its been like 2 years

i want to start playing sims again, but i’m scared.  when i used to play i would literally be on for like 6 hours straight, and nothing else would matter to me. i’d make my sims sexy and make them live the life i wish i had. lol.

OK SO i dont think that this charles guy is our final answer. maybe he’s an A, im sure he’s very involved, but i dont think that we’ll have our final final answer about who A is/ what’s really going on until the very end of the show. with that being said, i still stick by my theory that aria is A and i found something that happened in tonight’s episode very interesting.

the second half of this season has shown a lot of andrew. and it has shown him very willingly doing things for aria; driving her places, offering to keep an eye on mike, etc. he even made a point to tell aria that he’d be there for her 24/7. she doesnt seem to have a problem asking him to do these things for her and he clearly has no problem with it. 

in tonight’s episode, andrew showed up for a few seconds and he was eavesdropping on a phonecall between toby and spencer’s parents (i believe). maybe he was listening in for aria while she was in the dollhouse?? maybe this is another thing that she asked him to do for her?? they brought him back this season and im sure it wasnt for nothing. his entire storyline has been about him doing things for aria so ya, this is just a thought.

Hey guys, I know I’ve been a little quiet on this blog recently. There’s actually a couple of reasons, the first and foremost that I’m getting married on September 3rd. With my wedding so close, I’ve been pretty distracted trying to get all of the details worked out, going to meetings, finalizing orders, that kind of thing.

At the same time I’ve been job hunting, since I’m officially licensed now, as well as doing some volunteering to boost my resume, and picking up as many work shifts as I can. So my schedule is a bit all over the place.

Online, I’ve been distracted with running the BH6 Big Bang (which you should all check out at @bh6bigbang posting has officially started) and the recent Klance Week. Any time I have left has kind of become completely devoted to my Voltron blog @i-see-london-i-see-klance because I’m really sucked into Voltron right now and it’s become my stress relief when everything else is becoming too much. 

So yeah. Kinda got a lot going on right now, and my main blog is taking the hit. Things should hopefully calm down a bit by mid-September, though, once I’m back from my honeymoon in Europe, but until then this blog might be a little slow. Sorry if you just started following recently and were wondering what the heck happened. Hopefully everything will be back to normal in a month or so!