s the end of the school year so I had a lot of exams. Most of the times i was too exhausted to sit in front of the laptop and write. I really want to apologize if this part is not that interesting but i will do my best to post new part every day (but do not promise). Please let me know what you think about it ♥ It’s really important for me to know you opinion about the story :) Enjoy!

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Originally posted by kimtaeyoen

“That’s how I burned down part of Hydra’s base.”, (Y/N) spoken softly. Tears that she didn’t know was hiding were now rolling down. Nobody said anything. They were shocked by what the girl went though at the age of seven.

“They were trying to program me. Their intentions were to create fighters better than the Winter Soldier and Black Widow.”

“If they can control them we are have a big problem.”, Tony stated as he tried to emphasize how serious the problem was.

“How many are they?”

“I don’t know”, the last events weren’t leaving her mind, “Probably 8 or less. I don’t know how many survived.”

“As far as we know the base is still whole. You may have burnt down part of it.”, Steve declared as he stood up and began walking.

“What did you feel?”, Bruce asked all of a sudden.

“What do you mean?”

“What did you feel right before you burnt the base?”

“Oh. I- um…fire. Yeah, definitely fire, but not literally. I mean, it was -“

“Relieving? Taking you whole, feeling powerful because of the rage built inside you and yet it somehow calms you down?”, Banner finished her sentence.

“Exactly.”, (Y/N) was amazed by this. Mr. Banner wasn’t lying her when he had said he cannot control his anger that easily.

“What about when we found you?”, Wanda questioned as she understood what Bruce was attempting to o.

“Scared. Naked. Exposed. Breakable.”

“Mixed feeling, paranoia overwhelming you?”

“Yes.”, after some seconds Banner revealed his thoughts making them a statement.

“I think I know what your powers are.”

Ten minutes later the whole gang was in the training room waiting to see what the young witch was capable of.

“Are you sure Mr. Banner?”

“Call me Bruce, please.”, her gave the girl a smile and nodded, “Yes, I am.”

“But how can I control the elements? I mean, how did you find this out?”

“Fire is symbolized by rage, anger. It the Greek Mythology Ares, the furious god of war, is always drawn with red paint and flames around him. Also, when you said a great amount of different feeling overwhelmed you, it showed me that you can control earth. When we found you, your first action was to use those spikes to warn or kill the people trying to disturb you. Earth is believed to give humans stability. So basically your powers had tried to calm your mind down by using the ground as a weapon. But when Peter entered you shelter you were again taken by your fears making unstable and unpredictable like the wind.”

“So my emotional condition affects my powers?”

“That’s right. So now we would try to teach you how to use them without letting the emotions taking you over.”, Steve patted the girl on her shoulder.

“What if I hurt you?”

“Do not worry about us.”, Tony smiled in order to reassure her.

Ten minutes later all the Avengers were in a shield created by Wanda with her powers in the second floor of the training room. It wasn’t a whole floor just a part of it from where the instructor could watch or could enter the premises.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the great Avengerrrrs.”, (Y/N) ‘announced’ with a sarcastic tone in her formal voice, “Good to know old men and women are scared of a puny girl.”, Wanda who was standing against the girl laughed as she saw her friends trying to protect themselves in the shield she had created.

“Hey, don’t blame us that we value our lives and want to keep them as longer as possible.”, Tony acted as a drama queen placing his hand over  the place where his heart was supposed to be.

“Guys, you must accept it. She is right.”

“Why don’t you shut up and show the girl whatever you are going to show her.”

“As you wish Mr. Stank.”, Wanda retorted back and turned around to face (Y/N). The girl was nervous as she was able to see. Her hands were slightly shaking and she kept rubbing them against her clothes in order to remove the sweat, “So, I am going to attack you. Don’t worry i won’t hurt you. You just have to try to protect yourself somehow by using your energy. Just before that do not panic about the situation, that’s the most important thing you have to do. Breathe and then try to look deep inside you, searching for the power you want. Think about it, think how you want it to look, what and how you are going to do with it.”, the girl nodded but she felt nothing from this instructions was going to be fulfilled.

Wanda’s fingers were moving and seconds later they were shining in red but the woman wasn’t attacking her yet. (Y/N) did her best to follow the advice. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. She had four powers and only one was able to protect her right now– air. The girl remembered the feeling when she had attacked Peter. The air was tickling the tips if her fingers. She looked for that feeling again but nothing happened. No strange feeling inside her, no power felt. She opened her eyes just in time to see Wanda’s magic coming towards her. She kneeled down to avoid it.

“Don’t give up. It won’t happen from the first time.”, Steve said.

The girl inhaled and exhaled deeply this time trying with another power. There wasn’t ground or water her so she had to use fire. This time was the same failure.

“Nothing is happening.”, the girl stated after her seventh attempt, “I feel nothing inside me, only darkness. Guess why? Because my fucking eyes are fucking closed!”  

“Language!”, Steve called from inside the shield.

“Sorry.”, the girl gave the man an innocent smile but deep inside her she was feeling the same way as she had felt in the Hydra base – as a failure, miserable failure that cannot do anything. What was she doing here? Why did she even trust those guys? Why the hell was she thinking the brown haired teenager is attractive? A lot of questions suddenly filled her mind making her feel odd, questioning all her actions since she exploded part of the base. What is she even?

“Earth to (Y/N)! Are you listening?”, Peter’s voice took her out of the trans she had been immersed in.

“Yes…no, sorry! It’s just… I’m sucking. I can’t protect myself by creating a stupid shield from air or fire. I don’t know how to use my powers and how to control them! It’s driving me crazy when I am failing at things. Especially this!”, the girl shouted as soon as despair filled her body. She wasn’t going to give up, no. She was going to fight with teeth until she reached the final but all those events that happened in the last three days…it was too heavy for her to bear.

“(Y/n), hey, you can do it. I know you can. You’ve gone through a lot and this…this stupid thing cannot stop you. You are brave, you are-”, Peter had approached the red shield separating the two teenagers that were slowly falling under the love curse of each other. His voice was soft, his intentions good and it was felt. But the girl was too gentle. Not like a flower that would break under a slightly rougher touch, but like a bomb that was going to explode if the person holding her didn’t know how to defuse it. Peter was from those who were about to get killed because of the wrong actions he made.

“You don’t know me to tell me what I am! I do not know what I am!”, she screamed at the boy. Her body was moving on its own. For a moment (Y/N) felt as a prisoner. She was seeing what she was doing but she couldn’t control herself. The girl felt it, the power that was running through her veins, that was slowly taking control of her hands, mind, thoughts…Her hands were on fire. She moved them towards the shield sending a fire orb. At first the shield swallowed it but then it began swelling and the fire finally was in charge. The shield was now like a cell keeping its victims. The small prison was causing troubles with their ability to inhale. Wanda did something and the small hell torture was gone. The girl was standing there, her feet glued to the ground not letting her move. She was like a living stone – looking unbreakable and hard but this event causing her to crack from inside. When she saw the avengers’ looks she finally felt what she was trying to hide. She was a dangerous weapon, the desired weapon from Hydra that could kill thousands of people without caring at first place. She felt guilt, but more important – part of her felt good.

“I told you we would need a shield.”, Tony stated as he and the rest of the group gave it a try to stand up. Most of them were shocked about what had happened. Of course, not about themselves but the girl. She was shocked – looking at a spot on the wall between the heads of her victims, not moving, pale as snow. Her bottom lip was shaking as her hands did.

“I-I…I am -”, they all knew she was going to apologize but it was hard for her to find the right words.

“Hey, kid, we are used to having our asses kicked. You haven’t hurt anyone, no need to worry.”, Steve rushed towards (Y/N) in order to calm the girl down. He knew what Hydra was capable of and what the girl had gone through was infernal. It would have been unnatural if she was stable.

“But I could have.”, Steve saw the tears forming in her (y/e/c) eyes. Seeing this little girl beside him made his heart shrink. How could he not see the broken, the innocent, the lost girl? He only thought of her as a way Hydra to entice them…He was supposed to be a superhero, to have faith in everything, to see the good in every bad. The blonde man had no idea what to say as though a cat had gotten his tongue. He opened his mouth to say something, to help this little girl who had lost everything in her life but he closed it seconds later.

Wanda came closer as she knew (Y/N) trusted her more than the others. Peter followed her actions but as soon as they were next to the girl she ran away.

“(Y/N)!”, Peter called after the girl and was about to run after her but Steve grabbed him, “She needs help!”, he demanded and tried to  escape the strong grip with no luck.

“She needs to be alone with herself right now, Pete. I think we might have damaged her more rather than helping.”

The next week (Y/N) was distant. She talked only with Wanda and Bruce and trained only with them. The others tried to make her feel as at home she never had but the girl was barely giving in. She was stubborn, that was for sure, but with nights spent at her room with Wanda she understood how wrong her actions are.

“You are not doing anything bad, but how they are trying to help and you should not be scared that you will hurt them. I know how you feel. When I began my training here I wasn’t as good as now, I almost crashed the training room down.”, the woman laughed at the thought that just appeared in her head, “I remember Tony’s face when he came down and saw one of the walls missing.”

“Really?”. The girl laughed along with her new best friend.

“Yes. He made me practice outside even after he repaired it.”, Wanda looked at (Y/N) feeling her as the little sister she never had, “See, no matter what happens they are going to be your family only if you let them. They are strange I can assume, we had out times of division but we came back together.”

It was 8.00 pm. (Y/N) was lying on her bed thinking about Wanda’s words as she tent to do the last three days. The girl felt Wanda as a sister she could trust. She believed her and knew that all the things she had told her were true. Strangely this people were trying to give her a home, to give her a family and she was backing. Why? Was it because it was happening too fast? Maybe because it felt so unreal that it was more possible to be Hydra test than a part of the reality? Only in her first day here she told them her whole story, she was given a private room, they tried to help her with her powers. And what did she do? She almost killed them and ran away crying like a baby…Yeah, a really good first impression. The girl had to accept the information that Hydra was away, not torturing her, not going after her or if they did, she was safe here with people to protect her and teach her how to do the same.

For a week she slightly improved her powers. Well, she still wasn’t able to control them but for now she didn’t need to be so angry to use any of her powers. The girl was trying to use the built in her rage to call her powers instead of letting the anger take control over her. (Y/N) was happy with the results for only one week and this success was one of the things encouraging her to go to the living room where the Avengers were meeting every night to eat and relax somehow.

(Y/N) stood up and looked in the mirror. She was wearing pink pajamas with unicorns on them which was definitely not her style. But what could she do? Wanda was too happy to call somebody a sister… The witch opened the wardrobe. The first time she did so she was amazed how big it was and most importantly that it was full of clothes fitting her perfectly. Now, she was kind of used to it but not at all. The girl took out comfortable jeans and a pale blue t-shirt. After dressing up she exited the room. Taking a deep breath she guided her legs towards the living room which was on the floor below. As she reached the glass door she looked inside. They were all scattered around the room – some on the sofas, some on the armchairs, and some on the floor. (Y/N) inhaled and exhaled deeply and then opened the door. The Avengers didn’t hear it because they were immersed in their conversation but e certain one did with his super senses.

The boy turned around and as the two lovebirds, as Tony liked to call them, saw each other they both stopped doing whatever they were for a moment. (Y/N) looked directly at Peter and for a moment it was only the two of them. The girl hated this feeling but as she had no powers in her emotions, neither on her hearth.

“(Y/N)!”, Wanda exclaimed and ran towards her to give her a hug. The Avengers looked at the girl surprised.

“Ms. (Y/N)!”, Thor came and ruffled her hair, “I am so happy to see you there.”, by his voice, the girl understood he had drank something but his relaxed behavior around her, the fact he was himself made her smile.

“Hello everyone!”, she greeted the gang and sat down next to Wanda and opposite Peter who was now giving her e reassuring smile. She smiled back, “Can I have a slice?”, she asked as the witch pointed at the three pizzas in front of her.

“Of course!”, Tony answered as he poured another glass of alcohol, “But hurry up because Thor is going to eat them all.”

(Y/N) laughed and joined the Avengers that night. At first she thought she wouldn’t fit there but she couldn’t have been more wrong. This was the first time from ages she felt happy again, she felt loved and welcomed. She wasn’t scared anymore, neither in pain. She was feeling young, carefree, free as a teenager should feel. The witch felt normal and for once in her whole life, she forgot about the nightmares that chased her each night.  

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Broken Bones - Bucky X Reader



Summary: You’re a SHIELD agent and somehow Hydra has found out about your intimate relationship with Bucky, which takes a lethal turn for your part.

Warnings: Graphic violence, torture.

Words: 1 753 (+ a few cause I added some)

A/N: This is short with a cheesy ending but I’ll try and make my posts longer in the future! Alos, please send me requests, or just message me to chat tbh. I’m always up for a good convo.

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Her breath was ragged, her entire body pulsing from the pain. Blood dripped from her bottom lip and her nose and slowly cascaded down her skin from multiple wounds across her body.

“Tell me.” The Hydra agent ordered again, grabbing a firm grip of her trigger finger. She felt her heart begin to race and her breathing increase. “Tell me where the Winter Soldier is.”

She would never tell them where Bucky was. They could kill her if they felt like it. Never would she risk that man’s safety. He had been with Hydra before and god knows he had been through enough.

The agent forced her finger back abruptly and a loud crack echoed in the room as her finger laid flat against the top of her hand. She let in a sharp breath, somehow managing to not scream from the pure agony she was in. Blood rushed to her now broken finger which caused it to both swell and turn purple along with the already forming bruises around the base of her finger.

She looked down as the agent let go and her finger laid still, her muscles unable to move it. He then moved on to the next finger in line but hesitated.

“Maybe finger isn’t enough?” He said in his heavy, german accent, his hand beginning to travel across her body disgustingly. “Maybe leg? Or arm? Maybe even rib? So many possibilities…”

“Stop touching me, you twisted fuck.” She spat out angrily. “You and your psychotic little bitch friends will never find him. You’re going to have to kill me first.”

The agent looked down at her, eyes cold as stone. “Maybe we will.”

Without warning, he snatched a metal pipe from a cart of tools nearby and slammed it with all his strength into her leg. The bone splintered and pierced through her flesh, causing blood to splash onto the pipe as well as the floor. She couldn’t keep her voice back that time but screamed as loud as her vocal chords would allow her to. She felt the taste of blood from the raspy scream which tore at her throat as an unimaginable pain radiated from below her knee. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel the unnatural angle her leg was in and she felt sick to the very core of her body.

“Where is he, Agent Y/L/N?” The man sang out, walking around her. “I know you know where he is. After all, you two are rather intimate, are you not?”

She was on the verge of passing out but his sentence sent a shiver down her spine that woke her up.

How could he know? Not even the rest of the Avengers knew. Her and Bucky had slept together a handful of times, all of them which were more than secluded and private. Not even the team could find them at those times if they wanted to.

Throw her in her cell, she’s useless at the moment.” The man ordered in German which she knew from five years of studying when she was younger.

Two other agents, clearly underdogs, grabbed her under her arms and hauled her off of her seat and down the hallway. Her body was shaking in pain and she felt her leg dangle behind her, the pieces of bone cracking and crunching inside of her.

They took her to the cell where she had been held for almost a week already. The walls were covered in mold and roaches crawled in the ceiling, but at least she was alone.

They threw her inside and she fell flat on her stomach, hitting her head against the concrete floor which was enough of an impact to knock her out. She laid lifelessly in the murky puddle of old rainwater that had seeped in, peacefully unaware of her surroundings for just a moment.

Bucky fired yet another shot which killed yet another Hydra spy. Steve was ahead somewhere and Natasha behind him. Sam was circling the premises incase reinforcement would show.

He carried his machine gun as steady as a rock, turning quickly around every corner of the labyrinth like facility which gave him the creeps.

“East wing cleared.” Natasha informed over the intercom. In the distance, bouncing down the long hallways, Bucky could hear the whistling sound of Steve’s shield flying through the air before hitting something, followed by multiple gunshots. He didn’t doubt Steve’s competence for a second though and paid more mind to his own surroundings as he knew Steve would be able to handle himself just fine.

Bucky turned another corner and was faced with a steep corridor with a door guarded by two men. He opened fire instantly and killed the two guards before proceeding. He snatched the keycard from one of the them and slid it through the scanner beside the door, the mechanism buzzing before unlocking the reinforced, steel, barrier.

The room inside was free of Hydra but amongst the cells which stretched from one end of the narrow room to the other, he could see Y/N. She was laying on the floor, eerily still and bloody.

“Y/N!” He shouted out, throwing his weapon to the ground with a loud slam and running to her cell. He gripped onto the electronic lock with his metal hand and began to crush it brutally until sparks began to fly and its lights faded to black. After that, he managed to rip the entire door loose off its hinges and he threw it down the room and rushed inside.

His heart ached as he saw her sickly twisted leg and her blue and almost black finger which was just as twisted. Her grabbed her body, his heart stopping completely as he felt how cold she was and upon noticing how truly pale her skin was.

No…” A tear instantly fell from his eye. “No, please…”

Steve rushed into the room suddenly and in the blink of an eye, Bucky had grabbed his handgun from its holster and aimed for the entrance to the cell room. When seeing it was Steve, his hand began to tremble until the gun slipped from his grip.

He grabbed a hold of Y/N again and began to turn her around. As her leg began to move with her, she suddenly jolted to consciousness and let out a scream of pain. Bucky could feel his heart drop to the bottom of his chest and his lips parted as he grabbed Y/N’s cheek, laying her in his lap.

“Oh thank god…” He knelt down and rested his lips against her wet forehead. Steve stood by the ripped open cell door, seeing a new side to Bucky and Y/N’s partnership which he had found plausible multiple times but had never though they would ever let happen.

Bucky pressed an obvious kiss to Y/N’s forehead which was enough for Steve to confirm his theory. “I’m so sorry.” Bucky cried out, knowing damn well that Y/N had been abducted because of him. Ever since he was put in the public eye after the dispute between Steve and Tony, Hydra had risen from their grave and had began their search for him. The Avengers had taken extreme measures to keep Bucky out of Hydra’s hands, but they hadn’t thought about everyone else on the team being possible victims.

“I need blood.” She stuttered, whimpering. “I’ve lost a lot, I don’t know how much exactly, but a lot…”

“We’re taking you home, Y/N, I swear.” Steve promised and her eyes looked past Bucky and to the entrance of her cell where Steve was kneeling, pity overtaking his features for the girl who had been a SHIELD agent for less than a year.

Her eyes suddenly opened. Her eyelids hung low and her vision was blurry but she could still see. She felt a needle sting in the fold of her arm as she moved slightly and could feel a slight pressure around her left leg and right index.

“Hey…” She would recognize that soft and rumbling voice anywhere at anytime.

She detected movement to her left and forced her eyes open, spotting a red-eyed Bucky smiling painfully down at her. “Hi there, you big looser.”

He let out a short laugh, making his tears stay inside for her sake. “I see your personality survived?” It was both a question and a statement as he was assuming but needed confirmation.

“All of me did.” She assured, but then doubted herself as she focused on the pressure around her leg and finger again. “At least as far as I know?”

Bucky got the hint. “It’s going to take time, but Cho says you will heal. Let it rest properly and you will have full functionality in both your leg and finger again.” Bucky said as he pulled a chair up to the side of her hospital bed and took a seat.

“Sounds promising.” She groaned as she accidentally moved her upper body, recalling the kicks she had received in her stomach. “God, that hurts.”

“I’m so sorry…” Bucky couldn’t contain it any longer. He reached both his hands out and held Y/N’s left one in them. “I’m so sorry for what they did to you. It should have been me-”

“I want to kiss you to shut you the hell up, but I can’t reach you.” She interrupted him with a frown and a hint of anger mixed with a dozen of other emotions.

Hesitantly, Bucky rose from his seat and leaned down to her, softly placing his lips against hers as if she would break from his mere touch.

She placed her left hand on his cheek and savored the peaceful moment that had already made all of the torture worth it. “Don’t judge yourself so harshly… Do you think I judge myself for all the mistakes I’ve ever done?”

He knew she didn’t, so he shook his head.. She was the strongest person he knew. She would never allow to be that weak, not for anyone and definitely not for herself.

“Exactly, so let’s move on from this. Torture was sooo yesterday…” She sassily raised her hand and made Bucky chuckle involuntarily. “I’m all about the latest fashion.”

He looked at her with so much admiration he could never put it into words. “And what’s that?”

She smiled. She had feared for her life when she was a prisoner of Hydra. They had tortured her like never before using both mental and physical techniques. To see Bucky again was like realizing what life she could have missed had she been killed by them.

She soothed her thumb over his cheek as she cupped his face again. “Us.”

the swirling ways of stars

fantasy au

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst and fluff
word count: 19.367
warnings: implied sex, alcohol mention

present day

Jeon Jungkook doesn’t feel like home.

He feels like the thrill of the unknown and the unexplored, like that hesitant feeling of a new sensation under your fingertips. He’s like the first taste of a newly discovered flavor, one that hits your tongue and quickly spreads through your body from head to toe.

He is that shivering pulse that tickles down your back when you step into foreign ground, he is the excitement that mixes with fear when faced with something that is beyond your control. He is the wild, the unsuppressed. His mind, just like his stare, is clear but faraway; always looking through the walls that surround him and into something else, something that your imagination could probably never cover.

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anonymous asked:

I have a Valentine's Day based idea! sorry if it's stupid lolol Basically viktor has planned a day to show yuuri how many people love him to help him understand that he is valued and to help with his anxiety of not being good enough (cause vday can be platonic too!!) but yuuri wakes up and has other plans ;)) and Eros mode is switched on - viktor wants to tell him it's not the best idea BC people might come in but obvs he can't resist ;)) (you decide whether they're caught or not) <3333

Victor had it all planned out. He really did. He just wanted to show Yuuri how important he was, not only to Victor, but to everyone else in his life. Sometimes Yuuri needed to be reminded that it wasn’t only Victor who got his ‘life and love’ from him. What better day to show him that than on Valentine’s Day. A day of love. 

It was supposed to start with a phone-call from Yuuri’s family back home in Japan. They were going to tell him how much they loved him and how much they missed him. And afterwards, Victor was going to give Yuuri a plane ticket home for a long-weekend in a couple months to see them. He wanted to tell Yuuri that his family loved him and missed him.

Then he’d planned for them to take a walk down to the coffeeshop just around the corner with Maccachin where he’d give Yuuri a new collar he’d bought for the poodle. One that had a tag with engraved with: ‘if found, please call Victor and Yuuri at…’. It was supposed to show Yuuri how much a part he was of Victor’s small family. 

Phichit was supposed to call Yuuri after coffee. He’d even asked for a specific time so they wouldn’t be caught in the middle of walking or order coffee. He was going to tell Yuuri how much he missed rooming with him - their late night talks. After, Victor was going to show Yuuri the website he’d been looking at for new couches. Big ones that could fold out into a bed, so when (not if) friends came to visit, they could stay with Yuuri and Victor. 

After that, (and Victor had allowed extra time because Phichit really liked to talk sometimes), they were supposed to head back home where Yurio was going to visit. He was going to stop by on his way to practice and he was going to actually tell Yuuri how much he’d looked up to him in his youth (Victor had bribed him with the promise of choreography for next season). He was going to going to actually use his words to explain how dear Yuuri was to him. And Victor was going to suggest putting together an exhibition piece with all three of them in honour of their strange family dynamic. 

Then they were all supposed to head over to breakfast with Mila, Yurio and Georgi. Victor was going to show Yuuri a video he’d had the triplets back in Hasetsu make with the videos from his phone. He’d already watched it. It was heartwarming. It included scenes of well-wishes from friends at home (Yuuko, Minami, and Minako), and internationally (Guang-hong, Leo, Chris and Phichit, mostly) interspersed with snippets of rink time here in Russia where Yuuri was laughing and skating with his fellow rink-mates. 

Everything was supposed to fall into place. He’d planned it perfectly, he was sure. He wanted to make Yuuri’s heart swell with warmth and joy. Give him something to hold onto when his anxiety became too much; something Victor could remind him of when he was feeling particularly unsettled. It was the perfect sentiment for Valentine’s Day: the day of love, no matter the form. He’d planned it so the morning was for friends and family, an Agape love, with the evening reserved for him and a more Eros sentiment. 

It was supposed to be perfect. But Yuuri had made plans of his own. 

Victor gasps up at Yuuri as he slides his naked body smoothly over Victor’s as soon as their alarm rings. 

“Good morning,” he purrs, eyes dilated and aroused. He’s put on his full Eros persona and is giving Victor a show.   

“Yuuri-” Victor moans. Half of him wants to push his fiancé off, tell him to get dressed in time for his family’s call. The other half of him wants to see where this is going. 

“Shhh,” Yuuri grins, pressing a finger to Victor’s lips. “I have a Valentine’s gift I want to give you.” Victor isn’t going to refuse that. And then Yuuri does something with his mouth that drives any coherent thoughts from his mind

Ten minutes later, when his phone chimes with the call. Yuuri turns on the ‘do not disturb’ function, then throws it behind their pillows somewhere where it’ll be lost for half a day. Victor doesn’t even care. Not when Yuuri’s looking at him that way. Not when Yuuri’s captured his attention so thoroughly. 

It’s only two hours later, when Victor’s hands are tied up and out of the way, and he’s in a blissed-out state - Yuuri is gasping above him - does he hear the harsh slide of jingling keys in the lock of their apartment. 

“Oh, shit, shit,” He curses, “Yuuri, please, love,” he cries, “we need to-”

“Eyes on me only,” Yuuri demands, grabbing Victor’s chin roughly and pulling his attention back to his lover above him, unaware of what’s about to happen. 

Victor hopes dearly Yurio won’t just barge in on them because he’s powerless to stop Yuuri’s Eros right now. Yurio had been reluctant to take the keys to the apartment they’d given him months ago for his very reason - he doesn’t ever want to walk in on them. 

“Oiiii,” Yurio calls from the kitchen, “You guys back yet? Lets get this over with. I’m starving. I wanna go for breakfast.”

Yuuri doesn’t even falter in his rhythm, just raising one eyebrow as if to ask Victor ‘breakfast?’. 

“Yurio!” Victor calls out in the most even voice he can muster. “Just go ahead to breakfast by yourself! We’ll meet with you there!” 

“Huh? Why?” Yurio calls through the door. “I thought you wanted me to confess all that sappy shit to Yuuri. I’m not doing that in public.”

“Sappy shit?” Yuuri asks quietly, but Victor ignores him for a second. 

“Please, just-” he tires to explain, but breaks off with a gasp as Yuuri twists one of his nipples. 

There’s a pause where Victor’s sure Yurio’s right outside their bedroom door. It takes less than a second for Yurio to realizes what’s happening. “Are you fucking KIDDING ME?” He all-but shrieks. “Oh my god! I’m leaving. And you’re taking your key back at breakfast!” He yells, just before he slams their front door shut. 

“I ah, think we should finish up soon here,” Victor says reluctantly, turning his attention back to Yuuri. “We’re supposed to meet for breakfast. Actually, I had this whole romantic morning planned out-” he tries to explain. He’s afraid for a moment that Yuuri will be to embarrassed to continue. 

But his lover just smirks. “They can wait.”

Goldilocks || 07

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: Masturbation, fingering, just general cringe worthy stuff

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 8.7k

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“Same. I got to eight and a half. Mine’s longer.”

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous || Next Part (coming soon)

not my gif, credit to owner


A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. 

I also didn’t die editing this. GREAT. I LIVE. Hopefully I’ll be better within the next few days, but thanks again to everyone who sent me get-well-soon wishes! All the love right back at you~ Now, let’s sit back and (hopefully) enjoy 8.7k of this horrid mess.


“Tae, where did your pants go?” you yell to be heard over the pounding bass of the music.

He looks down, blinking blankly a couple of times at his boxers, “I honestly don’t know?”

“And where did you get this tie?”

The band of silky material is wrapped firmly around his head like a bandana, both ends trailing down either side of his neck. He tugs at it, bursting into a fit of laughter, “I don’t know that either.”

You can’t help but smile, “Do you know anything? Pabo.”

“I know you’re hot and I’m fucking smashed. Let’s make out.”

Drunk Taehyung is always horny- well, no. That’s inaccurate. Taehyung’s libido in general is ridiculously high. He just manages to be more explicit about it while intoxicated.

“Oh no, we’re not repeating last time.”

“But last time was fun.”

“Do you even remember what happened?”

“Well I mean… maybe… but remind me, baby. You know I’m drunk as fuck. Hell, I’m drunk and I wanna fuck. Hey…you wanna fuck?” Taehyung raises his red solo cup to point at you, then gives it the most innocent of smiles, as if someone had just given him the secret of happiness itself. “Wah, look! Alcohol~”

You easily ignore his advances, knowing there’s no point in trying to reason with him and really, you’ve always found it entertaining to see what new things he’d come up with to persuade girls to let him into their pants, a category that often includes you. Unsuccessfully.

Taehyung is weird in the way that he could be considered a fuckboy. He’s good looking, confident, perpetually horny, and won’t hesitate to have a one night stand. However, he’ll serially hook up with someone if they let him and while you’re sure he’s just in it to get laid, he’s by no means rude or flaky.

Then again, you can’t recall the last time he’s claimed to have a girlfriend either.

“Cheers, babe,” you raise your own glass to haphazardly knock the rims together.

“Happy birthday to our Jiminnie,” Taehyung immediately throws his head back to down the remainder of his drink, but before you can mirror his action, something over his shoulder catches your eye.

A glint of gold.

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From Blue To Purple (Draco Malfoy x Metamorphmagus!Reader)

Request: Could you do a Draco x Metamorphmagus!reader? She’s a Slytherin and gets picked on by other students. So when she’s sitting by herself in the common room Draco comes by and comforts her. Can you make it fluffy?

A/N: Gotta love fluffy Draco. Sorry it’s a tad late, but I hope you enjoy it. Requests are open!

Originally posted by imagine-everything41

You fell to the ground, books flying everywhere and a couple of laughs sounded from behind.

You looked up to see a few Ravenclaw students laughing and smirking down at you, one in particular had her arms folded across her chest as if she had just won an argument.

Feeling both anger and sadness swell inside of you, you tried to retain whatever dignity you had left.

“Oh yes that was incredibly funny, how cool you are to have tripped me up like that. Go on, go brag to your fellow brainiacs how hilarious you are.” You snapped, gathering your things as you stood up.

You attempted to control your emotions and not let the silenced students take satisfaction in seeing how sad you actually were. Your hair remained it’s natural colour, though you could see a single blue streak appear out of the corner of your eye.

“Honestly, I thought Ravenclaws were supposed to be clever.” You mumbled under your breath as you dusted yourself off and stormed away to your next class.

Later that evening, you sat in the common room alone. No one bothered you as they knew that you didn’t want to be disturbed, probably due to your shining blue hair.

Draco didn’t seem to get the same message as he sat himself down next to you. He was in his pyjamas and his hair was wet from a shower, you assumed.

You looked over at the blonde, eyebrow raised ever so slightly, as if questioning his motives.

“What happened? Why are you sad?” He asked with a soft tone to his voice.

“I’m not sad.” You lied blatantly. Draco took a strand of your unnatural blue hair and twirled a lock between his fingers.

“Then why is your hair indicating something different.” He tucked the strand behind your ear, fingers lingering for a moment.

“I was trying a new spell, didn’t work out as I had expected.” You hoped he would leave it at that, but Draco being Draco definitely did not leave it at that.

“(Y/N), please tell me.” He pleaded, giving you the look that he used whenever he wanted something, it always worked.

“You’ll laugh at me.” You mumbled, not wanting to tell him that you were sad because some idiot tripped you.

“I promise I won’t.”

“Yes you will, its stupid.”

“I swear I won’t.”

Realising that he wasn’t going to stop until you told him, you sighed.

“Some Ravenclaw smartass decided to trip me up today in the courtyard and people laughed, that’s all.” You sighed again, looking down at the open book you had abandoned when you got lost in thought.

“Were you hurt?” His grey eyes held worry.

“My pride took most of the hit.” You smiled at him to try and lighten the mood.

Switching the topic, you saw Draco’s eyes flicker down to the book in front of you.

“What are you reading?” He asked quietly as he nimbly picked the book up to look at the cover.

“You wouldn’t know it.”

“Another one of your Muggle books?” He questioned, placing the book back down.

“Muggles write good books.” You shrugged and pretended to ignore his infamous Malfoy smirk.

As the night went on, the common room grew emptier and emptier until you and Malfoy remained. Your hair had now changed back to its natural colour.

“(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?” Draco said once the common room was yours for the rest of the night.

“You just did but proceed.” You laughed a little at the expression he gave you.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while, but I’ve never gotten the chance until now…” He trailed off, you placed your hand on top of his, urging him to continue. He flashed you a quick smile.

“I was wondering, only if you would like to of course, but um, this Saturday I was hoping that you would like to go to Hogsmede with me.” He mumbled the last bit, in a rush to get all the words out but you heard him perfectly. Your hair changed colour once more but to a bright purple.

“I’ve never seen this one before, what does it mean?” He asked, picking up a stand of your hair for the second time that evening.

“I would love to.” You replied, ignoring one question and answering the other.

Instructor Maloley

Originally posted by tshirtluke

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     You knew it was wrong to get involved with a college professor, but there was something about Instructor Maloley that made you weak at the knees. You weren’t even sure if you should call him an professor. Just from the way he taught, how he dressed, and acted you knew Instructor Maloley wasn’t really meant for teaching. He should have been doing something much more than teaching Music 101 to college students. Instructor Maloley was young and most of all he was hot.

It started off with flirty glances and lip biting. You had noticed about halfway through the course that he was flirting with you. At first you took nothing of it, thinking his extra help sessions and friendly attitude was just him teaching you. Now you were positive there was more to it than that. “Please call me Nate,” he had said the last time you two met during one of his office hours. You could feel butterflies bubble up at his words. This of course wasn’t unusual. Usually the professors that were graduate students wanted their students to call them by their first name. Yet for some reason Instructor Maloley requesting that you call him Nate felt more intimate. 

“Want to get a drink with me?” Nate asked, “We could go over what topic you want to talk about for the paper.” He had quickly added the last part, licking his lips and giving you a smile. The room was deserted from students, leaving only the two of you. Your mouth parted in surprise and somehow you found yourself nodding.

“Yeah sounds like fun,” you agreed, pulling your bag up on your shoulder. “Just helping out on my paper right.” you said. The sentence was more for yourself than anything, not wanting to think of actually hooking up with your instructor. Though the thought was hot. Your eyes already scanning over the tattoos that were peeking out from the open buttons of his shirt. “I’ll catch up with you later then,” you smiled, backing your way out the classroom. You couldn’t help but to feel giddy. It was hard to concentrate on your last class when all you could think about was grabbing a drink with Nate. Your daydreams getting in the way until it was time to leave. You had rushed back home after class to freshen up and wait for Nate to message where the two of you were meeting. Grabbing a drink with your instructor was going to be harmless, professional really. 

It seemed somewhat natural for you to just talk to Nate. Not once did you feel nervous nor did the two of you discuss the paper you were working on. Nate was sweet and very charming. It was a bit weird seeing him in a non-classroom setting. His hair being down instead of its usual bun, outfit changed to something more laid back. He had more tattoos than you imagined, arms inked and looking muscly. You tried your best not to stare at his arms, the tension in the room becoming hot as you two continued to talk. “So you rap?” you said in astonishment, not expecting him to say that’s what he did in his spare time.

“Yeah I have about three albums out,” Nate told you.

“Three!?! Wow h-how is it that you got stuck teaching music if you make it?” you asked, now interested in his life story. You had always wanted to ask Nate why he taught. Though he was an awesome person, teaching wasn’t something Nate was great at; it was clear to you that he could use his talents somewhere else.  

“I just want to help other people create music. Help them learn how to study it and reach their goals,” he answered. You nodded in understanding, grabbing the drink that was in front of you and taking a sip. “What made you major in music?” he questioned, subtly moving closer to you. Somehow you found yourself moving over to him as well. The two of you now sitting side by side and shoulders pressing together. Nate bumped his shoulder against yours, raising his eyebrow in question. 

“I love music,” you told him. You noticed his eyes flicker down to your lips then back up to look you in the eye. You couldn’t deny that you had some type of sexual tension for Nate the minute he stepped foot in class. In fact you had mistaken him for a student on the first day of class and might have even flirted with him. The minute you found out that he was actually the instructor you were of course embarrassed. “I enjoy making it and the reactions I get from those who listen to my music is amazing,” you finished in a whispered voice. With Nate being this close it was hard for you to concentrate. You weren’t sure who was the one to kiss the other first. The two of you getting caught up in one another. Adrenaline ran through you as the kiss turned into something more and before you knew it the two of you were at his place. 

     Student and teacher relationships were not condoned. It was highly frowned upon and not to mention Nate could get fired and you could possibly be expelled. With all of this in mind you and Nate had kept what the two of you were doing private. Having sex with Nate felt different than all the other times you had sex. Maybe it was the riskiness, or the fact Nate seemed to have found all your weak spots in such a short period of knowing each other physically, but he made you feel good and loved. 

You were sat atop of Nate’s desk, hands lacing into his hair as the two of you began to make out. Your breath caught in your throat as his lips trailed down your neck. Nate nibbled at your sweet spot and you could feel the wetness between your legs grow. “Fuck me on this desk please,” you whimpered, attempting to unbutton his shirt. It had been a fantasy of yours to have him take you right on his desk. Nate was already your instructor, which turned you on even more, so being fucked on his desk was hotter. 

“We’re on school grounds, I mean kissing you right now puts us at risk of being caught,” he said, letting out a groan when you grabbed his clothed cock. You pouted at his words, hand sliding into his pants and lips sucking at the skin below his earlobe. His body weakened for a second, face nuzzling into your neck as you began to rub his cock. 

“Make an exception please,” you whined, “Just this once, Instructor Maloley.” You whispered the last part, a smirk making its way onto your lips when he moaned. Being called that by you turned Nate on immensely. It was like you were submissive to him, but even now the two of you could tell who was in charge. 

“Fuck is the door locked?” Nate asked, reluctantly pulling away from you so he could lock the door. “You have to be really quiet though,” he said in panted breaths, pulling you into a passionate kiss. “That’s your assignment got it,” he mumbled against your lips. 

“Yes Instructor Maloley,” you moaned. Nate groaned at your words before spreading your legs apart and slipping his hand under your skirt. You tensed in your spot when he ran his fingers over you throbbing clit. It had swelled and made you a bit sensitive to touch. It took him about five seconds to get you undressed. Your lips were swollen from his harsh kisses and your mind was no longer on the class you were suppose to be attending. Nate pecked your lips once before working his way down your body. You softly moaned as he took your left nibble into his mouth and tugged at it. Your breathing had became ragged, sweat starting to line your skin as he inched closer to where you needed him most. 

“You’re so wet,” Nate whispered, running a finger between your folds. He slowly rubbed at your clit, eliciting moans from you. He sunk down to his knees and spread your legs apart even more. Nate wanted to tease you, but knew if you two didn’t get through this quick then someone might walk in on you. The action was quick, his tongue feeling warm against your core. You gripped at the edge of his desk, thighs beginning to shake as he continued to eat you out. “Oh yes Nate,” you whimpered, legs wrapping around his head to draw him in closer. He began to nibble at your clit and you had to cover your mouth to stop the moans from slipping out. These walls in the classroom were always thin and you couldn’t risk being caught because of your loud mouth. 

“I’m so fucking hard for you,” Nate huffed, the air fanning over your clit. Your eyes fluttered closed in bliss as he continued to eat you out. Tongue darting out to play with your clit and occasionally sliding inside of you. You were so worked up, chest rising at a fast pace as you felt your release approaching. Nate pulled away making you whine in frustration. “I’ve got a meeting to go to,” he said, leaning down to peck at your lips. You frowned out words and before he could pull away you grabbed his wrist. 

“No you don’t,” you growled, yanking him closer to you. Nate laughed at this action, lust filled eyes glancing over your naked body. “Besides none of those teachers can fix your boner like I can,” you whispered, starting to pull down his pants. Nate licked his lips, eyes closing shut as you pulled down his boxers to release his cock. “Hmm? I don’t think any of them will give you head and please you like I do,” you whispered. Nate’s mouth opened wide as he felt your lips on his cock. You slowly sucked on his tip, tongue rolling over the head and spreading the precum around. The two of you had chemistry like no other, able to make each other crazy with just a single touch. You wondered why it took so long for him to show up in your life. You hollowed your cheeks and took him halfway down your throat. Nate let out a loud moan, mouth clamping shut and looking at the door in fear. You were going to make him late, but he didn’t care. Being in your mouth was heaven, but where he liked being the most was inside of you. Nate’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip when you began to play with his balls. God he wanted you bad. Whimpers being caught in his throat as you kept up the action. “As much as I’d love to cum in your mouth, being inside of you is what I really want,” he told you. 

You felt warm being wrapped around his cock. Core already clenching around him as he pushed all the way in. You let out a strangled moan, fingers gripping at his shirt. It always felt new when Nate was inside of you. His body molding into yours as he pulled you in closer. Your ass hung off the end of his desk and Nate began a steady rhythm. You were seeing stars and your black colored flats fell from your feet as your toes curled. Nate was fucking you good, the sound of the desk scraping against the floor echoed around the room. Both of your breaths were shallow. Soft kisses being placed to your lips as he worked into you. “Talk to me baby,” Nate whispered in your ear. He sucked at your sweet spot and picked up the pace.

“Right there, Instructor Maloley,” you gasped against his lips. Nate moaned into the crook of your neck. He loved when you called him that, one hand grabbing your thigh and lifting it higher up. You whimpered in pleasure still dirty talking to him. “You fuck me so good you know that?” you asked, “No one else can fuck me like you do.” Nate gave a particularly sharp thrust and you felt the head of his cock brush over your g-spot. It was enough to make your words cut short. The air from your lungs being ripped out of you as he repeated the action. It took all of your strength to not moan out his name. Fingers pulling at his hair and humming out in pleasure. “Keep doing that,” you muttered, beginning to rock back and forth to match his pace. Nate crashed his lips against yours, tongue darting into your mouth and moaning. He was so close to his release and if you kept clenching like you were doing Nate wasn’t going to last very long. 

“I’m nearly there,” he told you, reaching down to rub at your clit. This made you jump in your spot, and you could feel the pleasure intensify. The feeling started at your fingertips and toes, a tingle making your skin feel hot. You softly chanted his name, thighs beginning to shake as your orgasm overcame you. “Yeah right there! Come for me princess,” Nate whispered, still rubbing your clit at a fast pace. You whined in pleasure, head falling back between your shoulders as Nate rode out your high. His thrusts became sloppy and as you continued to clench around him Nate was releasing into you. He pulled you into a feverish kiss to silence his moans, hips rocking into yours to milk the release. After a few minutes Nate’s thrusts slowed to a stop until he was just rested inside of you. Your head rested against his shoulder while you caught your breath. Eyes becoming droopy as exhaustion took over you. “Will you go on a date with me tonight?” he asked, making you smile.

“Only you would ask such a question like after making me cum that hard,” you laughed. Nate laughed at your comment too, finally pulling out of you and making you feel empty at the loss. The two of you were still in the dating phase, but you knew that what you had with him wasn’t just some phase. It would be an understatement for Nate to say he just liked you. Hell he felt more than that and even though the two of you jumped into having sex fast, Nate still wanted to take things slow with you. 

“Me, you, dinner, and then mini-golfing,” he said, handing over your shirt and kissing your forehead. 

“Sounds like a plan,” you smiled, hopping off his desk, so that you could get dressed. “You might want to hurry to your meeting now,” you reminded Nate, glancing at the time on your phone. Nate cursed under his breath, quickly pulling up his pants and grabbing his stuff.

“I’ll call you later okay,” he said, sending a peck to your lips and rushing out the door. You bit onto your bottom lip to hold in your grin. There was only just a month and two weeks left in this course and once it was over you and Nate could date without worry.