its been so hot lately


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Don’t 👏🏻fucking 👏🏻 guilt 👏🏻 trip 👏🏻 your 👏🏻 roleplay 👏🏻 partners.

I’ve had it up to here with folks being passive aggressive to writing partners or in general. Your mental illness doesn’t give you an excuse to be a jerk.

We ALL experience negativity from time to time. Depression and Anxiety are serious conditions. Rant about it all you want. So self care. See a therapist.

But don’t you dump shit on your partners or try to make them feel guilty for writing/shipping with someone else. It’s manipulative. It’s problematic. It’s a dick move and if you keep it up– you won’t have to worry anymore because they’ll leave.

Your writing partners aren’t here for your sake. We are NOT your therapist. They’re here because they want to write. Treat them with respect or you’ll find yourself on your own.

screw you blizzard for not giving us what we all hoped for - daddy 76 in ugly christmas sweater
(#`д´)ノ *grumbles grumbles*

anyway, i hope to be back with more overwatch drawings soon - this game has become my love now ;3 especially daddy 76


{14.07.16} // 98 days to O Levels

[2-3/100 days of productivity]

//forgets to post for day 2 because i’m not used to posting so frequently sorry//

anYWAY yesterday I did some revision for Bio Skill 3 SPA and I’m honestly so grateful for doing so cause it helped for the assessment!! Then today I did some organic chem revision because ALKANE’t even. also, look at the contrast between yesterday’s and today’s skies!! [one looks so gloomy while the other’s so bright]


for a minute there
i lost myself, i lost myself
phew, for a minute there
i lost myself, i lost myself

- ‘karma police’ - radiohead

why are brett and lonk so sad? perhaps it is because of the strange internal dissonance that is created when you have to compartmentalize parts of your identity in order to sell yourself as a brand

… or perhaps link just ate all of the communal frosted mini-wheats again …